Son Falls for Beauty of His Mom Ch. 01

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Continued story of my Mom ‘Dimple’ and her fling with Mr. Kay at the Salon.

* This is a work of part fiction. Every character is 18+ of age in this story.


I was already in the college and about to complete my 12th grade. Dimple was not the right type for my Dad. She was of a different “type” or maybe I was discovering that she was of a different type. I started spending more time around her.

Back at the Salon…I could see a thing between Dimple and Kay. But I didn’t dare to share that with my Dad. I liked all that I was learning about her and I chose to let Dad continue to be busy with his workaholic self. I was getting more mature about people and things around me. I was not seeing Dimple the way I did all these years. I was slowly discovering hidden beauty in her… starting with her physique. I started waking up early in the morning before she did. My brain would short-circuit if I see her stroke her hair or yawn with her arms stretched or see her wet body. Her bedroom was right across mine and most of the time she would be alone on her king-sized bed awaiting my dad (her husband) to return home from previous night. And I liked that 😉 Fortunately, there were no doors attached to both of our bedrooms. This was due to leaking roof and some family emergency due to which Dad got them removed. Instead, he got thick curtains for both of our bedrooms. I had figured out a sweet and safe spot around those curtains for the growing peeping-tom inside me.

My typical morning would start with a silent alarm at 5:45 am while Dimple would wake marks head bobbers porno up at 6:00. Her first appearance would be in her sheer night gown cat-walking out of her master bedroom. She liked whites and pastel colors for her intimates. I would sink to my knees seeing her nipples and panties on her see-through gown. She would walk slowly towards the kitchen while stroking her thick hair on back of her head. Her hour-glass shaped body had right distribution of fat and muscles. My classmates would often tease me asking if I had ever come across a sex tape in Dimple’s closet or if I would trade Dimple’s Victoria Secrets style lingerie with them 😀 I used to get irritated first but later I learnt the meaning behind their naughty requests.

She would tie her hair in a huge bun over her head or simply use a large banana hair clip. The chances of her hair bun sliding down were more as compared to hair being in a hair clip. I would sinfully hide her clips often and passionately wait to watch her hair bun slide on her back. Picture this, an evenly shaped bust and hip wrapped in a sheer white cloth with a head of hair like that of a Rapunzel. It would be a tender mix of Demi Moore (from her movie Striptease) mixed with Salma Hayek. She bending in front of an open refrigerator in that dark kitchen would throw glowing light on her face and sizzling cleavage. She would roughly spend a minute in that bending pose then grab a bottle of milk and proceed towards the dinning table. Watching her sipping milk with droplets on her massage porno lips… with gown’s thin strap off on one shoulder and her hair bun slowly sliding-off on her other shoulder would be a scene to remember. I would be already tight in my pants and would be waiting for the next surprise. I would not dare to appear in front of her at this time. She would then return to her bedroom and come out again after an hour…fully dressed with some jewelry, some make-up and her hair well tied in a long pony tail.

Dimple worked part time as a Science teacher at a coaching class which was a little far from our house. Her schedule would be busy in the late evenings starting 8pm onwards. She would be home during the day and spend most of her time in self grooming, trying self-makeup, shopping, frequent visit to Kay’s hair salon and her never ending house improvement program.

Talking about self grooming: I would return home in the afternoon after my day at the college and hide in my room actually awaiting for Dimple’s next move. She would return home after her Yoga by then and take her second shower. She would not know that I am home. I would slowly step into her bedroom while she would be in shower. My aim would be to hide her bra and or hair clip just to elongate her search time once she was out. But first and foremost it would be time to watch her. The foggy partial glass door would show unclear picture of a female human figure covered in steam. I could guess her actions from that view. But I would return back to my hiding position once I meet-suck and fuck porno heard the sound of shower stop. Next, she would step out of her shower, wrapped in a long towel and her wet hair wrapped in another. I would have grabbed my spot behind the curtains by now.

She would slowly step out of the bathroom doors and guess what? She would first unwrap the towel on top of her head with her head bent out of the window. There were enough plants and vines on the window to hide this lustful view from the outside world. Her long hair would be dripping water while she slowly squeezed her hair in her palms. Her ears would have turned pink after the bath. Time slows down at this scene when her eyes would blink slowly, her hair dangling while her lips humming a melodious tune. I would make sure not to make any noise, not even of me breathing. Assuming she is alone in her room, she would slowly let go off her towel, her only piece of cloth that was covering her naked body, and proceed to brush her hair in front of a long mirror in corner of her bedroom. The sound of her hair brush sliding through her 36 inches of long hair would send shockwaves in my pant. It would be like watching a rated R version of a shampoo commercial.

By now, I had discovered my liking for her hair and love for her body. There were no barriers in my heart and mind which would stop me from exploring her from a different view. A view that was not of a family member but that of a true admirer. I felt I could write an anonymous daily diary on everything I learnt about her beauty and someday gift it back to her. This was all intoxicating and I wanted more of it. I had never touched her till that time. But I was very passionate about learning more about her…by watching it from as close distance as I could. I wanted to see inside her heart, mind and body.

More soon…

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