Something New for Dad

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It was 10 PM and his daughter was out with her new boyfriend. She had just started dating Mike, last week and Steve wasn’t sure whether he approved, or not. Mike was a well built junior at the local junior college, a year older than 20 year old Laurie.

Steve’s wife just plain left them a year ago and Laurie had stepped in to take her place. She teased him and teased him, walking around the house in next to nothing, watching reaction she caused. Usually it resulted in Steve getting a hardon, even though he knew it was wrong to feel that way about his daughter. But she was so damn hot. He loved seeing her in a tight top, accentuating her rather large tits and tiny waist. A Barbie type if he ever saw one. Only this one was his daughter and he couldn’t get the image of him sinking his cock into that pussy of hers.

Well, it happened one day when Laurie had dressed in a see-thru bra and panties and boldly walked into her dad’s room one night when he was in the shower. Laying on the bed, her shapely legs encased in her favorite nylons, she looked up at her dad as he came into the bedroom, and without giving him a chance to speak, said “Come here and fuck me, daddy. I want you and I know you want me too”. Well, Steve loosened the towel from around his waist, climbed onto the bed and proceeded to do just that. That was a year ago and they had been fucking ever since that fateful night.

Laurie had always been careful about choosing her boyfriends, except for the last one, Don. Steve caught his daughter in her bedroom with Don one day, giving him a blow job. He thought that Laurie was out for the afternoon and was going to get the towels from her bathroom so he could add them to the wash. His mouth fell open when he saw them, just before he yelled, “What the hell is going on?” Don jumped up, pulling his swollen cock from Laurie’s mouth, trying to stuff the rigid pole back in his jeans. He started to stutter some excuse, but Steve had no part of it. Steve grabbed her boyfriend and physically pulled him down the steps and out the front door. The last thing Steve remembers about the encounter was him telling Don that he had better not be seen with his daughter again.

Well, it was almost the last thing he remembers, because Steve went back upstairs to lecture his daughter about her promiscuity and her choice of boyfriends, letting her know that he can give her all she needs. As he started to open the door to Laurie’s room again, he saw his daughter leaning over to hide some DVDs in her nightstand. Her tiny skirt was high on her asscheeks and Steve could see her nice tight ass, and the line of her thong splitting them apart. That familiar stirring in his pants was there, but not tonight. He was too upset with his daughter for giving that guy a blow job right here in the house. Or was he jealous because he wasn’t asked to join them? He quickly closed the door and thought that he would deal with this problem tomorrow. He wasn’t in the right frame of mind now.

Steve decided to grab a shower and hit the hay and talk with Laurie in the morning. He went into his bedroom, stripped off his clothes, noticing that his cock was swollen a little. Stepping into the hot shower, the hot water spraying on his excited member caused it to swell even more. Steve put the sight of his daughter going down on that big cock out of his mind, showered, stepped into a pair of boxers and slid into bed.

He lay there, thinking about how sexy Laurie looked bending over like female agent porno that. He remembered that on Laurie’s 19th birthday, she had a pool party in the backyard and Steve saw Laurie in her tiny bikini, and got a hardon. He rationalized it as happening because there were so many 20 year olds running around in next to nothing. And that included the boys. There was one boy in particular who had just started college and was a weight-lifter. He had on a very tight bathing suit which left nothing to the imagination, including how big he was. And he looked huge, his cock pushing against his Speedos.

It bothered Steve that he was fascinated with the way this guy’s cock was stretching the suit. Steve wasn’t gay, but he had to admit that seeing this college kid was arousing. He wondered what it would feel like to put his hand on that huge cock.

Right now he had other things, closer to home, on his mind. He lay there thinking about Laurie sucking on that guy’s cock and had to admit that he was jealous and wanted to be included in her playing.

Now was another time that he was hard just thinking of her, thinking that maybe he should just walk into her room and force her to her knees to do for him what she had done for that college kid. He stroked his cock through the silk boxers he had on and thought back to when he saw his daughter taking the guy’s cock deep in her mouth. He wanted that to be his cock, dammit.

‘That guy’s cock was big’, he thought. Actually it was bigger than his 7″ and much thicker. ‘There I go again’, he thought, ‘thinking about another guy’s cock’. He couldn’t deny that he wouldn’t mind playing with it. Maybe instructing Laurie as how to please a guy as he demonstrated. ‘No’, he thought.

As he played with himself beneath the covers, Laurie, in one motion, knocked on his bedroom door and swung it open.

“Oh dad, I wanted to say that I’m sorry, I …” she said as she saw her dad’s hands busy beneath the covers playing with his rigid cock. She asked if she could come in and Steve nodded. “Yes, come here, Laurie, I was just thinking about you.” “I was thinking about you should be disciplined for having that boy in your room, and having oral intercourse with him.”

“But dad, it just sort of happened. We didn’t plan it, it just happened.” “Do you forgive me daddy, please?”

“I can’t stay mad at you, baby, you know that.” He especially couldn’t, considering how horny he was and how Laurie looked in her sheer babydoll nightie.

Laurie walked over to the side of the bed, her eyes not leaving the bulge beneath the covers. Without saying a word, she placed her hand on the bulge in the covers that she knew was her dad’s hardon. Steve gently covered her hand with his, encouraging her.

They made the most violent love that night. Steve pulled her onto the bed, ripping her nightie in the process. Straddling her tits, he pulled down the front of his boxers, letting them catch below his ball sac, freeing his raging hardon. He hadn’t been this aroused in a long time. Steve forced his stiff cock into Laurie’s welcoming mouth and thought of the image he walked in on while Laurie sucked on his dick, this time. It didn’t take long before he wanted that cock in her pussy, not mouth. Pulling out quickly, he slid down her body and rammed his meat into her tight pussy. It felt so good, wrapped around his rigid cock. It only took a few pumps onto her before he shuddered and shot female fake taxi porno his load into Laurie’s warm cunt.

“Was that good, daddy?” “I want to make you happy, daddy, not mad at me”.

“You do make me happy, sweetie. It was just that seeing you sucking on that big cock tonight made me a little jealous.”

“You were excited a little too, weren’t you, dad? I saw the way you looked at us, and Don’s stiff cock. It was a little like the look you had when I had my birthday party and Mike came out of the pool and his tiny suit clung to his huge cock. That kinda excites you doesn’t it daddy?”

Steve stammered and mumbled something about how it was ‘hard not to notice’, or something like that.

“Mike’s home from college for the summer, dad.” Would you like to see him over here again? I’d sure like to invite him over for a swim. I think he’s so sexy.”

“Well, if you’d like, sweetie, I guess we could have Mike over someday. You like him a lot, don’t you baby?”

“Oh yes, daddy!”

Well, that was a month ago, and she had been dating Mike ever since. Tonight they were going to a concert by some local rock group that Steve had never heard of, and she probably wouldn’t be home for an hour, or so. Steve decided that he’d shower and hit the hay. It had been a long day.

He went upstairs, stripped out of his clothes and stepped into the shower. The hot water felt good on him. Soaping up he remembered how Laurie had asked him about inviting Mike over for a swim and he imagined Mike in that tiny suit of his, and pictured the outline of his cock. Steve’s hand slid down to his own cock as he closed his eyes and pictured the scene in his mind.

Well, it was something he could fantasize about, but would probably never happen. Finishing his shower, Steve dried off, wrapped a towel around him and went into the bedroom. He suddenly remembered the DVDs that Laurie had put in her nightstand some time ago. He was curious to see what they were, and went into her room and found them in the second drawer of her nightstand. There were two of them. One was about lesbian sex, and the other was about bi-sex. He took the latter and went back to his bedroom.

He slipped the DVD into the player, got comfortable on the bed and began watching. The first scene was of a couple engaged in foreplay, kissing and fondling each other on the bed. As they stripped down to their underwear (she in her bra and panties, and him in his silk boxers), another guy walked into the scene. He was tall, muscular and was wearing a silk or satin thong.

The girl sat up, and ran her hand over the bulge in his thong as he stood next to the bed. She gave his arm a tug, and he leaned forward, covering her mouth with his. At the same time, he also ran his fingers up the inner thigh of the guy on the bed and covered the tented boxers with his hand, wrapping his fingers around the other guy’s cock while burying his tongue as deep as it would go in her throat.

Steve unconsciously began stroking his cock beneath the towel he still had wrapped around his hips. He was hard in no time flat, watching the scene unfold on the screen, his cock tenting the towel as his fingers worked on his rigid prick. Just as the guy grasped the top of the boxers and slowly pulled them down, exposing the guy’s 8″ hardon, the door opened and Laurie walked in. She was in the habit of just walking in, and Steve didn’t mind a bit.

“Oh, glory hole secrets porno I see you found my videos. Do you like them, daddy?”

“Yes, baby. I sure do. Do you watch them often?”

“Just when you are on the road because of your job, dad, and when you’re tired from a long day at work. It looks like you really like that scene, from the size of the tent your towels making, daddy.”

Laurie stepped out of the room for what seemed like only a second or two and returned with Mike in tow. “You remember Mike, don’t you dad?”

Steve just nodded, his mouth open but not knowing what to say.

Laurie took Mike by the hand and walked him over to the side of the bed where Steve was propped up, leaning against the headboard. They stopped and Laurie took off Mike’s shirt, running her hands over his muscular chest and traveled down to the waistband of his jeans. All the while, Steve was staring at them, watching his daughter strip this guy in front of him.

Without realizing it, he was still stroking his cock, staring at the bulged crotch of Mike’s jeans. Mike smiled and watched as Steve kept himself hard beneath the towel, his hands playing with Laurie’s tits as she unbuckled the belt and unzipped Mike’s jeans.

“Go ahead, dad, feel Mike’s crotch. It’s OK, he wants you to. We talked about this tonight.”

Laurie watched as her dad slipped his free hand inside Mike’s fly and felt the huge cock it hid. Grasping it, he looked at Laurie and silently said ‘thank you’.

Laurie took Mike’s jeans by the waistband and pulled them down, exposing his cock swollen silk brief, her dad’s hand firmly clasping Mike’s 9″ hardon. ‘It felt so strong’, Steve thought. Just like he imagined it would. He liked the feeling of another man’s hard penis in his hand.

He pulled down the front of Mike’s briefs and hooked the waistband below Mike’s balls, causing them to lift. His cock was huge. The biggest Steve had ever seen in person, anyway. It felt so damn good as he slowly stroked him.

Laurie climbed onto the bed; stripped off her blouse, bra and skirt, and dressed in only in nylons and a garter belt she opened the towel at Steve’s waist, exposing his aching hardon. Mike smiled as he watched Laurie stroke her dad and then go down on his cock.

Mike moved even closer to the bed to allow Steve to reach his cock more easily, knowing that he was close enough to Steve to allow him to take his cock in his mouth if he wanted. Mike cupped his hand over the back of Steve’s head. Steve looked up at Mike, knowing what Mike wanted. He parted his lips and slowly took as much of Mike’s cock as he thought he could. He was wrong. Mike forced his head down, even farther onto his swollen cock.

Laurie continued to suck on her dad’s dick as she saw him take her boyfriend’s cock in his mouth. She couldn’t, at the moment, but she wanted to smile. She was so happy that the two men in her life were enjoying each other.

Steve cupped Mike’s balls as he slid faster and faster up and down Mike’s cock, feeling it swell even more as he did. It didn’t take all that long and Mike came, filling Steve’s mouth with his warm, thick cum. Steve tried as best he could to swallow it all but just couldn’t. Not only because there was so much, but also because he was about to let loose with his load into Laurie’s warm mouth.

“Mmmmmm” he moaned, his mouth still full of Mike’s big cock, as he too came and filled Laurie’s mouth, causing her to gag a little.

Laurie worked to clean off her dad’s cock of every last bit of cum. Mike slowly withdrew his cock from Steve’s mouth, letting Laurie watch as it appeared from its depths. This time Laurie did smile, and so did Mike. Steve was just plain exhausted from the experience, but new he wanted it to happen again.

to be continued …

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