Social Experiment

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“Want to earn big bucks? Here’s an easy way to do it! Volunteer for a simple drug trial at Ecstasy Corp today!”

Ian stared at the flyer on the table. “Big bucks? Wow I guess we could make use of it to be honest,” Ian thought. Afterall, he and his mom had lived alone in this rented apartment ever since his dad left them ten years ago when he was only eight years old. Ian’s mom, Ernie, had been working hard to earn the keep at home and Ian thought he should do his part for this family too. He had made up his mind to drop by Ecstasy Corp at the end of the day from school to enquire more about it.

Upon reaching Ecstasy Corp, Ian was greeted with a huge mass of people queuing up to sign up for the drug trial. When it was finally his turn, the receptionist passed him a brochure regarding details of the test as well as consent forms. The trial would take no more than 1 month and for every successful trial, each participant would be rewarded with a lump sum of 2 grand with no strings attached. Still lost in his thoughts, Ian was disrupted by the receptionist.

“Hi, I’m Susan, the receptionist for Ecstasy. If you would like to sign up, we would require you to fill up this form. In addition, for every referral from you within your family, we would be giving an additional 1 grand upfront for each successful referral. So it would be excellent if you can get your family members to sign up for this trial!”

“What exactly is this drug trial about?” Ian asked.

“Ecstasy Corp is currently testing a new vaccine for the influenza and we are in the final phase of drug trial and we would like to test for the success of this vaccine. The duration would last for 1 week and you would be required to stay over at a bungalow provided by our company during the trial, and we would require each one of you to make a diary everyday regarding your health condition so as to understand the effects better.”

“So that’s all?”

“Absolutely! So would you like to sign up alone or would you like to refer your family members? If so, I can pass you additional forms for you to bring back and you can get your family members to sign up and pass them back latest by tonight. We will be stopping all trial requests after today. However, I would require the presence of your family members in order to brief them regarding the trial.”

“Alright! I would like to have another form for my mom. I would be back with her as soon as possible!” Ian was excited at the prospect of earning so much money for something so simple.

Ian rushed home to tell the good news to Ernie and when he reached home, Ernie was in the midst of preparing dinner.

“MOM! I have got good news for you! I found a way to earn big bucks!” And with this, Ian threw the brochure into Ernie’s hand and proceeded to tell Ernie about the drug trial.

After hearing what Ian had said, Ernie was skeptical initially. “Is it safe? Would there be any side effects or something? Why would they pay so well?”

“Well, I’m not sure about the side effects but I guess if so many people are participating, it can’t be dangerous to health! There were loads of people signing up today! And today is the last day to sign up mom! We have got to hurry!”

“Well.. I’m not really sure about it, Ian. What if…”

“Mom! I know how hard you have been working to keep this family. But this is a good opportunity for us to earn extra money. We could use this money to go on a holiday!” Ian interrupted Ernie.

“That’s true. Well, I see no way how I can counter your argument. Shall we go then?”

Back at Ecstasy, it was Ernie and Ian’s turn at the counter. After been briefed regarding the trials and the miscellaneous instructions, they were told that they could start the trial immediately tonight if they would like to, since they were the last around to sign up. And so, they were brought into a room filled with medical instruments.

“Good evening. I’m Dr Seb. I will be the doctor in charge of this trial and in a short moment, I would be injecting you with the vaccine. You might experience some discomfort initially, but after a while, you should be back to normal. First, I would need to measure some vitals from the two of you.”

After performing a series of tests, they were declared fully healthy and given the go-ahead to start the trial. Ian was injected first with the vaccine, followed by Ernie. Not long after this, both of them blacked out.

“Argh… my head hurts so badly. Where am I?” Ian was first to stir. He heard rustling sounds nearby and he heard similar groans from his mom.

“Gosh. What had just happened? I feel like I’ve been knocked unconscious,” Ernie commented.

It took them a few moment before realizing they were in a room with bare furnishing; a king sized bed, an open toilet with a shower and a wash basin. And worse still, Ian was naked while Ernie was clothed in only her bra.

“Crap! What had happened?” Ernie shrieked.

“Oh gawd. I have czech sharking porno no idea what had happened mom,” Ian tried to run over to the door on the other wall but it was locked.

When he turned around to seek comfort from his mom, it was suddenly that it dawned on him that he was locked in with his mom in a state of undress. And here he was, with his mom in her bra only. Ian had never thought of her mom sexually. But he had acknowledged that she was maintaining her figure marvelously despite working so hard. Ernie was only in her mid 30s. Ian knew that her boobs were 34D previously while packing the laundry for her. It was tough being alone with Ernie clothed so scantily, especially when Ian was still a virgin and had never seen a woman in such a state of undress. “Oh wow. Mom shaves her vagina cleanly.” While still lost in his thoughts, his manhood rose up with a mind on its own.

Ernie was pacing around the room panicking, not before she noticed the sudden protrusion on Ian’s groin. Ever since her husband had left them, Ernie had not had any sexual fulfillment from any men other than her trusty dildo, which she had kept it safely under her pillow to entertain her during the darkest of the nights. For a moment, she stared at Ian’s jewel. It was huge, at least an 10 inches from her estimation. Regardless, it was the biggest she had seen close up in real life. Her hormones were raging. She had never thought that her son would grow so big. No, she had never thought of her son in such a manner. Never had it crossed her mind that she would be staring down at her son’s manhood, totally mesmerized by it. She was suddenly jolted out from her thoughts.

“Crap, I’m totally wet below,” Ernie thought to herself. “I hope Ian doesn’t notice this.”

She tried to force out any taboo thoughts out of her mind. “I should be thinking of a way to get us out of here. I know Ian would be worried about being stuck here. Gosh. What have we gotten ourselves into?” However, she had no idea whatever was going on in Ian’s mind.

“Gee. I’m totally aroused by mom. This is so awkward. How am I supposed to hide this from her? Well, I guess she should understand. I’m only a teenager. I can’t really help it too. But holy. I had no idea mom had such a fabulous figure. Still, what mess are we in now? How are we going to get out from here? What if we can’t get out from here? Will we just die here?” Fears spread through Ian’s mind and overwhelmed him. He collapsed onto the floor and started sobbing.

Ernie noticed this and immediately rushed forward to comfort him while hugging him. “Here here. We will be fine, Ian. Don’t worry. I will think of a way out.” This was the first conversation they have had since they got out from their unconsciousness. Despite the words coming out from her mouth, deep in her mind, even she doubted her own words. “Would we even be able to get out of here at all? No. I must be strong. I can’t fall. Ian needs me.” And so, both mother and son fell asleep while locked in each other’s innocent embrace.

Hours had passed. Ernie stirred from her sleep. She was sore all over her body. They had fallen asleep while sitting on the floor and hugging each other. Ernie had no idea how much time had passed. It seems as though they were locked in a deserted area. There were no sounds coming from outside. But she sure was hungry. She looked around the room. It was then she noticed that there were meal boxes in front of the door. There was a slot at the bottom of the door. Someone must have passed the boxes from that slot. “Someone must be here!” She thought to herself. “Ian! Ian! Wake up! Someone is here! Look! There’s a slot at the bottom of the door. We can try to shout for help!”

Together, they rushed over to the door and tried to push the slot. But to their dismay, it seemed to be locked from outside. Ian lay on the floor to try to get a view through the bottom of the door but it was dark outside and he could not make out anything.

“HELP! SOMEBODY OUT THERE? CAN ANYONE HEAR US? WE ARE HERE! HELPPP!” Ernie shouted while banging on the door. Ian gave up trying to peep through the slot and turned himself over. He realized that he was actually laying between Ernie’s legs, who was standing up and banging on the door, and by turning himself over, he had a clear view of Ernie’s vagina. “This is so beautiful,” Ian thought to himself. He immediately had a boner and instinctively, he reached for his manhood and started stroking it, just as how he did it in front of the computer at home. It was only when Ian let out a soft moan that Ernie noticed what Ian was doing. Most importantly, she had now noticed what a sight had she been giving to Ian. “IAN! OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!” She faster stepped away from Ian and backed away from him. She desperately tried to cover herself as much as she could with her hands, but it was useless.

“I’m so sorry mom!” Ian cried out, czech streets porno covering his face in shame. “I couldn’t help it. I had no idea what was happening mom. I’m so sorry. I landed us into this shit. Oh what have I done?”

Something stirred in Ernie’s heart. “He’s only a child. I have to be patient and forgiving. Afterall, the stress and the fear must have shocked him too much. This explains why he is doing this.”

She stepped forward and hugged Ian once again, telling him softly, “Ian, I know it has been hard on you. But you have to promise me. You have to control yourself. This is wrong. This can’t happen. You can’t look at your mom like this.” While saying this, a thought popped out in her mind. “He’s looking at me. He’s aroused by me. He’s actually attracted by me. This is so wrong, but…” A feeling of excitement rushed through her.

“Mom? Mom? Are you alright?”

Ernie was disrupted from her thoughts by her son’s words. “Oh it’s nothing Ian.” She was trying hard to keep those thoughts out of her mind. “I bet you must be hungry now. Let’s eat something before we think of what to do, shall we?”

They sat on opposite ends of the bed, facing away from each other while eating their lunch in silence. In each of their own mind, they were thinking about what had just happened. A seed had been sown in their mind.

After lunch, they realized that they smell of sweat and feeling uncomfortable in the humid room. Ian proposed that they take turns to wash off and that the other party had to face away to prevent any further awkwardness. And so, it was agreed. Ian was the first to shower, and with Ernie staring away from him, Ian was able to masturbate himself while looking at his mom and thinking about the incident just now. Back home, he would jack off every day and the quantity of his semen was sufficient to let any man to be proud of. Now, with the fresh thought of his mom’s cleanly shaven pussy, he was able to ejaculate within a short time and his cum shot all over the place. He tried to wash off as much as he can see before declaring that he was done with his shower.

When it was Ernie’s turn to shower, Ian pretended to stare away but from the corner of his eyes, he could see clearly his mom naked figure. However, the first thing Ernie noticed was that at the corner of the wall, there was cum on it. Curiosity took over her and she reached out her finger and wiped it off from the wall. It was still sticky. So it should be fresh. This means it belongs to Ian. And without thinking, she placed the cum-laced finger into her mouth and licked it clean. “Gosh. It sure tastes sweet,” Ernie thought. However, soon after, guilt overcame her. “Oh no. What have I done? I have just licked my son’s cum. That’s disgusting. That’s not what a mom and son should be doing. This is so wrong. How can I be aroused by my son? I should be stopping him. I must stand firm!”

As the time passes, it seemed as though days had passed. They had no way of knowing the time. The only thing that they can do now is to talk to each other to pass time. Soon, they fell asleep again while embracing each other tightly. The cycle would repeat and they would wake up to find food delivered through the slot. They have learnt to estimate the number of hours by counting the meals that had been delivered.

However, something about the cycle changed subtly. They had started to accept their situation and tried to make the best of it. In addition, both mother and son had started to play cheat during showers. Ernie would peek at Ian while he was showering and jerking off each time and conversely, Ian would do the same. Except that Ernie started to play with herself and relieve the sexual tension during the shower session. It seemed as though they knew that the other party was staring at them while they were showering. Also, the embrace that followed every sleep seemed to be losing its innocence with time and the embrace seems to be increasing in frequency. During the embraces, they would subtly grind their pelvis together softly even as they were naked below.

It was on the sixth day that things took a drastic turn. As usual, they would take their meal before their shower. And so it was, when it was Ian’s turn to shower, he took his usual time to jerk off with Ernie peeking. However, this time, Ian called out to his mom, “Mom! Can you come over for a moment? I need a little help here. I can’t reach my back. My whole body is aching badly.” Ernie proceeded to help Ian to scrub his back and after some time, Ian turned on the showers with Ernie in the line of fire. The water splashed onto Ernie and drenched her completely. Her bra was totally soaked. That was the only piece of clothing she had on her for the past days. “IAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

“Oops I’m sorry mom. I didn’t realize you were standing.”

“Geesh Ian. Now what am I supposed to do now? I can’t possibly be wearing this wet bra all day. Alright czech super models porno I need you to do one thing for me Ian. Turn your head around. I’m going to remove my bra now.”

“I’m so sorry mom. To make up for my mistake, why don’t I help you to scrub your back for you? Would that help?”

“Well, that’s nice of you Ian. It sure would be comfortable. My back is aching too.”

So now both mother and son were totally naked and with Ian scrubbing Ernie’s back in the showers. All was well and innocent initially. However, as the scrub continues, Ernie suddenly realized that Ian’s manhood was poking at her butt crack. And it was occurring too often to be an accident. Turning her head around, she could see Ian closing his eyes, as though enjoying himself. “No, I must stop this. I can’t let this happen,” Ernie commanded herself. However, the events leading up to this had not been kind to them. They were sexually frustrated and with all these frustrations pent up, Ernie’s body responded on its own and she began to gyrate her hips, following the rhythm of Ian.

“Hmm.. noo. Ian. We can’t do this. Hmm.. no Ian. Listen to me. This is wrong. We can’t do this Ian. We have to stop it before something terrible occurs. Ohhh Ian.”

“Oh mom. This feels so good.” And with a sudden surge of emotions in him, he raised his hands and locked Ernie in a tight embrace while cupping her tits in his hands. His manhood was buried into her butt crack simultaneously. “YESS mom! That’s it! I have longed to do this for so long already!” And with this, he began to dig into her meaty flesh. Ignoring his mom’s calls and resistance, Ian spun her around such that she was facing him and forced their lips together.

“Noo Ian! NOO! Stop it! We can’t do this Ian! Sto…” Ernie was cut off by Ian’s tongue in her mouth and their tongues met for the first time in their lives. Ernie could feel Ian embracing her, but she was fighting a losing fight against her own desires and her son’s passion. Their tongues twiddled together and thick spud of saliva exchanged between the mother and son. Without realizing, Ernie had embraced her son the same way as he had embraced her tightly, with their hands roaming around their bodies.

Almost naturally, Ian cupped Ernie’s butt and lifted her off her feet, with Ernie wrapping her legs around Ian’s muscular waist. In this position, Ernie’s tits were at level with Ian’s mouth and he nursed her nipples just as he had done it 18 years ago.

“You taste delicious mom! Hmm.. this is so good!”

Attacking her tits left and right, he lifted her to the bed and they locked their lips once again and fought a fierce battle within their mouths. After a long while, Ian broke free of the kiss, leaving Ernie breathless. In one swopping motion, he had his tongue at her pussy, exploring where he had come out from as a baby.

“Oh Ian. This feels so good! Iannn! Don’t stop. Pleasee.”

Ian needed no further encouragement. He played with her clitoris and she moaned and spread her legs to permit him better access. As his tongue went further in, electric shocks were sent through her body. She could feel her climax coming.


Spew of hot warm juices squirted from her pussy onto Ian’s face. Trying to take in as much of the juices as he can, Ian climbed back up and frenched Ernie, transferring her juices into her mouth. It was an erotic sight. Both mother and son, lost in such ecstasy and totally forgetting about the tabooness of the situation. And all of a sudden, Ernie screamed.


Ian had plunged his tool into Ernie’s pussy without warning. He was fucking her like an animal. An obscene, wet slapping sound filled the small room. Its source was unmistakable.


This taboo couple was a heap of flesh, locked in embrace and juices flowing freely between them. They had lost their identity. They were no longer mother and son. This was a pair of lovers, lost in their emotions. They fucked like teenagers, going at it strong. No one was willing to back off.




His hips were bucking erratically. He was groaning and hissing, his mouth open. His eyes rolled up into his head as he felt his balls begin to jump between his legs. Ian’s back arched as he filled up his mom’s pussy with his young, virile semen. “Mom! Mom! Oh yes!” he shouted with ecstasy as he emptied his thick, pent up load into his mother’s vulnerable garden. Ernie felt every pulse. She sensed the warmness seeping down into her. She was still fertile in her womb. Surely his virile sperms and his fertile egg would meet. But she had no care for it anymore. They hugged each other tightly while Ian kissed Ernie on her forehead.

“I love you Ernie.”

Ernie’s heart melted. Ian no longer acknowledged her as his mom, but rather as his lover. They continued in their embrace, no longer thinking about their future. This was their future. Even if they were to be stuck here forever, this would be their future.

Unknown to them, a group of scientists were observing their every moves from another room through the hidden cameras in the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32