Sixth Period Trig Pt. 02

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Chapter 3

Conflicting emotions swarmed Vickie. Fear and confusion were intense. Before today she could be described as the sky diver who held the door of the plane, white knuckled, and never let go out only to reach land in the same manner she left it, by plane. But now, she had jumped and her heart pumped with excitement. She knew that she was taking a chance, but she also knew that for the first time in her life she felt total excitement. She just hoped that she would be able to pull the chord in enough time to avoid disaster.

That evening, she returned to the store and was happy to see the same teenage girl was working. The girl recognized her immediately and said “You look terrific, I bet you were the hit of the day.”

Vickie smiled and thanked the girl, asking if she could help her pick out some more clothing. “That’s what I get paid for”, replied the girl, “although, for you, I’d do it for nothing.”

That remark caused Vickie to blush but she liked the attention. For the first time, Vickie really looked at the girl. The name tag that was pinned prominently on her ample chest had PAM typed on it. “That’s very kind of you, Pam”, said Vickie and Pam told her to wait while she selected some outfits.

Vickie tried on many blouses as well as more slacks. Pam’s comments were helpful as Vickie found herself in a buying frenzy. One blouse that Pam had her try on was quite sheer. When Vickie looked at herself in the mirror, she was shocked and commented that she could never wear it. Pam replied that with a fancy bra, it would be both provocative and a confidence builder. Vickie asked what she meant and the young girl said, “This blouse says that I’m a lady, I’m beautiful and I’m proud of it. You, dear customer and this blouse are made for each other.”

While Vickie added a few bras that complemented the sheerness of the blouse, Pam brought her some skirts to try. Vickie didn’t even own a skirt that showed her legs, so she felt apprehensive and awkward about trying on even the most modest of skirts. When she stepped out of the changing room, Pam immediately said that she looked great.

Vickie stared at herself in the mirror, twisting one way then the other as she looked at the skirt. It fell just at the very top of her knees and was quite modest. Pam stood to the side and grunted.

“What’s the matter?”, Vickie asked.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this but if I had legs like yours, I’d never wear a skirt like that.”

“I knew it was too short”, replied Vickie.

“Too short!” exclaimed Pam, “Too short, It’s not short enough. Do you mind if I tell you what I think?”

“You have so far, so don’t stop now.” said Vickie.

“Well, Miss, Miss…” Pam said searching for a name.


“Well, Vickie, I get many women who really look good in our designs but you look terrific, absolutely terrific. Here try on this skirt.”

Vickie took the garment and in minutes exited the dressing room, wearing a black skirt whose hem rested a good three inches above the knee.

“Wow” was all Pam could say.

“I could never…”

“Wow, If I had legs like yours, Vickie that’s the longest skirt I’d ever wear. Here try this.”

Vickie reappeared wearing a skirt so short that she felt the need to keep pulling down the hem.

“I could never wear this in public, Pam, it’s way too short.”

Pam was staring at Vickie’s legs and said “You walk down the street in this and every man and woman will stare, you might even cause an accident. You’re right, you couldn’t wear this in public but maybe for that right man, that right moment, maybe…. Do you mind me asking, what type of work do you do?”

“I’m a high school teacher”

Pam laughed and said “I’d have a school full of grateful boy students if I could talk you into wearing the short one.”

Pam looked at the teacher wearing the short skirt and said “You could wear the other one, though.”

Vickie picked up the longer of the two remaining skirts but Pam interrupted, “You can safely wear that one but if you want the boy’s attention wear the other one. Hell, you’d have my attention.”

For the second time that evening, Vickie blushed and she thought of her secret e-mailer and purchased all three skirts along with some slacks, blouses, including the sheer one and some bras.

The next day, Vickie wore a new blouse and new slacks to school. When sixth period came she didn’t hide as before but greeted them at the door, just the way the old Miss Roach did. She did notice that she got more greetings than normal, genuine greetings as if they really cared. Joann stopped and looked at her teacher and then suddenly thrust her hand up towards Vickie’s breast. Vickie jumped a little but all Joann did was retrieve a loose thread from Vickie shoulder.

“you scared me.” said Vickie.

“Sorry, I just figured…”

“I know, I’m sorry, I just thought for a second that..” and Vickie stopped mid sentence.

Joann smiled at her teacher, took a step into class before stopping again and in a soft voice said bahis firmaları “That’s a nice thought, though.”

Vickie blushed and wondered as Joann went into the room.

The trig class went smoothly, as usual, but not as many heads were lost in computer screens. Vickie seemed to think that her students were looking at her far more than normal. Vickie assigned the problem of the day and sat at her desk with anticipation.

A knock came at the door and Mr. Williams entered. He asked some stupid question about when the next teacher’s meeting was scheduled but his eyes never left Miss Roach’s chest. Vickie’s hand went to top button of her blouse. She clasped it tighter, even though it was already buttoned, apparently nervous from her neighboring teacher’s leers. Mr. Williams sensed her defensiveness, thanked her and left.

Vickie released her clothes line grip and went to her mail. She waited, knowing her admirer would send her a message and was rewarded with a new e-mail.

Dear Miss Roach,

You look incredible just as I knew you would. The bumbling Mr. Williams also seems to agree. I thought his eyes would bore a hole in your blouse, but I can’t blame him. As I look around the room, all the students are busy staring at their screens and I want one more quick look at my beautiful, math teacher. Miss Roach, could you please stand. Just for ten seconds, stand right at your desk so I can soak in your beauty one more time.


Vickie, obediently stood, facing the class and didn’t even try to discover who was looking. She stared at the ceiling and slowly counted to ten before sitting.

A new e-mail followed.

Dear Miss Roach,

Thank you. You are indeed beautiful. Your wardrobe could be enhanced significantly if you would just undid one more button on your blouse. This would not cause any of your cleavage to be visible but would rather give the impression of you having more confidence in your appearance. Remember, Miss Roach, I would never, knowingly, give you bad advice.


PS: The next time Mr. Williams or any other ogler stares at you, do not try to cover yourself. You are beautiful, your are sexy and you are confident.

Vickie finished reading the message and slowly slipped her fingers to that top button and popped it out of its confining hole and then even though he did not ask, she stood, stared at the ceiling and again counted to ten before sitting down again.

The days passed and Vickie’s inhibitions seemed to melt away. She treasured his e-mails but with a sense of dread. She sincerely hoped that he wouldn’t push his control over her to unacceptable levels because she feared that she might not be able to refuse.

Most of his e-mails inflated her confidence and one morning she donned her skirt for the first time. Not the shortest skirt or even the middle shortest one but the skirt that fell just above her knee. She put on a blouse that complemented the skirt and as she looked in the mirror she made sure that the top two buttons of her white cotton blouse were undone. She liked the way she looked, the way her shoes enhanced the subtle lines of her sexy legs, the way her hair curled over her shoulders. She felt good, she felt sexy and wondered if her students would even notice if she undid just one more button. They probably wouldn’t because they would be staring at her legs and she liked that idea.

She tested her outfit in the mirror and saw that if she turned and bent a certain way that her bra and soft flesh overflowing the tops of the delicate cups would be visible. She reminded herself to be cautious in her movement and wondered if her secret student would be proud of her.

Sixth period finally arrived and she greeted the students at the door. The looks she was getting got bolder as most students stared directly at her chest. Some just glanced quickly before raising their eyes to greet their teacher but more than a few never pried their sight away from her chest. Vickie remembered her student’s advice and stood tall, with her shoulders back and her head high and looked directly at each of her charges.

Vickie went to her desk to take attendance and she quickly checked her e-mail. She rarely got one this early in class but she looked anyway and was delighted to see that a message awaited.

Dear Miss Roach,

You look terrific. During your lesson, make sure you walk by the windows and turn slowly towards the front of the room. I know you’re curious as to why, so I’ll tell you. I’m hoping that the sun will be bright enough to shine through your blouse and allow me a glimpse of the treasure beneath. Thank you.


Vickie felt herself become flush with the request and hers eyes went to the windows. The sun was bright and it streamed through the windows. A few of the shades were down so as to keep the sunlight from washing out the student’s computer screens but she knew that if she walked by the windows then some students will be able to see her breast through her blouse. Well, Vickie kaçak iddaa thought, they would really only see the outline of bra encased breast and she knew that she would comply with the request.

The attention the students gave her during the lesson was amazing. Not a single student took their eyes off her as she taught. All eyes stayed glued to her as she walked away from the overhead projector and towards the windows. She walked slowly down the last aisle and knew the sun was penetrating her blouse. She was even bold enough to raise the few drawn shades and let in more sun. Vickie stayed a long time in the sun and noted a few of the boys just stared with their mouths open. Vickie felt great and she was having fun. She paced up and down that sun bleached aisle as she taught and she knew that her students, at lest the males, were hoping to get a glimpse of her silhouetted breasts. Vickie never felt this way before and wondered what a picture she would be if she wore some sort of sun dress. A dress that would be near invisible with the harsh light behind her, but Vickie knew that the season did not call for such a dress. Maybe in the spring time, she thought, maybe in the spring.

The school days slid by and there wasn’t a single day that Vickie did not receive an e-mail. Her secret messenger built her confidence with flattery and subtle requests. On one cloudy day an e-mail told her that if she stood at a certain spot between the powerful light cast by her overhead projector and the board, it would have the same effect as the sun. Vickie promptly stood at that spot.

Dave made sure that he went slowly with his teacher. He marveled at her steady progress from a shy, insecure teacher into a beautiful, sexy woman who oozed confidence. He urged her to walk among the students. To bend over an observe their work on the screens, knowing that the student who was being helped got to look down her blouse and the students on the other side got rewarded with her shapely butt or when she wore one of her skirts from her ever expanding wardrobe, they glimpsed her butt and the back of her gorgeous thighs.

One evening, a Thursday, Vickie got an e-mail at home from her student. She quickly opened it.

Dear Vickie,

You make me so proud. I don’t know if you realize the changes that have occurred in class over the last few months. I mean changes in your students. The change in you has been dramatic and wonderful. Today, in class, Maryellen did not wear a bra and did not draw the boys’ attention away from you. Veronica’s short skirt was bunched around her waist as she sat in the back of the room. She sat there all during class with her legs apart, showing her pretty panties. She did get a few stares that is until you went towards the windows. Joann played with her nipples the whole period. There’s a whole lot of sexual energy in the room, your room, Vickie and all because of you. Joey Peoples never looked up Veronica’s skirt but her did “accidentally” drop his pencil and tried to peek up your skirt as you walked down the aisle.

At lunch, I overheard a few of the boys planning what they were going to do in your class. A few admitted to asking for your help, just so that had an opportunity to peek down your blouse.

Does that bother you, Vickie? Does it make you angry?


Vickie read the message and replied immediately.


First of all I need to call you something. I mean, you’re the one who deserves credit for my changes, You’re the one who has made my live so exciting, lately, what do I call you?


His response,


Call me SIX, you know, from sixth period trig.


Dear SIX,

You sound a little jealous.



I guess I am, just a little. In one way I’m so proud of you that I want to shout out to everyone, “look at my teacher, look at Miss Roach, Look what I have done.” In another way, I want you for myself but I know that’s impossible.


Dear SIX,

Don’t be jealous my dear SIX. I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me but don’t forget that I’m only doing what you want me to do.



Does it bother you that boys are looking down your blouse? Does it bother you that Joey Peoples tried to look up your skirt?


Dear SIX,

No, it doesn’t bother me. If I can get the boys to pay attention and ask legitimate questions just for the opportunity to peek then I guess it’s worth it. Remember it is you who doesn’t want to be identified. Why don’t you ask me some questions?


PS: If you try to look up my skirt, try to be more creative, see you tomorrow in class.

The next day, Vickie dressed as sexy as she knew how, She still did not have the courage to wear the shorter skirt or the transparent blouse but she wear a skirt and a blouse with the highest acceptable number of buttons undone.

Sixth period came and went without a message. Vickie sat at her desk after class and wondered kaçak bahis what happened. On a chance that SIX might be monitoring his e-mail, she sent a message.


What’s the matter?


Vickie Roach busied herself preparing for Monday’s class when she spotted an e-mail.


I want you to make me feel special.


Vickie leaned back in her swivel chair and thought, long, deep, hard thoughts and finally sent a reply.


Be at my window at 9 o’clock, tonight


That afternoon and early evening, Vickie prepared for SIX to be at her window. She hoped he would show because she was prepared to go to the next level.

At a few minutes before nine, Vickie entered the room where Six would be stationed outside. Every nerve in her body tingled as she walked towards her computer. Vickie wore the short skirt, the skirt that she had previously determined never to wear. The hem line was a scant 2 inches below her crotch and she knew that she couldn’t sit or bend without revealing her undergarments. She also wore a button down sweater with only the middle two buttons holding the straining material for exposing her braless chest. Vickie stood beside her computer, facing the window, facing SIX and she proceeded to wrap a black cloth around her eyes, tying it behind her head thus blinding herself.

SIX got to the window just as his teacher entered the room. He sucked in his breath as he watch his teacher, this sexy woman,walk towards the computer. He knew that his mouth was wide opened as he stared at her exquisite legs in the very short skirt. He stared at her chest and the way her breasts moved like puppies lost under a blanket and was stunned when she covered her eyes. SIX wasn’t sure what he was suppose to do when his hand brushed up against something on the window sill. It was a key and the key had a tag on it. “Key to Miss Roach’s front door.” the tag said. SIX looked at the key, the tag, the sexual goddess in the room and slipped off the milk crate. He made his way to the front door, and quickly slid the key into the look. He heard the latch disengage and he turned the knob, The door opened and he went inside. He was in a hall. He heard Miss Roach say “SIX?”

“yes”, he answered in a fake, deep voice so as to keep his identity a secret.

“Come here my student hero. I want to test some new teaching method.” As she spoke, SIX walked into the room where she was standing and she looked even more ravishing from closer up. Vickie continued, “SIX, will you help me?”

Another deep “yes” was grunted by SIX.

“My, My, SIX. Are you sick?”

“No” he quickly replied, forgetting for that one word his fake lower voice.

“Good” answered Vickie amazed at herself for her brazen conduct, “I wouldn’t want a Sick Six”, she giggled.

“Have you taken off your jacket?” she asked.

Dave Barry took it off and stood there dumb founded for a few seconds.

“Here, sit at the computer.”

Dave did as he was told, never taking his eyes off his teacher.

“Well, dear SIX, you’re probably wondering why you’re here.”

“Un ha” was all he could mutter.

“Well SIX, you got me wondering. With all those boys doing their best to look down my blouse, I was thinking that maybe I could use it to my advantage.” Vickie stood beside her seated student and then she sat in the extra chair that she had supplied for tonight’s lesson.

“Are you looking down my blouse, oops, I mean sweater, right now SIX?”


“Do you think any of the other boys in class would look?”

“Yes” croaked SIX.

“Do you think that anyone would do their homework if I told them it was okay to look?”, Vickie purred.

“I know I would”, volunteered Dave,

“What are you looking at right now, SIX.”

“Your chest.”

“My chest? Is that what you usually call it. SIX? A chest.”

“Your breasts, Miss Roach, I was looking at your breasts.”

“You mean my tits, don’t you SIX?”

“Yes, Miss Roach, your tits.”

“By the way, SIX, do you like my new skirt?”

Dave looked down and saw his teacher’s legs. Naked legs, naked, shapely, legs that Vickie had slightly apart.

“By the way, SIX, I saw Veronica today. I saw her sitting there with her little skirt hiked up so high that I could see her panties. So, this is how she felt. This is how she felt when she was sitting in a roomful of students knowing anyone of them could look. Can you see my panties, SIX?”


“But Veronica had some sort of picture on the front of her panties, An animal, I think, but I couldn’t quite see. Did you notice?”

“Yes” SIX again croaked.

“What was it?”

“It was Garfield the cat.”

“That seems like a strange thing to have on her panties.” commented Vickie.

“Well”, added SIX, “She liked to say that she let everyone see her pussy.”

Vickie laughed and said “smart girl. Did you drop a pencil to look up her skirt?”

“No, I was more creative than that.”

“I hope you’re creative with me”, said Vickie

“Okay, SIX, can I test my new teaching theory on you?”


“I’m going to test you on your homework. Now I know I didn’t give any weekend homework, so lets pretend that I did. Ready?”

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