Sister’s Routine Ch. 02

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This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren’t real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I love feedback — Thanks Jack


This is a continuation of “Sister’s routine”.

Thanks for everyone who loved the story and motivated me to continue it!


I woke up Sunday morning to the smell of eggs and bacon and the biggest hard on of my life; I couldn’t get the fact that I fucked my sister after getting one of the hottest lap dances ever. I threw on a shirt hoping to get to the bathroom before my sister got in the shower but found that she was already showering. I went down stairs to see what mom was cooking up for our weekly Sunday breakfast.

The sight didn’t really help this typical 20 yr olds mind as mom was at the stove in her sheer nightgown and couldn’t help but notice her black panties through the thin material.

“Good morning!” I said happily sneaking up behind her grabbing her hip to kiss her on her cheek.

Startled she moved back landing her ass right on my still hard cock!

Not caring and being bold and horny I left it there and lingered my kiss on her cheek a lot longer than usual.

“My! Someone is having a good morning!” she said with a huge smile, czech couples porno not sure if she was referring to my mood or my nestled cock.

“Yeah it’s a great morning having my number 1 lady cooking me breakfast.” I state moving beside her to grab a slice of bacon, unwillingly wanting to move away.

“uh huh!” she said giggling while looking down to my cock.

My cock twitched as she stared longer than a mother should to a son’s package. Being hornier than ever and noticing her nipples are hard; I walk up beside her and give her a hug!

“Thanks mom, you’re the best!” I hug and kiss her on the cheek again; the only problem is that the back of her hand is at her side resting on my now raging cock!

She breathes in deeply “sure…” escapes as the hold continues the hold until the fire alarm beeps and we notice the kitchen is has smoke from the bacon. We break the hold.

“Go grab your sister and let her know I am making the French toast and breakfast will be done.” she said looking busier than ever.

Walking up the stairs I realize that I want to make my mom my woman. Just as I enter the hallway my sister is getting out of the shower and has nothing but a towel on.

“Hi!” my sis says trying to walk pass me to get to her room, acting czech estrogenolit porno as if nothing happened between us.

Hornier than ever because of the events downstairs and seeing my sis with her wet hair and towel being held by her 36d cups, I grab her arm and push her against the wall.

“Dean!” she says startled but says no more when she sees my eyes.

“Good morning.” I say as my hand moves up her leg and my middle and pointer finger slowly move to her slit.

“We can’t… mom is downstairs…” she says with no conviction.

“She told me to come get you.” I say as I penetrate her vagina and feel the heat in her body rising.

“mmmmmmm…” she says biting her lips “ahhhhh…” escapes as my thumb come into contact with her clit.

My other hand moves from her waste to the cleavage and breaks the hold that the towel has and makes it fall to the floor.

“What about mom?” she asks looking towards the staircase. She was getting wetter and wetter as her hips started to sway as I was fingering her in the hallway.

“Fuck mom!” I say in a sturdy voice and wrap my lips around her delicious areolas.

“aaaah!” she shrieks as I increase my fingering “fuck!” she moves her hair covering her face to behind her.

“You’re czech first video porno so hard!” she commented as her hand brushes over my hard cock.

I had enough of it, I wanted her now.

I freed my aching cock and replaced my fingers into her hot hole.

“Yes!” she said as I lifted her onto my cock and penetrated her against the wall.

“Fuck me…” she whispered, hugging me into her and helping with the pace of thrust.

“You like that?” I ask out of frustration.

“Yes…” she replied “Careful… I’m not on the pill…” she added

“You love being used by your brother’s cock?” I continue knowing how much I own her.

“Please… don’t stop!” she squeals as I feel her lips tightening around my cock. I pick up pace.

“Dean, KAT!” I heard from the bottom of the stairs.

Any other time I would have stopped but I couldn’t care less. Kat looked to see what I was going to do but just kissed me when I picked up my pace and fucked her harder.

“Breakfast is ready!” mom continued from the bottom of the stairs.

Kat broke the kiss “We’re coming!!” she said trying to reply while containing her lust.

I didn’t care anymore and blew my load right into my sister’s tight pussy!

“Aaaahhh…” she moaned accepting my seed.

As our orgasm died down I placed her on the floor pulling up my boxers thinking how hungry I was as I ran downstairs.

To be continued…


Thanks to all you fans and everyone who motivate me to write better stories. I am always open to ideas and opinions. Thanks

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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