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All characters, acts, and places in this standalone story are fictional: any resemblance to those living or dead is purely coincidental. All language, places, and descriptions used in this story are meant to give a sense of time and atmosphere, no offense is intended.

I do not have anything to do with the commercial Anuncio TV “IMPARABLES”- Fundaci”n Josep Carreras. I do not know the actor who played the young boy or the nurse at the desk. This story in no way represents the characters sexualities.

This story is based on the advertisement featuring a boy going home after his battle with cancer who apparently has a crush on one of the nurses at the hospital. I thought that was cute and was inspired to write this story after watching it again a few more times. I decided to name the boy Simon and the nurse at the desk Haley.

If this type of story is illegal in your area or if you are not of the legal age to read it, then I ask you to leave this page. I do not condone the subject matter or actions in it whatsoever.

Thank you.

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Simon he was a man, attractive bursa escort bayan like any other and Haley wanted to fuck him. Without warning, she took his cock in her mouth. Simon”s hands spread the nurse apart and his tongue thrust deep into her. Haley rolled over on top of him, his cock still in her mouth and began to stoop, her bean seeking his warm tongue out.

Haley wanted to feel his young cock inside her, but I knew this was neither the time nor place for it. Simon wasn”t completely hard — his chemo treatment much to blame for that– so for now it was bound to be a sixty-nine.

“Please tell me what it”s like when I cum,” he groaned. “I wanna know if the stuff comes out.”

“I think you”ll make a nice load.” Haley sucked him and enjoyed his tongue in her Devil”s Doorbell and when Simon was ready, his breaths growing tense and his strokes fervent, Haley pulled her mouth away from his cock to watch him cum on her awestruck face. It wasn”t the most epic spurt she”d ever seen, but it was a sweet amount and she locked down on the boy”s cock with her mouth and sucked him for all he was worth. Suddenly Haley came too, his hands on her ass görükle escort pulling her down onto his outstretched tongue as she shot up and down. Simon pushed his finger up the nurse”s ass and that gave her another crackle of wild intermingling sensations.

Haley rolled off Simon spent. She”d always been a frisky wet lover and the bed was covered with her vaginal juices, as was he. She wiped him off with paper towels from the restroom. “I think you”re gonna be just fine,” she said finally giving him a wink.

“Wow, Haley. You”ve no idea how many times I dreamed about that. Now I really feel like a man.”

“Go to sleep little man,” Haley said caressing his right cheek. “You need your rest.”

She didn”t have to tell him twice. Simon was asleep in a minute. Haley turned the light out, snuggled against him, and he slept like a lioness the rest of the night.

When she woke up the following morning, he was getting on top of Haley as if trying to mount her. “Hold on,” Haley said. “You”re too bold for your own good. Calm down.”

Simon looked at his half-hard cock and said, “Yeah, you”re right. Thank you for what bursa escort bayan you did for me last night.”

“Don”t mention,” Haley said. Somehow, she didn”t feel the least guilty. Neither did he. She went home after her shift and ran a few errands that morning before going home. When Haley came back after a coffee break, he was waiting for her. Simon was wearing his PJs, yet she could see the obvious bulge. They kissed and the boy eased her toward the bedroom and by the time they reached the bed Haley had his cock in her hand and he was stripping off her blouse. Once the ward was practically deserted, they fucked — and every night possible for the rest of the month. Simon was well on to the road of recovery.

That was four months ago. Simon recovered completely from cancer. The experience seemed to cure his doubtful and nervous side and he soon he was home again, playing again with his dog and being a normal boy.

Haley eventually married again to a sweet extrovert male nurse and settled down as a devoted and loving wife. But every so often as she helps more kids fighting cancer, Simon is never far from her thoughts as she imagines the wonderful young man he hopefully has grown into. Her newest patient, a darling 12-year-old Hispanic boy, needed his lunch now and Haley needed a special toy to help ease his frustration, but she enjoyed giving kids the care they needed. Special care.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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