Shower Fun

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Greg and Katherine had been friends for about 5 years, they had met at the rowing club and had been good friends ever since.

They often rowed together trying to meet up at least once a week. This tended to on weekday lunchtime as it was quiet at these times. There had always been the casual flirting and the odd sexual innuendo.

Today was like any other day they had met and gone out on the water, when they got back they headed to the locker rooms.

“Oh shit,” said Katherine “the door is locked and I’ve forgotten my key.”

“No worries” Greg replied “you can get into the ladies locker room through the disabled changing from the gents side.” So that’s what they did, Greg let Katherine into the ladies locker room and he started to strip to have a shower. He hadn’t locked the door to the ladies as Katherine had no other way out, and he didn’t really want to.

Ever since Greg had set eyes on Katherine he had thought she was beautiful. There wasn’t amazing about her but she was sexy and sophisticated, from her wavy blonde hair which she had in a bun and her small dark rimmed glasses to her womanly body and slinky walk.

Greg fantasised about her taking the pin out of her hair and letting her sexy shoulder length locks fall, and taking her glasses off and giving him a cheeky wink, like what happened in the movies, he was thinking about this whilst he finished undressing and the thought made his dick quiver and begin to harden. He jumped into the showers and knowing no one else was around he started to stroke his thick 7 inch dick.

After a few minutes he had got a bit carried away, he heard a door bang closed, his heart rate increased and he started to panic ‘fuck I’m gonna get caught wanking off in the communal showers.’ He tried to think of unsexy thoughts but all he could think about was Katherine in the showers the other side of the wall. He heard a voice, it was Katherine’s

“I’ve forgotten my shower gel can I borrow yours?”

“Urm, ataşehir escort bayan hang on a second” As he rush to try and calm himself, without effect, whilst reaching for the soapy shower gel

“Hurry up” came Katherine’s voice again “its cold out here without any clothes on!” When Greg heard that he dropped the shower gel, the noise echoed round the small shower room and sounded a lot louder from the corridor. Not sure what had caused the bang Katherine, without thinking, rushed into the steamy shower room and saw Greg standing there with his huge cock in one hand and trying to steady himself with the other.

“Hi!” he said, not sure what else he could say as he stared at her beautiful sexy body.

Katherine couldn’t take her eyes off his huge dick and was in such awe that she didn’t even cover herself. She replied by saying “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you were, urm busy.” She gave a little giggle which settled both of them as they stood there taking in each others gorgeous body’s.

“Well I can’t borrow the shower gel now can I as it’s all over the floor” She said cheekily.

“Sorry but you will have to shower here if you want to use the gel” Greg replied, whilst wishing for more

“Ok then, but on one condition,”

“Sure,” said Greg was dreading that she would ask him to look the other way or even get out.

“Let me wash you,” she replied. Greg just looked at her in shock. That was the last thing he had expected her to say. She grabbed the remains of the gel bottle and tipped the remains into her hand. “You’re gonna need to let go of that” she said to Greg who was standing there still struck dumb, he looked down to see he was still holding his now half limp cock. He let his hand fall to his side as Katherine began soaping his muscular chest and stomach, just her touching him made him get hard again and the head rubbed against her lower belly.

Katherine had noticed his cock and was shocked first, even though she escort kadıöy had never let it show she had always thought Greg was cute and found him quite mysterious with his deep, dark eyes and his boyish good looks and whilst she stood there washing him she was on cloud 9. She turned him round and washed his back and bum, giving his pert cheeks a squeeze as she washed them. She spun him round again and pushed him under the water to get the soap off of him.

She whispered in his ear “I disturbed you didn’t I?” Greg gave a small child like nod as he let the warm water clean him and her hands roam over his body.

She got down onto her knees and examined his throbbing member carefully, a drop of precum sat on the tip which she quickly lapped up before putting the head in her mouth. Greg jumped as she licked him and then gave out a sigh of enjoyment as her head began to bob backwards and forwards.

Katherine was loving this, she loved being in control. She thought to herself, ‘whilst he is enjoying himself why can’t I?’ So she did she reached down between her legs to her neatly trimmed snatch and started pinching and twisting her clit, she was already turned on from washing down Greg and sucking his long beautiful cock, soon she came to a small yet powerful climax. Greg followed when he heard her moaning and saw her shaking, she swallowed down all his tasty cum and kept sucking until he was dry.

Katherine stood up and gave Greg a long passionate kiss

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Greg whispered to her

“So have I,” Katherine whispered, “I think about you in the shower after every time we go on the water together.”

This got Greg going again and his manhood was soon standing to full attention once more and rubbing against her belly again leaving a trail of precum. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his hips and held most of her weight through her arms onto the shelf in the shower, she slowly lowered herself down onto maltepe escort him and arched her back as she took him in, he may not of been huge in length but he made up for it in girth. Once he was in Katherine was at full stretch and she could feel the first wave of an orgasm about to hit. She started bouncing up and down on Greg’s cock as he played with her perfect C cup breasts, he tweaked her nipples and then leaned forward and put one in his mouth, this was too much for Katherine and with one more pump she buried him deep inside her as she came around him and then collapsed on top of him. They embraced in a long deep kiss.

After a few moments Katherine had come down from her second climax and knew she needed to give Greg another one to make it fair, she pulled herself off of him, took his hand and led him out of the showers back to the locker room. She lay down on a bench and put her legs either side of it. Greg climbed on to her and rubbed his cock head up and down his slit. She quivered and shook with excitement. He kept running his head up and down, up and down making her squirm underneath him, he was teasing her and she had led him to do it! Suddenly he pushed into her hard making her squeal. He kept pumping into her with long, hard powerful strokes. Greg knew how to make love and he made every stroke mean something, he knew how to make Katherine feel wanted and not like this was just another fuck.

Katherine was getting close but she wanted to feel Greg cum inside her so she reached down and grabbed and tickled his ball sac, with that he groaned and filled her with his hot sticky juices, Katherine loved the feeling of being full so much that it made her climax, she climaxed so hard that she squirted out her own juices. They lay there in each others arms for what seemed like an eternity.

Greg pulled out of her once he was limp, he picked Katherine up and carried her back to the showers where he washed her down and cleaned her, he then quickly washed himself again and towelled her off before she went back to the ladies locker room to dress.

Once they were both dressed they kissed and walked back to their cars

“Same time next week,” Greg said as he winked at Katherine

“Definitely,” Katherine replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32