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Hey everyone! it”s me Scott, the writer of “Over” (if you haven”t checked it out yet go do it NOW! :D)

ok, what i”ve got here is 5 totally unrelated short stories. they are all between 1-3 pages long so they are short, short stories. what i thought was instead of posting these all a seperetly i would post them all together. now each of these stories are around three to four months old and origanlly i wasn”t going to post any of these but i was going thorugh my writing folder just before looking to at all the little spurts of writing i had done and i came across them so i thought hey whats the point of writng them if i never posted them.

Now there”s only really two people i have to thank for these stories and they are Lauren, becaue i remember after i read some of her short stories i went of a wrote a couple of the stories here. the other is Sarah for making me fall in love with the Lance/Britney paring from her story “Into the Woods” my second favourite fan fic story of all time (you can find her site at oes/sarah/stories.html ) and because i fell in love with that paring i had to write a story with that paring my self and thats where COMPLICATED came from (don”t worry there is a slashy theme in that story too).

Now i would also like to say hey to Chris, who writes a great story called “At What Point” and who desgined a fantastic logo for my sotry “Over”. you can find both at http://www.cranmikey/ctbyte/ffa/awp/.You can also find his story here on the archive.

Disclaimer: These short stories are fiction and not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned.

Now on to the Stories!


He had always known he was different. He had always liked singing. He had always liked dancing. He had always known this made him different from the other boy”s his age. But this isn”t this isn”t the difference he”s talking about. No, the difference he”s referring to is that he likes boy”s not girls, like all the other boys he knew.

So it came as no surprise to him that there was a word for his difference and that word was gay. He”d never broadcast his difference though. He was to smart to know that being gay wasn”t socially accepted. So when he was told by that fat and disgustingly ugly man, Lou Pearlman, that “if you’re fucking gay then keep it to your self,” he did just that.

The guy”s would ask him why he didn”t date. The guy”s would joke about him “getting some” whenever he talked to the opposite sex. The guy”s would ask him why he was still a virgin when they, international pop stars of the band Nsync, could have any girl in the civilized world they wanted. He would just answer with a shrug off the shoulders and say “Haven”t found the right one yet.” He never did once mention that the right one was or would be a guy.

When the right one did come along, he didn”t know what to do. For the last six years he”s been told that his difference was wrong. He was an international pop star; he couldn”t be seen doing something socially unacceptable. What would the millions of female teenage fans think? What would the guys think about their dateless-virgin band mate? What would his grandchild-wanting mother think? But in the end he decided to do what he thought. He went for it.

“I don”t know what I would do with out you, baby,” he smiled as his husband of two years snuggled up to him, naked, in bed after they had made love.

“Probably still a dateless-virgin international pop star, instead of a happily married international pop star, Justin honey.” his soul mate replied as he snuggled closer.

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He loves her. HE loves her. How the fuck could he love her. And she loves him. She loves him. How the fuck could she love him. How the fuck could they love each other. He was supposed to be my friend. She was supposed to be my girlfriend. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. When did life get so damn complicated?


“Justin I have something to tell you.” Britney Spears asked her boyfriend with obvious nervousness and a hint of fear in her voice.

“What is it BJ.” Justin Timberlake said as he placed down the copy of Rolling Stone he was reading.

“Well, over the last few months I come to realise something. Um… well… I”ve… Justin I don”t love you anymore.” she said and cringed waiting for his reaction.

He sat there. Shock. Yeah, that”s what he”s feeling… shock. Shock and anger. Yes anger. He was definitely feeling anger. Shock, anger, and pain. Oooo he was definitely feeling pain. Shock, anger, hurt, and confusion. There was confusion there as well. But he slowed all those feeling and asked her simply, “Why?”

She could see all of what he was feeling. She could always read Justin like a book. Now was no different. “You don”t want to know J.” she said shaking her head.

“I deserve to know Britney. But let me take a guess, is there someone else?” some of that anger evident in his voice.

She looked down.

“There is someone else isn”t there?” His pain was evident now as he whimpered out his last question.

“Yes Justin there is someone else and I love him with my whole mind body and soul.”

“Who is it?” he asked quietly.

“You don”t want to know Justin. It will hurt too much.”

“Britney, I deserve to know. It”s the least you owe me.”

She didn”t answer him. She couldn”t answer him. It would hurt him more than anything. Even more than the pain she”s caused him by breaking it off.

“It”s one of the guy”s isn”t it? It”s one of my fucking best friends.” He asked her accusingly.

She nodded. That”s all she could do.

“Fuck! Well it can”t be Chris or Joey, their too much in love with their girls. That only leaves Josh and Lance. We all know Josh is totally one hundred percent gay. So that leaves Lance.” It hit him like a tone of bricks.

She cringed.

“YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH LANCE! YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH MY EX!” for some reason he felt like laughing. And that’s what he did; he laughed and laughed and laughed.

She was shocked. That’s all she was, shocked. He was laughing. Not screaming. Not crying. Or worse, not calm. But laughing. And she was shocked.

But his laughter turned soon into tears. Painful tears. He felt Britney reach over and comfort him. He didn”t push her away. No matter how much pain she had just caused him, he still loved her and he could never push her away.

She wrapped her arms around him and tried to comfort him. Even though she wasn”t in love with him anymore; she still loved him as a friend; a best friend. She felt tears fall down her checks. She cried for him. She cried for their now non existent romantic relationship. But more importantly she cried because he didn”t push her away. Maybe, just maybe, he will be ok with this. Maybe he will accept this.


But no matter how much pain they caused him in the past. First, with Lance breaking up with him. Second, then for Britney breaking up with. Third, for them both falling in love with each other. He still loved them both. Still wanted keçiören escort both of them to be happy. And if they make each other happy, then so be it, happy they both shall be.



He didn”t like his life. No, that”s not right, he hated his life. Sure there was the money, the fame, and the abnormal amount of teenage girls (and boy”s) that would literately sell their soul to meet him. But what”s all that when you can”t be you. When not even your friends and family no you. Not even when you feel like you don’t know you.

His friends were so caught up in the fame and fortune of being a star that he thought that maybe something might be wrong with him. He wondered why he wasn”t so in love with him self like the rest of his band mates were. He wondered why he hated the fame. He wondered why he hated the fortune.

Every night he would say his prayer of thanks to god for all the wonderful gifts that he”s been given. But now it was more out of habit than anything else. Now he thought the gifts were actually curses. Or that maybe they were a punishment, a punishment for him being gay. That maybe god gave him all the fame and fortune so he couldn”t and would be able to act on his urges for other men. He didn”t really care about his career being ruined because of his sexuality, but it wasn”t just his career. He had four other guy” to think about. And to ruin four peoples careers, just for some happiness in life instead of the depression that was always constant in his life, seamed to him so unimportant.

Sometimes he wanted it to be over. Sometimes he wished that he could just walk away and never have to hear the word *NSYNC again. Sometimes… sometimes he wished that *NSYNC never happened. That he didn”t listen to his voice coach. That he didn”t fly to Orlando. That he didn”t say yes. But he did and he will always wonder, what if?



Lance was always working. Whenever they weren”t practicing one of Wade”s routines or in the studio working on a new song Lance could be found either on the phone talking in hushed whispers or on his laptop typing up some document. He never went out anymore, which is weird considering only two months ago Lance always found time to go out; always.

“Guys what do you think is up with Lance?” JC asked the three other member of Nsync with the noticeable absent of the man in question. “He”s always typing away on that laptop of his or whispering away on his cell phone.”

“He”s probably just really buy with his company JC.” Chris said dismissing JC”s worry. “You know how Lance is with work.”

“Yeah, but still,” JC said slowly. “He seems to be doing tons of it lately. He doesn”t even go out anymore.”

“That”s not true JC; he went out to that club with us when we were last in Orlando.” Justin said.

“And how long ago were we in Orlando?” JC asked.

“About two months—” Justin started saying before he was cut off by JC.

“Exactly! He hasn”t been out with us once in two months.”

“Yeah that is a bit odd, no mater how much work he had he always made time to go out with us to a club or at least a restaurant.” Joey said entering the conversation.

They continued this conversation for a few more minutes until Lance entered the room surprisingly minus a cell phone or laptop. “What are you talking about guys?”

“We were discussing how you haven”t been out with us in two months.” Chris said

“Yeah Lance, why don’t you go out with us anymore? Your cell phone seems to spend escort ankara more time with you than we do now.” Joey said.

“Yeah and I”m sure you”re on your laptop more than you were two months ago.” Justin said.

“So what”s up Lance?” JC said.

“That is so not true.” Lance said defensively.

“Is so,” the other said back in perfect sync.

“What”s different Lance. Why are your laptop and cell phone your new best friends?” JC asked

“Because they are tools that let me keep in contact with my boyfriend.” He replied matter-of-factly.

And that”s it. Lance was talking to his boyfriend in hushed whispers. Lance was chatting real time with his boyfriend. Lance wasn”t spending time with his friends because of his boyfriend. Lance had a boyfriend. And that made JC blood boil. He should be Lance”s boyfriend. Him! Not that other guy.



He waits for him in his hotel room. Sitting there, camouflaged in the darkness. He doesn”t move. Just sits there, not moving a muscle. The only movement he makes is the blinking of his eyes.

He is like cat waiting to pounce. His eyes are focused on the door, never moving from it. He ears listen for the slightest sound of movement from the outside. His mind is clear of the thousand of thoughts that are usually there.

He hears the sound of the elevator doors opening and the sound of his target stumbling down the hall, obviously drunk. Perfect, makes his job all the more easier. He hears the sound of a card entering the lock. The door opens and the man stumbles in without turning the light on. The man starts undressing for bed.

He stands up, without making a sound. He makes his way over to the man who is currently trying to get his pants off. With quick movements he has his had over his targets mouth. The man try”s to scream, but they come out in muffles from underneath his hands. He pulls a pair of handcuffs from his pocket and puts the on the man. He does what he came there for, then leaves.


In the morning four guys wake up, whilst one continues crying from last night”s events. Four guys have showers, whilst one man still cries. Four men brush their teeth and do their hair, whist one man still cries. Four men dress for the day, whilst one man still cries. Four men make their way over to the one mans hotel room for breakfast, whilst the one man still cries.

Three men start to worry; one man draws on his acting skills and pretends to worry. The friend isn”t answering the door, but they can hear the soft sounds of him crying. They elect one man to go down and get to the lobby and get another key card for the door, and the other three men call out to their friend asking him to open the door. The man returns with the card. They enter the room, to the shock of their lives, except one man.

Their friend, band mate, and brother, Lance Bass is lying on his bed, naked and in hand cuffs with a small pool of blood coming form his rectum. Three men bodies fill with anger. One man, the man who did this, pulls out his cell phone and dials the number for an ambulance. The men rush over to their friend and try to console him. One man finishes on the phone and goes into the bathroom for a towel. He returns and tries to clean his target up.


Later that day the five men are interviewed by police. Four of them are all asked the same questions. Like “Where were you at 3:00am the morning in question?” Two men answer, “In my room asleep”. “Another man answers, still partying at the club.” The last man answers, “Working on song in my hotel room.” This man is asked, “Did you hear anything?” he answers, “NO, I was wearing my head phones.”

Eventually they are asked, “Who called the ambulance?” One man answers, “Me.” The other four answer, “Josh.”


Thats all folks! love”em hate”em? email me ail

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