Sharing the Lust Pt. 01

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


The nightclub was a smaller affair, though that was merely as it was exclusive, the kind of club that one had to book a table at months in advance. That spoke volumes of the group of furs seated at the bar, laughter and alcohol flowing easily between them, enjoying the easy simplicity of each other’s company. Five couples — and Maddie and Ninnin, the latter of which had orchestrated the whole event, even the private hire of the nightclub.

“I must say, Ninnin, you’ve outdone yourself.”

He grinned, the raccoon’s ears twitching faintly, a twinkle in his eye.

“Yeah… You could say I plan ahead. But Louise’s is the best. I’ve never had a cocktail like what they do here anywhere else.”

A hidden gem in the city, yet one that Ninnin was a frequent customer of, all with his gorgeous wife, Maddie the bunny, on his arm. Although the décor in there was dark and tasteful in shades of deep blue and shades of grey, he knew too how it looked when the lights were on, when the club was in full swing. Spotlights and disco lights would sweep the dancefloor, which was set away from the seating area and the bar with plenty of room to move, though that was not quite as much his scene as enjoying the quieter times there, tasteful music that made his heart pound just a little bit quicker than normal.

Of course, the music choices were from Cody that evening, the bay equine who had done so much for them in the past and was one of Maddie’s “favourites”. That was something that only those in the know would know, but was of no matter to anyone else. Ninnin only told others as much as Maddie wanted to tell him, though he had taken great pride and pleasure in seeing how the horse developed in his studies, a local college student in his second year. Film and technology were areas in which he was passionate about and purchasing the equipment for Cody had allowed Ninnin to see Maddie’s exploits in excellent, sometimes surprising, definition.

Music, however… That was Cody’s passion and not one that Ninnin had pushed into yet, though he was interested to see just how Cody would DJ the entire event. It might be something else, going forward, that he could assist the equine with as he set himself up properly at the DJ booth at the back of the dance floor. Far enough from them that he could concentrate on his selections, on lining up the best tracks from them, but still close enough that he could enjoy every bit of the show once his cock was hard and throbbing…

Music pumped through, switching tracks, an undercurrent to the unspoken need in the club at that moment. A little to set the mood, to play out the vibe of the place… There was no rush there, of course, none at all. Everything was alright, as long as Maddie was there with him, setting the pace, the tone, with her smaller, curvy little body.

She was beautiful. He had always said so, though Ninnin liked to say it time after time again, all to see the rise of a blush in her cheeks. Even though she had light grey fur, it came out a little darker in shade where the lighting was not as bright as it could have been to bring out her best features, a lighter cream flowing down her front. That, however, could not be seen all that often, unless she was unclothed or dressed more lightly for summer, though Ninnin lamented that he didn’t often get to see her like that in autumn and winter.

That was a shame… She was even cuter snuggled up in cosy sweatshirts and the like, even when he wanted to see her in nothing but her fur. He’d seen her with plenty more than that, in all actuality, with many cocks of all shapes and sizes (big stallions and dogs were a favourite, of course) pressed reverently into her holes as if they were there merely as an act of worship.

Without thinking about it, Ninnin shivered, though he suppressed it enough that he did not disturb Maddie. She was too light, too fun, too much “enjoying the moment,” her rich amber hair with a deep auburn twist to it. Absent-mindedly, he ran his fingers through it, careful of her styled curls, the bunny wriggling on top of her barstool while the wolf bartender slipped another whisky over to Ninnin. He sipped it lightly, taking his time, savouring it. He would never have wanted to rush one of his favourites with the rich, oaky undertones, leaving an impression even when it had slipped down his throat.

Yes… Yes, he had seen his beautiful wife in all kinds of situations, for the raccoon anthro was not shy in the slightest of sharing her out with, well, any male that she wanted to be with, in fact. There were no restrictions bahis siteleri when it came to Maddie, even when, perhaps, there should have been. He only longed to see her happy, to see her fulfilled, her body aching and throbbing around huge shafts that had no place shoving into her. He’d seen her stretched around those dicks so many times over that she had been almost “worn” as something on them herself, though that was perhaps a little too crude for him to be thinking as her husband so early in the night.

Later, however… Oh, anything would be fair game then! But the foreplay was what they longed for too, something that they lusted for just as much, the warm-up and the tease that would make the multiple main events so many times more exciting.

He couldn’t wait.

Maddie leaned into him, giggling at something that Novie had said. The blue kangaroo had her fur tastefully dyed all of the time and none of them had ever seen her with her dye job fading in the slightest, she was so on top of its maintenance. It was funny to imagine her as anything other than her sharp self, Novie the kind of kangaroo that they wouldn’t have been surprised at all to see pushing her glasses up her nose. Most of the time, however, Novie didn’t wear glasses.

“Oh, where on earth do you get all these little factoids from?” Maddie laughed, though Ninnin could only smile at the warmth of her fur and body against his, how solid she felt against him, all in the best of ways. “I swear, you’re like…one of those shows! The one that quizzes you and you have to answer trivia questions!”

“She’s won one of those!” Salma jumped in, slamming her palm down on the bar top, all attention on the cheetah. “Seriously, it was back in college! I can’t believe she outstripped them all — I think it even ended up on TV too!”

Maddie grinned at them. It was so good to be with them all, her friends, the friends of her and her husband. It was difficult to keep up with all of them, but the guys, all in their twenties and earlier thirties, consisted of Troy, a bay Clydesdale, Cole, a black bull, Owen, a Bison, Ethan, an Elk and, last but not least by any means, Mason, who was a moose with a rather impressive rack of antlers. There was certainly no shortage of the hooved and cloven-hooved anthros in their group that night!

Troy, Cole, Owen, Ethan and Mason. And that was only the husbands! They were all married up, every guy with a partner, but the ladies were perhaps the ones that Maddie had grown closer to over the years. Of course, there was Salma the cheetah and Novie the kangaroo, but also May, a fluff dragon of short stature, Scarlet, a red panda, and Yve, a mouse who always seemed to be running about, her black and grey fur setting her apart from the traditional brown and grey.

Every one of them was so different, but they all came together as if it was meant to be, everyone relaxing, even though there were a few frictions between them. Even the best of friendships, of course, and marriages too had their bumpy patches. It was how they came through those rougher spots, however, that made a difference in the grand scheme of things.

They laughed, they drank, they shared jokes, the wolf bartender shaking his head at them, though it was easy enough for him, thankfully, to keep up with the demands of such a small crowd. It was better, for him, than serving a large crowd on a Saturday night, especially considering he had been given advance warning that he was likely to take home a sizeable tip at the end of the night, depending on what he was willing to do. There would be no pressure on him to join in, however, letting him follow the lead of his own, wherever that led him, though keeping the drinks flowing and serving other needs — such as supplying napkins and damp clothes to cleanse themselves for freshness whenever needed — would aid his tip too. It was the kind of extra job at the club that required a little more thought.

That was why he was on duty that night, for the first time serving the husbands and wives of a group that were soon to become a frequent fixture there once more.

“So, dears…”

Scarlet, the red panda, grinned, licking her lips in a flash of a neon blue tongue. There was a sense of need in her, trembling and aching through, even as she sat there, her heart pounding. Though it was not as if the others knew that, even if they sensed an obvious shift in her demeanour. Subtly, or perhaps not so much, Scarlet moved her knees apart a touch, offering any wandering eyes to following the line up her shapely thighs under the hem of her dress, which was already on the short side. Yet for what they had all planned that night, it was perfect.

“Who’s going to go first?” She practically purred, her tongue flickering out against her lips again, panting ever so lightly through an open mouth. “I think we’re all eager to get going before the night is old…though we have this booked all night, don’t we, Ninnin?”

The raccoon canlı bahis siteleri nodded, sitting a little more upright, his tail a little stiffer in excitement than it had been before. Even the plush, soft barstool that he was seated on did not feel quite as comfortable to him as it had before. It was funny how the tiniest of contractions of muscles, that flutter of arousal deep in his loins, could change so much about his body in a moment like that. He was no stranger to it.

“Sure…” He said, Maddie wriggled against him, her little bunny tail twitching madly. “But I think there’s one thing we need to get ready first of all. Ethan, did you bring the condoms in with you?”

The elk raised his head, having been a little too wrapped up in his drink to follow along with the lines of the conversation.

“Eh? What was that?”

His wife, Scarlet, smacked his arm lightly.

“Ethan! The condoms! You know we can’t have one of us getting pregnant here, not when we’re not ready!”

The elk made a face, rubbing the back of his neck, itching a spot that did not need scratching as he shook his head.

“Err… I thought Mason was bringing them?”

The moose held up his paws.

“Not me! I thought that one was down to the ladies this time! You know what a big box we need, come on — we have to share that around!”

They laughed, but there was a bit of a problem there in that everyone, very clearly, thought that someone else was supplying the condoms. Gently, Salma prodded Novie in the back before the kangaroo could spill out a fact about condoms, or perhaps their use, for it was not the time.

But that was a pickle… If they were all going to have their fun together, even if there was one, most certainly, who was going to be the central focus for many and their voyeuristic, kinky pleasures too, they had to have condoms. Surely so? They had always used them before when they got together for such things and it would have been risky, a rather big risk indeed. That was why they’d always used them, but, in their circle of friends, it was something that needed no explanation.

“What are we going to do now?” Owen frowned, the bison with his arm around his wife, the fluff dragon. “Maybe one of us can go out to get them?”

“Oh, but that’ll delay everything!”

“Then can we just do other things?”

“Well, is it really that big of a deal?” Yve piped up, the mouse cocking her head, an eyebrow cutely quirked below her purple hair. “We can just pull out, take a morning-after pill tomorrow if there’s anything to be worried about there… There are options for us. Besides, it’s mostly going to be Maddie and, well…”

Yve grinned while the bunny blushed, though met her gaze proudly, head-on. As if there was anything to be worried about when it came to having a breeding fetish! Or a liking for it, at the very least, because it was not as if the bunny had ever gotten herself knocked up before. Even though she was with her husband and had been for several years, there was something there that made them want to wait, as much as they roleplayed it between themselves.

In previous sessions though, when they had played with other couples, her screaming how much she wanted to be bred, fucked, “knocked up” … Well, that hadn’t given her much plausible deniability in the whole thing.

The males there, the husbands, clustered together around Ninnin, Maddie backing off while Scarlet shot her a cheeky look and whispered something dirty in her ear that her squealing. There was no real concern about the condoms, not really, not when they knew each other so well, but they did need to have consent about what was going to happen that night before doing anything at all…

“We can go out to get them,” Ethan offered, but the elk did not look as if that was much of a choice. “Is there anywhere that does the larger sizes at this hour?”

A shake of the head was his answer. Ninnin groaned, running his fingers back through the fur on top of his heads, ears twitching back and forth as if he was trying to catch snippets of other conversation. As always, his attention was on Maddie, even while there were other things there to be discussed.

“Well, the ladies are right,” the bull, Cole, offered, perhaps the most amenable of the group. “We can pull out, come on. Everyone’s done it before right and nothing’s gone wrong? As long as they are happy to take the morning after pill too, just to make sure that there’s nothing unwanted or unexpected… Where’s the harm?”

Ninnin smiled. Of course, he knew where the “harm” would be, even if it would not be any harm to them at all, none at all. Maddie always knew what she was getting into with him and, well, there had been too many roleplay sessions with that kink in mind for him to ignore when it came to his wife and her desires.

With him, she deserved everything that she could have wanted and more.

That was how his wife found herself kissing Cole as the others stripped canlı bahis her, the guys enjoying the moment, closing in around her, though it was something of a crowd. Though their relationships there had all begun with lightness and friendship only, the nuances of the sexual had long ago seeped into their relationships, colouring them with the kind of lust and excitement that had them coming back for more time after time again.

In the background, the music dropped to a deep, sultry base, throbbing like the heat within them at that very moment. Smiling, Ninnin raised his glass to the bartender who nodded back at him.

“Let me know if you’d like anything else on, the boss said to make sure you guys had anything you wanted. But it’s my first time serving you here, you know? Just let me know!”

A little nervous, though Ninnin hoped that the wolf would not be too distracted by the show, not as he watched his wife in the arms of Cole, the bull, his grey horns polished to a sheen that reflected the lights of the club. The lighting teased down another notch, leaving a little to the imagination but not too much as her clothes eased from her body, what she might have worn out to the club if it had been in full swing. Not much was covered up on any of the ladies there, though it was all in keeping of how their favourite kind of encounters played out.

But she was glorious, a vision with the nightclub lights flashing over her, a low, smooth sweep that added to the sexual vibe of the pulsing music. The bunny swayed her hips, down to her bare fur against Cole’s strong, broad chest, the bull’s huge, round shoulders luring her in. It was not that she didn’t love her husband dearly — but she loved having him watch her even more, in a way. It was another aspect to their relationship, another side as if one was looking at a perfect, naturally formed diamond. Yet there would always be more to uncover there, another edge to follow, a line to chase.

Their relationship was far from boring…and their sex life even more exciting for how they participated in it together.


The bunny moaned, rolling her hips into Cole’s large paw, so big that he almost seemed to be able to cover her entire crotch with it. If she had not been so eager, Maddie might have been a little embarrassed by how wet she was already, dripping onto his paw, yet that height of need warmed her through, despite being entirely nude.

There, there was nothing for her to be ashamed of, allowed to be her true self, losing herself in the moment, all with Ninnin’s eyes on her while he enjoyed his favourite whisky. She’d have to check the name of it again and make sure she picked up another bottle for him for his birthday…

Still, that was not where her attention was as the bull sat down, the wooden chair perhaps not one that was meant to support the weight of two furs together. Either way, it would have to do, creaking under them. She only hoped that nothing would happen here to kill the mood as she moaned, grinding against his cock. The hard length of his monster dick had sprung from his pants, though she was barely aware of just when he’d gotten his dick out, underwear trapped under the base of his cock but over his balls, as if only his cock was to be on show.

It was hot, too hot, need coursing through her as pre-cum dribbled from that brute of a dick to her pussy, marking her clit, her folds spreading lightly as she pushed her hips up against him, at a better angle to send pleasure sparking through her once again. Maddie was ready, so ready, her lips parted breathily, her mouth dry with raw need. Even her throat felt tight, though she was sure that would all go away until she had a cock rammed into it…

“Don’t worry, Maddie, I’ll pull out…” Cole murmured, capturing her lips with his own for a wet, sultry kiss. “It’ll be okay… Damn, you’re so hot…”

There was a time for words and that was no time for pleasantries, not as she allowed him to pick her up in his arms, the bull’s shirt open, if not pushed from his shoulders yet. In his excitement to fill her, he had forgotten to get her ready too, though the slick mess of her arousal on his paw should have told the bovine that there was little need of that. With his cock freed from his trousers, belt hanging open, he was half-undressed and unable to do any more than that as he sat back harder, snorting softly.

“Mmm… No,” she moaned. “No foreplay… Damn it, Cole… Fuck me!”

The others laughed, but the bull knew when to please a demanding lady, sharing a cheeky smile with his wife, watching with her paw up under her skirt, enjoying the show. It would not be long before all of them, husbands and wives alike, would all be nude and down to their bare fur.

All as it was intended to be. Cole did not deny her, raising her hips more and more so that he could get her hot hole up to the tip of his cock, the bunny perfectly poised to slide down on him, though it was not a feat that came easily. Although the bunny was well known for being easy to fuck, a stretchy body that could take more cocks than anyone could imagine (before seeing it first hand), she was tight, so tight, on that first penetration.

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