Sharing Grief

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My love for my mother is one thing that is unexplainable. First let me explain about my mother she is aged about 35 years and I am 19 years old she was married and delivered me at young age. I am from rural India and people out here are very casual in there dressing more so in summer and they walk around only with a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and slung over the shoulder with no blouse. But most of the time they make sure the boobs are well wrapped in this piece of cloth.

We had large farm which we were taking care off. It is in this field I got the glimpse of boobs of various shape color and size and all ages. When this ladies bent down to work in the fields I had pleasure of seeing there boobs. Once while working in the fields I urgently wanted to piss and went around a bush to pee but I felt some movement in the bush and peeped through it.

To my surprise I found there was a person behind the bush and she was peeing and I viewed a beautiful pussy for the first time and she was endowed with hairy bush. I could not see the face and I hid behind the tree. I saw that the person after peeing was playing with her genitalia and I could hear the rhythmic sound produced by the movement of the bangles. After some time I heard a moan and the person stood up from the squatting position and it was none other than my own mom.

I could clearly see her stiff nipples as hard as rock. And she had a strange expression on her face. I hid behind the trees and waited for her to go. After this I followed her to my house. Now I realized that my mom was sex-starved and started to take special interest in her. Our family was joint family but my father was an ass hole of the first order who liked to gamble a lot. He came home only when he was short of money.

I had 3 uncles and aunts who were satisfied couple and only my mother was left. Initially I used to sleep with my grand mother. But my luck changed after she expired. teen porno By that time I was studying in the city college. And I started watching porn movies in theater and started taking special interest in internet where I had access to website with incest themes.

After my grannies death my mother became more close to me and since there were no one to question him my father ran off behind some cheap prostitute. My mother was crying inconsolably when she heard about the news and she was crying. I walked upto her in the kitchen and she was crying and her pallu slipped and I had the opportunity to feast on her perky boobs and I felt like suckling them then and there. But I walked upto her and sat next to her and put my arms around her shoulders and still she had not covered her boobs with pallu and she hugged me tightly. What initially started as matter of sharing grief gradually turned into passionate affair. Since she was topless. I hugged her tightly and felt her perky boobs. She was hot and looked like she needed someone urgently to plug her cunt hole and fill it up with cum. Suddenly she realized what she was doing was wrong and tried to pull away from me. But I held her tightly, she slapped me on my face but I was not interested in letting her go. So I kissed her ripe lips and squeezed her boobs. She seemed to soften a bit inspite of crying “No! you asshole get away from me. You lusty bastard.” Just then we heard of some one knocking on the door and I reluctantly let her go. But I think I saw a smile on her face.

Because of the death ceremony our house was getting renovated so all the material was dumped in my room, So I had sleep in the hall which had a TV and I used to watch late night adult movies. Once I heard a

Noise outside my uncles room and peeped inside find my uncle fucking his wife and by the look of things she did not seemed to be satisfied. My uncle had pecker which was half my size and she travesti porno was cursing him

” You asshole why did u get married to me when you are not capable of satisfying me, how many days can I satisfy myself with carrots and radish go and have look at your brother sons dick I feel like swallowing it.”

I was happy that she was referring to my dick. So I schemed of a plan to bed her. Now I knew that she was interested in me. I started to take special interest in her. I followed her to the farm. She was bent over and watering the plant and large rounded ass was visible from behind. I walked up to her saw around to see if anyone was present and caught hold of her boobs from the sides as it was covered only with pallu. She turned around shocked and relaxed a bit after finding it was only me. And she said ” What are u doing?”

I replied I know about your state of mind and I also know that u urgently require a nice fuck”. I enquired how she knows about my dick for which she replied that she had seen me jacking off while watching TV. And she also knew that I was outside the window previous night and her eyes lightened up when she saw my dick which was mushrooming out. She immediately caught hold of it and literally dragged me to the small room which was utilized for pump set. She pulled out her sari and she was endowed with one of the largest boobs I have ever seen. It was almost reaching up to the navel. I caught hold of the boobs and started to suck on the nipple. I removed my shirt and hung it on my 9 inch dick to show case the strength of my dick. She immediately pushed the shirt and took the shaft in her mouth and started to suck on it with vigor it was almost choking her and at the same time she was busy fingering her pussy I lifted her and she wrapped her legs around my waist and I supported her by holding her ass.

She held my lund in one hand and guided it to her love hole with one hand tricky masseur porno while her other hand was wrapped around my neck

She started to yell ” Oh lord what a nice lund I have been waiting for this since a long time.”She spread her legs more wider and pushed my dick all the way into her cunt and her cunt lips where rubbing against the base of my shaft. She started jumping up and down like a wild cat on hot tin roof.

Oh sten fuck me fuck me! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooooooh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh so Niiiiiicceeeeeeeee fuccccccccckkkkkkkk meeee aah aaaah aaaaaaah.”

Her cunt was still tight which explains the size of my uncles manhood and she started playing with my balls. We went on like this for some time. I had the strength to maintain my manhood for long duration which I had practiced during my masturbation. She climaxed some three to 4 times while I was still going strong. I removed my lund and put her down in kneeling position and pushed my lund in to her mouth again.

I asked her to get up and turn around and I fucked her in doggy style for some time and I orgasmed along with her and she wiped my sweat with her pallu and we came out. Both of us were shocked to see my mother. She had shocked expression on her face. My aunt slowly slipped away. I stammered ” Sorry Mom!’

She did not say anything but walked away. Because of repainting that night I had share my mothers room. She had neatly laid a bed at a distance from my bed. After sleeping for some time I realized movement close to me. And I opened my eyes to find my mom sitting next to me and staring at my lund ( dick). Which had tented now. She was contemplating her next move. I made it easier for her by turning towards her side and putting my shorts covered dick on her lap. Slowly she pulled my shorts down and caught hold of my dick. There began our quest for lust which has been going strongly because the duration of our fuck and the frequency increased from that day. It is an unquenchable thirst and now a days we wait for the night times when we can fuck and suck together. After this we separated and I rented a new house where we are put up now and now we fuck day in and day out with out any fear. Care to join us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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