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Well I’m in the den writing this down after the middle weekend of my holidays to try to pay back a strange debt I owe to White Shadow’s Stories.

We had accepted to housesit for our aunt and uncle during the summer break – a leafy two-acre place an hour away from our hometown. I must say that I was looking forward to a good break, taking it easy and having a swim in the pool. They’d asked us to mow the lawn and feed the animals, but apart from that, it was just a fortnight to do whatever we wanted, away from it all.

My sister and I both go to college in different states. We both flew in on the same day, and met up at a café in the afternoon before taking the bus out to the house. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I was pleased to see her, and I could tell that she was happy to see me. Always got on all right with my sister – she’s really easy to talk to and good fun to go out with.

Shana seemed on pretty good form – smiling and laughing as we talked about the last term and how things were shaping up. She’d just moved house and was looking to have a better year ahead…the last six months had been a bit tense as the studies cranked up a gear.

“Thank God this holiday has finally arrived! Things are mostly good – can’t complain, but I really need a bit of a rest,” she laughed – and shaking a finger at me said, “You be nice to me, you hear?!”

She talks a lot with her hands. Waves them around. Cool.

I must say that she was looking fine. Whew! When it’s hot like it is here, you go swimming. Best way to cool off, and puts you in dynamite shape. Shana must have done her fair share.

We came to the end of our drinks, and decided to grab the next bus. I paid the tab in spite of her protests and we were en route. The bus was about a block away and we were both a bit sweaty by the time we rolled our cases up to the counter at the shelter. Shana got the tickets and we stuffed our suitcases under the bus.

I hopped on the bus to keep some seats and she went into the station to grab a bottle of water.

She appeared in half a minute and smiled and said, “Is this seat spare sir?”

I said, “No, piss off and find your own seat,” and she laughed and sat down, squashing me into the window. I took the opportunity to tickle her off me and as the bus pulled away from the curb we both slumped into our seats a little out of breath – from the tickling.

That was Friday night, first night of the holidays. The bus stop is about quarter of an hour away from the house. It was still hot, hot, hot. We found the key, stashed our stuff in our rooms, said hello to the dogs and walked them down to the shops. My arms were sore by the time we got all the shopping back to the house: beer, wine, videos, good bread and a whole weeks worth of food. I mowed the lawn whilst she cooked dinner. Just like an old couple.

Dinner was great. She takes her time and really likes food. We had marinated chicken with mushrooms and salad. Light enough to beat the heat, but very tasty. We knocked back a beer or two during dinner and then watched Airplane. What a classic! Just cracked us up. The tension in my shoulders was finally easing and I felt pretty good about everything. The beer and the talk just kept flowing and as usual we got along like a house on fire. Shana knows how to listen and how to talk. Somehow you just find yourself talking about the things that really matter most and she talks up a storm when she gets going. Before we knew it, sun had started its rounds. We hit the hay and slept like logs.

There were bits and flashes of her in my dreams that night, images of her smiling and moving. I guess that I’d almost had a bit of a crush on her for a while…Well, I know it’s almost a cliché…the only girl you see around when you’re a kid is your sister. But she is just so cool to spend time with that it’s more than the normal ‘only female around the house’ syndrome.

The next day was rainy and I didn’t get up until after three. At least it was finally cooling down. She’d already been up for an hour or so, sitting with some coffee and toast, reading a magazine.

“Yo, stranger,” she said, “did you sleep well?” I was still a bit unsteady on my feet and just nodded and yawned. “Coffee?” she asked and I smiled.

I bowed down before the cup like a disciple and she laughed and said, “Ommm” like a Buddhist. Gotta love her. Now it’s one thing to think about someone when you’re in your bedroom with the curtains drawn, but another thing altogether to realize that you’re still pretty keen in broad daylight and she’s right there in front of you. It’s hard to ignore those blue, smiling eyes and those full red lips. There she goes, tossing that dark hair around and teasing you that your mowing is artistic, rather than straight.

“More toast?”

“Yes please.”

That was Saturday. Talking, drinking, eating, watching videos and a foot massage each. We did some washing and called the folks to let them know that everything was working nicely. Dinner stranded teens porno was fabulous again. Some wine was drunk and so were we.

After dinner Shana decided to take a bath to loosen up her shoulders and neck. On her way from her room to the bathroom, dressed in a towel, she asked if my hands were feeling strong.

I said, “They’re drunk, like the rest of me…Why, do you want a shoulder massage?”

“Um…yes” she said, “but I was really going to ask you to undo this bath oil bottle. How about both?”

So whilst I undid the bath oil bottle, she put a chair in front of me, turned it around and sat with her back to me, knees wide and her arms folded on the chairback in front of her. I warmed some oil with my hands, spread it over her neck and shoulders and started gently and slowly kneading her muscles. Her skin was smooth and soft. The bath oil was sandalwood scented.

“A bit lower and a bit to the right,” she demanded. “I’m a bit knotty…”

“Nutty?” I laughed. “Shana, the towel’s a bit high, I can’t really reach your spine.”

She said, “Hang on,” and loosened the towel a bit. As I slid both thumbs down along the sides of her spine she bowed forward and “Ommmed” again…and as we both laughed, the towel fell down…she didn’t skip a beat, just moved her beautiful long hair to cover her breasts. I massaged until I’d covered her scalp, neck, shoulders and lower back. She had her eyes shut and was the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. Her back is amazing. My hands were in heaven. We finished up and Shana took her bath at about twelve o’clock. I went into my uncle’s den and switched on the computer – meaning to type some emails to friends. I got a bit distracted, read some stories and then crashed out.

No dream interpreter is needed to tell me what my dreams meant that night. I was massaging her back just as before. The towel fell down, just as before, exposing her back and hips. All through the massage she asked me to move this way and that way with little noises of assent when it was right. Harder, softer, up and down. Excellent.

She straightened up and rotated her shoulders slowly. Then moved her right arm across her body awkwardly to pick up her wine glass.

“Ouch! I must have strained a muscle when I tried to open the jar” she said.

“Aren’t you lucky that I’m here?” I asked. “Firstly I open the jar…then massage the wounded woman to heal her injuries. Where is it sore?”

“Here,” she pointed. But I couldn’t see because she was still sitting with her back to me.

“Um…my X-ray vision isn’t working well at the moment…” I laughed, downing another gulp of wine.

“Oh, right…” she said.

Shana stood up, placed the towel carefully on the seat of the chair, sat innocently in front of me in all of her glory and closed her eyes. She pushed her hair to the side and pressed her fingertips gently along the inside of her right breast and on her sternum. She took my hand and pressed it over the same spot.

“Okay,” I said, “let’s go to work!”

I took another palmful of bath oil, warmed it up again and slowly worked it as innocently as possible into her cleavage and over the inside half of her right breast. My stomach was full of butterflies and my hands were in paradise.

“Are you okay there?” she asked after a minute. “Aren’t you tired of having your arms out straight?” I was still in my chair, and she in hers.

“My shoulders are starting to feel it a bit,” I admitted, thinking that the game was over.

“Okay, then,” she put her hands on my knees and kind of leapfrogged tipsily onto my thighs. I saw her breasts gently bounce towards my eyes, warm and full. Oh, Lord! “Now you can reach and I can try to ease your shoulders!” she beamed. I could smell her hair and the warm bath oil was a heady mix of woman and sandalwood.

I put my left arm around her waist to hold her steady, and began to slide my other hand in between and over her breasts again. I was covering more ground this time but it was a community service. Shana was holding her chest up towards me and her breasts were high and full. I could see her nipples standing out and she was breathing like she’d just been tickled. She rubbed my shoulder with her left hand and moved closer into me – oops, a beautiful naked woman squirming on your lap leads to one thing for sure and she surely could feel it through my boxer shorts. We started to become really warm where she was pressed into me. And we had both drunk about a bottle of wine each.

I was rubbing her breasts to the same rhythm as she was rubbing my shoulder. Gently sliding my hands over and around those oil slippery nipples. And you can’t help but move a little from the waist when you’re a bit tired and drunk, can you? Before I knew it, we were both subtly moving into each other gently and slowly. I was very aroused and she was moving in easy circles, pressing fully into my lap. I was looking into her face, my hands were moving on her hips, back and student sex parties porno breasts and we were both breathing hard. Shana opened her eyes sleepily, met my gaze, smiled lazily and leaned forward to kiss me, her mouth open and warm. See, no interpreter required.

When I crashed back to earth, I cursed the world that it was only a dream and grabbed some breakfast. I was surprised to be up before Shana. I was sitting there reading the paper with some coffee when she appeared from the den.

“Ahh, good morning,” I said. “That explains everything…have you had a good morning so far?”

“I was just surfing a bit. I’m gonna take a shower,” she said a bit quickly. And disappeared. I continued with my paper.

She seemed a bit preoccupied in the early morning. I probed gently to see if she was okay. She seemed pretty upbeat, but had something on her mind.

“Earth to Shana, earth to Shana!” I laughed. “I’ve been asking which video you wanted to watch for the last half a minute…A penny for your thoughts.”

“I’m just thinking about the future,” she said kind of vaguely, not really meeting my eyes.

“Yup,” I said brightly “and which video is going to feature in it?”

She laughed and pretty much came back down to earth. The Usual Suspects was the first feature. What a cracker! Damn, it was still hot though, no clouds, just blazing sun. We just sat there drinking beers, talking and watching videos for hours.

Twilight came, but the air was too still to give any relief. Shana asked me to grab the spritz spray from her bag next to me to help her cool off. She was back to normal so when I saw her uni-card picture I smiled and said, “Why do we always look much better in real life!”

She squealed and tried to grab the photo. “It was a bad hair day,” she said.

I ran out of the kitchen with the photo and she ran after me into the lounge. I thought I’d be safe behind the coffee table but she jumped me and we crashed into the couch. We wrestled for a minute or two breathing hard and laughing. I held the card over my head but she was on top of me. She straddled me and pinned my arms down with me only half fighting.

“That’s what you get when you mess with me,” she smirked, taking the photocard and pinching my nose.

“Ohhh….the final insult,” I said and bounced her up into the air. I grabbed her waist and tickled her until she fell over on her side, dropping the photo. I picked her up in a fireman’s lift and took her outside into the backyard by the pool.

“Put me down, you brute,” she giggled, but to no avail – I jumped in, taking her with me.

Though it was pretty dark, the water was still warm from the day. I took my shirt off, squeezed it out and hung it over the side of the pool. I looked over to see Shana’s silhouette doing the same thing. She continued with her shorts then crouched down ’til only her head was above water. We chatted about a cousin who was moving house shortly. The family was a bit worried that we would lose touch if we didn’t work at it. After a few more tantalizing minutes of surreptitiously checking her out, I was certainly reacting. Total babe swimming lazily around in the pool without a stitch on. She was certainly being pretty physical today. I wondered what had got into her. I was just sliding into her in my mind when she swam silently up to me and caught me unawares by splashing me.

“That’s for tossing me in the pool in my clothes!” she said.

We had a bit of a splash fight tackling and tickling, laughing and writhing about a bit together.

“What are we going to eat for dinner?” she asked. “I’m starting to get hungry after all of that jumping about.”

“Something light – how about a stir-fry?” I replied. I’m the stir-fry king.

“Sounds good,” she said as she jumped out of the pool and went into the house to get a towel and some clothes.

I brought our clothes inside and put them in the bathroom to dry off. Dinner was a success. What can I say? Mr. Stirfry to you. We kicked back to watch the late film, but it was a dog and so we just ended up reading and occasionally talking on the porch steps as the temperature dropped.

When it was a little cool outside, we went in and had a few whiskeys each. My back hadn’t enjoyed the cool air or the steps outside.

“Do you know that you owe me a massage?” I joked.

“Back playing up?” she asked.

“Got it in one,” I replied.

“Loosen up with a shower and get rid of some chlorine. I’ll be in my room,” she said.

I came out of the shower wearing my stripy towel. Shana massaged my back slowly and thoroughly. She sat across my backside and patiently sorted out the knots one by one. She even did my arms and legs. After she had sorted me out I felt like a new man. I went to the toilet and splashed my face.

When I came back she asked if I would rub her lower back before she went to sleep. I said, “Sure.”

As I poured the oil onto my hand, she took her big submissive cuckolds T-shirt off and lay face down on the bed. The T-shirt was all she had been wearing. We’d already been skinny-dipping earlier in the evening, so I wasn’t too surprised. Between the massaging and the talking, I was feeling pretty sleepy. Whiskey knocks me about a bit sometimes. We were both talking a bit and then dropping off, then talking some more. Eventually we both just crashed out in her room, her naked, and me with a loose towel, which soon wandered away.

Some movement at about 3:30am awakened me.

“I think that I ate your excellent stir-fry a bit fast,” she whispered when she saw that I was partly awake. Shana got up and went to the bathroom. The temperature had dropped through the floor from the lack of cloud cover. I dozed, but she took at least five minutes to come came back in. Her teeth were totally chattering.

“My tummy feels a bit better,” she said as she came rattling through the door.

I murmured, “Do you want a tummy rub?”

“No, but I’m freezing – the floor is like ice. I just want you to lie there so I can use you as a heater for a minute.” Shana said.

I was still pretty fuzzy with whiskeyed sleep, but thought that all of my Christmasses had arrived with these holidays. She jumped under the covers and slid over to my side of the bed where I was lying on my back. Shana just draped herself alongside me, breasts pressed against me- cold breasts – and her whole torso pressed into my side. She put her left leg across me – I could feel that she was shivering and she held me really tightly.

“Gosh, you’re so warm,” she whispered.

Oh, my god, I could feel her whole body. I had my arm around her, I was rubbing her back warm – and my right arm was stroking her leg and hip. So there we were. And I was in an impossible position – I was slowly starting to react both to her leg across my body and the furry warmth of her crotch pressed into my hip – I could feel myself stirring. I swear that I started to suspect that I was being subtly seduced – because though it all felt very natural, I wasn’t sure that it was innocent.

Shana shifted position slightly to place more of her weight on me and I felt the other breast cool against my chest as she settled into me again. Her head was resting on my shoulder and her hair was soft and silky against my neck. The blood continued to move from my big head to the little head and it was starting to press gently into her leg. Her breasts were now warm and I could feel her nipples pressing into my chest when I moved slightly. I felt that we were playing a good game and I was enjoying it. I was stroking her hair and we were talking quietly so as not to break the spell. I was pretty well aroused now and could feel Mr. Happy twitching and pulsing against her inner right thigh.

She kind of shimmied against me with a little shiver and said sleepily, “I can’t believe how cold it was out there. Nearly froze my tits off. Luckily you were here and saved them just in time…My hero! I owe you two pounds of flesh. How can I ever repay you?!” she giggled.

“Only two pounds?” I said, playing along rather archly. “Seems like you owe me a little more than that…”

“D’you think so?” she asked.

Shana took her weight on her hands either side of me, shifted her hips up and over more to sit straddling my lower stomach, legs pressing against my sides. She gathered her hair and pushed it behind her with a little flick. I could see her in the moonlight and nearly let out a little gasp.

She held her breasts in her hands with a little smile and said, “I can’t tell how much they weigh – they’re stuck to the rest of me!”

Mr. Happy was lying between us, flat against my stomach twitching with my pulse. I could feel the warmth of her pussy pressing down directly onto me and I knew that everything would be all right.

“What if you lean forward and let them carry their own weight?” I suggested.

Shana slowly rose up onto her hands and knees over me. I almost cried as she left Mr. Happy alone and at attention.

“But I don’t have any hands left,” she whispered, just inches from my face. “You’ll have to weigh them.”

“I’ll do my best,” I whispered back looking up at her shining blue eyes.

I moved my hands from her thighs, sliding them up over her hips. Fingerwalked along her stomach, feeling her shiver and cupped her breasts in my hands.

“It’s hard to tell,” I whispered gratefully. “But they must be worth millions – it may take me some time to work it out.”

“I’ve only got two weeks,” she said, grinning. “Except that my arms are a bit shaky and I’m looking forward to sitting back down.” I smiled and squeezed her right breast in assent.

This crazy sister of mine moved back and lowered her hips until she felt what she was looking for. Shana looked me straight in the eyes and shifted until Mr. Happy was again a prisoner, flat on my stomach but wedged along the lips of her pussy. I could feel her curly hair against mine. She started to move forwards and backwards along the length of my cock. Her pussy was out of control wet and warm. She was practically masturbating against my cock, leaning forward, sliding and pushing, faster and faster. Her hands were on my shoulders and her breathing was short and quick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32