Sex Adventures with Julie Pt. 03

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Big Dicks

Make sure you read part 1 and 2 first as this is a direct continuation of those stories.

I woke up early Saturday morning, still locked in my cage. It was the first night I have ever spent locked up, and my morning wood was hurting like hell. The urethral insert did nothing to help as I pushed the still sleeping Julie’s arm aside and got up.

I needed some fast relief. I dug through Julie’s bag and found the vibrator I had gotten her the day before. I pushed the button at the bottom. Dead. Fuck!

Not knowing where else to turn, I looked for the buttplug I had been wearing the day before. Finding it beside the bed, I headed to the restroom and turned on the shower. After rinsing off the plug and applying generous amounts of lube, I inserted it quickly back into my butthole. And began moving it in and out. Nothing… although I liked the feeling of being penetrated, the buttplug did nothing to help me masturbate. I sighed, and left it in.

I got out of the shower and still naked, got back into bed with Julie.


I must have drifted off because the next thing I hear was, “Wake up!”

Julie is standing over me, fully dressed in cute little shorts and a tank top. I look down and see her cherry red painted toenails. It appeared she has already showered and gotten ready for the day.

“What,” I asked groggily, sitting up.

“Get dressed. Sarah texted me saying she’s coming over to hang out any minute. And Josh might be here too.”

“J-josh…?” I stammered. But I could feel excitement course through my veins again.

“Don’t worry, I doubt he even remembers what happened last night. And he won’t say anything around Sarah. They’re just coming over to hang out. Get dressed. You can finally meet them for once.”

It was true. I had never actually met Sarah, or even Josh before last night.

I got out of bed and pulled on my underwear and jeans.

“So um… can I get unlocked since we’re pretty much done with sex for the moment?”

“No silly,” she said, giving my butt a squeeze. “I want to see how you act around my hot friends while you’re all helpless.”

“Oh god stop,” I moaned. “You’re turning me on…”

“Well no one can see it,” she said matter of factly. “Now get dressed.”

A minute later, there was a knock on the door. Julie went over and opened it up, and there stood Sarah and Josh.

Sarah gave Julie a hug and stepped inside. She was about 5′ 5” on a curvy frame with brunette shoulder length hair and massive double D tits. Every guy wanted to bang her.

Both of them sauntered in with a calm, blank expression on their face. Were… were they drunk?

“Josh told me what happened,” was the first thing Sarah said, as she pointed her finger right at me. She did seem tipsy. I gulped.

“What did he say,” I hesitated. Josh looked at me and grinned. I could see lust in his face. Did he want another go at me?

“He said he was over last night and you just stripped naked and tried to suck his dick.”

What the fuck? Had Josh spun some elaborate story about me being the aggressor? I felt my blood boiling, but I also felt a twinge of excitement at being humiliated like this.

“Well… that’s not exactly what happened..” I began. I looked at Julie and saw her staring at me intently, shaking her head. Did she want me come off as some sort of sex freak?

“That’s not all!” Sarah cut in. “He said something crazier…”


“He said you were wearing a chastity cage! Is he right? Do those things even exist?”

“Okay okay, no I’m not wearing a chastity cage…”

“Prove it,” I heard Josh cut in. “Take your pants off and prove it.”

“No… I’m not getting naked in front of 3 people,”

“Come on…” Julie whined. It was the first time I had heard her speak. She must have been getting turned on watching my humiliation. “Just take them off so we can see. And then we can play a game afterwards or something since we’re all kind of hung over and too lazy to lazy to go out right now”

I sighed. Faking a look of defeat, I unzipped my jeans, and pulled them down. My cock hardened in its cage, already straining against its confines.

“Omg… that is so hot…” Sarah moaned. I noticed her and Josh inching closer towards me.

“How long have you had it on? Does it ever come off?”

I looked at Julie. She held up 5 fingers.

“Since Monday,” I said. “Yeah there’s a key I can use to unlock it. Julie, can I be unlocked now?”

Sarah did a double take.

“Omg… Julie has the key. You’re kinky girl! You locked up your man’s dick and haven’t let him cum in 6 days! You go girl!” She exclaimed.

“So what’s it feel like?” Sarah asked me.

“It’s not too bad, but I get horny a lot and it hurts when I get hard…”

“Omg it looks like you’re getting hard now,” she cooed. “This is so fun. We should try to keep him hard all day.”

“I got you covered,” Josh said. “Who wants to play some good old fashioned truth or dare?”

We all looked at each other for second… and then proceeded czech couples porno to take a seat on the rug. I was still naked from the waist down.

“So who wants to start?” Julie asked.

“Um, so I actually have a website with dares that we can take turns. It only has dares though so we have to come up with our own truths,” I said.

I didn’t see anyone complain.

“I have some stuff in my car that we need for this,” I said, getting up.

“Hurry up, baby dick,” Josh said, and I flushed. Sarah laughed. She probably thought I had a tiny penis now too…


Five minutes later, I was back with strawberries, whipped cream, whole carrots, and a pack of condoms from my car. I put the stuff in the middle, opened up the website, and asked, “Who goes first?”

“How about you, baby dick?” Josh said. The girls laughed. And I got harder in my cage.

“Okay, so we go in order: me, Julie, Sarah, and Josh. You ask the person to the right truth or dare. If they say truth, you ask them a truth, if they say dare, the website picks the dare. Got it?”

“Yeah yeah,” everyone chimed.

I was so horny I didn’t even hesitate.

“Dare!” I said, before Josh could even ask me.

I pressed the button on the website and watched the screen load.

The website narrated out the dare.

-one finger at a time, insert them into a hole in your midsection (ass for guys, ass or vagina for girls) until most of your hand is inside-

“That is so hot…” Sarah sighed. Everyone looked at me as I bent back. The buttplug was still in my ass and as I turned away from them they saw it.

“You slut!” Josh said, smacking my ass. “You still have that in. Well better start plugging it with something bigger!”

My face became red, but I pulled out the plug, and lubing up a finger with saliva, slid it in. I moaned, and looked back, everyone was fixated on my asshole. I slowly stuck a second finger in. The pressure was mounting. I felt precum began to collect in the urethral insert. A third finger. Oh baby I felt full. It was incredible. Why had I tried to fuck myself with a buttplug when I have 5 fingers? Time for the 4th. I slowly inched it in. My ass started to hurt, and I moaned out loud, barely holding my pinky in.

“This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Sarah. I looked back at her and her hand was lightly rubbing her pussy over her shorts.

“Tell me about it,” said Josh. “I’d fuck you right here and now.”

“I’d pay to see that,” Sarah said.

“Well I already saw,” retorted Julie.


“Nothing,” she said smiling.

I moaned some more as I attempted to jam my little finger further into my ass, but it wouldn’t budge. My ass started to hurt even more. Defeated, I removed them one at a time and replaced the butt plug.

“How did it feel?” asked Sarah. She was looking at me so intently. I wondered if this was the first time she had seen this kind of domination or anal play from a guy, and I’m guessing she liked it.

“So good,” I breathed. “Maybe I need a cock in there next time.” Without waiting for a reply, I asked Julie, “Truth or dare?”

Being the innocent, small girl she always pretended to be, she replied, “truth.”

“Hmm okay, what is one sex toy you you’ve wanted to buy but haven’t?”

After a moment’s hesitation, she said, “a big vibrator.”

“Boring…” Josh snorted.

“Yeah come on Julie, you don’t own a vibrator?” Asked Sarah.


“Well I guess that’s why you want one. They’re amazing!” She said.

“I don’t own any sex toys,” Julie said sadly. “Anyway, it’s your turn Sarah. Truth or dare?”


“Have you ever thought about doing stuff with another girl and what did you think of?”

“Wow…” Sarah looked taken aback, but a second later she smiled. “I have… I’ve thought about dominating another girl, making her eat me out and eat my asshole, and then maybe scissor her…” she was rubbing her clitoris openly now over her shorts.

“Hey!” I said. “No masturbating. I don’t get to do it and we can’t have you cum like 5 minutes into the game.”

“No fair!” She pouted. But she stopped. “I’m just so horny.”

“We all are.” Josh said, looking at me. “And I’m going to get a piece of that ass before the day’s over.”

Julie and Sarah exchanges glances and smiles. I could tell they wanted to see that.

“Your turn Josh,” said Sarah. “Truth or dare.”


“Tell me exactly what happened last night.”

Oh god, she was going to find out I had basically had full on gay sex and even swallowed his cum…

Josh didn’t wait any longer. He dove into the story of finding me handcuffed and naked for him like a present, and how scared and vulnerable I looked despite my muscular frame. Sarah couldn’t take her eyes off of my locked up cock as Josh spoke. “I forced him to suck my entire dick,” he was saying. “He looked up at me like it was the biggest cock he’d ever seen. I mean, look at it, it’s like an inch long right now.”

My czech estrogenolit porno face reddened. My dick did look tiny. We were all turned on and I could even see Josh’s cock make a bulge in his sweatpants, but mine was compressed to 1.5 inches in the metal cage.

“So anyway after a while I wanted to give him a treat so I turned him over and fucked his ass. Hard.”

“Wow,” Sarah exclaimed. She was twitching and trying so hard not to rub herself. “I wish I was there… you’re so lucky Julie.”

“Haha I am,” she agreed. “Josh came in his mouth last night and I made him suck on my toes to get rid of the taste.”

“Oh my god!” Sarah yelled. “You are so kinky. I never knew you had this side to you Julie.” She looked down at my penis again. “So how long are you going to keep him locked up? Omg you should make it weeks…”

“I was thinking about forever,” Julie said with a devilish smile. “Because I might have lost to key.”

A pit formed in the bottom of my stomach. Lost the key? I was wearing a metal cage with a urethral insert! How the hell would I ever get it off? Despite my panic, I felt so horny. Drops of precum were rolling down the side of my cage.

“He’s leaking…” Josh said. “He wants to stay locked up.”

“Shut up, just ask me, it’s my turn.”

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” I said as I pressed the button.

-Choose someone of the opposite sex. Both you must lie on the floor facing opposite directions. Allow them to lock their legs around your head naked until you answer 2 truths-

“Even the game knows you like getting dominated!” Josh laughed. “So who is it?”

“Sarah,” I said.

I pulled off my shirt and lay spread eagled on the floor. I saw Sarah stand over me start stripping. I’d never seen her naked before and the sight of her big tits jiggling as she I undid her bra almost put me over the edge. I was about to be dominated by this sexy woman. She straddled me, and I caught a glimpse of her sexy shaved pussy before she wrapped her legs around my neck and squeezed. I was staring into her ass as my nose disappeared between her cheeks. She grabbed my wrists and held me down and I was surprised by her strength.

“Alright…” she pondered, clearly enjoying the power. “What shall I ask you?… oh, I know. Would you rather eat me out right now… or suck on Josh’s dick?”

I hesitated.

“Come on…” Sarah said, “we all know what you want.”

“Josh’s dick,” I finally said. “It’s so fucking hot, I just want to lick it all over…”

“Oh, so you wouldn’t want my hot pussy on your face,” Sarah teased, grinding her ass against my face. “Alright, next truth, tell me your deepest darkest fetish that you’ve never told anyone.”

“Oh now this I want to hear,” Josh exclaimed.

“Mhm,” Julie followed.

I gulped. I had never told Julie this desire because of how I thought she would view me. Well, I’d already done more sexually since yesterday than I’d ever done with her. We’d fucked, sure, but sucking off another guy with her watching, and letting her friends see my cock locked up were new things. I guess she couldn’t really judge me any more than she already did.

“Okay…” I began. “i want to be dressed as a woman in lingerie with stockings and a bra, and have my cock locked up like it is now…”

“You fucking horny slut!” Sarah yelled.

“Shhhhh!” Julie cut in. “I want to hear all of it.”

“Um… i would also like to he held down and gagged while Julie fucks me in the ass with a strapon.”

I looked up to see the group just staring at me with lustful eyes.

“So basically what happened last night huh?” said Sarah slyly.

“You know, I could make that happen again,” Josh said. “We just need some of Sarah’s lingerie and id be happy to fuck you silly.”

My cock strained in its cage. I needed release.

“Jesus you guys, I don’t know if I can take much more. I’m so horny I’d do anything,” I whined.

“Hehe well I’m keeping you locked up a lot longer, you slut,” Julie teased.

“Your turn Julie,” said Sarah. “Truth or dare?”

“Hmm… I guess dare!”

She pushed the button and after a second, the screen narrated -Choose a member of the group and blindfold them. Place a dab of honey or chocolate syrup anywhere on your body and have that member try to find it using only their tongue. If they cannot find it within 60 seconds, they owe you a sexual favor after the game-

“Oh my…” said Julie.

“So who are you going to pick?” Asked Sarah. I couldn’t tell if she was hoping it was her or not.

“I’m going to pick you!” She exclaimed, pointing at me. “He loves sucking and licking every part of my body.”

They tied a handkerchief around my eyes and set me on my knees.

“Try to find a really good spot,” Josh said, “So you can make him do anything after the game…”

“Mhm” I heard Julie say. I heard the spray of the whipped cream can, and after a few seconds, “Okay, you can start.”

I moved forward slowly, leading with my nose. I knew if I used my hands everyone czech experiment porno would call me a cheater. I felt a hand lightly grasp my caged cock, and felt it grow more.

“Stop it Sarah…” said Julie playfully. “Let him find me on his own. Maybe I’ll let you play with him after.”

“Okay okay,” she muttered.

On my hands an knees, I crawled forward until my nose lightly bumped against something. I gave it a lick… Julie’s knee!

“Okay! Time starts now!”

I quickly bent down and licked her toes and feet. Hopefully she would hide the dab of cream somewhere I liked.

“Oh baby that is hot!” exclaimed Sarah, apparently having seen me suck on Julie’s toes and lick her feet.

Nothing… I quickly licked up her legs past her knees and all the way up to her hips. Still nothing…

“45 seconds,” Josh said.

I moved around and quickly ran broad strokes with my tongue along the back of her legs. coming up empty, I licked her butt cheeks. Could she really have chosen her asshole. I shoved my face between her cheeks and hungrily pushed my tongue into her ass. Still nothing.

“35 seconds,” I heard Josh say.

I spend about 3 second licking her entire back before going back to the front. Of course! Her vagina! I pushed my face into her cunt and inhaled. Did she smell amazing, or was I just horny from having to lick a naked women while her friends watched? I gave it a lick. She was wet, but no whipped cream.

“30 second!” I could hear the excitement in his voice. I guess he assumed Julie would pass off the sex favor to him and let him do whatever he wanted to me.

I quickly licked diagonal patterns up Julie’s stomach and around her breasts. I sucked on her nipples, still finding nothing. My tongue was getting dry, but I didn’t stop. Next, her arms. I licked from the shoulder along both arms, and tried sucking on several fingers at once. Still nothing.

“10 seconds!” I could hear the excitement in both Sarah and Josh’s voices now.

Oh God! Where could it be. I licked around her neck and then to the last spot it could be. I licked her chin and cheeks and finally up to her forehead as I heard Josh shout “Time’s up!”

I pulled off the blindfold, and looked at Julie. She glistened head to toe from my saliva. I cock strained against its cage.

“What the hell? Where did you hide it?” I asked.

She leaned forward and shoved her tongue in my mouth. The sweet taste of sugar exploded in my mouth. Of course… How could I have been so stupid?

“I can’t wait to see what this sex favor is,” Sarah threw out. “This is going to be so hot.”

“Let’s get through this game,” Josh eagerly said. “Me and Sarah and then we’re done! Then we can see what Julie has in store for you, you slut!”

I moved back to my spot as Julie asked Sarah “Truth or dare?”

She chose dare. I think we were all too horny to choose truth.

She pressed the button on the website and the display announced -Choose a member of the group to pleasure you orally for 2 minutes while you are on the phone with someone-

“Interesting…” Sarah said, “You know, I almost want you to lick me Julie, but I think we need to keep this guy here horny… Get over here…”

Of course it would be me. But I couldn’t complain. As I watched Sarah pull off her short skirt, I could not help but admire her silky smooth long legs. She pulled down her sheer panties, and I saw her freshly shaved pussy open for me. So many men must have only dreamed of doing what I was about to.

“Go to it, baby dick.” Josh teased. He was anxious for the game to end.

I saw Sarah scrolling through her phone as I crawled up to her.

“Alright, I got it, I’ll call my roommate and talk about a paper we have due this week.”

“I’ll start the timer,” Said Julie. “Okay, 3..2..1.. go!”

I dove forward and planted a supple kiss on her pussy. It was heavenly. I leaned in and licked from her ass to her clit.

“Oh hi Katie, I was just wondering if you staaaaaarted that paper that’s due this week,” Sarah half moaned through the middle of the sentence.

These girls had tortured me so much. I wasn’t going to make this easy for her. I began tracing long and hard across her vagina. I could tell Sarah was having a hard time holding it together.

“So… yeah… that paper… um… ughhhh… yeah how many pages do you haaaaave it?” Oh yeah, she was struggling.

Time to really give it to her. I pushed my nose into her clit and at the same time, stuck my tongue as far inside her as I could. It worked.

“Cool, I think I’ll make mine foooouuuuur… ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwd! P-p-pages too…”

“Yeah yeah I’m fine… just sore from working out… everything huuuuuurrrrts ahhhhh!” I heard Sarah try to justify herself.

I pulled my tongue out and inserted it back in. I heard similar moans and groans from her. She was so yet and all I could taste were her pussy juices. I was about to really give it to her when I heard-


“Alright thanks Katie I’ll talk to you later.”

“Oh my God, that was so hot…” Julie exclaimed.

“Oh yeah, I didn’t know this little twink had it in him.” Josh chimed in.

I got up, and wiped my mouth off. That was amazing.

“You’ve got some skills,” Sarah admitted. I couldn’t tell if she was looking at me with llust or not. I must have impressed her with my skills.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32