Senior trip to FLA

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Kay and I drove to Florida for our senior trip after graduation. We stayed with my older brother on the western coast. He was married without children and had plenty of room to put up with two silly, young girls on vacation.

Kay’s boyfriend was older and in the military, while mine had just dumped me over possessive issues. He was insecure about me going on vacation with Kay, she could get pretty wild at times. He hated the fact that she encouraged me to live it up. She was always harping about how we were only young once and I should not be tied down. Of course, this upset my ex something fierce.

I argued with my ex how I was just going to visit my brother, and lay on the beach with my best friend. All very innocent as I intended to behave and remain faithful to him. Just a plain, sunny Florida vacation. He broke up with me anyways.

My intentions were honest, but now that I was single, I looked forward to meeting someone new. I was definitely tired of only having had sex with one guy my whole life. The thought of fooling around with someone different gave me shivers. I was ready to experience some freedom in the Sunshine State.

It was the weekend when we arrived at my brother’s house. He had us partying non-stop and I was having a great time with him. It had been years since we really spent time together. He had matured into a brawny, tanned, Italian beach-hunk. We all drank and giggled as he flirted with us in front of his wife.

“You chicks better dress hot if ya’ll expect to get in the clubs tonight. Their strict down here.”

My brother leered at us swimming in the pool and drinking cocktails. Kay and I had bought skimpy bikinis to get guys attention and I was glad it worked. Our little asses were barely contained in the half pieces of material that kept bunching between our cheeks. Although the breeze was hot and humid, our nipples strained against the twin triangles covering our taunt chests. My brother could not help staring at two eighteen year olds half naked playing in the wet water. Who could blame him.

“We planned our club outfits a week ago back home. I think we are all set, bro.”

Kay and I looked at each other and giggled. My brother nodded and shrugged his shoulders in a “we’ll just have to see” attitude as we dried off in the hot sun. I noticed a large bulge in his swim trunks and the way he stared longer at me than Kay. I did not know what to think of that. Soon, I forgot all about my brother as we got ready to go out.

Kay came out of the bathroom wearing a white, breezy, summer dress that ended just below her knees. As she bent down to buckle the straps on her heels, the slit, in the side of her dress, opened all the way to her thigh. Her firm, tan skin was easily seen on her exposed leg. There was plenty of cleavage in the low-cut top. Her breast were held up by material tied behind her neck. She was braless, I noticed. The hussy, I thought to myself with a smile.

I was just pulling up my black lace panties underneath my leopard-print cotton dress. It was more of a nightshirt than a dress, but it was in style and I felt daring. Following Kay’s lead, I let my 36B’s go braless even though this dress required support to look proper. My boobs jiggled when I walked and I could feel the air on my exposed skin through the thin fabric. Looking at myself in the mirror, I could see the outline of my nipples through the white patches on the dress. Oh well, it was Florida, and no one knew us anyways. I slipped on my white pumps, grabbed our purses, and into the cab we went.

The club was packed as we inched our way up the line to the door. Two younger guys behind us started chatting with Kay. They were stationed at the nearby Coast Guard base and had just gotten off for the weekend. Greg was short, stocky, and had a nice smile to compliment his boyish looks. Mark, on the other hand, was huge with muscles everywhere. His dark, cropped hair made his eyes look darker than they were and he was very tall. It was easy for him to see down the front of my dress. I was constantly trying to adjust the top to keep my tits inside.

Kay seemed obvious to their stares. She was preoccupied with fixing her makeup. We were almost to the door and did not know if we were going to get in or be embarrassed and sent away. I felt Mark’s hand on my back when we got to the doorman.

“Hey! What’s up guys?” said the bouncer, as he nodded at Greg and Mark. He unhooked the rope and waved us all in without checking any ID’s. I was so excited and nervous that I hardly noticed when Mark’s hand touched my ass a couple of times.

Kay smiled at me, as the noise of the music over-rode any more conversation. We wormed our way to the bar and beers were shoved in our hands by the guys. The place was packed with sweaty, scantily clad, half-drunk clubbers. People where crushed up against me.

Mark was pinned to my back and he crowded me in a protective gesture. His arms were wrapped around my waist. It was not xvideos porno long before he was kissing the back of my neck. He was making little love bites right where the skin meets hair. That was definitely a weak spot for me and I started to get wet.

It felt nice to be with someone again. I took notice of Mark’s large frame against my small one. Dancing with him was different than with my skinny ex-boyfriend. Mark seemed to envelop me. His large biceps completely encircled my tiny waist. He was nuzzling my ears and stroking my hair causing tingles down my spine. My nipples were stiff and hard, poking against my dress and into his muscular chest.

Before long, we were making out in front of everyone. I had a good buzz on and our dancing became more erotic. Mark’s hands kept pulling my dress up as I rode his leg to the pounding bass beat of island music. I tried to be modest, but I think everyone saw my lacey thong. My bouncing breasts tried to pop free numerous times and only by leaning into Mark and kissing him, did I prevent it. My mouth opened when his tongue forced its way between my lips.

Kay had Greg in a similar fashion next to me. More than once, I felt her tiny butt bump and grind against me. They were really dancing it up and drinking like it was going out of style. I noticed Greg fondle her breasts quite a bit and Kay did not stop him. She even put her hands over his, helping him get a firm grab at times.

After the club closed, we all went back to the house to continue the fun. We got more beer and decided to watch a movie. The house was quiet with my brother and his wife sleeping in the master bedroom, while we hung out in the living room.

I put the movie in the VCR and sat next to Mark on the couch. Kay and Greg snuggled on the love seat. I could feel the alcohol making my head feel light and buzzy. My body was definitely receptive to Mark’s touch as he stroked my arm. Through the dim light of the TV, I could see Greg kissing Kay’s neck and his hand was on her breast. I squeezed my bare thighs together under my dress. The happy feeling of being drunk turned to feelings of horniness.

Greg whispered into Kay’s ear, she giggled, and nodded her head yes. They stood up and she led him towards the spare bedroom. I just watched her toddle up the stairs in her heels, her ass swaying back and forth. I thought about stopping her.

I was having second thoughts about where this night was headed. I did not want us doing anything we might regret. Having a one-night-stand with some military guys we just met really scared me. It was not in my nature to do anything this wild. Before I could tell Kay I wanted to talk to her, the bedroom door closed.

I turned to Mark and gave him a small smile. I think he misinterpreted that for a sign to proceed. He stood up and undid his pants. A very big, uncircumcised dick bobbed from his muscular torso. My mouth dropped opened and I actually said, “Oh my God!” I was astonished at his boldness to just whip it out. He expected me to touch him, but I was not the type of girl to that with someone I had just met.

I tried to look away, but the booze and new freedom began to blur my good sense. My head was swirling and my pussy was tingling. The guys back home were never this bold. They might grope me a little and try to get in my panties, but no one had ever just taken out their dick like this.

He sat there pulling at his shaft, causing the foreskin to pull back over the head. I looked at his face, then back at his huge cock. I debated what to do… I was young, free, and could do what I pleased with whom ever I wanted. So, I reached down and started stroking his penis.

He unbuttoned his shirt revealing a large, smooth, muscular chest. Our mouths mashed together and his tongue snaked around inside of my lips. I pulled him by the neck on top of me. His hands felt me up through the thin fabric of my dress. The hemline was sliding up my legs as he dry-humped me. Mark looked down at my bare thighs, smiling at the sight of my black panties. He started to lift my dress off, but my hands stopped him. I shook my head no and looked down.

“Its alright baby. Ann, I want you so bad. I won’t hurt you and damn, you look so good.”

He was stroking himself and slowly pulling my head forward. I let him guide my mouth to his tortured member. I was inexperienced at sucking dick, but he seemed to enjoy my tongue-swirl around his mushroomed head. My small hands retracted his foreskin as I opened wide to take him in my mouth. I was stroking him and trying my best to get as much of him inside as possible. His girth was causing my jaw to ache and the corners of my mouth to hurt. His hands had a firm grip of hair as he forced more cock down my throat than I could accommodate. I used my tongue to lick the underside of his penis as it slid back and forth between my lips. My back heaved and I choked when he really started fucking my face.

He pumped his cock yerli porno in and out of my mouth really fast. Spit dribbled down my chin and on to my chest. I could feel the wetness slide between my tits. I grabbed Mark’s hips trying to slow him down and stop him from choking me.

He slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders, exposing my bare breasts. He pinched my nipples and caressed the soft flesh. His hands felt wonderful, but I did not like being naked in my brother’s living room. I felt like I was being watched as I tried fruitlessly to put my dress back in place.

“I’m coming Ann! Oh God, yes… you are so fucking good at that,” he said with clenched teeth.

I gagged when his spunk shot into the back of my throat He held my head firmly against him as the hot, salty liquid gushed into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but the excess poured on to my chest.

Mark sat back on the end of the couch with his eyes closed, breathing heavily. His dick started to go soft and he released my head. I wiped away at the corners of my lips, looking at the strange guy whom I had just let cum in my mouth. My fingers rubbed the sticky, wet goo into my soft chest. He opened his eyes and looked into my blank, doe-like stare. A small smile met my cum-soaked nakedness. It all felt like I was someone else. The slimey cum was drying quick to my skin as I made my way to the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror, as I tried to clean up the mess Mark had left on my chest. My hair was disheveled and my mascara had smeared raccoons circles underneath my blue eyes. I wiped the smeared lipstick off my cheek and sat down to pee. That is when I heard Kay and Greg in the spare bedroom.

I pulled up my damp thong after peeing and washing my chest. I adjusted the straps of my dress and pulled the hem down. I wondered if Kay was letting Greg fuck her or if they were just fooling around. I figured a peek would not hurt anyone.

I opened the unlocked door just a crack, and in the dim light was Kay having sex with Greg. Her petite body faced his feet and she was leaning back on to his chest. Her thighs were stretched wide to accommodate the his thick torso. I watched Greg’s huge, veined cock slide in and out of her smooth, tight pussy. When she moved downward on his shaft, it looked like she was being turned inside out. I could see her juices coating his dick and running between their bodies. Her usually fair skin was reddened and swollen around her mons from pounding Greg into the mattress. Her back was arched to the extreme with her tiny breasts bouncing. Her head was thrown back with her long, brown hair hanging in Greg’s face. I started to rub between my legs while his tool continued being worked by her beautiful, bald pussy. Just then, our eyes met.

I stared at Kay and she smiled at me. We had never done anything bi-sexual or gay with each other. As far as I knew, neither one of us ever looked at the other like we looked now. She leaned forward, gripping Greg’s feet, giving him an excellent view of her small butt. His hands reached out and spread her ass cheeks, as she rocked back and forth. His cock was buried deep inside her pussy. I could see her little clitty mashed against his balls. There were small beads of sweat trickling off her forehead. She was rubbing her breasts and pinching her pouty nipples. Kay snaked her tongue across her lips and motioned me over with one painted fingernail.

As if I was walking in a dream, I moved toward the bed. Kay reached out, pulling my face toward her lips. In slow motion, she kissed me, softly slipping her tongue into my open mouth. Her hands pushed the straps of my dress from my shoulders and it fell to the floor leaving me in just my thong.

We kissed each other fiercely as Greg smiled from beneath Kay. She responded with the same passion by pulling my hair and feeling my tits. Her long fingernails pinched my nipples. Her hands squeezed the full weight of each breast, and I did the same to her smaller chest. She was licking my earlobe and reaching for my pussy. I let her slide my panties to the side and feel how wet she had made me. Her finger slipped inside of me without resistance and a bolt shot through me.

I had an instant orgasm from feeling my friend finger me and touching me like a man does. Her small fingers worked themselves around my soppy cunt and her palm rubbed my clitty till my legs gave out. I fell to my knees at the foot of the bed. My head was very close to Kay’s pussy and she mistook this for me trying to go down on her.

I was still trembling from my orgasm when she pulled my head between her thighs. I was nose-deep at the place where their bodies met. The musky smell of sex was overwhelming and my mouth watered at the site of Kay’s bare cunny. Fuck it, I thought to myself. I wanted to loosen up and here was another opportunity.

Kay rode him with long, even strokes as I licked her clit. My wet tongue found the spongy flesh youjizz porno very soft and pleasing. Greg’s pelvis was bumping me in the chin as I dove deeper, loving her taste. Occasionally, I would lick his shaft by accident of proximity. Her juices ran everywhere and I was sucking them up with fervor now. It was my first taste of a woman and it was Kay, of all people. She was really thrashing about now. Her breathing was ragged and dyspnic. Her eyes were firmly shut and her head was thrown back.

“Yes, yes. you… oh you please don’t stop. Eat my pussy Ann. That’s it… don’t fucking stop. Oh God, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“How about me, babe?” Greg asked.

“Yes Greg, oh yes. You are splitting me apart. God, your dick is so fucking deep. Don’t stop fucking me,” she moaned. Her hands pulled at my hair and kept my face at her pussy. My tongue alternated between Kay’s clit and Greg’s dripping shaft. She was really getting loud with her screams of “fuck me.”

I did not know Mark had come into the room until I felt him pulling me into a kneeling position. My mind said yes to having him inside of me with only a brief thought of my ex-boyfriend. I needed fucked bad after Kay finger-banging me. I parted my legs after he pulled off my thong. There was only a brief moment that I felt guilty for being with someone new before I was lost in the heat of this unplanned orgy.

Mark was definitely bigger than my ex. The condom he was wearing only came down halfway on his shaft. The cool latex quickly warmed up inside my tight pussy. Even though Kay had worked me good with her fingers, it was still a tough getting all that cock inside of me. He slowly let inch by inch make its way toward the back of my vagina. I could feel the ridge of the rubber slide past my labials. It was causing extra stimulation and I found myself thrusting back towards Mark with more lust than I ever had with my ex. Before long, his dick bottomed out against my cervix and I felt like my guts were being rearranged. He was completely inside of me, filling me like I had never been filled before. His hands reached around and pulled at my hanging tits. The slight pain felt wonderful as he pounded at me from behind, bouncing off my asscheeks.

My nose was bumping into Kay’s clitty and we were moaning in unison. She leaned back on to Greg’s chest and wrapped her legs around my shoulders to keep me at her pussy. My mouth was getting tired but, I had no choice but to eat what was before me.

Mark was definitely turned on. He started biting my back and grinding his dick in my pussy. The intensity of the situation and Mark fucking me from behind had me peaking again.

“Awww, yes Mark. Coming, coming, coming again,” I said between gasps of air.

My eyes blacked out and my every nerve in my body sparked. Tremors racked through me in waves followed by an over-sensitive feeling in my nipples down to my clit. I pushed Mark away and just laid there trying to catch my breath.

Then Kay shocked me by taking it one step further. Mark kneeled at her head and without a pause, Kay turned and started sucking him right in front of Greg and I. She was still riding Greg for all he was worth, really fucking him. At the same time, she had Mark shoved in her mouth, pausing only long enough to tell me how good my juices tasted on his cock.

Kay did not seem naive to taking on two guys at once. She was expertly blowing Mark while keeping Greg moaning and hard inside of her. Neither guy had a condom on. Her perky breasts were flushed and red in the pale skin between her tan lines. There were hickies and love bites all over her body. Her small hand was pumping Mark’s huge shaft as her lips raked along his bulging veins and bulbous head. Every once in awhile she would take his dick out of her mouth to give his entire manhood and hanging sack a lick with her pointy tongue.

I kind of just crept out of the room quietly. I felt uncomfortable and still very dizzy. I thought I might get sick so I went in to the bathroom and laid next to the toilet. The cool tile felt soothing on my naked skin. My eyes slipped close in my drunken, orgasmic stupor.

I was still half asleep in the dark bathroom when I felt the wonderful tickle of another big cock in my recovered but, now loose pussy. There was an unfamiliar weight on my chest, mashing my tits and smothering my face with kisses. Wet, sloppy noises echoed from my cunt as I was being fucked hard and fast.

I felt my legs being thrust up on someone’s shoulders as I tried to escape his tongue in my mouth. I was trying to ask who the hell was fucking me but, the stranger would not let me get a full sentence out.

“What the fu- mmmmf… I am trying to- ughhhh…,” was about all I could say when I felt him pull out and start to press against my anus.

“Wait, I never-…ahhh…mmmf….OUCH! Fuck…mmmf…”

He would not let me speak without kissing me again and again. All the while, more of his penis slipped into my ass until I felt his balls smashed between us. Oh my God, his entire cock was in my ass and the pain increased as his pumping increased. I reached down and started rubbing my clit in defense. Very soon the mixed sensations merged into a building orgasm.

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