Secret Pleasures

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Double Penetration

Secret Pleasures

Introduction: All characters are adults, Linda, 44, and her son Alex, 21 years old. Her husband, Brad, disappeared and since he worked for the CIA (he told her) she didn’t know where he was because she did not have a need to know and she had no clearances.

Chapter 1

Linda was married when she was 23, and she waited that long because she wasn’t pregnant and she wanted to meet someone in law enforcement. There was something about a police uniform that really turned her on. When she finally did meet Brad, he wasn’t a cop he told her. He was an asset, a term used by the CIA. There was, indeed, something spooky about him and that turned her on even more. She could hardly wait for him to come home from work, whatever work he was doing, because he never told her what he was doing.

They screwed constantly because Brad was a hornbug, as they say, and Linda was waiting, all wet and juicy. Linda got pregnant and gave birth to a son, who was named Alex, a patriotic name for sure. At the time of this story, Alex is 21, and Linda 44 years old.

When the FBI came calling one day, two agents dressed in nice suits, looking for Brad she had to admit he was working, wherever he worked, and he was doing his usually stuff, whatever that was. Since Linda did not have a secret clearance, whatever Brad did and wherever he worked, she had no clue. The agents informed her Brad was wanted by the FBI for doing stuff they were not allowed to tell her, and they left in hurry to somewhere they wouldn’t tell her, to find Brad. She was pissed and puzzled, and she never heard from Brad again. Was he dead or alive? She did not know, and when Alex was curious about his father and where was he, Linda told him she didn’t know and didn’t care if she ever saw the sonofabitch again.

She didn’t want to appear unpatriotic but her husband being an asset — not an asset to her, but a sorry sack of shit — she had no money to support herself. Linda had prepared for contingencies, and she’d gone to college and majored in English. She hardly considered herself a writer, but she knew good grammar and worked as an editor part time. It was something she could do at home and she didn’t have to drive into the city.

Her son Alex was not the studious type. He liked to play tennis, had an athletic body and a winning smile. He earned extra money as a tennis instructor and his clients were women. Women in the afternoon. These days bored housewives had a choice: go to a bar in a hotel and meet a salesman , or play tennis with a good looking guy, and most likely get laid later. The choice was obvious.

But life at home had reached a crisis. Watching Alex putter around the house in his shorts or peeking at him in the shower made her pussy throb. He played with himself in the shower and when she happened to see his affair, she was staggered. She suspected Alex was servicing his tennis housewives and she needed service herself. She’d been using a vibrator, and the shower nozzle and a few vegetables but she wanted some physical love and affection. She saw Alex prancing around the house, half naked, and there was only so much a woman could take. She decided to seduce Alex .

Linda was a curvy woman, and attracted men and women. She looked innocent with big blue eyes, and dirty blond hair that fell just below her shoulders. Working from home there was no reason for her to dress, so she wore either shorts or a house dress, depending on the weather. When she wore the dress, she wore panties and a flesh colored bra, a Bali bra. Hardly did she ever wear stockings.

Linda’s close friend was named Mona. Being the opposite to Linda, Mona was a brunette, slim, with long legs developed from years studying ballet. Her ass was magnificent. When Linda was depressed, she called Mona. And when Mona was depressed, she called Linda. They discussed stuff that women talk about and the last thing they talked about was politics. The possibility of either candidate being president of the United States give Linda stomach cramps. But Mona was more thick skinned and she drank more these days, and with people being quarantined she was glad she had divorced her husband years ago.

Sometimes the two gals would sit back on the bed, drinking Bloody Marys, giggling and sometimes complaining, but being women they agreed most men were worthless in bed.

“Mona, I’m horny.”

“So join the club.”

“No, really. I’ve got to get laid or I’ll go crazy.”

Mona sipped her Bloody Mary and waited. Linda usually came up with silly gripes. But this was serious.

“Alex here, my son. He’s an asset going to waste …”


“An asset. CIA talk. It means someone who’s expendable.”

“Okay …”

“Alex is a hunk. He spends his time fucking his students. His tennis students.”

“Does he make good money?”

“Yeah, but here I am, my pussy is throbbing like crazy … fuck fuck fuck!”

“Before you piss the bed, I have an idea.”

Linda was all ears.

“Talk to Alex . Make him an offer he can’t olgun porno refuse …”

“What kind of offer?”

“Linda, you’re a hot female. I wouldn’t mind hopping into bed with you myself … “

“You’re just saying that.”

“No, really. Get yourself gussied up, spray some lilac water on your pussy, and you’re good to go.”

“I’m listening …”

“Seduce him, but make him think it’s his idea. Guys like to be the dominant. Otherwise they can’t get it up …”

“I get it. OK …”

Chapter 2

Linda was thanking her lucky stars for being a fitness buff. She spent hours at the gym, working mostly her legs and her ass. She ran on the track machine, whatever you call it, and she did lot of half squats. The squats built up her gluts, and hamstrings and she had toned, muscular thighs and her naked buttocks made women wet. Showering at the gym, she usually avoided because of the dyke element, but she was determined and she knew that if the women wanted her, Alex wouldn’t stand a chance.

It was Thursday, an auspicious day at the gym, and she decided she’d take a shower and sure enough she was hit on by Myrtle, Lois, and Gert. Addie was fingering herself but she was still in the closet and hadn’t come out yet. Her flirting with the horny housewives gave her the confidence she needed, and by the time Alex came home Linda was ready.

She intended to be demure and not sit there in lingerie with her boobs exposed. Surely Alex would know something was up, or he’d be scared. She wore an old robe that was too small for her, and it was held together with a frayed belt. Her boobs were a size larger and her ass had become plumper and she had gained a few pounds. That’s because she was 44 years old.

It was during a quiet time, with no TV blaring. Linda was proud that she was doing so well as a single mom. Alex had never been in trouble or involved with drugs. Nowadays that was enough for a mother to be happy about. Sideways, she gazed at Alex and fought back a giggle. He had one hand deep in his robe pocket. He’d stayed home because he had a cold, and his nose felt stuffy. He was wearing pajamas under his robe. But it would be easy enough to stick his hand inside his fly. And she happened to know there was a big hole in the pocket of his robe. She’d noticed it the week before when she’d tossed the robe into the washer. She’d meant to fix it, but hadn’t gotten around to it.

She smiled to herself and pretended to be engrossed in her magazine. Alex had a newspaper on his lap and pretended to read it. Linda knew he wasn’t reading. His eyes were shut at the moment and his face looked tense.

He must have realized she was watching because he opened his eyes and began reading. The hand in his pocket was suddenly still, but Linda saw the paper rustle slightly and knew his cock was stirring.

She rose up, stretched and yawned, and dropped her magazine. “Want something to drink?”

Her son’s eyes bore into her tits. She pulled the belt to her robe more tightly around her curves. Maybe it wasn’t fair to walk around the house with her bare titties hanging out. Maybe she ought to be more circumspect, because Alex was a man. He wasn’t a kid anymore.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind some milk,” he said.

Linda’s eyebrows arched. She hugged her arms around her chest. “You look at my boobs and think of milk.” She tousled his hair and Alex blushed. “I better start covering up around here!”

When she returned from the kitchen, she handed him a glass of milk and a plate of cookies. “I only do this for sick people,” she said, plopping down on the sofa.

He wolfed down the food and the milk and when he was through he pushed his hand back into his pocket. This time Linda knew for certain he was jerking off.

She kept her magazine on her lap and gazed at him occasionally. She liked to see how excited he was becoming. It gave her a feeling of power. Maybe her marriage had failed, but her son thought she was a sexy woman. That was something anyway in this lousy world. She found herself teasing him. I’m entitled, she thought. He’d be jerking off anyway. Why shouldn’t I have a little fun out of it?

She knew Alex wasn’t a virgin. She’d never discussed sex with him, and she had no husband to tell him the facts of life. She hadn’t even seen Alex ‘s cock since he was eleven. He made her leave the bathroom while he was peeing and after that he always locked the door when he showered.

Her sex life was uneventful. Whenever she met a man and he found out she had a son, he cooled off. She didn’t like to bring men home once Alex was old enough to know what was going on. So the only alternative was going to a man’s apartment if he lived alone. Most times the men were married. She walked around horny a good deal of the time looking for creative ways to satisfy her needs.

As she watched Alex ‘s hand move around inside his pocket she felt her pussy throb. How long had it been since she’d gotten well fucked? At least a year. She deserved more than that. Sure, playboy porno she masturbated regularly. But jilling off didn’t take the place of a good stiff prick.

It didn’t seem right somehow that her own son should be sitting in front of her and jerking off. Wasting a good hard-on. While she was horny and it just didn’t seem right.

She put her magazine down and let her robe slip open to reveal most of her thighs. They were ripe and toned, as was the rest of her body. She noticed Alex staring at her.

“Interesting article?” she said.

“It’s okay.” The hand in his pocket stopped moving.

She raised her arms over her head and pretended to stretch. She was well aware that half of her bosom became exposed by the movement. “How do you feel?”

“Better.” His eyes widened as he stared at her lush cleavage. His hand began moving frantically in his pocket.

“Maybe I’ll go upstairs and get dressed,” she said. Her robe opened a little more and revealed the tops of her big pink nipples.

“Okay,” the boy croaked, his hand working madly inside his pocket.

Linda’s juices began flowing. She leaned forward and made a quick decision. She thrust her shoulders back and pushed her tits forward. “Are you staring at my tits or is it just my imagination?” she said.

“I want to rub them in my face!”

“Why you mouthy kid,” she giggled, letting her legs fall open.

“Well, you’re exposing yourself!” Alex said defiantly, his hand working faster inside his pocket.

“So are you,” she said, leaning forward and letting her tits flop around.

“Yeah, who do I take after?” He grinned, no longer trying to hide the movements of his hand.

“That’s what I get for raising you to be assertive,” she said. She cupped her tits through her robe and worked her fingers over her heavy globes. “If you want to see them, why don’t you ask nice?”

Alex stared at her, his face crimson and his eyes slitted. “Jesus, Mom, what are you saying?”

She abruptly opened her robe and revealed her naked tits. “I’m saying if you want to see them, take a good look.”

“Jesus!” he said, pumping away inside his pocket.

She squeezed and kneaded her swelling flesh. “Want to touch?” she whispered.

“Do you mean it?”

“Come here and I’ll show you that I do,” she said, extending her hand.

He moved from his chair to the sofa and sat down close to her. She took his hand and held it against her. The hand he’d been using to jerk off with was warm and moist.

“You were jerking off, weren’t you?” she said.

He flushed. “Yeah.” He looked down at the floor.

“I’ll help you if you want me to.”

He worked his lips and a fine film of perspiration erupted on his forehead. “You will?”

She nodded sexily and licked her lower lip. She rummaged around inside his pocket and found the hole. She reached down until she found his cock. She curled her fingers around it.

In his excitement he’d lost his hard-on. She knew she could get him hard again with no trouble. She had every intention of doing so.

She knew Alex was a womanizer because his tennis shorts had lipstick on the fly. She released his cock and took his hands in hers. She moved them to her chest and placed them on her tits. She threw her head back and took a deep breath. How good it felt to have a man’s hands on her boobs again!

“Touch me!” she hissed. “Keep touching me like that!”

Her pussy gushed juice as Alex squeezed her boobs. She closed her eyes and spread her thighs wide apart. She was very wet and very hot. She felt like a bitch in heat. There was something primitive about her feelings. Something primitive and natural.

“Shit, Mom, they’re huge!” Alex said in a hushed voice.

“Pinch my nipples,” she said.

“Like this?” He pinched her nipples gently.


He grinned and she noticed his lips trembling. He was nervous. Well, so was she. It wasn’t every day a mother committed incest with her son.

She reached for his lap and pushed his robe open. His cock was standing up from his fly, half-hard and throbbing. She gripped it and he grimaced.

“Did I hurt you, darling?” she said.

She leaned over and kissed him on the lips. “I’d like you to suck my tits, Alex ,” she said softly. “Would you do that for your mother?”

He stared at her hard. “I’ll do anything you want, Mom.”

She rubbed the tip of his prick and felt his juice drip out. “And I’ll do whatever you want, too, within reason,” she said.

She closed her arms around his neck and frenched him hotly. He sat perfectly still and flicked his tongue into her mouth. The kisses were awkward, but delightful to the horny mother.

“Oh, dear, that’s nice,” Linda said as Alex tongued her. “You’re making me very hot, darling.” She stroked his face. “Why don’t we take these things off and get more comfortable?”

He rose up and slipped his robe off, all the while staring at her nakedness. “You saw what I was doing all the time, huh?” pornhub porno he said.

She nodded and slipped her arms out of her robe. “How could I miss it?” she giggled. “Your hand was going like crazy.”

His face was red and he grinned adorably. He stared at her lush tits, but seemed to purposely avoid looking at her thick-muffed cunt. She was a mass of excitement. Her intimate flesh was a swamp of lubrication. She gripped his cock and caressed the bulbous head.

“I have the strangest desire to have your cock in my mouth,” she said.

He grinned. “Honest?”

“I never lie,” she said. “You have to admit I never lie.”

She squeezed his cock-root and it made him groan. “Shit, Mom, I hope I don’t come all over your hand.”

The aroma of him and the stiffness of his cock made her forget everything else. “If you do I’ll make it hard again,” she said. “I’m an old pro at this.”

The boy turned pale when she leaned over and sniffed his prick. “Did you think I was going to suck it?”

“Yeah.” His nostrils flared with excitement.

“Your dick is pretty big,” she mused. “Are dicks usually this big when they get hard?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“My boy,” she said. She pumped his prick and the boy groaned. She clutched him without pumping. “See how hard my nipples are? It’s because you pinched them so nicely. I’m so hot now. Suck them now, Alex . Mother wants more.” She pouted as she hefted her tits and pointed them at his lips.

“You mean it?” His eyes were dark and shining.

“You bet, baby.”

She moved closer until they were knee to knee. She covered his prick with her hand and waited. He swallowed hard and lowered his head and swiped the tip of his tongue over her nipple.

“More!” she said, eyes shut tight and lips pulled back over her teeth. She felt a tiny orgasm engulf her. How hot she was! How good to have a man’s lips on her tits!

She grabbed him and kissed him, her warm tits spilling against his chest. She thrust her tongue deep into his mouth and they fell over onto the sofa.

Linda landed on top. She climbed up and dropped one of her tits into the boy’s mouth. “Suck!” she commanded and he obeyed with enthusiasm. “So good!” she sighed, feeding him one boob after the other. “Nurse on them, baby. You suck just like a man.” Better than most, she thought.

Meanwhile her cunt rested on his prick and balls. She wiggled around and felt the heat of his equipment on her pussy. She moved a hand between them and brushed his dick with her fingers. He sucked away at her tits and she felt another orgasm flicker through her.

She was embarrassed. A woman with a normal sex life wouldn’t get off so easily. It was because she was so horny that she came just from having her tits sucked. Or was it because it was her son who was sucking them?

He slurped and slobbered over her tits and she felt his prick lurch around under her. She reached down and gripped it in her fist and pumped it frantically. She felt proud of his strong virile body. And what a fine young man he was!

“I want to suck your cock,” she said.

He spit her tit out. “Jesus Christ!”

“Just relax and Mother will do everything.” She inched her way down his body until her face hovered over his dick.

She examined his rod and balls, delighted to see his cock was bigger than the men she’d known. His cockhead was rosy and a generous glob of precum oozed continually from the tip.

He gazed at her longingly and she deliberately brushed her tits over his thighs. She pushed his legs apart and settled down between them, savoring the warmth of him and the fragrance of his genitals.

She stroked his hairy balls with one hand and pursed her lips hungrily. She squeezed his limb, teasing and tantalizing him with her fingers. She smeared his spunk over his cockhead and slid the ring of her fingers up and down his shaft. “Does this feel better than what you were doing before?” she said.

“Shit, yeah!”

“Have you ever masturbated in front of me before.”

He nodded and smiled. “Yeah, a lot.”

“I never noticed before,” she said, swiping her tongue over his cockshaft. “Does it excite you to jerk off with me around?”

“Yeah.” His face twisted with arousal and he writhed his ass on the sofa.

“Did you ever come when I was in the room?”


“You devil, you,” she said. She opened her jaws wide and took his cock knob into her mouth.

He bucked up, heaving and groaning and coming in her mouth. Linda clamped her lips over the wide rim of his knob. She had no intention of losing a drop. It had been a long time since she’d taken a delicious load in her mouth. Too long.

The boy continued thrashing around and she held his balls and felt them empty. She swallowed a few times and at the end she kept a glob of spunk in her mouth and let it roll around her tongue.

“Look at me, Alex ,” Linda said after she’d swallowed every last drop of his jizz.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” he said miserably. He looked away from her at the fake VanGogh on the wall.

She gently pulled his head around. “Look at me, Alex ,” she said, climbing around and laying on her side, next to him.

“What?” His eyes were glazed with tears.

“What you did was very natural and lovely,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32