Saturday Nights Ch. 1

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Pt. I: Beer, Bushes and Bouncers

This story, Goddess help me, is true; the names have been changed to protect people who are probably wondering, as I do, how they could be that dumb. My only excuse is that it was 1972 and I was 19 and really, really stupid.

* * * * *

God – is there anything worse than sitting home on Saturday night? I mean, all by yourself, except for your parents and brother and sister, watching Lawrence Welk and a movie you’ve already seen six times?

Maybe it’s being 19 and living with your parents and brother and sister and working in a boring bank, and wishing you were dead . . .

My life was over. In spring, I’d been in school, cutting classes to meet my boyfriend and having a great time. By the end of September, I had dropped out of school, had to work, had no boyfriend (well, that was no loss; he was an asshole, but I missed the sex), and was stuck living with my parents again. I mean, they watched me like a bomb that was going to explode, you know? All because I threw my stuff out of my bedroom window into Kyle’s car, and lived with him for three months.

I guess they thought I’d be a virgin forever, and if they keep an eye on me, it would grow back or something.

Well, it was a bummer, I can tell you, sitting there, listening to crappy music and being afraid to go to my own room because one of them would come in and start yelling at me. About my moodiness, about my lack of ambition, about my birth control pills, about my clothes – I couldn’t do anything right.

A good thing happened, though, I thought. I ran into my friend Kathy.

I hated my boring job. I hated filling out forms, and talking people into loans. Most of them couldn’t afford loans, so I got to tell them that, too, and they got pretty crappy about it. I hated having to have all my work balanced by 3:00. I hated having to fill in at the teller window when Gladys wanted to take one of her half-hour breaks. It took her that long to poof up her hair and glue it together. I timed her.

Anyway, I hated my job. Kathy hated hers, too; she did the same thing, at the same place, but was better at it. I mean, the forms didn’t get to her, like they got to me. One day at lunch, I told her everything, just dumped all over her about my non-life since coming back home. Miracle: she understood!

“The same thing happened to me,” she said cheerfully. “My mom flipped out when I moved in with Darryl, but she’s been cool since I came back home.” Well, it wasn’t the same thing, exactly. Kathy’s mom was a single parent, and Kathy paid a shitload of rent, all the utilities, and half the groceries as well. Her brother paid zilch, but he was Weird.

“Yeah?” I asked. I had my doubts. “Do you have to watch Lawrence Welk? Did you have all your music tossed out because it was a bad influence? Did she even criticize your underwear? My mom threw all my bras and panties out, because she said they were trashy. You should see the stuff she bought me – I had to replace it all again.”

“Not now, though Mom was strange to begin with,” Kathy said. “I just started going out, though. I got a car, and I’ve got some freedom.”

Wheels equaled freedom; I knew that. My own wheels were tied up with so many strings I walked or biked everywhere.

“So,” I said, thinking it through, “what does ‘freedom’ mean, exactly?”

“Anything I want,” she said. If I had had a clue just what those words meant, I could have saved myself a lot of grief. But hell – I was 19 and frustrated and ready to roll.

We agreed to go out Saturday night. I was to spend the night at her place, bringing only my basic things. “I hate to say this,” she told me, “but your clothes are impossible.” True, they were, and living at home wasn’t helping.

Getting sprung from Saturday night at Home with Mom and Dad was hard work, but they relented eventually. I didn’t even bother trying to get the use of my car; my sister had to work, and needed it. I threw my toothbrush, toothpaste and a change of underwear in my bag, and biked over to Kathy’s.

I got there at about 4:00, bostancı escort and it was clear that Kathy had not been alone that afternoon. For one thing, she was drunk. Stoned, too; her bedroom had the most amazing combination of odors I’d ever smelled – grass, beer (there were about 18 bottles rolling on the floor), and sex. Her bed was a wreck.

She was half undressed, too. It was a good thing her mom was at work.

“Nick came over,” she giggled, and then belched. I rolled my eyes.

“Nick?” I asked. I knew only one Nick, and didn’t know that he and Kathy were screwing.

“Oh, he crawls in from time to time,” she said. She turned and stumbled to the bathroom, and I started picking up the beer bottles. I wondered how many Nick had had, but didn’t think much about it. I heard the shower start.

While she showered – and, hopefully, cleared her head – I checked out her wardrobe. Her taste in clothes ran to Cosmo wannabe on a Lerner’s budget, and I wasn’t sure if I’d look good in it. When she emerged, a little more together looking, she zeroed in on a deep eggplant halter dress with a plunging round neckline and handed it to me. “Put this on,” she said. “You’ll look great.”

Hmmm. I was 19, socially retarded, and the dress looked as if I were playing with my mother’s clothes, except my mother would never wear anything like this. I had to be very careful when I straightened; my chest was not quite full enough to do justice to that plunge, and my breasts kept poking out.

Kathy put on an even more revealing dress in electric blue, and declared that we looked great. I really had doubts, but my own clothes were jeans and a tee shirt, and one could not show up at a place like the Corner Saloon in jeans and a tee shirt.

She ran into the bathroom before we left. It turned out she thought that she had consumed twelve of the beers, and I wondered a little about Nick, but we headed for the car. She turned to me. “You’d better drive,” she said. I looked at the gas-guzzling monster in front of me in amazement.

“Me? You know this car hates me!” I said.

“Yeah, but I’m still a little woozy,” she told me, and moved to the passenger side and kind of oozed in. I got in the driver’s seat, and started the old thing up. It was an ancient Plymouth of some kind, absolutely huge, and a bright canary yellow. It had a horrible shimmy, and driving it was an exercise in brute strength and prayer.

I’d managed to bring the beast to a respectable 30 miles per hour, and was thinking that we’d be there in just a few minutes, when Kathy suddenly yelled, “Go to that gas station! I gotta pee!”

I turned rapidly into the station, and Kathy ran out of the car. Naturally the door to the ladies was locked, so she ran to get the key. I kept the motor running; the car was peculiar about starting and stopping. Kathy emerged a few minutes later, and handed the key back to the attendant.

“You okay now?” I asked, maneuvering the car to the driveway.

“Oh, yeah, it was just the beer,” she said, giggling a little. Naturally, I couldn’t continue on the route I had planned; this little pit stop had landed us in some busy traffic, and I was not at all sure about the car’s pick up.

I got it back on the street, though. We were in a residential area at this point. It was a little out of the way, but I thought I’d have a better chance with the car by avoiding all the stop signs. Kathy, though, yelled at me again to stop the car.

I did so, in front of a very nice house with bushes all over the front yard. “What now?” I asked.

“I have to pee again!” she hissed, sliding out of the door and heading for the bushes.

I was mortified. I knew the car was visible for miles, and didn’t belong in this neighborhood; I prayed that we would be unnoticed by law enforcement. Eventually she made her way back to the car.

“Don’t do that again!” I said to her, attempting to get the car past 20 miles per hour.

“Sorry,” she giggled. “I really had to pee, and I got tickled in the ass by a fern.” I had a sudden urge to go ümraniye escort bayan home, but I kept driving.

We moved out of the nice residential area, into a commercial area, and were just blocks away from the Corner Saloon when Kathy yelled again to stop the car. This time it was in front of an alley, so I drove down a little ways to block the view. She ran behind a dumpster.

A few blocks away it happened again; this alley was one way, and took us to another one-way street. One more stop in an alley; another in a gas station, and yet another by a bush. By this time I was certain that Nick hadn’t touched a single beer.

I was beginning to think the drive would never end; we ended up in another residential area, not so nice, and I was getting ready to make the left turn that would take us to the Corner Saloon, when she yelled at me again. I pulled over, yet again.

The house was dark, which was good, though there was a street light right over the parking area. The house was an old bungalow with a deep front porch, and there was a huge century plant on the parking strip. “You can’t go there!” I hissed at her.

“No one’s home,” she said, waving at the porch. She nipped behind the plant, and raised her dress; I noted, with some horror, that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

She must have peed for about five minutes; I’d never seen anything like it, and she was just finishing when we heard loud applause. She dropped her skirt and turned to the house; the front porch light went on, and there were at least 10 guys on the porch, whooping, whistling, and issuing invitations.

She threw herself in the car, and I looked at the porch as I attempted to pull away from the curb. There were some awfully cute guys on the porch, and they were moving down the steps to a truck.

“Oh, my God,” she moaned. “Step on it!”

“I’ve got it floored!” I snarled, my foot to the floor. Eventually, we did manage to make it through the light, which stopped the truck behind us, and I took what evasive action I could, losing us in a mess of twisty streets and finally, mercifully, pulling into the parking lot of the Corner Saloon.

We made facial repairs in the car, and as we stepped out I looked sternly at Kathy. “What happened to your panties?” I asked.

“Mm, I sort of wet them when I got tickled by the fern,” she said. “I left them there.”

I walked to the entrance in a kind of fog; I had a vision of someone like my mother going out to cut some roses or ferns for a flower arrangement and finding a pair of hot pink bikini panties. It wasn’t a pretty picture.

We stood in line at the door, though, paid our cover and got our hands stamped, and went inside.

It looked like a saloon out of the Old West via the Yukon and New York City – in short, complete fiction. There was a dance floor, a bar, and round tables all over. The hand stamp identified us as under 21 – underage girls could get in, but couldn’t drink anything stronger than soda. I got a pitcher of coke at the bar, and made my way back to the table. Kathy was already in the middle of a group of guys; she was like that.

The guys went and got beer, and pretty soon everyone was dancing. Everyone except me. I had more trouble with the neckline of the dress, and was trying to find a way to sit and stand that wouldn’t get me arrested. I was trying to tie the neck a little tighter, when I heard a voice say, “Allow me, darlin’,” and felt warm, very male hands on my neck.

I turned around, looking up – and UP; he was very tall – into the eyes of one of the guys from the porch. I remembered this one – dark hair to his waist and looking really, really good in jeans. He had a wicked smile, too, and I felt completely out of my depth. I looked about for Kathy; she had been dancing, but was nowhere in sight.

My new admirer sat down next to me, and got as close as possible while fully clothed in a public place. I ended up sitting on his lap, and he had his hands in that miserable neckline in no time. After a short period of fondling my breasts, and me squirming kartal escort about on his lap, he mentioned that we had just better get out of there, and I agreed. I told him I had to find Kathy and tell her, though, and went off to the ladies’.

I found Kathy; she was in the ladies’ room, in a stall, and she wasn’t alone. I’ll never quite figure out how she did it, but there were two guys in there with her; her dress was tossed over the door, and the noise was tremendous. She was sitting on one guy’s cock while jerking the other guy’s between her breasts; periodically sucking on it. I yelled to her that I’d see her later, and left them to it; she was wailing “Oh God Oh God Oh God” when I closed the door behind me.

I got back to the table, and one of the guys told me my new friend was just in the men’s room; he’d be back. I sat down, and another asked me to push the pitcher of beer his way.

I did – using the hand with the prominent stamp. All of a sudden, I was lifted out of the chair and pushed firmly to the side door. “Sorry,” the giant moving me along said. “Underage girls don’t drink.”

“I wasn’t drinking!” I yelled. “I was just passing the beer!”

“You can’t touch alcohol,” he said. There is nothing like someone who sticks to the letter of the law to end a conversation, and I found myself in the alley.

I waited for the guy; he never appeared. I tried to get word to Kathy; she never appeared, either. I did manage to leave Kathy’s keys with the doorman, and I walked back to Kathy’s, feeling old and tired.

She showed up the next morning. She was a mess; her dress was pretty well destroyed, and she was all but staggering. She was giggling, though, until she saw me. I’d found out what she meant by Nick crawling in; when he got horny, he just crawled through the window. Apparently, Nick was always horny.

She walked in on us, me on top, having a literal ball; his cock was good sized, never got soft, and my frustrations with the previous evening were pretty well gone by the fifth orgasm. He finally came in my mouth; I swallowed wildly. I’d never really liked it when Kyle did it, but Nick was not Kyle, and he patted my head and told me I had aptitude. I beamed, and swallowed more. There is nothing like encouragement, and he’d made me pretty damned happy.

He looked at Kathy, grinned, put on his jeans and left. She sat at the foot of the bed; and just looked at me.

“What the hell happened to you last night?” she said.

“I got tossed out of the bar for passing the beer,” I answered, “AND I walked home – in those damned wooden clog heels. What happened to YOU? I tried to get a message to you.”

“Well, uh, I went home with the guys,” she said.

“The place with the porch?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” she said. “I thought you were going to be there.”

“I thought so too, but when I got tossed out, I couldn’t get word to whatsisname; hell, I don’t even know his name!”

“That’s okay . . . he was in the ladies’ room with me,” she said, her voice small. “He came in to find you, and joined in.”

Then she looked stern. “Just what were you doing with Nick?”

I didn’t make the obvious comments about getting her eyes checked. “He crawled in around 2:00 this morning; I couldn’t sleep. I told him about the evening, while he was rubbing my feet, and then he started rubbing my legs, and I started rubbing his cock, and then he started rubbing my -“

“I get the idea,” Kathy said. We sat, worn out, reasonably happy, and minds racing.

“Want to do it again?” she asked.

“Yeah . . . Next Saturday?”

“Cool. How about the Oarhouse?”

“We can’t get in there. We have to be 21!”

“We can. I’ve gotten in there before.”

“No way. No fucking way – I’ve heard about that place. You have to be 21!”

“Not with my ID,” she said, smugly. “And you just tell them you forgot yours.” The downside of that was positively vertical, but getting into the most famous meat market ever – too tempting!

“Well . . . okay. Next Saturday, the Oarhouse.”

I pulled on my jeans and tee shirt, and prepared to go home; she peeled off her dress and headed to the shower. “Really,” she said, as I started to leave. “You’ll see – anything is better than sitting home on Saturday night.”

To Be Continued… You don’t think I got smart overnight, do you?

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