Sadistic Throater Ch. 02

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The deep blackness of the night was very eerie with the rolling fog coming in off the lake behind her house. Aurora fumbled hurriedly with the keys in her hand to open the back door, suddenly she gasped and turned, looking over her shoulder quickly before finally entering her home. She slammed the door shut while quickly re-locking it. She shook not knowing why she had to rush to get in. she knew it was imperative she get in as fast as she could. She was very happy to be indoors. She stood within a few feet inside since the lights were off. She groaned silently to herself when she thought back to when she left and forgot to leave a light on. She found herself using her hand to slide it along the wall to inch it toward the light switch while her fingertips felt for the plate as her heart beat rapidly inside her chest. She found the plate and slowly breathed deeply in relief.

She moved her fingertips to flip the switch, when nothing happened. No, no, no. she cried out flipping it up and down again. She let her hand drop to her side before she figured out which way to turn to the drawers where the flashlight will be lying in wait for usage. She fumbled and hit her shin on the counter corner before finding the drawer and sliding her hand in until she felt the flashlight within her grip. She pulled it out and flipped the switch and to her relief it worked.

Aurora made her way over to get her purse where she dropped it coming in the back door. She bent over to grasp it in her hand, when the hair on the back of her neck stood straight up with the prickly sensation of air flowing softly over her skin. Her heart accelerated to a mad pace while sweat broke out above her lip. She thought quickly in reminding herself if she locked the door and knew she had, so where was the air coming from. It was not on in the house. She looked slowly at an angle to where the door was. It stood open and she turned her head to the left and right looking in the darkness of the kitchen and did not see anyone.

With a quick step, she sprung into action, she got to the door placing bahis firmaları the knob within her grip and pushed it, when a hand snuck in and grabbed hers. She screamed in panic, trying to let go of the door knob, she could not due to the hand holding hers in a tight grip. The person came in dressed all in black and placed his body in front of hers slamming her into the counter with his other hand over her lips as he shuts the door with his booted foot.

Her teeth were chattering she was so frightened and unable to scream she bites on her tongue, trying to stop the chattering but it is no use, she has no control just like with this situation she is in, the control was taken from her. Aurora jumped when he placed a gag over her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. She whimpers in fear, wondering what is going on.

Nothing was being said, but she could hear his harsh breathing with his cologne drifting to feed her sense of smell. It was arousing her body quickly, she had to clench her hands into fists to stop herself from reaching out and touching him. Her body was on fire with her insides quivering and clenching in unleashed arousal. He grabs her by her hair, dragging her behind him as he takes her down the hall into a bedroom. She cries out in the gag, trying to hold onto her sanity with fear beating at it.

He moves her in the room, dropping her on the floor bringing tears to her eyes. She can hear his steps all around her and other noises she was not sure what they were. He moves back to her, causing her to back up on pure instinct with her hands and feet pushing her back. Crying into the gag, she feels leather cuff being placed on her ankles then her hands are grabbed and pulled on as her body is turned around and her wrists are placed in leather as well. She heard a sharp click and jumped as he cut through her clothes, stripping her completely.

He stood above her with his hands on his hip looking down at her. He grinned as he reached down tweaking her nipple with his finger and thumb. She arched her back off the floor, groaning in the kaçak iddaa gag as her nipple reacted to his touch by swelling into a tight nub. He bent and picked up the violet wand off the floor and slowly moved it down over her breasts, nipples, stomach and then over the mound of her groin. Her heard her gasps of shock as he turned it on and gave her a jolt. She had heard a buzzing noise before she felt the jolt that impacted her groin. She gasped out in fright and relaxed as it was given quickly to her and then released from it. He stood as he contemplated on what he just did to her. Then he bent down again and kept it upright as he jolted her again and longer this time. She screamed out when the jolt tore into her groin and making her cum hard from it. She shook when it was removed from her.

He starred at her open legs watching as the cum oozed from her when she came from that jolt. He reached up and rubbed his hand hard on his erection that he had causing him to ache and throb to be inside of her. He got on his knees and leaned in and said, “good girl.” She heard the unzipping of a zipper and knew he was far from being done with her. She cringed, crying out when she felt his fingers at her mouth, tearing the gag from her before feeling his cock on her lips pushing softly for her to open.

He said, “finger your pussy while I fuck your hot, wet, sensual mouth” she eagerly reached down to place her fingertips at her lips before shoving them deep inside needing to release the tension that is mounting like a volcano in her. She groaned and gagged as he pushed his cock deeply into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat to get past and go deeper. She felt his hand come up wrap around her throat, temporarily making her panic and struggle a moment until she relaxed and let her mind center back to her fingers inside of her making her body come more alive and wilder than she has ever been.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth as he moved it to fuck her between her breasts with his hand still on her throat, slowly pressing in on it more a little at a time. kaçak bahis She would have the orgasm of her life, he thought as he told her, “imagine my cock spraying cum all over your glorious tits.” she groaned deeply, crying out as her body rose higher and higher on the erotic storm brewing wildly inside her. He reached down and placed a finger inside next to hers feeling her scolding cunt knowing she was more than ready for him. He grabbed both her arms yanking her hand from her crotch, to move between her thighs, as he pulled her legs up and over his shoulders. She gasped out loud in a low scream feeling his cock rub down over her lips as her hips bucked up against his cock to take her.

“Please, please fuck this cunt!” she cried out as he slammed his cock deep within her filling her up. He groaned and growled deeply in his throat feeling her inner walls take and scold his cock while pushing it deep in her hot enveloping cavern. He reached over as he thrust viciously into her holding onto her by her hair bringing her to him as he leaned in and laid his lips on her neck sucking on her.

She screamed again and again as he sucked and fucked her hard and viciously, driving her beyond and into a deep dark tunnel as her body opened and squirted out her orgasm. She was dizzy as she passed out from the darkness that engulfed her. He threw his head back arching his body into hers bellowing out like a lion with a deep feral growl rushed form his throat. He let go of her hair when she passed out to get up off of her when he was able to standing on shaking knees as he found a blanket to lie over her body as he dressed and left her.

Aurora sat up blinking and gasping to find herself alone and covered with a blanket. She got up wrapping the blanket around her and slowly did a walk through of her home finding it empty with lights on. She felt displaced. She moped around for awhile until she gave up and went to bed pulling the blankets high up so only her eyes and nose showed. She hugged her pillow close as she played everything through her mind like a silent film. She felt as she did when she was in Rio de Janerio when that man had taken her and then disappeared on her.

Coincidence or not, she thought as she fell asleep with that thought playing over and over in her mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32