Sadie and Mark

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It was just my brother Mark and me at home. Mum and Dad were both away on holiday. We were supposed to be getting on with college work as we prepared to go to university. I am 18 and Mark is 19, having done a gap year, so we were both in that in-between stage.

I mean I like Mark- he’s pretty good for a brother. He’s a bit stern sometimes and I love to tease him, but he’s basically okay. And he’s dishy – above average height, slim and quite fit, with shortish wavy light brown hair. He says I’m quite neat too, when he’s in a mood to pay compliments.

I looked round the door into his room.

‘Hey Mark! Can I come in?’

‘Hi, Sadie. Yeah come in.’

He was lying on his tummy on his bed, with his laptop propped up in front of him. He was wearing jeans and a tee shirt. He’s got a shapely bum, I thought, not for the first time.

‘I thought I’d go out and get us a bottle of wine for this evening,’ I said.

‘Good idea,’

‘Do you want to come?’

‘No. I’d better get on with this.’

‘Okay,’ I said, and swatted him on the bum.

‘Ouch! What was that for?’ he said hurling a shoe at me as I disappeared through the door. ‘I’ll get you later” he muttered as I rushed down stairs. As I said I like teasing him.

The trouble with my going out to get the wine of course was that I had no money. No matter! His jacket was hanging in the hall, and I reached into his inside pocket to find his wallet. Looking round to check he wasn’t watching I lifted a few quid from it. After all he was going to drink the wine so he could hardly object to paying for it, could he?

It was a short bike ride to the supermarket, and I had stolen enough money from Mark to buy three bottles. No point in going short, I thought! It was white wine, so when I returned I put it in the fridge, and laid the table.

Then I went back up stairs and quietly pushed open Mark’s door.

‘Can I come in?’

‘Only if you promise not to attack me,’ he said.

‘I promise,’ I said going in, ‘I’ve got the wine.’ He was still lying on his tummy on the bed.

‘Good,’ he said.

‘I’m sorry I whacked you on the bottom.’

‘Hmm,’ he grunted, ‘well I’m not sure I’ve forgiven you.’

I put my hand on the back of his thigh, and moved it up and down. He didn’t say anything.

‘Shall I rub it better?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Shall I rub your bum better?’

‘You’re a pervert!’ he said. I continued moving my hand up his thigh.

‘I’m sure I can make it better.’ I placed my hand onto his jeans clad buttocks.

‘I’m still going to have to punish you,’ he said in a low voice. My hand was moving gently over his bum.

‘What for?’ I said. I sat myself down on top of his legs facing his bottom so he couldn’t move easily. I continued stroking him.

‘Because you’re naughty’

‘Am I?’ I said. I put both hands on his bum and stroked it some more.

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘You’re incorrigible.’

‘I don’t know what that means,’ I said ‘I don’t think you do either.’ I took my hands from his bum and began to pull at his tee shirt to reveal his back.

He squirmed round and tried to push me off.

‘What are you doing Sadie? I’m your brother not your toy!’

‘You enjoy it. You like being my toy!’

He squirmed some more and pushed me off. I ran out of the room laughing before he could hurl anything at me.

Mark had calmed down by the time we came to our evening meal. It was an easy to prepare instant lasagne, and the wine went with it nicely. I decided not to tease him any more, at least for the moment. We reminisced over the games we used to play when we were kids. We had had our daily bath together up until I was 11 and he was 12. I remember being quite jealous of him because he had a willie. I had wanted to touch it, and well….it is a good job mum had decided we were too old to continue sharing a bath after that.

‘Well Mark,’ I said,’ do you want to share a bath again, as mum and dad are away?’

‘You’re a pervert,’ he said.

‘No I’m not! That’s not pervy.’

‘Yes it is. You should get a boy friend.’

‘Don’t want one!’ I said, feeling suddenly sulky, ‘ all the boys I meet are awful!’

‘Is that right?’

‘Any way, why haven’t you got a girlfriend?’

‘Same reason, I suppose. They are all awful.’ He sighed and we lapsed into silence.

‘Your problem is that you’ll never meet anyone as lovable, intelligent and beautiful as your sister!’ I announced. He laughed.

‘You?’ he said smiling. ‘I certainly don’t expect to meet an as pervy and naughty as my sister.’

‘You know you like it.’

‘I haven’t punished you yet for being naughty earlier. Come here.’ He stood up and grabbed me by the wrist. I struggled to get free.

‘Bend over,’ he commanded. I stopped struggling and bent over sticking out my bum. I was wearing tight jeans and a cotton top.

‘Say it,’ he commanded.

‘Say what?’

‘Say you’ve been naughty.’

‘I’ve been naughty.’

‘And perverted.’

‘I’ve been naughty and perverted.’

‘And you deserve to have your bottom smacked.’

I sighed.

‘I’ve been naughty and bursa escort perverted and I deserve to have my bottom smacked.’

‘It’s a very pretty bum,’ he said. I was pleased by that.

‘I’ve been naughty and perverted and I deserve to have my very pretty bum smacked.’

He laughed then he gave me a sharp smack with the flat of his hand. It hurt.

‘Ouch!’ But then he stopped. I was expecting more than one smack. I left my bottom sticking out. I felt obscurely disappointed.

‘Is that all?’

‘Why are you planning to be more naughty and perverted?’

I smiled to myself. He hadn’t noticed the money I had taken.

‘Do you want to take that bath now?’ I said. He groaned.

‘You know we can’t.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because we are brother and sister, and grown up!’

‘So if we weren’t brother and sister you’d want to would you?’

He looked exasperated. ‘Let’s clear up and then we can watch a DVD.’

‘Okay. Have we got anything nice and sexy?’

‘Sadie! Calm down. We’ve got this feature length French cartoon. It ‘s supposed to be good.’

And it was. I cuddled up with Mark on the settee and we drank some more wine. I managed to get through the evening without being naughty. I thought I’d leave that until tomorrow.

It was warm and sunny in the morning. I decided to wear a high waist dress. It is quite short and shows my legs off quite well. I’ve got quite nice legs, and I wondered if Mark would notice them.

He was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. I felt obliged to get on with some college work. At least for a bit.

Eventually when I couldn’t wait any longer I decided to visit him.

‘Can I come in Mark?’

‘Yeah, sure.’

He was lying on the bed on his tummy again using his laptop. I looked at his bare legs. They are quite smooth for a boy’s. Would he mind if I put my hand on the back of his leg?

There was a picture on his screen.

‘Mum and dad have sent us an email and some pics. Look!’

They were on holiday with our aunt and uncle, and some cousins. They’d gone to a Greek island. It had been a last minute thing and no space for us two. I sighed. I put my hand on Mark’s leg as I leaned over to look at the picture. It showed mum and dad on a beach, in their cossies. Mum had on a bikini, and dad had on swimming trunks.

‘They look like they’re having a good time,’ I said.

‘Hmm they do! They look quite good don’t they? I mean they are in pretty good shape for forty year olds.’

I moved my hand up his leg. He didn’t say anything. I leant closer so that my face was next to his.

‘People say we look like them.’ I stroked his leg.

‘Yes, they do.’

‘Do you think we do?’ I moved my hand further up his leg.

‘Well, we’re slimmer,’ he said. His voice was a bit choked.

‘And firmer, aren’t we?’ My hand had reached the top of his thigh.

‘Yes, I guess so.’

‘Dad fills his trunks quite well. And mum’s boobs look quite firm. Are you feeling firm, Mark?’

He gulped. My hand had got to the underside of his right buttock.

‘What are you doing with your hand Sadie?’

‘I’m stroking your leg. Come on, you know you enjoy it.’ I stuck my tongue in his ear.

‘You’re getting onto my bum.’

‘Do you want me to stroke your bottom?’

He grunted and gasped a bit.

‘Yes, I mean no. No, you can’t.’

‘I can if you want me to!’

‘Good grief. You’re using me as your toy again, aren’t you?’ He squirmed round so that I had to remove my hand.

‘Hmm. Spoilsport!’

‘You’re being naughty and perverted. Again.’

‘So you going to punish me then?’

‘Almost certainly.’

‘Promises, promises..’

He laughed.

‘Sisters aren’t supposed to behave like you do.’

‘Well, I don’t care. Look let’s check how much we look like our parents.’


‘Let’s stand together in front of the mirror.’ I hauled him upright and we stood together. I think he was a bit embarrassed by the bulge in the front of his shorts.

‘The trouble is we can’t really tell, because of how we are dressed,’ I said.

‘No, that’s true.’

‘So, you’d better take your shirt off.’

‘You reckon?’

‘Yeah, come on, otherwise we’ll never know.’

He sighed. So I took the initiative and pulled his shirt up. He didn’t struggle too much, and soon stood there bare to the waist. He looked good, all nice and firmly muscled. I ran my hands up and down his chest.

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘you are good and firm! At least above the waist.’

‘What a mood you are in! Any way we need to see how much you look like mum.’

‘Okay,’ I said, ‘help me with this.’ Together we pulled my dress up over my head and I stood beside him.

Of course I wasn’t wearing a bra. I stood there in just my panties. My tits are B-cup and pretty firm. They’re not as big as mum’s but they stand up pretty well without any support. And my legs are quite long in proportion.

‘Well, what do you think, Mark?’

He groaned and said nothing. I felt very deflated, all my confidence suddenly evaporating.

‘Mark? Come on, tell me.’

He was silent. He just bursa escort bayan stared.

‘Come on Mark, I’m not that bad, am I?’

‘Oh, fuck, Sadie.’


‘You look gorgeous, really lovely.’

‘Really? Do you mean it?’

‘Yes, you look gorgeous and sexy. And you are very perverse and naughty.’

I was so relieved. He liked what I looked like! I leaped on him and put my arms around him. I gave him a big sloppy kiss. He struggled to get away.

‘Do you like my tits?’


‘Do you want to…?’

‘Enough, Sadie. I’ve got to get on.’ He manoeuvred me out of the room, and I retreated to my own room, with a smile.

I lay on my bed and put my hand on my knickers to press on my pussy. Mark thought I was gorgeous and sexy! That made me feel all delicious and squishy. Hmm!

A little later I was lying on my tummy using my laptop. I decided to check my emails. I was surprised to find one from my cousins who were on holiday with mum and dad. They are a similar age to Mark and me. And they too had sent pictures, including a beach shot. However it was clearly a different beach from the one mum and dad had used.

Mark appeared at my doorway. He was still wearing only his shorts. He’s got a nice smooth firm torso.

‘Hey Sadie, how’s it coming along?’

‘Okay, I guess,’ I said, ‘come in, I’ve got something to show you.’

He came in, and I indicated that he should join me on the bed so that he could see the laptop. So he lay on his tummy beside me.

Then he put his hand on the back of my right thigh. I didn’t say anything.

‘What have you got to show me?’

‘I’ve had an email from cousins Maggie and John’.

‘Oh yes.’ He moved his hand up my thigh.

‘You know they’re on holiday with mum and dad.’

‘Yeah, that’s right.’ His hand had moved to the base of my panties.

‘You’re stroking my leg.’

‘I am.’


‘It’s my turn. If you can be perverted, then so can I.’ His hand was cupping my left buttock cheek.

So I put my hand on his bare back. I slipped my fingers under the waistband of his shorts.

‘What did the cousins have to say?’ he asked.

He pushed his fingers under my knickers and stroked the space between my buttocks. I gasped.

‘They seem to be having a good time.’

‘That’s good.’

His fingers were moving up and down my bum crack.

‘You’re touching my bottom Mark.’

‘Yes. Is that perverted and naughty? Do you want me to stop?’

‘It’s nice.’

I pushed my hand under his shorts and pressed on the top of his bum. He squirmed.

‘What else did our cousins have to say?’ Mark asked, sounding breathless.

His fingers ran onto my anus. Oh god!

‘They’ve been to a nude beach,’ I gulped, ‘and they’ve sent a picture.’

His fingers were pressing on my arsehole.

My fingers were pushing between his buttocks.

‘Show me the picture then,’ he said.

I had one hand on his bottom and the other clicking the computer keys. His hand had travelled down from my anus to my pussy. His fingers were pressing against my pussy lips. Oh god, oh god! I was glad I had shaved off my pubic hair. It all felt so delicious and naughty.

The picture came up of the two cousins standing together on the beach, quite naked.

‘Good grief, they’re nude!’ he said.

His fingers had pushed apart my pussy lips and he was rubbing them up and down. They were all moist and squishy. I felt like I was dissolving.

‘Do you want me to stop, Sadie?’

‘No, no, whatever you do don’t stop.’ I gasped and gasped.

‘Okay Sadie.’

His fingers were rubbing vigorously on my pussy. I stuck my bottom up so that he could get a better purchase. Oh fuck, oh fuck.

And my lovely brother kept rubbing and pushing as I got hotter and wetter, until I quite fell apart in a gorgeous climatic quivering mess. I curled up and whimpered. I’d cum.

We lay quietly for what seemed like ages while I tried to gather my wits. Mark kissed me on the top of my head in a gentle manner.

I looked up at the image of my two cousins naked on a beach.

‘They are still naked aren’t they? What do you think, they look quite good don’t they?’ I said.

‘Yes, they look good.’

‘Do you think we look like them?’

Mark smiled at me.

‘What are you thinking, you pervy little minx?’

‘What I’m thinking is….’


‘That we should find out.’

‘And how might we do that?’

I got up off the bed and stood in front of the mirror. Then I pulled my dress off over my head, and pushed down my knickers. I looked at my naked self. I thought I looked okay, all smooth. My nipples were quite hard.

‘Like this.’

Mark stood up. He was only wearing his shorts. The trouble was he had a raging hard-on, so getting them off might be painful. He leaned forward to get them off.

Then we stood together in front of the mirror. Like our cousins in the picture, we were naked, with one major difference. In fact, with one big, big difference. Mark’s cock stood out at an upright angle. Gosh he had a nice hard cock. I escort bursa longed to touch it.

‘Mark, can I…?’

‘Can you what, you pervy little sister?’

‘Can I, you know…’ I put my hand on his tummy. He pushed his cock forward. My hand slid down towards it. He had shaved off his pubic hair. He was very smooth.

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘I think I’d like that. Hold it.’

So I put my hand round his cock, and moved it slowly up and down. He moaned.

I had had all sorts of wicked fantasies about this, but I am not very experienced. I wanted to put it in my mouth. Should I ask him, or just do it? I looked at his face. He had closed his eyes.

So I knelt down before him and engulfed the end of his penis in my mouth. Oh what a treat! I rubbed my hand up and down and licked and sucked. He grunted, so I speeded up.

I took it out of my mouth, and looked at the glistening shiny bright knob. What a beauty! I rubbed it vigorously and he quivered and squirmed. Then suddenly it squirted semen all over my face. Gosh what a lovely sticky mess it made!

We paused and lay together quietly for a while. I toyed with Mark’s penis. It was quickly becoming hard again.

‘Mark, do you want to…you it again?’

He sighed.

‘We really shouldn’t do this, you know,’ he said.

‘But I like playing with you. You are my favourite toy!’

‘I need to think about this,’ he said and got up and walked out, ‘I’m going to take a shower’.

A little later I had cleaned up, when I heard Mark saying something about going out to get some more wine. I heard the door close. It wasn’t long before I heard him return.


‘What do you want?’

‘Come down stairs, I need to talk to you.’

Oh dear, that sounded ominous. I went down stairs to the sitting room.

‘Did you get some wine?’ I asked.

‘Yes. But when I came to pay for it, there was money missing from my wallet!’

‘Oh!’ He had discovered that I had taken his money!

‘Did you take my money, Sadie?’

I avoided his eyes. He looked a bit angry.

‘Well, did you?’

‘I am sorry Mark. I wanted to get us a treat, and I had no money!’

‘Good grief Sadie! You could have asked!’

‘I wanted it to be a surprise.’

‘Fuck it Sadie, you’ve been really disgracefully bad!’

‘I have?’

‘I don’t know what I am going to do with you!’

He sat down and I stood before him with my head bowed.

‘I have no option. I am going to have to teach you a lessen. You must be punished!’

I gulped.

‘What are you going to do?’ I asked in a little voice.

‘You have behaved like a very naughty little girl! So you must be punished like a little girl!’

‘How is that?’

‘I’ll show you.’ He grabbed me, turned me round and lifted my dress. ‘I am going to spank you. You know you deserve to be spanked!’ He sounded very stern.

‘Yes,’ I said in a whisper.

‘Firstly you must admit it!’

‘I have been a very naughty little girl!’

‘And you deserve to be spanked.’

‘And I deserve to be spanked.’

‘On your bottom.’

‘On my bottom!’

‘Say it all!’

‘I have been a very naughty little girl and I deserve to be spanked on my bottom!’

‘Hmm!’ He grabbed me again. ‘Over my knee, now, you must assume the spanking position!’ he said.

I lay across his knees and he lifted my dress to reveal my panty-clad bottom.

‘Say please!’

‘Please spank my bum, Mark.’

‘You really want to be spanked, don’t you?’ he said sounding slightly surprised.

‘Yes, I do’, I said in a croaking whisper.

‘Maybe you should beg.’

‘I am begging to be spanked, please.’

‘Hmm. Okay.’ With that he commenced spanking me, hard, with the flat of his hand. And it hurt, and I yelped. He did it six times.

When he stopped I let my hand stray over the front of his trousers. Was that a bulge? Was he getting aroused?

‘That is not the end of your punishment’, he said, ‘now stand up.’

I got up off his lap and stood before him hanging my head.

‘You must go to your room!’ he said. I was disappointed, I didn’t want to be banished.

‘I’d rather be spanked again, than go to my room.’

‘Are you disobeying me?’

I gulped. This was getting scary.

‘Yes’, I said.

‘Well that is being even naughtier. So you must be spanked some more. Come here!’ He grabbed me and turned me round. Then he lifted my dress and pulled my panties down. I stepped out of them.

‘You must be spanked on your bare bottom, for being very, very naughty.’

‘Yes Mark.’

‘So beg me for it!’

I gasped; I seemed to be short of breath.

‘I have been a very, very naughty little girl. Please spank me on my bare bum.’

He ran his hand over my bottom, and stared at it.

‘It is a very pretty bare bottom. Come on, say it!’

‘Please spank me on my pretty bare bum!’

He stared at me.

‘Okay. Assume the spanking position!’

I lay across his lap. And he lifted my dress and spanked me, firstly on one buttock, then on the other. It hurt, more this time. I am sure my bottom was getting red, as I squealed with pain. It was another six more spanks. And the bulge in the front of his trousers increased.

He pushed me off and I stood before him.

‘Well,’ he said ‘is that enough punishment for now?’

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32