Sabrina and Her Brother Ch. 01

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Maybe breast feeding for the rest of you mothers out there was a joy, but for me it was pain mixed with misery… and ultimately led me into a situation that, while it has its deep pleasures, also has caused me much anxiety and worry.

I suppose I should have been worried when, after being six months pregnant, my breasts really began to grow and be sore. I went from barely a B cup to a fully-filled out C cup. I tried to not let the pain bother me, and didn’t want it to interfere with my sex life with my husband, Greg, but it did. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for what was to come after my son was born. The doctor said it was one of the more severe cases of engorgement she had ever seen, but that didn’t do anything to comfort me — I was in non-stop pain, despite the cabbage leaves, hot showers, self-expression, etc… She tried to pass it off as having over-active lactation, but to me it seemed like my breasts would explode any minute.

Once I got into a rhythm feeding my son, Brayden, it got a little better. Still, if he wasn’t right there when my milk let down, it didn’t take long for my breasts to start hurting again. That, coupled with raw nipples, made me want to swear off the whole thing. But, after many consultations with lactation experts, I decided that I wanted to go for at least 6 months, and hoped that things would get better over time, that my body would eventually figure out how much milk it needed to make, and no more. But it seemed like every time I just about got to that stage, I would have a setback, due to a vacation throwing our rhythm off, or me being sick and not wanting to get my son sick as well. The extremely expensive breast pump that we bought saw me through, but it never quite drained me like my son did, and for some reason seemed like it sent a signal to my body to make more, when I was trying to get it to make less. The biggest problem, however, was how turned off Greg was by the whole process. He teased me all the time about the pump, and seemed much less interested in sex than he used to. It didn’t matter that as soon as I could, I was back in the gym and by 6 months was in even better shape than before I was pregnant; it was apparently the fact that watching me give birth had grossed him out. He used to spend hours between my legs eating me out, and now wouldn’t go near my pussy with his tongue. We talked about it frequently, and he reassured me he loved and wanted me, but that it would take him some time to get over the breastfeeding and the birth. I tried to be patient, but I was more than ready to get back into the active sex life we had had. It seemed like I was horny all the time, to the point that, on numerous occasions, when my son was really hungry and was feeding well, I would get very aroused, and would finish myself off after he was done feeding and was asleep. Pretty pathetic, to be honest…!

Nevertheless, I hit the 6 month mark and decided that I would start to wean my son, so that the endless pain would go away. I tried, over the course of a week, to get him to drink formula at nights, instead of from my breasts, and he took to it surprisingly well — only my breasts didn’t. They kept producing the same amount, even though I followed the guidance of two different lactation consultants. The only thing keeping me from going insane with the pain in my breasts was my trusty (and did I say expensive?) breast pump. Unfortunately, I was about to lose my only touch with reality, because Greg was leaving on Monday for a business trip for a week, and thus I would have nobody to talk with or take care of our son. And, of course, that’s when my breast pump decided to fail on me. I spent an agonizing day on Tuesday morning trying to self-express and get my son to drink from me again — but he was content with the formula and wasn’t much interested in my milk anymore. Tuesday afternoon was a blur, trying to figure out where to take my breast pump to get it repaired. I barely made it to the store in time to drop it off, and asked if they had anything I could borrow. All they had was a manual breast pump, which, when I got home, only made me laugh like someone gone off her rocker. While it got me through the night, I knew in the morning my milk would come in in force, and I honestly didn’t know how I would make it through. I was gearing up to head back out to find another pump, when the doorbell rang, and there stood my brother Jeff, with a big box of clothes in his hands. He had a big smile on his face, and said, “Hey, Sis, Denise wanted me to drop off these clothes for Brayden.” But when he saw the grimace on my face he said, “Hey, Sabrina… are you ok?”

I opened the door and let him in, saying, “No… I’m in a lot of pain, to be honest.”

“What happened? Did you fall or stub your toe?”

“No… none of that… you probably don’t want to know.”

“Oh, come on… please tell me what happened?”

“Ok, since you asked… my breasts are killing me. I’m trying to wean Brayden, and… it’s not going very bursa escort good.”

“Oh… right… too much milk?”

“Yeah… how did you know?”

“Are you kidding me? We have 3 kids, you know; I’ve been through all of this with Denise.”

Ah, yes, Denise… Jeff’s picture-perfect wife. Denise, who was always prim and proper, with the perfect sense of style in clothes. Denise, who, despite having three kids, kept a perfectly maintained home. Denise, who was tall and thin, but somehow still had perfectly perky D-cup breasts, perfectly manicured nails, sparkling blue eyes, and always styled long blond hair.

I’m not sure why I always compared myself to her, to be honest. Even though I wasn’t that short (5’7″), I didn’t have the slender frame that she had, but was more curvy. And for some reason, my shoulder-length dark brown hair and deep brown eyes seemed downright plain, next to her. The only comfort I took was in my complexion, a result of some recessive genes that brought my distant Italian heritage to the surface, giving me that light olive skin (as well as the fiery temper and emotions), something I knew Denise tried for with tanning, but never achieved. The worst part was that she was extremely sweet and nice. She had welcomed me like a long-lost sister when I first met her, and I hated myself for liking her so much.

“Right… forgot… anyway… my body just can’t seem to figure it all out, and my breast pump won’t work, and I think I’m going to explode if I don’t get any relief.”

With a huge grin on his face, he said, “Where’s Greg? He’d probably love to help you take care of that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, nothing… just… not to gross you out, but… I loved drinking from Denise when she was breastfeeding.”

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely! It was awesome.”

“First of all, that is way too much information. Secondly… Greg isn’t really interested in it, to be honest.”

“Seriously? Man, I loved Denises’ milk… so sweet, perfect temperature…”

“You are such a pervert.”

“Why, because I did that?”

“I don’t know, Jeff… I just… am in a lot of pain right now. I can’t even think straight. All I want is some relief.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” He said this, and I honestly believe his question was innocent and his only intent was to help me out. He would have driven to the moon and back, if I had asked him to. His face was one of sincerity, and I knew he wasn’t thinking at all the same thoughts I was thinking. I didn’t know what to say, but just kept looking into his eyes, until I could see that he finally got to the same idea as what I was thinking.

“Do you want me to… you know… help you… relieve some pressure?” I couldn’t speak, so just nodded, and then walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. He sat down next to me and said, “Are you sure about this? I mean, are you ok with it?”

I said, “I am if you are. I just am in so much pain right now I don’t care about anything else.”

He said, “Ok, tell me what you want me to do.”

Reluctantly, I unbuttoned my blouse and opened it. He scooted closer to me, and I unsnapped my nursing bra over my right breast, pulling my breast out for him. I cleared my throat and then nervously said, “Let’s start with this one.”

He nodded, and then bent down and, cupping my breast with his right hand, began to drink from my breast.

The initial relief felt amazing… even though the left breast was just as full, the fact that the right one was finally being drained momentarily drowned out any other feeling I had at the time. Jeff was sucking very gently but very strongly on my breast, just as Brayden did when he was very hungry… and that’s when I noticed that I was starting to feel aroused. I tried to discount the feeling, but sure enough, I was turned on, and was getting more turned on as every moment went by. I tried in vain for several minutes to convince myself that what I was thinking and feeling was pure craziness. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine Greg sucking my breast, but the image wouldn’t come. I opened my eyes and for some reason looked down into Jeff’s lap — and could see he had a huge erection, and I was even more amazed as it continued to get bigger. “I had no idea he was that big” I said to myself, which was immediately followed by, “What are you thinking? He’s your BROTHER!” which was immediately followed by, “I can’t believe how aroused I am.” He must have had some idea, because his sucking grew more intense, causing deep painful pleasure in my breast, to the point that I involuntarily let out a lengthy gasp of pleasure. The next moment, I felt his hand lightly touch my leg, just above the knee. The feel of his hand on my leg was electric. A little voice in my head kept telling me how wrong this was, but somehow I knew I wouldn’t stop what was about to happen. It had been too long since I had tasted the sweet satisfaction and deep pleasure of sex. Never bursa escort bayan mind the fact that it was going to be from my brother, not from my husband…

Jeff’s hand slid a little further up my leg, and I felt myself yielding to him, spreading my legs apart slowly as his hand moved down onto my thigh. His hand reached the hem of my skirt and slowly moved underneath, steadily sliding up my thigh. Even as my head said, “This is crazy, Sabrina — STOP” I began to move my hand towards him, touching him first on the leg to get oriented, then moving my hand over to feel the erection in his slacks.

While I had experimented with several guys before I married Greg, I had not once ever felt anything as big as Jeff. And, to be honest, Greg’s cock barely made it to 6″ and was somewhat thin, so I wasn’t really ready for something this big. I ran my hand slowly up and down the shaft, and felt Jeff’s cock throb and pulse in response.

And, by this point, Jeff’s hand had made it to my crotch, and he was gently moving his fingers along the edge of my panties. There was no doubt about the fact that I was very aroused, as I could tell I was soaked and so I knew he also felt my heat and wetness. He directed his attention to where my pussy was, and began to gently probe, looking for my clit. He found it, and a bolt of electricity shot through me, exiting in the form of a groan of pleasure out of my open mouth. The whole time this was happening he never stopped sucking on my breast, never stopped drinking from me.

I knew without a doubt that I had to have him inside me. And I also knew that after the passion and lust had passed, I would be filled with regret — but that wasn’t enough to stop me. I tugged at his belt and the zipper of his slacks, and he moved one hand down to undo his belt and pants. I was amazed at his coordination, being able to suck from me, while stroking my pussy and clit with one hand, and undoing his pants with the other. As I was reaching in to release his cock, he slipped his fingers, and then his hand, under my panties, and first slid his fingers through my pussy to get them wet, before attacking my clit. I couldn’t remember when I had felt this much arousal. And then I got his cock out of his pants and boxers, and wrapped my hand around him. His cock felt hot to the touch, and it was fully aroused. I finally opened my eyes to take a peek at it, and saw a thick cock with a plump head that had a huge drop of precum on its tip. I moved my hand up to touch the precum and spread it around, and I felt him shiver with pleasure.

It was now or never, and although my mind said “NEVER!” one last time, my body took over. I leaned forward and stood up; my right breast felt totally empty, but my left breast had been untouched and gave me a brief reminder of the pain I was in. I turned around and did not look at Jeff, but instead pulled off my skirt and slid off my panties. Without saying anything, Jeff slid his shoes off, and then took his slacks and boxers off. I mumbled, “The other breast now” as I took my blouse and bra off. Completely naked, I moved to straddle my brother on the couch. He reached out to help me get situated, then immediately took my left breast into his mouth and began sucking. I let out another moan of pleasure and relief, and then reached down and took his cock in my hand, and guided it towards my pussy. I was amazed at how wet I was and slowly lowered myself onto him.

I let out a long, slow moan as I took about half of his cock inside me. It felt incredible but also was very uncomfortable — I just hadn’t had someone that big inside me, ever, and I felt like I was being split in two for a few seconds. I moved my hips up again and felt him slide out. I lowered myself onto his cock again, this time taking him all the way in. I pushed my hips down hard onto him, grinding my clit, and then slowly raised up again. I could tell he was enjoying the ride from his moans, but he never once faltered in drinking from my breast. I began to slowly ride his cock; once my pussy had adjusted a little, I quickened the pace. I could feel an orgasm coming and let the waves of pleasure build within me and wash over me. I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck and tilted my head back, closing my eyes and giving myself over to the pleasure inside me. It took perhaps all of about 5 minutes before I was at orgasm, a cascading, overpowering sensation that made me shake repeatedly and loudly moan over and over again. I think my orgasm set him off, because he came deep inside of me shortly afterwards, letting out a huge groan as his cock exploded within.

As the pleasure began to ebb from my body, the magnitude of what had just happened began to hit me. Keeping my eyes closed, I put my forehead onto his forehead and said, “Oh Jeff… what did we just do?” His response was to let out a soft laugh that conveyed pleasure and relaxation. I said, “This was so wrong, Jeff… so wrong.” He laughed again, and said, “well, that might be true… but escort bursa we’re both consenting adults, it’s not like we robbed a bank.”

“I know, but… this is incest, Jeff, plain and simple incest.”

“True. And I hate to say this, but from your body language, I think it was also something that you’ve needed for a long time now.”

I thought about what he said, and realized he was exactly right. “You are right… I did need that… more than I thought I did.”

We sat there in silence for a little bit. His semi-hard cock was still inside me, and two stark facts hit me at the same time: one, I wasn’t on birth control, and two, he hadn’t used a condom and had come inside of me.

Still keeping my eyes shut, our heads together, I said, in a somewhat worried tone, “Please tell me you’ve had a vasectomy.”

He laughed again, and said, “Why? Don’t you know you can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding?”

“I know that there are rare cases where women have gotten pregnant… oh Jeff, please… tell me you had that operation, please…”

He laughed again and said, “Years ago. Been shooting blanks for almost 5 years now, so don’t worry about that.”

I smiled and let out a sigh of relief, and said, “Good.”

We sat there in silence for a little bit, and then he said, “I have to be completely honest with you, Sabrina… and I know this might disturb you a little, but… I have wanted to have sex with you for years. Over a decade, really.”

My eyes shot open and I sat back, looking in his eyes as I blurted out, “WHAT?!? Are you serious?”

I quickly got off of him, feeling his cock slide out of me with a wet pop, and stood in front of him, my hands on my hips, staring at him with a growing anger.

He smiled and said, “Of course! Look at you — you’re gorgeous! You’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, from the inside out! You’ve got that gorgeous face with those sexy lips, deep brown eyes, luxurious, thick hair… you’re absolutely phenomenal, and you know you’ve got a knock-out body… awesome tits, thin narrow waist, then those voluptuous hips and the best… the very best… that absolutely smokin’ hot ass. DAMN is that thing ever fine. I could look at it all day. Every hot-blooded guy in America probably would love to be with you. You are totally fuckable.”

I blushed and said, “Fuckable? Fuckable? Thanks for the compliment, you pervert!”

“Hey — don’t get offended. I’m just trying to be honest with you. How am I not supposed to notice that my little sister has grown up to be a friggin’ hot woman? I’m not supposed to notice the curves, the firm, tanned legs, the sexy face, the way your ass looked in those khaki pants you wore on the 4th of July?”

“So you really have fantasized about me for 10 years?”

“More like 14 years.”

“What? You PERVERT! You were fantasizing about me when I was 16?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say I was fantasizing about you then, but yeah, I did notice how you had developed into a very beautiful woman.”

“I can’t believe this is happening.” And it was at that point I felt a warm glob of come drip out of my pussy and onto my calf. I looked down and spread my legs apart, and watched in amazement as glob after glob of thick white come dripped out and spattered onto the hardwood floor.

In amazement I said, “Geez, Jeff, how much did you come?”

He smiled and said, “Sorry, but… I was really turned on, and didn’t hold back.”

As I watched more globs drip out, I muttered, “I guess not.” I turned around and leaned over the kitchen counter to grab some paper towels, and felt a big glob stick to my thigh and knee. I shook my head and laughed as I turned back around and began to clean myself up. I moved over to clean up the little pool of come on the floor, and glanced up in time to see Jeff with my panties, smelling and tasting the crotch.

I said, “What in the HELL are you doing?”

He smiled again and said, “Sorry, just wanted to know what you taste like.”

“You are SUCH A PERVERT!” Apparently I yelled too loudly, because Brayden woke up and started to cry. I gave Jeff an exasperated look as I grabbed my panties out of his hand, gathered up my clothes, and went into Brayden’s room. I quickly put my bra, blouse, and skirt on, throwing my soaked panties into the dirty clothes hamper in the hall, and walked back out to the living room in time to catch Jeff running the fingers of his hand up the shaft of his semi-hard cock, which he then stuck into his mouth.

“Now what are you doing?”

“Just… tasting, sorry…”

“Pervert. Don’t you need to get back to work?”

“Yes, I do… I just came by to drop off the box of clothes… look, Sabrina, please don’t worry too much about what we did, ok? Seriously, it is no big deal. I’m happy to let it go and pretend it never happened, honest. I will never bring it up again, ever, ok?”

I sighed, and said, “Ok. I just can’t believe we did that.”

“I know, me either, honest. Never in a million years did I think that was going to happen. But try to look on the bright side.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, your breasts aren’t going to explode, are they? I mean, they don’t hurt anymore, do they?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32