Role Play Fantasy, Second Meeting

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If you read my previous story, this is a continuation of it. I delve further into my fantasy. I hope you enjoy!

I had just finished living out one of my most desired fantasies and I felt incredible! However, on the subway ride back home from Jeff’s even though that was one of the most incredible sexual encounters I’ve ever experienced, I did not even cum! It made me so hard thinking about how I just made a man cum and I didn’t even cum myself. My cock was rock solid on the train and I tried so hard to cover it up so no one see it. I’m quite sure no one did, but still.

I got home and immediately opened up my laptop. I thought I would have a message from Jeff for some reason, but no. I watched a bit of porn but did not want to cum. I wanted to keep the horny high. I ended up falling asleep, naked, with porn playing, and my cock in my hand.

I woke up the next morning and could smell/taste Jeff’s cum. It turned me on but I knew I could not go around with cum on my mouth. I took a shower, gargled with some mouthwash and went online to check my messages. Jeff did message me!

“Hi Fred, last night was fantastic. Like I said, though, you still need some extra help if you are going to pass. I have office hours Wednesday after 8pm.” I replied: “Yes, sir. I will be there. Again, I will do whatever I need to pass your class.”

Wednesday was still three nights away and I was so incredibly horny. I didn’t know how I was going to make it until Wednesday. But luckily Jeff keeping me entertained with a few email exchanges throughout the week let me know how much he enjoyed our last time together. He also let me know how he wanted to use my mouth this time.

Wednesday came and at 7pm, I emailed Jeff to let him know I was on my way. He responded almost immediately and said “see you soon!” Freshly showered, I made the almost hour-long subway ride over to Jeff’s place. Still very horny, nervous, and eager to please and experience Jeff’s nice hard cock again, I did not wander around his block. Instead, I walked right up to his building, entered the lobby, and rang his buzzer.


“Hi Jeff, its Fred.”

“Come on up.”

I walked up to his third-floor apartment, knocked lightly twice, and went in as we discussed in earlier emails. I took off my coat, shoes, and mask. I walked towards his “office.”

“Welcome Fred. Do you know why you’re here?” He sat coolly behind his desk wearing a shirt and tie. He looked like he was in command, which he absolutely was.

“Sir, you wanted to discuss with me my grades?”

“Yes, that’s it. You’ve been slipping and still missing class. You may fail if we don’t turn this around.”

“No, sir, again, I’ve been working out on my own. I’ve just been really busy studying for other classes so I had to miss yours.”

“Well, that’s no excuse, you are going to have to show me that you’ve been working out and then make up for the time you’ve been missing. I may have coolly to quiz you.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now, take off your clothes, and I mean all of them, so I can see that you’ve been working out.” Jeff said this with a tone of authority. He is getting really comfortable with this role play and assuming his dominant side. I was so turned on. If I was stroking my cock, it may have only taken two or three strokes before I came.

“Yes sir, ” I said as I started peeling off my clothes. Jeff just sat there in his chair with a steely, lustful look in his eyes. I stripped off my shirt and then I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans before unzipping them slowly. I kars escort peeled off my pants and underwear, followed by my socks. I stood there naked. Again, I found myself naked in front of a man that wanted to use me to get off. I felt so vulnerable and submissive. It was, in a sense, scary. I felt a bit frightened and I felt those familiar butterflies. However, I was also very much excited. Here I was naked in front of a man and I was going to satisfy him and give him as much pleasure as he could take. While I was scared and also vulnerable, it also gave me a sense of power. I started getting hard just thinking about this.

He just sat there staring at me. I stared back at him. I felt my cock growing and I couldn’t help but to touch it. He didn’t move. I kept touching myself, slowly running my hand up and down my cock. I started slowly stroking myself, very slowly. I was so turned on that if I stroked much faster I would instantly cum. I did not want that. I gripped my cock and tugged my balls slightly. Jeff still did not move. I knew this was turning him on but I did not show it at all. After about 5 minutes of me slowly stroking my cock as if in a trance, Jeff finally spoke.

“Get on your knees.” This was a command. It was stern and forceful but not harsh. I obliged. He smiled and said “open your mouth.” I did, letting him see exactly where his cock and cum would be going as soon as he was ready. I held it open for a moment and then closed it.

“I did not tell you to close your mouth.”

“Yes sir,” I said and opened my mouth once again. I held it open for about a minute before Jeff said, “very good.”

And, with that he stood up. For the first time, I could see below his waist. The room was completely dark except for the porn playing on the computer screen. Jeff wasn’t wearing any pants, just the shirt and tie. It was a total turn on for me. And, his cock was rock hard, seemingly from not even having touched it this whole time. I kept my mouth open but I started smiling a bit. Jeff’s shirt came right to about his cock. My cock grew much harder and I could feel precum oozing out.

Jeff walked around the desk to where I was kneeling. He stood right in front of me, his cock right at my eye-level. We stood there for a moment. Well he stood there and I kneeled, my eyes transfixed on his cock and I could feel him staring down at me. His cock twitched a bit. I still had my mouth open. Finally, I looked up at him. He stared right back down at me, grabbed the back of my head and put his cock right in my mouth. I maintained eye contact while he put his cock as deep into my mouth as it would comfortably go before I gagged a little bit.

But I did my best to maintain eye contact and show him that I wanted to take his cock. He pulled out a little bit and then slowly put his cock all the way into my mouth and just held it there. I gagged a bit but I tried like hell to suppress my gag reflex and keep his cock buried in my throat. My eyes started to water, but as if a switch kicked on, I was able to breathe regularly through my nose.

He slowly pulled his cock out again, still holding on to the back of my head and his tie slung over his shoulder. I broke eye contact with him and looked at his cock. His cock was glistening with my spit and a drop of precum appeared on his slit. I looked back at him and stuck out my tongue to lick his cock. He gave a mischievous smile and slid his cock all the way back in my throat. I was surprised how easily it slid in. I guess the last time we played really opened kars escort bayan me up and got me to relax and enjoy having a cock in my throat. It was no longer a different, uncomfortable feeling. It felt normal to me now, like I was meant to have his cock in my mouth. I was also really horny too, so that helped.

He slowly started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth and throat. My hands rested on my thighs. His hands rested on the back of my head. He just slowly and steadily used my mouth to get his pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed it. He was a lot more aggressive this time. We chatted about that the days before and he mentioned that he’s been wanting to explore his dom side. I wanted to explore my sub side so I was happy to let him and I was open to him trying different things. Him face fucking me was one of them.

His cock kept hitting and going into my throat with every thrust, gagging me in the process. I loved it. I couldn’t help drooling and moaning in pleasure all over his cock. He would pick up his pace and really fuck my mouth and throat, his balls slapping my chin with every thrust. I tried looking up at him but couldn’t keep a steady gaze as he fucked my mouth.

After about 5 minutes of intense face-fucking, he slowly slid his cock as deep into my throat as it would go. I gagged a little at the outset and tried to pull off, but his hand on the back of my head kept me from doing so. I relaxed after a moment and accepted his cock. Once he was all the way in, he took one hand from my head and placed it under my chin to tilt my head up slightly so I could look into his eyes. As I did, he said “You have really been working hard on this quiz, I think you’re ready to get a passing grade. Are you ready to earn your A?”

“MMmmyesmmmsir,” I murmured with my mouth full of his cock. I felt totally slutty and used at this point and I couldn’t have felt better. With that, he started fucking my mouth again. This time, he was grunting and moaning with each thrust. He was definitely being forceful. I so badly wanted to make him cum. But I also did not want this to stop.

After another minute or two of him intensely fucking my mouth, he held his cock about halfway in my mouth and I felt him tense up. His hands on the back of my head tightened and his legs started to shake slightly. And then I felt it. He got really stiff and then his cock started throbbing. I tasted more of his precum and then that first blast of his cum hit the roof of my mouth, followed by a more intense blast on my tongue. He held my head in place as he continued to fill my mouth. I looked up at him and his head was arched back and he groaned loudly as he came. I never felt so slutty and turned on. Here was a man using my mouth for his pleasure and I couldn’t be happier.

I let his cum drip out of my mouth as he started to release my head. As he did so, I slowly started sucking his cock in and out of my mouth, very slowly as he was still sensitive. He shuddered a bit. After a few minutes of me teasing him post-cum, he pulled his cock out and slapped it across my face a few times leaving my face a bit wet with my spit and his cum. I just smiled up at him.

“That’s right you little slut. You sure know how to please your teacher and earn yourself a passing grade. But you haven’t earned your A yet, you still need a few more lessons.”

“Mmmmm, yes sir” I moaned while liking the tip of his cock and trying to taste as much of his cum as possible. “You just let me know how I can continue serving you.”

With escort kars that, he walked around to the other side of the desk and slumped down in his chair, spent. I crawled around to him. His cock was slowly deflating but I reached out with my tongue and licked all along his cock. Still on all fours, I slowly took his cock back into my mouth. His cock twitched a little and he ran his hands through my hair. I just held his cock in my mouth, savoring the feel of it. I flicked my tongue across his slit while my lips held him about halfway in.

I felt his cock stir and begin to get hard again. I also felt the cum and slobber drying a bit on my face. I thought it would turn me off and make me want to get up and wash my face, but it actually turned me on some. It was a little weird feeling the tightness of it and the cum crackle a bit, but it just reminded me of how I just satisfied this older man with his rapidly growing cock in my mouth.

I just let his cock sit in my mouth while I flicked around the head and suckled on it slowly and intensely. He really enjoyed this. After about 10 minutes or so of this, his cock got hard fully hard again. And, that’s when I went to work. I started sucking his cock for all I was worth. I didn’t deepthroat him this time, but kept the focus on stimulating him just underneath his crown with my tongue. I also used my hand to stroke him while I used my mouth like a vacuum around his head. I didn’t waste any time. I wanted mor of his cum. And he wanted to give me more of his cum. As I sucked and stroked him, he would often place his hand on top of my head, not necessarily pushing me down more so just guiding my bobbing head.

I moaned and slobbered all over his hard cock. I could only hope he enjoyed this as much as I was enjoying it. I guess he was because after what seemed like another 10 minutes of my intensity, his breathing got heavier and his moans got louder. He exclaimed “Oh god, I’m gonna cum again!”

At this point, I so wanted his cum again and I was just lost in a feeling of lust that took over me. However, I was conflicted. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to cum in my mouth or over my face. As I felt his cock begin to pulse, I came to my decision. I wanted his cum all over my face. I pulled his dick out of my mouth right before he was about to cum and aimed it directly at my face. I closed my eyes and happily anticipated his cum covering me. His first shot hit me right on the nose. I smiled and opened my mouth a bit, but the next shot hit me on my left cheek and the third hit me right about my left eye. After cumming just a few moments before, Jeff didn’t have much left and another two shots dribbled out. I bent down to suck his last drops of cum out while he shook and moaned.

Finally, he was spent. I released his cock and just sat there with his cum running down my face and re-wetting his old cum.

“Well, you definitely earned your A for this assignment.”

“Thank you, sir.”

With that, the role play ended for the night and we just chatted for a bit.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve cum back to back like that. That was really hot,” said Jeff.

“Yes, it was. You taking control at first really turned me on. I’m glad you went for it. And even after you came, I just wanted to keep sucking you. Hell, I still wanna suck you some more now.”

“Ha, well I don’t know if I can handle that. It looks like you’re becoming a bit of a cock slut.”

“I think I am. I just enjoy having your cock in my mouth, it feels really good.”

“Well, Fred, you can definitely have my cock in your mouth again!”

With that, I went to wash my face off. I would have loved to wear that cum home but Jeff and I didn’t think that would be the wisest thing to do. Nevertheless, we set up a time to meet next Wednesday at the same time to continue my “lessons.” I couldn’t wait.

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