Robbie’s Mother has a Baby

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Carla rocked slowly in the chair. The afternoon sun shone through the window onto her swollen belly. She was half asleep.

“Sex with women is so much easier than sex with men,” she mused. “Less ego involved.”

She was wearing a transparent nightgown, like the one that started all this but maternity size.

“Men get so focused on the Big O. It can be tiring. Women are more about enjoying each other.”

Carla understood women brought ego along when they had sex. They just seemed to bring less of it. Or maybe it was because women weren’t so focused on their partner having an orgasm. If ‘success’ was defined as the partner enjoying the experience, instead of the partner having an orgasm, it was much easier to have a ‘successful’ sexual encounter.

She thought about her friend, Linda, and the neighbor two doors down, Janine. In the first few months of her pregnancy, she had had sex with them. Her desire to eat pussy had been a lingering effect of her compulsion to have a baby. But it hadn’t lasted long and petered out with no hard feelings.

“Petered out,” she chuckled. “None of us have peters.”

In fact, Linda and Janine had met at her house one day when she had gotten play dates mixed up. They had hit it off and were still dating six months later. Janine had confided she was thinking of proposing.

Carla’s breasts were swollen and sore. A drop of milk lingered on her nipple before dropping onto her belly.

“I really should put a bra on,” she thought. “But I’m too comfortable.”

Carla pressed the nightgown to her breasts, absorbing the next drop. Her breasts frequently leaked milk. She often made Robbie drink the milk to get some relief.

“Like I ‘made’ him drink the milk,” she smiled. “He loves drinking my milk. Poor Robbie is going to be disappointed when the baby gets here and he can’t do that anymore.”

Her son was the father of the baby she carried. They had been having sex for about two weeks when the compulsion struck. The compulsion to get pregnant. She had sex with two men and an 18 year old boy before she realized what was happening.

“Thank heavens that’s over.” She shifted in the rocker to ease her back. “Thank heavens I didn’t go through that horny phase like when I was pregnant with Robbie.”

When pregnant with her son, she spent the last four or five months horny as hell. It was frustrating because her husband, now her ex, hadn’t wanted to have sex much. He was banging the wife of his business partner.

This time the horny phase only lasted a month or so. Robbie and Joey had easily been up to the task. There hadn’t been a need to ask Ed the math teacher or the Principal for a second round of sex.

“Joey is a piece of work,” she mused. “I’m glad he and Sue hit it off.”

Ungainly, not very attractive, Joey had turned out to be a sweetheart of a guy. She had taught him how to treat women in bed and out. Carla had set him up with a redhead in her class who had a crush on him.

Joey had swept Sue off her feet. Carla was a little surprised to find out he was a one-woman man. At least one woman at a time. As soon as things with Sue got serious, Joey stopped having sex with Carla. He was apologetic but Carla reassured him he was doing the right thing.

Joey went into an apprenticeship program as soon as he graduated high school. In a few more months he would be a certified diesel mechanic. A local trucking company had already offered him a job when he finished the apprenticeship.

Robbie quietly came into the room. He put a cup of tea on the little table by the rocker. He gently rubbed her big stomach and left again.

“In four years, Joey will have a house and a 401(k),” she chuckled, “while Miss Hoity-Toity I’m-better-than-everyone-else Valedictorian will have no job and $300,000 in student debt.”

As a teacher, Carla shouldn’t have been so snarky. Getting an education was a good thing. But at 35 weeks pregnant, Carla could be a little cranky.

Like many pregnant women, Carla had cravings during her pregnancy. Not pickles and ice cream but anchovy pizza was big in her fourth month and egg rolls in her sixth month. For the past month, Carla had craved her son’s cum.

It happened to coincide with her belly getting too big to comfortably have sex. Mom and son used to have sex two or three times a day. Now it was more like once every couple of days if Carla’s back didn’t hurt too much and she didn’t have to pee every ten minutes.

Mom had mostly kept Robbie happy with blow jobs and handjobs. Which meant Carla got to swallow lots of cum.

“It’s so delicious,” she murmured and patted her stomach.

Carla had also discovered she liked to wear her son’s cum. In her hair, on her face, smeared over her tits and pussy, on her stomach. It didn’t matter where it was, she liked it.

“I could bathe in his cum.”

She pictured herself in a tub full of the white fluid. Holding her breath to slide underneath. Covered, literally, from head to toe with her son’s sperm.

She took a sip bursa escort of tea.

“Robbie’s such a good boy,” she thought happily. “He’ll make a good father.”

She had told Robbie he didn’t have to be a father to this baby. He should just be a good big brother. Carla didn’t want his life to be limited by this one event. She had raised Robbie alone and she could raise this new baby alone.

“Robbie needs to find his own way in life. He shouldn’t be stuck here with me and a baby. He should go to college, get a girlfriend, have fun.”

Carla fell asleep. She dreamed of a little girl who played soccer in a princess dress and built rocket ships with pink Legos.

Robbie was in the kitchen making a sandwich. His mother was eating for two but he was the one who was always hungry. He was nervous.

“Not much longer until the baby comes,” he worried. “I hope I don’t panic when that happens. Fathers always panic. At least on TV.”

Robbie had taken Lamaze classes and parenting classes. He was as prepared as a 19 year old could be. He had decided to take a year off before starting college.

“It’s only right,” he had said, “for me to be here for the first year to help you out. That’s the toughest time.”

Carla had smiled. Her son had no idea about the lack of sleep, the crying, the worry. But she appreciated his help. She had been worried about the first few months too.

“I wonder if it’ll be a boy or girl,” Robbie thought. “I think mom would like it to be a girl. I’d prefer a boy. At least I know what a boy likes to do.”

He took a bite of his sandwich.

“What do I know about girls? Sure, I dated Jenny when I was a junior but that didn’t end well. I’ve got a few friends that are female but that’s different. They’re not like girl girls.”

Robbie still hadn’t quite figured out that girls were people too. To him, they were an alien species. Even with his mother’s training on how to treat women, he felt unsure of himself around girls his own age. Especially girls he liked.

“I wish I knew what I wanted to do. Joey’s lucky. He’s always liked mechanical stuff. I guess I could be a teacher like mom. What I’d like is a job where I just sit around and think about stuff all day.”

Carla waddled into the kitchen and kissed her son’s forehead. “Hi, honey. Thanks for letting me rest.” She went to the sink for a glass of water.

Robbie looked at her body through the transparent nightie. Her nipples and areolas had turned dark brown. He could see a drop of milk hanging on one nipple. Her breasts had increased almost two cup sizes. Her belly looked like it would explode.

He could see her pussy. Carla had started shaving her pubic hair. She said the hospital would do it when she went in labor but she would rather start doing it herself. Her pussy lips were fat and slightly parted. Robbie wasn’t sure if that was due to the baby.

The boy had looked at his mother’s pussy a lot but, until recently, the details were hidden underneath a thick layer of brown hair. He kind of missed the hair.

Carla was pulling her son’s pants down. He smiled. He knew what was coming. She would straddle his lap, put his cock inside, and slowly bounce and gyrate until he came. His mother rarely came anymore. She said it was too much effort with the baby.

Robbie lifted the nightie over his mother’s head. He bent forward and sucked on a breast. The milk flowed into his mouth. He liked the texture and the taste. Maybe after the baby came, his mother would save him some to drink.

Carla was making little satisfied noises. She liked sex like this. Where she wasn’t expected to cum, where she could just enjoy the sensations. She especially liked sex like this after a nap, when her back didn’t hurt and she had some energy.

She kissed her son and their tongues played together. Robbie started sucking on the second breast, reducing its fullness as he swallowed the milk.

Carla thought about getting off his lap and sucking his cock. She loved taking his pretty cock in her mouth, easing it in until the head was in her throat. She loved when the timing was just right and he shot his cum straight down her throat into her stomach.

Of course, she loved the taste of his cum too. So in her mouth or down her throat was a win-win situation for her.

“What the fuck?” her son yelled.

Carla looked down. His lap was wet. There was a puddle of clear liquid on the floor. Her water had broken.

“My water broke with my son’s cock inside me,” Carla laughed to herself. Just then a contraction hit.

“Get up. Come on, get up. We have to get to the hospital,” Robbie urged desperately.

“Relax, honey. We’ve got plenty of time. You go take a shower and get cleaned up. I’ll get dressed.”

Carla eased herself off his lap and waddled away down the hall. Robbie sat there, frantic but not moving.

“Take a shower,” his mother called from the hallway.

That got him moving. Fifteen minutes later, he was showered, dressed, and back in the kitchen. Carla waddled bursa escort bayan down the hall carrying her ‘go bag’. Robbie took the bag and headed for the door.

“Hold on. I have to call the doctor. No use getting there too soon.”

“Too soon?” Robbie thought. “There’s no such thing as too soon!”

Later, Robbie didn’t remember much except the drive to the hospital. He had driven especially carefully so they wouldn’t get in an accident. He didn’t want to deliver the baby in the car by himself.

Once at the hospital things had gone quickly, at least as far as labor and deliveries went. For Robbie, it was largely a blur. Carla was given a gown in pre-delivery. A nurse checked on her. The doctor came and checked on her.

“This baby really wants out. You’re already 8 centimeters.”

Robbie had learned what that meant but he had forgotten. Carla calmed him down.

“It means I’m close to having the baby. You need to relax. Remember what they taught you in Lamaze about coaching me. My breathing.”

From that point on, Robbie was so focused on Carla and her breathing and her screaming and her pushing that he didn’t notice anything else. Suddenly there was a baby on her chest. A little girl. An incredibly tiny, perfect little girl.

His daughter.

Carla brought the baby to her breast. Amazingly, it latched right on to the nipple and began sucking. A minute later, it let go, waved her arms, and screamed.

Robbie stood there entranced. He held out his hand and his daughter grabbed his pinkie with her little hand. She quieted and went back to nursing.

The next day they were home. Robbie gave up on his job search to help out with Baby Danielle. He couldn’t do the 3 a.m. feedings but he changed diapers and rocked her and burped her. When his mother had pumped enough milk, he gave his baby sister/daughter a bottle.

That was life for the next three weeks. Baby Danielle got whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. Mostly because the girl had a stubborn streak and a good pair of lungs.

Robbie learned what it meant to be born with an instinct to respond to a baby’s cries. He could be in the backyard tending the garden and hear her cry in her room on the other side of the house. He would immediately head inside even though he knew Carla would take care of the baby before he got there.

The worst part was when she would cry for no reason. Danielle had been fed, changed, burped, rocked, walked, sung to, laid down, held upright, and every other thing they could think of but still she cried. There was nothing to do but wait it out.

But it got better. She cried less and slept more. Fortunately, it was summer so Carla didn’t have to teach. Robbie hadn’t found a job yet so there were two adults to tend to one baby all the time.

Danielle was asleep in the next room. Robbie and Carla lay in bed together, as usual. Carla reached down and stroked her son’s cute cock.

“You want to have sex?” Robbie wasn’t sure if it was too soon.

“Actually I’m still pretty sore. I just thought you might like a little relief. Want to shoot a load on my tits?”

Carla scooted down and took the semi-hard cock into her mouth. She moved her head up and down and felt it grow firm. She fondled her son’s balls with one hand and felt his ass with the other. Carla could feel Robbie’s excitement growing.

He pushed her onto her back and straddled her chest. He was thrusting his cock in her mouth. Pushing in deep, all the way to her throat. He loved the position. He felt so in control. When he came, he caught her unaware. She gagged and coughed. His cock came out of her mouth.

Cum sprayed on her face. Robbie aimed and made sure some went in her hair. She was still coughing when he rammed his cock back into her mouth.

“You’re my little cum slut, aren’t you?” he asked with a gleam in his eye.

Carla nodded. “I am his cum slut, aren’t I?” she thought. “I love when he cums on me. I love eating his cum. I love swallowing his cum. I love making him cum.”

Her finger found his ass hole and pushed inside. Robbie pulled out and sprayed her face a second time. Carla’s finger probed deeper.

Robbie turned around and spread his cheeks. He sat on her face.

“Eat my ass, bitch,” he taunted.

Carla bucked and pushed and Robbie found himself on the floor.

“Don’t ever call me bitch again!” Carla was furious. “Cum slut or not, you treat me with respect or I will shut you down so fast it will make your head spin!”

They looked at each other. Robbie on the floor feeling guilty and ashamed. Carla on the bed, the anger slowly fading. Cum dripped off her chin.

“I’m sorry. I won’t call you that again.”

Robbie got back on the bed. Carla took his cock in her hand.

“So Mr. Cute Cock, do you still want me to eat your ass?”

Robbie grinned and positioned his ass over his mother’s face. He pulled his cheeks apart and felt her tongue begin to lick his brown hole. Her tongue pushed inside and felt good.

Carla reached escort bursa around and ran her hand up and down his hard shaft as she licked her son’s ass. It had a nutty taste. After pushing her tongue in several times, she pushed him forward and stuck a finger in his ass. He groaned.

Robbie was thrusting his hips, making her hand go faster on his shaft. Carla put two fingers in his ass and he groaned again. He was moving his hips faster.

“Cum on me, son. Cum on your slut mother.”

Carla felt a strand hit her thigh. She felt a pool of cum grow on her stomach. The last few drops hit just below her breasts.

“Do you want me to eat it or do you want me to wear it?” Carla asked, with a wicked grin.

“Wear it, slut,” was the reply.

Carla spread the cum around her body in a thin layer.

“Don’t forget your face,” Robbie reminded. “Keep the cum in your hair until tomorrow too.”

His mother rubbed the cum all over her face and neck. She rubbed some into her hairline.

The next morning, Carla walked into the kitchen naked. She had lost most of the baby weight but her body still was not in shape. It would take some time. There were stretch marks on her stomach.

“I never thought of stretch marks as being sexy before,” Robbie observed.

His mother knelt in front of him and pulled his cock out. She ran her hand over his shaft and licked the head. When he came, she grinned as she sprayed the cum in her hair and face. She ran her fingers through her hair like the cum was shampoo or conditioner.

“Cum slut,” her son said.

She took his cock in her mouth to clean it and then went to make breakfast. Some cum dripped off her chin into her scrambled eggs.

“I’m back on birth control. I don’t think we need another little one so soon.”

She brought her plate with her and straddled Robbie’s lap.

“I thought you were still sore down there.”

“I am.” She took some butter off her toast with her finger and reached down to lube her ass. Carla positioned Robbie’s cock under her ass hole and began to ease down.

“Oh god, that’s tight, mom. I don’t think I can last long.”

Carla smiled and took a bite of toast. Her son was comfortably in her ass so she began to slowly bounce. Robbie latched on to one of her still swollen tits and sucked. For the first time in months, she felt her groin begin to tingle.

Robbie was right. He didn’t last long. He tensed, shot a big stream up her ass, and relaxed. Carla stood up and moved back a step. In a half crouch, she put her plate under her ass. Robbie’s cum dripped out onto her toast and scrambled eggs.

The boy wasn’t sure whether he was grossed out or aroused or both. When his mother took a bite of her cum covered toast, he was sure he was aroused.

“I still have a craving for his cum. That should have gone away weeks ago. Have I gotten addicted to his cum?” she suddenly realized.

Not only was she eating cum toast and cum eggs, she had deliberately prepared it way. She had wanted Robbie to cum in her ass so she could let it drip out onto her food. Carla shrugged and licked her fingers.

Carla stayed naked all day. That afternoon, Robbie made her get down on all fours so he could fuck her ass again. When he was done, he took an old tie of his and looped it through her mouth. He rode her like a horse, slapping her ass to make her carry him around the house. Carla whinnied when he slapped her.

“Giddyup slut,” he yelled.

Her son fucked her ass again. This time he squeezed her tits while he fucked her. He made cow noises while he milked her, “moo, mooo”, and laughed. There were two pools of milk on the floor when he was done. Robbie licked them up.

“He’s gotten good at the mechanics of sex,” Carla thought. “but this is the first time he’s done something playful. I like it.”

She thought back to her ex. She had realized early on, even before he cheated on her, that the relationship was bad. Her ex was mean. If he had milked her tits, he would have squeezed hard to make sure they hurt.

“She really is my slut,” Robbie thought in amazement. “I wonder what I can make her do?”

Like his father, Robbie wanted to take control. But Robbie was a teenage boy. Taking control was a necessary part of him becoming an adult. Carla was right. Robbie wasn’t like his father. He was gentle and playful, not mean and hurtful.

When they sat down for dinner, Robbie pointed his cock at his mother’s plate. She nodded. He stroked himself until his sperm landed on the steak, green beans, and baked potato. Carla held out a piece of garlic bread and got a coating on that as well.

“Eat it all, slut. Every single drop. Yum, yum.”

In retaliation, Carla squirted breast milk on her son’s food.

Carla smiled. She liked playing games with her son. She ate all her cum covered food and then licked the plate clean.

The next morning, Robbie fixed breakfast as Carla woke up. When she arrived in the kitchen, he told her to strip. She left her nightgown on the floor.

Her son made her get down on all fours. He walked her over to a plate on the floor. On it were cum covered eggs.

“Eat your breakfast, puppy slut, while I fuck your ass again.” Robbie had no doubt she would obey.

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