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This is the first story that I’ve written and shared with anyone. I would love any feedback, good or bad. Hopefully you enjoy and this leads to many more good stories. Thank you!

Jake walked into the restaurant and glanced around, looking for Amy.

“Just 1 tonight?” asked the hostess.

“No, I’m meeting someone, they should be…ahhh, there she is.” Jake said, seeing Amy waving at him from her table.

He walked to the table, “Hi, you are the most beautiful woman in this restaurant. Could I have the honor of joining you?”

“Sit down you nerd” Amy said, laughing.

Jake slid into the booth across from Amy and started looking at the menu. They talked briefly before their waitress stopped by and took their order. As the waitress walked away Jake looked over at Amy. She was wearing a short colorful sundress along with his favorite bra that almost made it look like her breasts were going to pop out. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, keeping it out of her bright blue eyes. He still thought she was as sexy now as when they had first met two years ago.

“You’re staring.” Jake glanced up to see Amy smiling at him.

“I can’t help it, you are sexy as hell. Too bad we’re sincan escort bayan in public.” Jake reached out and rubbed Amy’s arm lightly, then he felt her foot rubbing up his leg and onto his thigh.

Before it could go any further their food arrived. As they ate they looked into each others eyes, knowing exactly what the other was thinking about.

“Shall we get some boxes and get out of here” Jake asked, already waving down the waitress. They paid the check and then walked quickly to the car. As Jake pulled the car onto the road, Amy pulled her sundress up to show her bar, freshly shaved pussy. She began running her fingers up her thigh lightly, brushing against her clit before slowly pushing a finger inside her already wet pussy. She let out a quiet moan and glanced down at the noticeable bulge in Jake’s pants.

She pulled her finger out of her pussy and reached over, unbuckling Jake’s belt and unzipping his pants. She reached in and pulled out his semi-hard cock. She loved his cock. It seemed to be the perfect size for her and felt so warm and soft yet hard at the same time. She began to slowly stroke it as she took off her seatbelt and adjusted in her seat to bend over and start licking eryaman escort Jake’s dick from base to tip. She teased the tip with her tongue, making him twitch and push against her mouth to try and get her to take him inside. She just smiled and kept teasing. When Jake couldn’t take it anymore he took a hand off the steering wheel and placed it on the back of her head, guiding it to his dick and pushing her down until she opened her mouth and let him slide his dick in her mouth. He began guiding her head up and down his shaft, making her take more and more of his dick each time. She began moaning loudly, she loved when he took control. She reached down with one hand and began to play with her clit, rubbing it hard to bring herself to a much-desired orgasm.

Jake kept pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. He could feel his orgasm building and knew it wouldn’t be long. He loosened his grip on the back of Amy’s head and she immediately took control. She began to focus on the head of his dick. She flicked it with her tongue a few times before putting just the head into her mouth and sucking hard. As she sucked she would rub her tongue all over. The feeling it caused was immense and Jake knew he would not last etimesgut bayan escort much longer.

“Ohh, I”m going to cum baby!” he groaned, barely remembering to pay attention to the road he was driving on.

Amy sucked even harder on the head of his cock and started using her free hand to stroke his dick, her saliva providing lubrication. She stroked faster and faster and began to feel his cock begin to grow even more in her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled as she sucked one last time and that sent him over the edge. The first few spurts of cum were so powerful they shot straight down her throat. Amy pulled off so just the very tip of his cock was in her mouth and caught the rest of his cum in her mouth. She kept sucking lightly until Jake came down from his orgasm high. Then she looked him in the eyes and smiled as she swallowed. A small dribble of cum had escaped out of the side of her mouth and she scooped it up with a finger and made a show of licking it off and swallowing.

“Shit babe, that was amazing. You seriously give the best head I’ve ever had.” Jake said, still recovering from the giant orgasm he’d just had.

“You’re talking like we’re done.” Amy responding, settling back into her chair. “That was just the pre-show. Get me back to your place and we’ll start the real party.” Amy put her legs up on the dash and without looking away from him began playing with her soaking wet pussy.

Jake smiled and pushed on the gas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32