Road Trip Ch. 09: Doubley Bubbly

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AUTHOR’s NOTE: Arthur is 60, Kent 38, Rose and Renee are 18 years old. The characters are a family introduced to Literotica Readers previously in the cantos of the epic poem “O Mother Dear”.


In a flash the quartet was on the move. The men stood, hauling their shorts and jeans up, as the girls scurried around the coffee table to the bedroom. Arthur gathered the twins’ discarded clothes, shoving them out of view under the sofa cushions, and replaced, on the coffee table, the few small objects scattered by the dancing. Kent answered the door, signing for the provisions. “Just leave the cart, thanks,” he directed, “We’ll take it from here.”

Kent’s large frame prevented the smaller bellman from seeing much of 501’s interior, but, a glimpse of Rose, running past with her bra flapping and her tits bouncing, was unmistakable, if brief. “Very good, sir,” answered the bellman, pocketing his tip and discreetly reaching around to the inside doorknob.

Kent closed the door, waited for the receding footsteps to fade, then re-opened the door and brought in the roll-away table from the hall.. He smiled with wry appreciation when he saw the ‘Do Not Disturb!’ door hanger swinging on the outer doorknob. “OK, Chipmunks!” he called to the twins, using a collective term of endearment from bygone days, “It’s all clear, no one but family’s here now!”

“Oh, Daddy!” Renee said.

“Are we still your ‘chipmunks’?” asked Rose, giggling.

“Well,” answered Kent, “You have grown big and have changed with the growing, but, as far as I’m concerned, you’ll always be my ‘Li’l Chipmunks’, or at least, as long as you want to be.”

“Awwww…!” they both cried together.

“That’s so sweet!” added Renee, running to her father.

“But, Daddy,” queried Rose, grabbing Arthur’s arm and pulling him to join Renee and Kent in a group hug, “What about Uncle Art? Can’t he still pet and feed us, too?”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way,” assured Kent.

“Me either,” Arthur quickly added, pushing his right hand beneath Rose’s panties’ waist and pinching her firm bottom. “Now, let’s get at those cold cuts and bubbly. I’m starved!”

“Speaking of ‘bubbly’, Uncle Art,” Renee said, “There’s a huge Jacuzzi in the bathroom.”

“Yeah,” put in Rose, “It’s not as big as the hot tub at home, but, the four of us could still fit in it.”

“Anyway, pendik escort while we were waiting, we turned on the taps,” continued Renee.

“And it should be ready for us soon,” said Rose, pulling two champagne glasses from her dad’s hands and giving one to her sister.

“We’re all tense and sticky,” Renee concluded, “How about you? You wanna push the table to the tub and join us while we relax?”

The twins did not wait for an answer, but, clinking glasses, turned and sauntered, their hips a-sway, through the bedroom. The men, with no reason they could think of to argue, shrugged and, still smiling, pushed the service cart along behind.

At the Jacuzzi, Rose finished taking off her still dangling bra, pushed down and stepped out of her panties, and got in the water before bending over to shut off the faucets. Renee was only seconds slower to climb nude into the froth and sit. Arthur and Kent stripped, stepped inside the tub, sitting alternately behind the twins, and drew the trolley of wine, bread, cheese and meats to the edge.

Like contented campers in a canoe, they sat deep in the churning, jetting water: Kent behind Renee; Renee behind Arthur; and Arthur behind Rose. Kent lay back, stretching his legs around Renee’s bottom and pulled her waist until she was snubbed up against his groin. Renee and Arthur remained seated with their knees up. He was similarly snug against her crotch and his ribs were cuddled by her thighs with her bent knees tucked neatly underneath his arms. Rose, in the prow, turned herself around and resettled with her legs outside and astride her uncle’s and her sister’s hips and her pussy pressed against Arthur’s package. “Now, who wants something?” she asked, reaching for the sandwich tray and bumping her left breast against Arthur’s bent left knee.

Arthur drained his glass. Reaching around Rose’s head with his right arm, he set the empty flute on the cart and caught her neck in the crook of his elbow. Turning her face to his with his right hand, he brought his left hand between his chest and thigh to cup and squeeze her nearest breast. “I do,” he said, crushing his lips to hers.

“Mmmmmm,” purred Rose.

Kent, still holding onto Renee’s waist, slid his hands up her sides, past her tits, cradling her underarms in his paws. He lifted her, until her ass cleared his rising joint, escort pendik then pulled her back, lowering her onto his now stiff spike. When her cunt touched his balls, Renee bent forward at the waist. Reaching around her uncle’s broad back, she grasped his erect cock with her left hand and found Rose’s gaping twat with her right. Rose scooted herself forward to meet her sister’s fingers, but, instead, Renee stabbed her cunt with Arthur’s prong. Renee then moved her right hand further, seizing Rose’s buttocks, drawing her tight to the stake.

Water sloshed over the Jacuzzi’s rim as Kent and Arthur humped the twins. The turbulent jets swirled eddies of synergistic excitement around the conjoined cocks and cunts. The girls cried, whimpered, clawed and bit the men relentlessly pounding their stuffed pussies. Almost simultaneously, Arthur and Kent gave final deep thrusts, fiercely held the writhing twins and let loose tsunami shocks of semen within their convulsed canals.

Exhilarated, but enervated, too, the group staggered from the Jacuzzi. They had just enough stamina left to towel off and finish the food and wine before retiring to the king bed. The satisfied girls curled inward, facing each other, and fell asleep with the brothers spooned against them.

Ever an early riser, Kent woke with his dick squeezed between Rose’s thighs at the base of her butt. He carefully dislodged his left arm, trapped under her tits and between her ribs and her left arm. His luminous watch dial indicated 3 a.m. He smiled to himself, knowing his daughters could sleep even through small earthquakes. His hard cock twitched at the possibilities.

Arthur, unlike his nieces, was a light sleeper and Kent’s movement brought him awake. He raised his head from the pillow, peered over Renee’s naked right shoulder and saw his son lift a finger. “Ssshh! Don’t wake them, Dad!” Kent hissed softly.

Arthur instantly sized up the situation and felt his dick thicken where it lay vertically aligned against Renee’s ass crack. The twins slept interlaced, almost as a single unit. Golden wisps of Renee’s hair fell across both girls’ faces and waved gently as Rose exhaled. Their arms lay loose about each other’s shoulders, but, their breasts were compressed and Rose’s right nipple was embedded in Renee’s left areole. The twins’ hips and bottoms, however, were naturally separated pendik escort bayan as their bent knees met and meshed, each creating a gap in their thighs running up to the creases of their cunts.

Arthur and Kent carefully pulled their own hips back from the girls’ bottoms and inched themselves downward. Each man used a free hand to bring his throbbing cock to the backdoor of the closest twin. With their knobs softly pressed against the sisters’ rosebuds, Kent and Arthur fingered their slits. Moving lightly enough not to wake them, and heavily enough to arouse their pussies’ juice factories, the men easily slid in and out. Soon, Renee and Rose were slippery and, even in their sleep, pushed their bottoms back against the intruding fingers.

Kent and Arthur replaced their fingers with their mushrooms and stuck their lubricated digits into the outer recesses of the girls’ virgin sphincters. Still moving their dicks in and out of the cunts, but only an inch or so and not fast, the brothers kept widening and deepening their anal penetration by first, one, and then, two, and, at last, three fingers. When each twin was holding three fingers two knuckles deep in her ass, father and son slowly pushed their tumescent cocks fully into the tight, slick, teen pussies. There they rested, allowing Rose and Renee to naturally anoint the shafts with automatic responsive contractions.

Still cautious, Kent and Arthur pulled out of the dripping cunts without alarming the slumbering twins. Resetting their ramrods at the open glistening assholes, they steadily pushed past the pink rims, over their own helmets, and into the channels. Inexorably and slow they pressed until each man’s nutsack was flat against the taut cheeks of a twin’s ass.

Fully impaled, Rose and Renee woke. their pussies dripped freely, their nipples tingled, and they were unable to keep their pelvic muscles still. Kent and Arthur began now to rhythmically pull and thrust their cocks inside Renee’s and Rose’s rectums.

Grunting under the pressure and moaning with pleasure, the twins clasped each other tightly and kissed. Passionately they probed each other’s mouths with their tongues and nipped each other’s lips with their teeth.

Kent and Arthur increased their speed and depth and the girls clenched their anuses, grabbing, holding, asking the cocks to tarry longer. At last, the men accepted their begging invitations and shoved home, erupting and dissolving. Rose and Renee screamed ecstatically, “OH MY GOD! OH! OHMYGOD!” as their own orgasms rolled through their shuddering bodies, curling their toes.

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