Rice Queens

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My boyfriend for almost 6 years surprised me a delectable dinner when I arrived home. I felt guilty since I am the cook on this relationship and he was trying to convey something. It was not our anniversary nor my birthday so I was in a mystery mode on why he was super nice and making dinner.

After I kiss and grope him, he took my bag and jacket and ushered me to my seat. It was even a candle lit dinner and I can see the salad was already plated. As I was admiring him, the dying romance we have was now somewhat revived. I don’t even recall the last time we have sex, was it last week or maybe a week before that? We both work so hard on where we are currently, to stay in a 2 bedroom condo in the downtown Salt Lake City, I work for a marketing firm where we handle TV advertisement for cable companies while my sexy boyfriend just finished his degree in physical science and working as an exercise trainer and sports consultant for physical therapy.

My name is Jose, a 2nd generation Asian descent from San Francisco, California. I’m not bad looking, 28 years old, toned, 5’ 10” tall, wavy hair, brown complexion and an ass you can serve salad with. My hunky boyfriend is Mark from Boston who went to University of Utah for his course and instead of going back home, he decided to stay here with me to be my sex slave, literally. He is what you call a rice queen and love anything Asian. He is about 6’ 3” tall, 27 years old, well-built and muscles to lick, red hair, a cute freckles and dimples that can make my knees weak.

As we were devouring our delicious dinner, he saw my questionable face and stop me immediately. He said that he can ask me anything after our desert. As I was licking the spoon for peach cobbler, he moved his seat from across the table next to mine. He held my hand and I started to panic, is he going to propose? He immediately stated that our relationship is going south, mostly work and no more fun and he wants to have the spark we have when we started dating. Suddenly the drank me, dancing on a table just reappeared in my senses and I went back to my boyfriend eyes as I held his hand firmly. I told him that we were young, we partied too much and we were broke. He laugh with me and he totally agreed but what he was proposing if we can make our relationship ignite again. He was chatting with another gay couple if we were in an open relationship and he knows that we are monogamous and never tried three some or orgy before. He was asking if we try to play with other guys. My heart sank and I thought this is the beginning to end our relationship and he saw my shock face. He immediately kiss me and retracted his offer. I stopped him and inquire if he is not satisfied with our relationship, he quickly answered that he is happy, sex life is so and so but everything is going to what we were planning. He is starting to appreciate and would like to try sex in different forms and style while he really wants to go to his adventure with me. I appreciate his candid and I totally agree with him since our sex life was boring and I don’t know how we survive for the past years doing vanilla sex. So Mark grab me and ushered me to my work desk while he was logging in to our home computer and showing me the pictures of the couple he was chatting, They are not bad looking, they are also like us, inter-racial with Asian and Caucasian couple. Mark pointed out Daben who is the white guy who is also the guy he worked with and then he pointed out Kenta his boyfriend. He also showed my picture to Daben and jokingly said to eat me alive since Daben is also another rice queen. My manhood just sprung up and made a tent to my khakis while Mark just noticed it and start massaging it. I gave him a little nibble on his ear lobe and he sprang back up as I know he is ticklish on that area. He polatlı escort then teased me if I’m ready for the 2nd desert and I just removed my clothing while Mark quickly removed his. As we were passionately making out and heading to our bed, Mark said that I really like Daben but I hush him and told him that I got aroused after he mentioned that he wants to eat me meaning someone out there likes me too. And I teased him that he really want to play with Kenta, another gay Asian he can have sex with. He didn’t object but instead he push me to the bed and start playing with my 6 inches cock. He was sucking it until it was really hard while I was holding tight to his earlobes as I fuck his face. He really liked it and he knows that I enjoy it. As he climbed to the bed with me and sat on my chest, he pointed his 8 inches cock and ordered me to suck on it. I did not wait and slurped it like a hungry child toying his lollipop. He started to moan while I was tweaking his nipples and massaging his man breast. I pushed him on his back and now I’m on the top of him continuing my slurping sounds and I work my finger to his hungry mouth as he was sucking my fingers. As he made my fingers wet, I started fingering his ass and found his g-spot. He started to swear and made me stop since he is starting to get close. Before, I never listened to him and continue with it while I ate his cum but this time, I stopped and look at him with his hungry look. He grab me and start making out again as he positioned himself on top of me. He found my hard cock and he sat on it with his lubed up asshole. I was enjoying the sensation since I only fuck Mark when he is in the mood and that is very rare. So I fuck him good while I was massaging his chest and then a canon of white goo hit me on my face as a chain of sperm keep bursting on my chest while I started to feel the peak of my dick and shoot inside of him. He collapsed on the top of me and I kiss him passionately as we were sharing his liquid love on both of our chest.

After we clean ourselves, he ask me politely on how are we going to do this new adventure. I told him that we will go slow, maybe invite both of them to dinner and let’s see what happens. I can see that he was stoked and excited that he kiss my shoulder and cannot wait for this new chapter in our relationship.

The next weekend came and I texted to remind Mark about our dinner party with our future fuck buddies. He responded in seconds saying Daben cannot wait to meet me and enjoy the night. I noticed that I got a semi hard on after reading that text. So I hurried to go back to my car after shopping some ingredients in a local grocery store. I’m making some chicken tikka masala with naan and basmati rice and for desert, we are having chocolate covered strawberries to tease and ease the moment of our first party.

Three of them came on time since Mark and Daben work late while Kenta pick them up from work. We did our pleasantries and I kissed my boyfriend. He winked at me and grab my semi hard on asking if dinner was ready. I showed them to the table and Kenta was so surprised since he loves curry, I did not correct him but instead I smiled and glad that I made what he likes. I opened some beers and we started eating our dinner. Daben jokingly stated if I put some love potion on the food since he feels horny and we all just laugh and saw Kenta winking at me in agreement. Mark was having a fun time and I really enjoyed both of their company. As I presented the desert, Mark just wowed and Daben’s eye pops wide open as I start shaking a canister of homemade whipped cream. Mark punched Daben telling him to go shower with him first since both of them are a little sweaty from work and told us that they will be back and freshen up. Both of them use pursaklar escort our shower at the same time while Kenta and I left alone in the dining area. I ask Kenta if he have chocolate strawberries before and he explained that he have strawberries before but not dipped in chocolates. So I ask him to have some while I put some whipped cream on his plate. He took a bite and dipped some more to the whipped cream, he agreed for some approval and telling me that he loves it. So both of us were enjoying our desert when Kenta ask me if I have shaved pubes to which I was close on choking to my surprise. I answered no and just explained it is trimmed, I even offered to show him if he is really curious. He nodded and I stand up, showing him half of my loose pants with underwear on. He then touched my pubes and he started to sniff them while I gave him full access to my junk. As he was sniffing it, he started to lick it and start massaging my half hard on. I grab him and ushered him to our living room area to have more space than our dining area. He followed me and he start undressing himself to which I loosened my pants, dropped them and sat down in our couch.

Both Kenta and I started to make out while he was stroking his cock, to my surprise, he is packing a huge boner probably an 8 inches then he moved from my lips to my cock and start slurping it as he was beating off his dick. I really want to taste his cock but the other guys just showed up on their birthday suits as they towel off themselves. Kenta did not stop and I was ignoring both of them as Daben started to whistle on agreement on what he is witnessing and Mark came from my back and start making out with me. Daben ask Kenta to share as he started to lick my balls and my taint while Kenta was busy sucking me off. After I signaled Mark to head up to Kenta, he obliged and gave me a huge smile. Mark suck off Kenta and I was so turned on just watching him while Kenta stop sucking me off and enjoying his tool getting serviced. Daben on the other hand started to kiss my dick then tongue my belly button and he started to make out with me while he was poking his hard dick to my taint and while I was busy tongue wrestling with Daben, Kenta and Mark are now in 69 on the floor. I smirked and Daben slapped Kenta’s ass as I continue to watch them. As I giggled, Daben smiled and we start to make out again as he was fingering my hole. I know immediately that he wants to fuck me so I let him play my ass for a while then he moved from my lips to my cock again and I spread my legs so that he can work both my ass and my cock. Kenta stood up, grab a small bottle from his pants and uncorked it, he started to inhale from it while Mark and I looking at Kenta in our curious look what it is about. As Daben saw us, he started to make a small laugh asking if we have poppers before. So both Mark and I just look at him blank and I shake my head for disapproval. Daben signaled Kenta to come over and he wants me to try it. So Kenta kneeled in front of me and he uncorked the bottle and put on my nostril while he covered the other. I imitated him and took a deep inhale and he told me again to do it on the other nostril to which I obliged. I immediately become hot and a sudden euphoric sensation that I hastily grabbed Kenta, we were making out again but this time, it was like I want to taste him, every bit of him and I was so horny that I grabbed his dick and pointed it to my lubed and opened ass. He didn’t object and he fuck me and I feel like I never got fucked this good before. I believe the poppers is making me go wild and I’m loving it. As Kenta was fucking me, Mark stood between us and shoved his ass to my face while Kenta started sucking him off. I didn’t think twice and I started to tongue my boyfriend’s love hole. I ankara escort stopped and I don’t want Daben to be left alone but instead I saw him fucking his boyfriend as his boyfriend fucking me. It was a picture perfect if someone took our hot session.

My head calm down from a foggy senses and I felt Kenta’s huge dick plowing me hard while I was eating my boyfriend’s ass. Then Mark left us and Daben is telling Mark to fuck his boyfriend. He didn’t took long and he plowed Kenta’s ass, he was fucking Kenta so hard that Kenta and him detached from my ass, pushed Daben on the floor and Kenta was sitting it aggressively. It seems Mark was inhaling also the poppers as he was fucking Kenta and his pal Daben showed him how to do it. As I watch them, Daben ask if I want some poppers and I nodded with glee. After the 2nd round of euphoria, I grabbed Daben and told him to fuck me hard. He did not waste time and he shoved his hard cock to my wet and hungry hole. We were making out while he was fucking me and then he grabbed me by my armpits and back told me to hang on and lifted me up as he stood up while he was still fucking me. It was a very good sensation but it did not last long since he ask me if he can sit down instead. I went down from his grasp and he sat down to where I was sitting before. Instead, Kenta grabbed me while he was sitting at my boyfriend’s cock and he grabbed my cock to suck on it. I don’t want Daben to be left alone so I waved at him to come over, he walk by my back side and grab his cock to show my open ass. Instead he whispered to my ear and told me to fuck him. He then went back to the couch ass up and I left Kenta and my boyfriend on the floor to satisfy someone’s wish. I started to eat Daben’s ass and he was already poppered up, I stood up and fuck his wet ass to satisfaction. He gave me the bottle and I opened it, sniffed and gave it back to him. Fucking him was another level of sensation that he stopped me for fucking him so hard, I apologized and told him I didn’t even noticed how hard I was fucking him. So he changed position, he lay down on his back on the couch while I grabbed his legs to my shoulder and slowly fucking him. At this time, Kenta is now fucking my boyfriend in a doggy position and he was begging if he can have some poppers. I grab it from Daben and handed it over to Kenta who is close to me. Kenta took a long sniff and offered it also to Mark. At this time, I can feel Daben’s ass getting tighter as he was beating off his tool. I ask him if he is getting close as he nodded, so I try to fuck and suck him at the same time but when he came, I hungrily slurped it all up and sucking him off until he was shaking from sensitivity. As I sat down next to Daben and beating my tool, watching my boyfriend getting fucked was a good view to beat off. So I walk towards them and Kenta was opening his mouth as an invitation to suck me off while he was fucking my boyfriend. So I was beating my tool while Kenta was licking the head of my dick. Then I told Kenta to get ready but instead he stop fucking my boyfriend and swallowed all of my love juices until I became soft.

I sat down next to Daben while Kenta and Mark stopped fucking as they are watching us. I ask Mark if everything is ok and if he came. He smiled and answered that he came twice. To my surprise, I didn’t even know that he came and Kenta also came twice as well. So they were just fucking for entertainment afterwards. I crawled to my boyfriend and passionately gave him a kiss, to thank him and I thanked Daben and Kenta for an amazing night. Mark brought up the attention to the poppers and ask Daben where did he purchased it. Instead, he teased us that he will gift us some on our next encounter and maybe will try something else next time other than poppers. Mark look at me and I gave him a reassuring smile and wink at him.

Kenta ask if there are more of the curry because it gave him an appetite after our sex escapade. I showed him back to the kitchen and we all ended up eating again but this time, we are all naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32