Revelation 07 – Wednesday

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Female Ejaculation

Dear Readers,

Please note that the underlying theme of this series is adult incest. While each chapter varies as to the category of sex scenes contained, this series will continue to be reflected in the INCEST category.



Previous chapters in order of publication:

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“I missed you yesterday. Did you and Karen have fun?” Mom and I were standing on the deck with our arms around each other and sipping coffee.

“Well, it was certainly an interesting day.”

“I’ll bet. You two seem to have nothing but interesting days,” she chuckled.

“Well, yeah, but this one was a little MORE interesting.”

“Really, how so?” We sat down at the table facing each other with Mom waiting for the details.

“Do you remember Sarah, Frank and Helen’s oldest daughter, the one that spends a lot of time at our house playing video games and talking with Karen?”


“Well she saw Karen and me giving Maria and Louise massages.”

“Oh, really?” as she took a sip of her coffee.

“Yeah, and not only that, she saw us from inside the house. Actually, she was standing watching from the kitchen doorway.”

“Oh, damn! How did she get in….oh, that’s right, she has the key. No one saw her standing there? How much and what did she see?”

“She saw enough. Not any overt sex but enough that she could start a lot of rumors and gossip. The only ones naked were Maria and Louise lying face down on the massage tables Karen and I were still dressed.”

Kate walked through the door onto the deck carrying a tray with the coffee pot, cream and sugar and her coffee cup.

“Morning all. Getting an early start I see. Seems funny for all of us to be sitting out here dressed.” She sat down. “I guess Karen told you that the cleaning crew comes in this morning. By the way, where is my little girl?” She refilled our cups then filled hers.

“When she woke me up she said something about going to Stiles and that the cleaners were coming and I needed to be dressed.” I took another sip of coffee. “No sticky buns?”

“You don’t need them. Hush.”

Kate asked, “Why would she be going to Stiles? Did she say anything to you about going to Stiles, Josie? No? Stiles doesn’t open until 10:00, what time did she leave?”

Turning to Kate Mom said, “Ken was telling me that they had a visitor yesterday. The young daughter of a neighbor was inside the house and saw them.”

“Oh, no kidding?”

“She is not ‘young’ young. She’s 18, thank God!”

“She looks a lot younger than that.”

“Not when she’s naked!”

“Oh, no. You two didn’t get her involved did you? Please tell me that you didn’t recruit another person into your sordid lifestyle! Is she cute?” Mom smacked Kate on the arm.

“Yeh, she’s cute. Not a raving beauty but cute. We like her.”

Kate smiled and took another sip of coffee, leaned back and said, “So, tell us what happened. Exactly how much did you ‘like her’?”

I spent the next half-hour or so telling them all about yesterday and Sarah’s involvement.

“Karen is something else. She never misses a chance does she?” Mom looked at Kate shaking her head. “Like mother, like daughter. Always horny!”

Kate laughed and retorted, “You should talk! Your son has promised to become the girl’s ‘first’. Maybe we should rent him out as a gigolo after all he is acquiring quite a harem. Let’s see, The Stud Who Deflowers Young Virgins. We could put that on his business card.”

I replied, “Well, it’s catchy but I don’t see any real profit in it, after all, there is no repeat business.” That brought a chuckle.

“Well, let us just hope that Sarah has enough sense to keep quiet. Do you think she will?”

“I think so, I hope so, only time will tell.”

“New subject, your aunt Jill arrives tomorrow and since you and Karen are staying the rest of the week we have to decide where she’ll be sleeping. How about you and Karen moving into the suite in the pool house? You would have more privacy there and we could let Jill have your suite. In actuality the pool house suite is nicer than the one you’re in now but I don’t want to put Jill there because she might feel as if we were…I don’t know, avoiding her, or whatever and right now she really needs our support.”

“No problem. It’s fine with me and I know Karen won’t mind either. When she gets back we can move our stuff and the cleaning crew can give the suite a good cleaning.”

“Good, that’s settled. Thank you. Now, how about some breakfast? Anybody hungry?

“How about I cook breakfast for my two favorite ladies? Whatever you would like.”


Mom shook her head, “No Kate, not ‘whatever’, just breakfast, a regular breakfast.”

“Well, looks like that is the best offer pendik escort I’ll get this morning, so I accept.”

About the time we came through the patio doors Karen came in the lounge from the front. The first thing I noticed was her hair which was much shorter and now had these blond streaks in it.

“Hey, Babe, what did you do to your hair?”

“Like it? I decided to try it shorter and I had it highlighted.”

“I like it. Looks nice but I thought you said you were going shopping?


“Yeah, you said you were going to Stiles.”

“No, Dufus, what I said was I was going to the ‘sylist’. Shaking her head she looked at Mom and Kate, “If you ever need to leave a message with him when he first wakes up you had better write it down and leave it on the mirror in the bathroom otherwise God only knows what he will think he heard.”

Mom and Kate commented on Karen’s new hairdo while I was getting breakfast ready. With the omelets ready I put the food on the table and sat down and we began to eat.

Karen put her hand on my arm, “Oh, by the way Ken, Frieda said to say hi and she sends her love!”

For a second or two it didn’t register that she was talking to me and when it did register I intelligently responded, “Frieda? Frieda said hi? Where did you see Frieda?”

“Why, she was the one who styled my hair. Your Mom keeps raving about how well Frieda does her hair. And I have to admit she did a really nice job. I may just start going to Frieda on a regular basis.”

Mom and Kate looked at each other with grins. Me, I was confused and I had a feeling I was not sure I liked this at all. I had avoided Frieda successfully for years, why was Karen starting something up again?

While I was trying to figure out why Karen would now start going to Frieda instead of her regular stylist, the doorbell sounded and Kate went to answer it. When she came back she had three people with her, a woman in her 40’s, a girl in her late teens or early 20’s and another girl in her mid-teens. “Ken, Karen this is Barbara, Ann and Kali. Ladies this is my daughter Karen and her husband Ken. Ken is Josie’s son.”

We all said hello and Kate offered them coffee which they declined and then she gave her instructions to Barbara and they all left to do their jobs. “Kate, what happened to, what was her name, Chantelle, wasn’t she your cleaner?”

“Chantelle decided to retire early and Barbara and her husband bought the cleaning company. Now Barbara runs the company. She has 5 different crews working but she handles my account personally. Ann and Kali are her nieces that work with her during the summer. Actually, I like the job she does better than Chantelle did. Toward the end, Chantelle just wasn’t doing that good a job. I might just give Barbara the contract on my lawn and ground services too. You should see her son, hubba hubba!”

She had been so serious and business like until the ‘hubba hubba’ that the incongruity just broke us up and we were all laughing. When I got my breath back I told Karen about the change in sleeping arrangements and we went upstairs to move our stuff.

We came out of the pool house after moving the last of our things to find Mom and Kate on the deck relaxing in loungers. We walked over and sat down. Kate looked at us and said, “I was telling Josie that it would be nice to have a pool party this weekend to celebrate Jill’s coming to visit. Who should we invite?”

Mom said, “Well, that depends on the type of pool party you intend to have. I don’t think that Jill is anywhere near ready for one of your ‘more exciting’ pool parties!”

“No, I was thinking we could invite some close friends and just hang out and let Jill meet some people. If she stays cooped up in this house while she is here it won’t do her any good at all. She needs to feel like this is a vacation and not some psycho-babble session.”

Mom smacked Kate on the arm. “I’ll psycho-babble you! She needs to talk out whatever is bothering her and that is not psycho-babble.” Mom can be very protective of her field of study.

“True, she does need to talk it out and she can do that but she also needs to free up a little, to relax and put her problems on the back burner for a little too.”

“If I leave it up to you you would have her going to Carter’s beach and getting laid this weekend.” Carter’s is the local nudist camp with a private beach that we sometime visit. Carter’s has a regular clientele that spends anywhere from one week to the whole summer at the camp. Carter’s also has several cabins that are reserved for the last-minute one-day, two-day and long weekend campers who show up without reservations. These cabins are known as the ‘love cabins’ for people who show up and make a connection and need a place to have a little fun away from the wife or hubby or kids.

Kate replied, “Actually, I think a trip to Carter’s might be good for all of us, including Jill. But, I doubt that will happen. So, let’s have a pool party here and invite those people that Jill would feel comfortable around. I think escort pendik the first party should be just girls. We’ll just hang out, talk, have some wine, some good food and let her relax.” Kate looked at me, “You, you can go hang out with the boys or go play golf or something like that. Sorry, baby but this party is just for us girls….this time!”

“Fine, I don’t mind, I know when I’m not wanted.” I tried to look insulted, rejected and despondent all at one time.

The three of them just looked at me and shook their heads. I don’t think I carried it off very well.

For a few minutes they just sat there thinking about whom they would invite. Mom said, “I agree. If we had couples then Jill would feel like a fifth wheel. If it is all girls then Jill would be more relaxed. Okay, so who should we invite?”

Mom, Karen and Kate were going over names of people that they might invite. I got up and started back into the house to get myself another cup of coffee and remembered the video I shot yesterday. I went back to the pool house, picked up the camera, removed the video card and, grabbing a cup of coffee on the way, took it to Kate’s office to plug it into the computer and downloading the video.

The video was not bad. Not as good as it would have been if I had remembered to use the remote control I put on the shelf under the massage table. It is possible I might have gotten some really nice close ups of Sarah eating her first pussy. Watching the video I decided to take my shorts off, sit back down and have a little fun while watching it.

There are three L-shaped computer desks aligned next to each other in the office. When sitting at the desks your back is to the wall between Kate’s office and the studio. This is essentially a glass wall of break-resistant acoustically soundproofed glass lightly coated with a polarized green reflective film.

The wall allows anyone in the office to observe what is taking place in the studio and, if you are standing close to it on the studio side, you can also see into the office. Kate will often observe a shoot from the office. The film’s primary purpose is to add to the ambient lighting in the studio and prevent lighting from within the office interfering with lighting conditions in the studio during filming. On the studio side there is a heavy green curtain running the length of the wall that can be drawn to isolate the studio from the office. On the office side there are 3 sets of hanging vertical blinds to isolate the office from the studio.

It never entered my mind to check the blinds when I sat down and started to transfer and view the video. While the blinds in the office and the curtain in the studio are normally kept open I had noticed that the blinds in the office had been drawn when I came in but I had not thought to double check them to make sure they were closed all the way I was just interested in seeing the video. You know how it is with either vertical or horizontal slat blinds, they can appear to be closed yet if you are standing in the right position you can still see through them quite easily.

I didn’t know at the time that Kate had told Barbara to make sure that the studio was clean and straightened up because she was going to be starting a shoot on Thursday. Barbara had given that job to Ann and Kali to take care of. When I went into the office Kali was in the studio starting to clean up while waiting for Ann to finish another job and come and help her. Evidently, while cleaning close to the wall she noticed that the lights had come on in the office and with a teenager’s natural curiosity she decided to find out why.

So, here I was, back to the wall, video of our little massage and sex session on the 23-inch monitor, shorts off and playing with myself. When Kali walked up to the wall and looked in through the blinds all that she could see was me sitting at the computer and a little of what was shown on the monitor. Realizing that this was something that she wanted to see more of she found a position that would let her see the monitor and, although she couldn’t actually see me beating my meat, she could pretty well tell what I was doing.

When the video finished transferring to the computer I decided to watch it again and do some editing of the video. In the meantime, Ann had arrived to help Kali. Kali brought her over to show her what she had been watching and the two of them found good spots to watch what was going on. Shortly after starting the video for the second time the intercom sounded, it was Karen looking for me. I told her I was in the office but, since it was on system wide send, did not tell her why. I did invite her to join me in the office.

Several minutes later Karen came in and walked over to where I was sitting. She looked at the screen and then at me sitting naked with a hardon watching the video. “Oh, goody, I’m glad you remembered that.” She reached over and took a chair from the other computer desk, rolled it over and began to sit down. She paused for a second and, as she was sitting down, put her hand on my shoulder and said. pendik escort bayan “Don’t react and don’t turn around but we are being watched from the studio.”

I instinctively started to look around but Karen squeezed my shoulder and said, “Keep watching the video and don’t turn around. Someone is in the studio and watching us through the window. I saw movement when I went to get the chair. It appears our cleaning crew is more interested in what you have been doing than in cleaning. At least they can’t hear what we are saying but I don’t want them to know that we know they are there.”

“Shit, have they been the whole time?”

“I don’t know but it looks like you were giving them an eyeful and they probably enjoyed watching the video and you playing with yourself.”

“Well, I guess we should just wrap this up right now.”

“Not necessarily. I think I might just like to let them have some more fun.”

“Karen, what are you going to do? We don’t know these people. This could cause us problems.”

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t think whoever it is will say anything about what they see because they could be fired by Kate and lose the contract. I think they will just keep their mouths shut. Besides, it isn’t Barbara because she is upstairs cleaning the lounge. It is either Ann or Kali or maybe both of them.”

“You want to show off don’t you? You want to get your kicks knowing that some teenie-boppers are watching you.”

“You got it, Studley. Let’s fuck!”

I admit that I was getting more aroused thinking that one or both of the girls were watching and going to see Karen and I fuck. For some perverse reason, the thought that it might be Kali made me even hotter.

“Okay, it might be fun after all. Let’s go over to the couch.”

“No, too far away. We’ll do it right here. Just follow my lead and DO NOT look at the window. For a change just look at me! We don’t want them to know we know they are watching, this has to look spontaneous.”

Karen slid her chair back and stood up. She turned my chair so that I was now sitting sideways to the window. She slowly started to strip taking her time and making it very sexy while I continued to play with myself and the video continued to run. When she was nude she reached up and cupped her tits and played with her nipples. Then she spread her legs and put her hands down and spread her pussy open for me to see the pink. After giving me a glimpse of heaven and letting the order of fresh pussy reach my nostrils, she knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her hand and never taking her eyes from mine she slowly stroked me and, from time to time, leaned in and licked the head.

She played with me like that for a few minutes then dropped her head and took me into her mouth almost all the way. Karen does a very creditable job of deep throating but I have to admit that it is not my favorite oral technique. I much prefer it when she takes me in a few inches and slowly slides her lips up and down from the crown to about 5 or 6 inches and sucks. When she does that it takes her very little time to make me cum.

She pulled her head back and looked up at me and asked, “How am I doing? Would you like to cum in my mouth or in my pussy or in my ass, your choice.”

Before I could answer she said, “In my mouth! But, before you cum in my mouth I want to feel you in my pussy. Okay with you, Studley?”

I smiled and nodded my head.

Karen got up and leaned down for a kiss while stroking my cock. “But first, I would like to have your tongue in my pussy. Eat me!”

Karen backed up and sat down on the computer desk spreading her legs wide. I could only imagine the picture the voyeurs were getting of all this. She leaned back and crooked her finger at me in a ‘come hither’ sign. I got up off the chair and dropped to my knees in front of her and began doing as she bade me.

Karen held her pussy open for me so I could concentrate on doing the two things she likes the most, sucking on her clit and finger fucking her then tonguing her pussy while buggering her ass with my finger. She must have been hornier than I thought because in a much shorter time than normal she reached out and pulled my head and face in tight against her pussy and started to cum. She had her legs straight out in the air, my face so tight against her I could hardly breath and her pussy had clamped down on my fingers and I couldn’t move them. If she didn’t finish cummin soon I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. I think the knowledge that strangers were watching all of this had something to do with her horniness.

When she had finished and was relaxing I was trying to loosen the kink in my neck. She sat up and looked at me and smiled. “Wow, that was a good one, quick, but good! Now, let’s see if that lovely cock of yours can do the same thing. I want it hard and fast and don’t you dare cum in me, I want our watchers to get a good view of your cock fountain.” She rolled over and slid down until her feet were widely spread on the floor and her upper body was lying on the computer desk. She reached back and spread her buttocks so that there were two inviting targets from which to choose. But, since she had specified pussy, I had no choice but to step up and slowly insert myself into that orifice.

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