Revealing the Kinks Pt. 02

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This story contains cuckold, bi fantasy, lesbian and sharing themes.

After our ‘quiet night in’, where I’d, almost inadvertently, revealed my cuckold and sharing fantasies to my girlfriend, it had become a little favorite fantasy during our time in the bedroom (and the living room, and the kitchen, and the office, and the car…)

Our sex was still amazing, she’d still cum over and over during our ‘normal’ sex, although we tend to lean more towards ropes and spanking even in our most vanilla sessions. I would still go down on her every time, she would ride me with my back against the headboard, I’d pound her into the mattress, but every couple of times, she’d throw a curve ball, right in the middle of things.

This time, I had her face up against the wall, my cock deep inside her, long, hard strokes pushing her closer and closer, I could feel her body building up tension, just waiting for release.

“Baby, that’s so fucking good, oh fuck, fuck me hard baby…” she was moaning into her arm, holding herself up, her feet up on her tip-toes as I drove home every thrust.

“Ooooh… fuck… I love your big cock… uh… it’s so much bigger than my boyfriend’s…” she turned slightly and shot me a sly smile. I slowed down a little, my other brain making it hard for the main one to catch up, but then I got it. I grinned back, and pounded into her, hard and fast, shoving her head back towards the wall.

“Oh God, oh fuck, daddy! You’re so big, so good! I wish my boyfriend fucked me like this, I love your big, hard cock!” she was shouting it out, slamming her big, beautiful ass back into me, really getting herself into the fantasy.

“Yeah, you like that you dirty little slut!” I even pitched my voice down, getting as much realism into the fantasy as possible.

“You love cumming on my big dick, your boyfriend got nothing on me, I’m going to make you cream on my dick and send you home to him with my load in your tight, little cunt!”

“Oh Goooood!” She screamed, and her legs almost buckled beneath her, I had to throw my arm under her waist to catch her.

As she came down from her orgasm, still kneeling on the floor facing the wall, she turned to look at me.

“Ok, I like it when you talk like that…” she smiled.

“I know,” I grinned back “And I love making you cum with that talk. But… uh…” and I waggled my still rock hard cock at her.

“Oh, you want to cum?” she said, coming over all coy “You want to actually cum, with your girlfriend?”

“That would be nice…” I started slowly pumping my dick. I was pretty close when she came, it wasn’t going to take much.

“Well, your girlfriend isn’t here, didn’t you hear? She’s over at another guy’s house, getting the fucking of her life…” she turned and sat back, gently rubbing her clit.

“I’m getting a pussy full of cum to bring back to you…”

“Oh fuck, Tess…” I sped up, jacking my dick right in her face.

“I’m on my knees, slobbering over that big cock, waiting for it spurt all over my face, and you know what I’m going to do after it does?” she kept rubbing her slit, getting faster.

“Fuck, what baby, what are you gonna do…” I was hammering away at my poor cock now, just waiting for what she was going to say next.

“I’m going to leave, with his cum all over my face, and walk back here, letting everyone I meet know that I’m a dirty little slut who fucks other men! I’m going to walk in here and have you lick it off!”

I erupted all over her face and tits, just as she squeaked and came herself from her own dirty talk. I have never cum so much, and it dripped off her chin into her heaving cleavage, running a line down between her tits.

“Fuck honey, that was hot…” I moaned, sitting back onto the bed, totally spent.

“Ah ah! You’re not done!” she said, standing up and jumping on top of me “I’m dirty! Clean me up…”

With that, she smothered my face with her cum covered tits, wiping them all over my face. Without even being asked, I stuck my tongue out and started licking up my own cum, cleaning her big, beautiful breasts to a spit-shine.

“Good boy.” She said, and levered herself off me, grabbing a towel. I was half hard again just watching her body move.

As she was drying herself off, her phone started ringing. I grabbed it and threw it over to her, just noticing the name as I did.

“It’s Alice?” I said as I threw it.

“Oh! Great, I was meaning to call her!” and she left the room, answering “Hey! Alice! Are you free this weekend?” I watched her ass leave.

I lay there in a post-orgasmic bliss, not wanting or needing to move, my dick in the beautiful half-hard state of just-cum-but-still-horny. I started playing with it as I thought of Tess’ friend.

Alice was a friend of hers from college. They’d studied art together, and hadn’t really spoken much since they’d graduated, but she spoke about her now and again, saying they’d been close, and she wished she’d kept in contact. She had said before that she wanted to reconnect, maltepe escort and it seems as though she had. I’d never met Alice, but I’d seen pictures, and the thought of Tess and Alice together had been the source of many a late-night fantasy…

Alice was tall, dark and stunning. Short black hair, thick lips and a great rack. Proper hourglass figure too, and although it didn’t feature prominently on her social media profiles, I could tell she had a damn fine ass.

Just as I was coming to full hardness, reliving a tried and true lesbian fantasy in my head, Tess came back in, still naked, and slithered on top of me.

“What are you getting excited for…?” she purred, grabbing my cock away from me and continuing the stroking herself.

“Just seeing your gorgeous body gets me hard.” I smirked at her.

“Hmm, good answer… but I don’t have time for another round big boy! I’m going to go meet Alice for dinner!” and she gave my dick a little slap as she got up.

She seemed genuinely excited about seeing her old friend again.

She left to get ready, and I decided to give little Jack a break.


Later, Tess came into the living room dressed to kill. Make up and hair all done, tight, figure hugging black dress, way above the knees, and her big tits barely contained. Finished off with my personal favorites, some sheer black stockings and a pair of strappy high-heels.

“Damn…” was all I could say.

“Not for you!” she stuck her tongue out on her way to the door, “All for Alice! Need to make a good impression, haven’t seen her in years!”

“Well, lucky her!” I was staring at her ass now, that dress doing nothing to hide the curves.

“In your dreams baby…” she winked, “Don’t wait up! We’ll be late!”

With that, she slammed the door and jumped into her taxi, off to meet her friend, leaving me with a rising tent in my shorts.


Hours later, and I woke up to a rattling at the front door. The unmistakable sound of somebody drunk off their ass trying to get in. I groggily got up and padded down the hall in my boxers, still half asleep. Just as I got to the door, Tess stumbled in, slamming the door into the wall and nearly going down on her face.

“Babaaaaay!” She screamed, “You getting naked for meeee?” she pouted at me, still hanging off the door handle.

“Only if you shut the door!” I laughed.

“Ooooh can’t yet, waiting for Alice!” She whispered, “She came back with me! She’s sooooo hot! Don’t fuck her!” She pointed at me and squinted playfully with that last part.

Alice walked, or fell, through the door a second later, landing sprawled on the floor right in the hall. I stepped over her and shut the door.

“You must be Alice,” I smirked down at her “Pleasure.”

“Ah Jackie boy!” she slurred, “He is cute!” she looked over to Tess, who was halfway through pulling her dress over her head. I blinked. Was she naked under the dress when she left…?

“Uh… honey?” I started, “where are your panties?”

“Shhhhh!” she hissed, coming back to a conspiratorial distance. “I didn’t wear any out!” She whispered, then shot off down the hall giggling. wearing only her stockings.

I started laughing, then looked back at Alice, who was slowly getting to her feet. I got a fairly ample view of her cleavage as she got up, and took in the rest of her too. She was taller than I first realized, with a short bob of black hair, and the fullest pink lips. I knew her body type from perving on her socials, but in person she was a knockout.

“So, need a hand? I’m guessing you’re staying with us?” I said, holding out my hand.

“Hmm, I’ll give you a hand…” she purred, then started laughing, and straightened up quickly. “I’m not as drunk as I made out, that was for Tess’ benefit.

“Uh… ok? Why were you pretending to be drunk?” I asked, puzzled.

“Because Tess wouldn’t have been up for this if she thought I was sober…” she said simply, then followed Tess down the hall.

I stood there half naked and watched this gorgeous woman make her way to our bedroom, sudden stirrings in my boxers.

“Up for what…?” I said.

“Come see…” she winked back at me, swaying her ass back and fore as she disappeared through the door.

I slowly made my way down, not knowing what to expect, equal parts anxious and aroused. What I found completely stunned me.

Tess was lying on her back on the bed, thrusting a huge dildo in and out of her soaked pussy. She was moaning softly and grabbing at her tit with her other hand, seemingly oblivious to everything around her. Alice, on the other hand, was staring intently at her, stripping off her tight black dress and heels. A flash of colour told me she had painted her toes a bright red. Nice touch. Instantly hard.

“What the fuck is going on…?” I asked, my hand heading for my cock like a moth to a flame, “Not that I’m complaining…”

“Mmmm mamak escort baby…” Tess lifted her head, “I wanted to bring your fantasy to life, I wanted to get a guy from the club and bring him back here, and let you watch him fuck my brains out but I just couldn’t…” she didn’t seem quite as out of it as she was, maybe the reality of what was happening was hitting her.

“I was grinding up against guys on the dance floor, giving them a show, riding my skirt up really close to my pussy… ooooOOH…” She moaned loudly as Alice climbed beside her, clamping her lips around her nipple and sucking hard. This was a dream. Had to be…

“I was grinding up against them and, oh fuck Alice… Annnnd really thought about bringing one home, uuuuhu… even got a phone number from one guy, oh fuck…” she trailed off as Alice’s hand slid down her stomach to rest lightly on her pussy mound. I saw Alice’s index finger dip into her wetness along with the dildo, coming out soaked as she rubbed Tess’ clit.

“Fuck that feels goooood…” Tess moaned, “Oh baby, I couldn’t do it, not yet, and then me and Alice, oh fuck Alice… started talking and thought we’d do the next best thing… uuuuUUH!” she screamed as Alice grabbed the dildo and shoved it balls deep inside her.

“I’m going to fuck her for you Jackie boy. That’s what you want isn’t it? To watch someone fuck your girl? Watch someone own her?” Alice was staring straight at me, pulling the dildo out of Tess’ pussy slowly then hammering it back in, making Tess squeak with every thrust.

I moved over to sit in the chair opposite the bed, watching them, having made no move to get near them. An unconcious part of my brain told me that if I tried, this would end. I slid my boxers down to my ankles and grabbed my rock hard cock, slowly pumping up and down.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to fuck her, but never had a chance in college…” Alice said, turning back to Tess’ pussy and getting a steady rhythm going. “She was such a hot little thing. And when she told me about that little fantasy of yours I saw my chance, especially when she came back from rubbing her ass on those guys’ cocks…” she gave me an evil grin, knowing fine what that information would do to me. I felt my cock twitch under my hand.

“So, I’m going to use her tonight, and you can’t touch her. Or me, but I assume that was clear.” she said matter of factly. “I’m going to fuck your girlfriend now Jackie boy!”

With that, Alice got up and slid the dildo out of Tess, who gave a whimper and looked at me, almost pained with the loss of the dildo.

“Do you want to see Alice fuck me babyyyy…?” she was still pretty drunk, but I could tell she was super into this. Maybe she’d been into it in college, but they’d both been too scared to tell each other…?

“Yes baby. Fuck yes.” was all I could say, stroking my cock up and down. I looked over at Alice, and she had put the dildo down into her panties, pulling them up slightly to reveal they were crotch-less, then slipping the dildo through the hole, a make-shift strap-on!

“Fucking Macgyver, right?” she grinned at me and came over to the chair, the big dildo swinging side to side. “Want me to fuck her with this?” she asked, holding it like a guy would, even hitting my cheek with it a little, which gave an unexpected twitch down below.

“Want me to fuck you, Tess?” She asked, turning and staring straight into Tess’ eyes.

“Uh huh…” was all Tess could say, looking suddenly very awake, with a mixture of fear and excitement in her eyes.

She swayed over to the bed and climbed on top of Tess, licking her nipples a couple of times, then looking up into her face.

Alice lined up the dildo and, staring straight into Tess’ eyes, slid it into her to hilt. Tess open her mouth in a big, silent O as it came to rest deep inside her, then shivered a little.

“Oh fuck, I think I came a little bit…” she whispered to Alice.

“You’re going to be cumming a lot more baby girl” said Alice, and propped herself up, ready to fuck my girlfriend.

I watched in fascination. This was so many fantasies coming true at once. I watched as Alice thrust into Tess, picking up a pace, going at a steady rhythm, fucking her with long, smooth strokes. She’d done this before…

Tess lifted her nylon covered legs up, bending them at the knees and pointing her toes out, moaning and whimpering as Alice fucked her.

“Oh fuck, Alice, oh fuck baby…” she moaned.

“Yeah you like that you dirty little slut? You love getting fucked by someone else?” Alice growled into her face.

I watched Alice’s perfect ass bounce up and down, could see the soaking wet patch at her pussy, could see Tess’ tight little cunt stretched out by the dildo, cream running down to her pink asshole.

“Oh God, I’m a dirty slut, I love getting fucked, I love your big cock!” she shouted, her eyes scrunching shut.

“Tell your boy there you love it!” Alice said, glancing over at me.

“Oh ankara ofise gelen escort baby, I love this cock in me oooooh…” Tess moaned, opening her eyes over to me, “I love having you watch me take a big cock, I fucking aaah… love it!”

Alice picked up the pace, sliding her hand over Tess’ ribs and grabbing her tit, sucking the nipple into her mouth. She then slid the hand down to flick at Tess’ clit, hard little flicks, causing Tess to jump a little each time.

“Oh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she squeaked each time.

She came hard over the make-shift cock, wrapping her legs around Alice’s perfect ass and not letting go. I could see she had squirted a little, a pool of wet covered beneath her ass.

Alice slid the dildo out of her pussy, and made her way up the bed.

“Suck it.” she ordered.

Tess didn’t hesitate, she sucked the fake dick down like it was candy. Seeing her sucking and slurping on that big dick, and seeing it attached to Alice’s beautiful body, I couldn’t take it anymore, and blew my load all over my hand and the floor.

Both girls looked over, and Tess started giggling, going red in the face. Alice smiled at me too, but she was also looking down at my still hard cock.

“Hey Teeeeess…” Alice teased, getting up off the bed and coming towards me. “I think Jackie boy here is still horny, think I can have some fun with him…?”

I could tell Tess wasn’t sure, she was looking at me and Alice, close together, Alice rubbing my shoulder, the rubber cock still sticking out of her panties. I was still hard as a rock, and it was not going away. I was just along for the ride…

“Um… I dunno… we never discussed him fucking anyone else…” she murmured.

“Oh, he’s not going to fuck me, I said I was going to have fun with him!” said Alice, grinning all over her face.

Tess still wasn’t sure, and in her still semi-drunken state was too slow to respond. Alice took charge.

“Jackie boy, get on your knees.” she ordered, standing back from the chair a little. I obeyed without hesitation, my dick leading the way.

“Suck my dick Jackie boy!” she said, grabbing the fake dildo and shoving it against my lips. I opened up almost instinctively and felt it push pretty deep into my mouth. I gagged a little, but Alice grabbed the back of my head and held me in place.

“Oh my God!” said Tess, sitting up on the bed, “That’s… that’s so fucking hot…” she trailed off.

“Come on Jack, little effort!” whined Alice, and started thrusting back and fore with the dildo. I wasn’t sure how I felt about all this, but my dick was still hard and I was still stroking, so something was working…

“Don’t touch your dick!” Shouted Alice. “I’ll let you know when you can cum!”

I dropped my hands to my side, dick achingly hard.

“Fuck… that’s… I never thought you’d suck a dick baby!” I looked over at Tess and she was lightly stroking her pussy, eyes glued to my mouth on the dildo. I wanted to remind her it was a fake dick, but the point seemed lost as I felt a little drip from Alice’s pussy land on my dick. I looked past the dildo and saw she had reached behind her ass and was fingering herself from behind, and from the sound of things, she was absolutely soaked. She steadied herself on the chair with one hand, and lifted one foot off the ground, bringing it down to rub her painted toes on the head of my engorged cock. Fuck, I was still in heaven…

“Yeah, suck my dick Jack, fuck, suck it, take it into your throat!” she moaned, and I could feel her pushing harder as she brought herself to the edge. She began rubbing my dick harder with her toes, they were already slick with precum.

“Fuck, Jackie boy, you little cuck, You wanna see a big cock fuck your girl again? Fuck, you wanna see a REAL cock fuck her?” she moaned loudly once more, and I felt a torrent of juices cover my crotch and stomach. She had squirted, hard.

Alice slid the dildo out of my mouth, and flopped back onto the chair herself, and disappointingly, taking her foot off my cock, leaving it red, swollen and aching to cum.

“That was intense…” she said eyes half closed. I couldn’t agree more. Neither myself or Tess had done anything like that before, and I just knelt there, wondering what to do now.

Tess decided. She jumped over, pushed me back and slid onto my cock, impaling herself.

“Fuck baby, that was so hot, fuck,” she has bouncing fast on my dick, trying to get herself off to the memory of a dick in my mouth, “So fucking hot, I wanna do it, I wanna fuck someone, uuuuuh… I wanna fuck them, but I want them to-ooooh, to cum in your mouth!” and with that, we both lost it. It was like a hose going off inside her. I came so much that I was still cumming as it slid out of her pussy. Tess collapsed onto me, passing out from her own orgasm, and I wasn’t far behind.


When I woke up, Tess and Alice were gone. I must have dragged myself to the bed in my sleep, because I was tucked up naked under the covers.

What a fucking night.

I got up and headed through to the kitchen, dick swinging in the breeze, for some water, where I found Tess, sitting at the breakfast bar in a vest and booty shorts.

“Morning baby” I kissed her neck and swatted her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32