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That damn smile. And that laugh. It had been years since he’d heard it, but he’d know it anywhere. A chance encounter that relights a spark, and a fire is not far off, and now that fire is burning.

A random meeting at his work, the continued messages and visits, both knew where it was leading. The surprise was that even after all these years, that fire never went out, smoldering under the surface for both of them, whether they knew it or not.

Which leads us now. Alone together for the first time. An innocent hug, that will not be so innocent. She feels so good in his arms. Her warmth, her smell, her embrace. As she pulls away from the hug and looks up at him, he can’t take it anymore. His left hand slides across her cheek grazing her ear lobe, and settles on the back of her neck, cupping her upper spine, thumb and index at the base of the skull, indicating I’m going to be gentle, but I’m in control. His right hand slides across her hip to her lower back pulling her closer. The look of lust and love the same in both their eyes. He leans in for the second first kiss. Gentle, erotic, loving. The electricity exchanging between them almost visible in the dimly lit room. They pull back as they gaze in each other’s eyes and savor the moment. Then the passionate kiss, tongues dancing with each other. He’s gently guiding her head movements with his hand, as he clutches her body closer to him, needing to feel her body against his.

He breaks the kiss and spins her around, using his left hand to move her hair off her neck, as he leans in to kiss her neck, alternating between gentle kisses, and drawing lines up her neck with the tip of his tongue to her ear lobe, that he slowly draws into his lips, sucking and lightly nibbling. His hands caress her body up and down, feeling every wonderful curve of her body.

He slowly kisses across the nape of her neck as his hands rise up her body. He makes kurtköy olgun escort his way to the other side of her neck and repeats his motions, as his hands slide across her chest, caressing across her collar bone, angling towards the center of her body. He slides his hands between her cleavage that he has been glancing at, circling her breasts, but never touching, and slides his hands down her abdomen and thighs. He whispers in her ear “I’m going to savor every bit of you, worship you like you never have been, like I should have done before.”

He returns to nibbling her ear lobe as his hands slide up her body, removing her shirt. He the carefully undoes her bra, and slides his hands across her sides, grazing the side of her breast, removing her bra.

He begins to run her back in gentle caresses as he places kisses slowly and gently all over her back, slowly moving down. Every inch of her skin is touched, whether it be by his lips or his hands.

As he approaches her lower back, drops to his knees, planting kisses along the way. His hands slide around her waist and begin to remover her pants. He slides them down her legs, his palms feeling every inch of her thighs and shins to her ankles, and work their way back over her calves and thighs. His hands gently grab the bottom of her her, pushing them upwards to his waiting mouth, he plants kisses and softly kneads her cheeks.

As her breathing intensifies, she can barely hear him say “get on the bed, on your hands and knees”.

She does as ordered, he removes his shirt and shuffles forward on his knees, returning his hands to her gorgeous ass, caressing as his lips return gentle kisses. She lets out an audible gasp as his tongue slides up her crack, very bottom to very top, ever so slowly, never going deep, but sending shivers across her body. His hands caressing her hips, up to her panties, tuzla escort and slowly sliding them off her. He removes them, and his hands softly grab her ass and spread her cheeks. His kisses reveal his intent as he gets closer, and the feel of his tongue running around her rim makes her moan. He directs her right hand to hold her cheek open and slides his hand to her already wet vagina. Rubbing up and down on her slit, spreading her wetness, he slowly inserts his finger, thumb rubbing her clit, finger hooked massaging in all the right places, tongue working magic on her ass. Her moans of delight, and oh fucks, only encouraging him more.

At her peak, juices flowing, uncontrollable shaking, he finally pulls back and directs her to turn over. As she does he removes the rest of his clothes and returns to his knees.

Grabbing her left foot, he gently places kisses from her toes, up her ankles, shins and calves, to her thighs. He works his way up and up, finally placing gentle kisses on her clit, and begins to work his way down her right leg, kissing a trail to her toes and back up. His hands never stop roaming her legs, feeling every square inch not being kissed.

As he reach back to the top of her thighs, he settles in and places another gentle kiss on her clit, but doesn’t remove his lips. His tongue slides out and gently flicks, then begins a slow up and down lick of her entire slit. His tongue gathering all her wetness as he begins to lap at her pussy. He licks back up to her clit, where he flicks at it making sure it’s nice and hard, and sucks it into his mouth, running circles with his tongue. Her moans and squirms only encourage him more.

Having paid no attention to himself and being worked into such a frenzy, he begins stroking his cock, bringing his hand up to gather some of her wetness to lube him up.

Her thighs compress on his head, her hands white pendik escort knuckles grabbing his hair she comes again. He continues to lap up every drop, then begins kissing his way up her stomach, covering every inch in kisses. His hands caress her body and work their way to her already hard nipples, and gives them gentle tweaks to keep them hard as he works his way up.

Finally, his mouth seizes on her left breast, first with kisses, then circling his tongue around the nipple a few times, sucks the nipple in his mouth. Still light sucking, running circles with his tongue, listening to her rapid breath and light moans, his hand works on her other nipple, giving both attention.

She gasps as he attempts and succeeds in sucking most of her breast in his mouth.

As he works his kisses across her chest to the other nipple, he places his rock hard cock on her vagina, the underside covering all of her slit.

Her lips spread and slide on both sides of his cock as he grids on her, dripping wet again, as he works her nipples.

Finally, looking up at her glazed over euphoric eyes, lust burn in both their eyes for each other, he enters her, and gently kisses her on the lips.

In all this frenzy, he should be close by now, but years ago, she taught him to masturbate for pleasure, not to cum, and she is now enjoying the fruits of that labor. She fits around him like a perfect glove, filling her, alternating pumping and grinding, bringing her to her third orgasm of the night.

He is finally close, and he pulls out of her, and strokes his soaking wet cock, the tip rubbing on her clit driving them both crazy.

He finally cums, spraying his cum all over her pussy and abdomen. As he catches his breath, he doesn’t want to leave a mess, and slides down and begins to clean everything up with his tongue.

They lay next to each other, basking in absolute pleasure, and release.

He finally gets up and gets dressed, kisses her one last time, a knowing glance and kiss.

They’re going to return to their lives. But this was not just a one time thing. Their knowing eye contact and tender kiss communicates a new beginning, of more love and lust to share together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32