Remind Me

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I lean into your body, shielding myself from the cold wind.

We hold each other. Friends first, our embrace is comfortable, comforting.

I grow warmer in your arms. My sense of comfort is slipping into desire, lust. I wonder if I can give you a simple kiss good-bye without betraying myself.

I tilt my face to yours; the black high-heeled boots give me the added inches I need to avoid standing on my toes.

We kiss tentatively, as though we haven’t shared this moment before. Once, twice. Tiny kisses, hints of past, of moments to come.

I open my mouth ever so slightly, taste your lips. I think I hear you sigh a little. I wonder if I’ve gone too far.

You don’t make me wonder for long.

Your hands come up from my waist, cradle my face. You kiss me thoroughly, completely.

I step back, lean against the car. Our foreheads come together, and we pause, breathe.

Then your hand runs down my back, over the curve of my ass. Your fingers slip under the edge of my skirt, just above my knee. I wrap my leg around you as sincan escort bayan you press yourself between my thighs. I feel you rock hard against my hip.

After midnight on a dark street and up against a car, we’re groping and fumbling like teen-agers.

You cup my breasts, tug at my skirt. I press against you. I’m completely turned on, hoping we won’t be interrupted before we finish whatever it is we’re going to do.

The wind picks up, cold and harsh, but I’m getting hotter, wetter. I’m lost in this moment we created. You keep bringing me to the edge and then backing me off. I’m not sure I could stop now; I know I don’t want to.

Then somehow you spin me. I’m facing the car, arms flung over the roof, legs spread, you grinding against me.

You kiss the back of my neck, slip your hand under my top. My skirt is pushed up around my waist. Your fingers massage me, bringing me close, closer. God.

My legs are trembling.

“Imagine me inside you.”

Your throaty command sends me over the edge. I’m shaking, can’t eryaman escort believe you’re doing this to me in full view of anyone who might decide to look. Can’t believe I want this so much.

My release is powerful, empowering. I want more, more of you, now.

I turn in your arms. We kiss again, again, again.

I have to touch you. Any semblance of control I have is gone.

I reach down, feel your length, squeeze. I slide my hand into the waistband of your pants. You’re so hard, silky-smooth, hot.

I’m trying to touch you but it’s not enough. You seem to know. You open the button on your pants, pull the zipper down.

I wrap my hand around you; my fingers barely meet. I slide my hand up and down a few times, but it’s still not enough. I need more. I have to taste you.

I step down off the curb and duck my head. You hold my long auburn hair back as the wind tries to whip it around.

I can smell you; it’s intoxicating. I’m almost there again, wet, aching.

I take you into my mouth. God.

I trace circles around etimesgut bayan escort you with my tongue, sucking gently at first, then harder. There’s no way you can know how hot this makes me, how I wish I could spend hours tasting and teasing you with my mouth, my breasts.

I look up at you. Your head is thrown back, your eyes closed. I can see the waves of sensation washing over your face as I lick and taste and suck you. You’re beautiful. You take my breath away.

You open your stormy blue eyes and look down at me. I know the visual turns you on as you get stiffer, harder in my hands and mouth.

You’re so close, throbbing, pulsing between my lips, against my tongue. I grab your ass and pull you to me, as deep as I can take you. Your whole body tightens, everything stops.

Then you’re exploding in my mouth, hot, salty, tangy. I love your taste, swallowing everything you give me. It sends me over the edge again, without even being touched.

“Sensitive. Babe.” You tug at me, and I slowly let you slip out of my mouth and rise.

You wrap your arms around me again, and we hold each other, breathing hard.

“You make me wanton and reckless,” I chuckle into your chest.

“No. I just remind you-“

“Of who I really am,” I finish your thought.

We kiss again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32