Reform School Sisters Ch. 20

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Once the police took Donald away, the five women outside returned triumphantly into the house.

“Holy shit, Mom!” Bree exclaimed in awe. “That was incredible!”

“Yeah!” Paige added. “You were amazing out there! You’re so fucking sexy when you take charge like that!” She grinned, and pressed herself firmly against Lilian, squeezing her ass appreciatively before planting her lips firmly on her mother’s.

“She’s right, Aunty Lilian…” said Kimmie, once the kiss between Paige and Lilian ended. “You really got me hot and bothered out there…” She bit her lip, cuddling back into Cassie’s arms.

Cassie hugged her sister tightly and grinned. “Where are Jamie and Aunt Gina?” she asked, as her hand slid down casually over Kimmie’s stomach.

The girls were all getting horny, and ready to jump one another right there in the living room. Lilian still held Paige in her arms, and felt Bree press against her from behind. “I don’t know, Cassie. But if we’re going to do this, we should probably move somewhere-“

Just then, Gina and Jamie walked around the corner, hand in hand. Their clothes seemed to have been hastily thrown on, and their hair was still tussled from their furious love making.

“Oh! Girls!” Gina exclaimed when she noticed the others. “What happened? Is he gone?”

Bree beamed, nuzzling against her mother’s cheek. “Yup! Mom took care of everything! We’re safe!” she said.

Lilian smirked at her sister. She could tell by her and Jamie’s state what they had been up to. She slipped out of her daughters’ arms and approached the two new arrivals. “We were just about to celebrate with a family orgy.” she said casually. “Care to join us?”

Before giving her surprised sister a chance to reply, Lilian kissed the woman passionately. The rest of the girls gasped as they watched the arousing display unfold.

Gina was taken aback by her sister’s forwardness, but couldn’t help melting into the kiss as she felt Lilian’s tongue slip past her lips. She wrapped her arms around the woman, and they made out with growing arousal.

Jamie watched her mother and aunt make out, and unconsciously licked her lips. She stepped closer, nuzzling against the older women as they continued their heated kiss.

Lilian felt her niece’s approach. The girl slid her hand over her aunt’s firm ass, squeezing it gently. Lilian groaned, and pulled her lips from Gina’s, pressing them hungrily to her niece’s instead.

Jamie returned the kiss with obvious excitement. She groaned as Lilian’s tongue slithered against her own.

While Gina watched her daughter and sister kiss, she felt hands gently pulling her away. She turned her head, and immediately felt Paige’s lips press against hers. On her other side, Bree ran her tongue slowly over Gina’s throat, tasting her tender skin.

The two sisters brought their aunt to a nearby love seat, pulling her down with them. They wordlessly began to strip the astonished woman, their hands roaming excitedly over her body.

Left to themselves, Jamie and Lilian had turned completely to each other, pressing their bodies firmly together as they deepened their kiss. They soon felt hands clawing at their clothes, however, and separated long enough to see Cassie and Kimmie attempting to get them naked.

Lilian purred, turning her attention to Cassie. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you since that day I walked in on you and my girls in the kitchen.” she breathed, before crushing her lips to her eldest niece’s. The two stumbled back onto the couch, which sat perpendicular to the love seat Gina, Bree and Paige were piled on top of.

Kimmie and Jamie had also turned to each other, and were groping excitedly as they kissed for the first time. They joined Cassie and Lilian on the couch, falling into each other’s willing arms with desperate passion.

Clothing flew across the room as the seven women quickly undressed. They were all soon naked, and moaning as they fondled and caressed one another excitedly.

Gina had begun to take control on the love seat, pulling Paige down on top of her in a passionate embrace. Paige squealed happily and straddled her aunt’s lap as she sucked the older woman’s tongue. The two made out while the older woman gripped her niece’s ass, encouraging her grinding pelvis as it rubbed their cunts deliciously together.

Bree had her fingers tangled in her aunt’s hair, and pulled the woman’s head back against the back of the love seat. She was on her feet on the cushion, and stepped over Gina’s face, positioning her cunt over the woman’s lips.

Looking down into Gina’s eyes, Bree grinned devilishly. “Let me feel my hot aunty’s tongue on my pussy.” she purred, before shoving Gina’s face into her snatch. Gina moaned, and began to eat her niece with obvious relish.

Paige had a close up view of Gina’s tongue as it snaked through her sister’s cunt lips. Bree’s ass was writhing just inches in front of her face. Paige licked her lips, then leaned forward, running her tongue along Bree’s pulsing asshole.

Bree bursa escort squealed and rocked her hips as she felt both holes being devoured. Her pussy oozed onto Gina’s upturned face, while her ass clamped tightly around Paige’s thrusting tongue.

Paige groaned as she ate her sister’s ass. She rocked her hips against Gina, grinding her cunt into her aunt’s with increasing need. As she slid back and forth, she gripped the older woman’s tits tightly in both hands.

“Oh, fuck… This is so wild!” Bree exclaimed with a laugh. She churned her hips back and forth, her juices pouring from her sex. As she humped her aunt’s face, She gripped the back of the love seat, struggling to stay in position.

Gina slid her hands over both of her nieces bodies. One hand gripped Bree’s bum, holding her tightly against her face, while the other held Paige’s, guiding her as she fucked their swampy mounds together. Gina and Paige’s cunts squelched together in the increasing stream of their combined juices.

Bree was quickly getting close to orgasm, and her knees began to buckle. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” she squealed, ready to topple over at any second. her aunt and sister both held her up as well as they could while still lashing their tongues over her melting sex.

Paige drilled her tongue deep up her sister’s ass, wiggling it inside the narrow opening. Gina clamped her lips over Bree’s clit and flicked it back and forth in rapid succession.

Bree sucked in her breath, and her body began to tremble. She tilted her head back and cried out as her climax gushed from her boiling pussy. Cum drenched Gina’s face, and the older woman drank it greedily. She held her niece up on her face for as long as she could, nipping and sucking her cunt until it finally slipped out of reach.

Bree toppled to the side, unable to withstand the onslaught on her sex. Her ass slipped off Paige’s tongue with a wet, sucking pop. She lay against the arm of the love seat, her chest heaving.

Paige turned to her aunt, and the two women once again began to kiss desperately as they intensified their passionate grinding.

“God, Aunt Lil… that feels so good!” Cassie whimpered. Her eyes were shut tight as she lay on the sofa, her legs spread wide. Lilian was on top of her, kissing her throat and thrusting three fingers smoothly in her slippery cunt.

She moved her lips up to her niece’s, and the two women made out with each other excitedly. Cassie groaned, her tongue shoved in the older woman’s mouth and her pussy gripping her aunt’s twisting fingers.

“Turn around, Hon.” Lilian instructed. She grabbed her niece and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Kneeling on the floor behind her, she grabbed the girl’s butt cheeks and spread them open. She licked her lips, then leaned forward, running her tongue through Cassie’s gooey folds.

Cassie shuddered as her aunt ate her pussy from behind, and began to rock her hips against the woman’s face. In front of her, Jamie lay on her back, with her head just below Cassie’s and her legs spread wide as Kimmie devoured her pussy.

“Right there! That’s so fucking hot!” Jamie moaned, staring down at her cousin’s face buried between her legs. “Don’t stop!”

She threw her head back, and looked up into Cassie’s contorted face. Cassie was swaying back and forth as Lilian ate her from behind, and hanging just above her younger cousin. Jamie bit her lip, and reached up, cupping the back of Cassie’s head and pulling her down to her lips. Cassie squealed happily when she realized what was happening, and the two girls made out as they were eaten by their corresponding lovers.

As Cassie and Jamie frenched, Kimmie’s ass wriggled impatiently. She was devouring her cousin’s pussy, and watching the three women on the couch was driving her crazy. Deciding she couldn’t wait her turn, the younger girl climbed up with the rest of them and quickly straddled Jamie’s hips. She scissored their legs together, and holding her cousin by the ankles, mashed their pussies against one another.

Jamie moaned into Cassie’s mouth as she felt Kimmie grind into her. She began to fuck back against the younger girl, slapping her cunt wetly into her cousin’s.

“Yeah! Fuck my pussy!” Kimmie cried, her own hips bucking frantically. She scraped her cunt against her cousin’s, their juices mixing and making everything slippery.

Lilian, meanwhile, was tonguing Cassie with expert precision, slicing through her folds and flicking enticingly at her buzzing clit. She slurped her way up to her niece’s butt and buried her tongue inside, tasting the girl’s musty asshole. As she ate Cassie’s ass, she plunged her fingers back up the girl’s pussy, fucking them deep into her dripping cunt hole.

Cassie tore her lips from Jamie’s and looked back at her aunt, who was half buried between her writhing cheeks. “Yes!” she groaned through gritted teeth. “Suck my fucking ass!”

As Cassie watched Lilian lick her backdoor, Jamie stared up at her big cousin’s swaying breasts. She reached for them bursa escort bayan with her hands, cupping the hanging mounds and bringing them to her lips. She sucked at the older girl’s nipples greedily.

Cassie shivered, feeling Jamie’s tongue lap at her breasts while her aunt fucked and licked her from behind. Lilian clamped her lips around her niece’s asshole and twisted her fingers violently in her cunt. The stimulation caused Cassie to begin convulsing as an orgasm erupted from her.

“Yes!!” she cried, her body grinding manically as she came. She slammed her ass back against Lilian’s face as her pussy gushed onto the woman’s fingers. Her gyrating body caused her tit to slip from Jamie’s mouth, and so her cousin licked the fleshy orbs as well as she could through Cassie’s frantic movements.

Kimmie was pummelling her frothy cunt into Jamie’s at incredible speed as she watched her sister cum. She bit her lip and leaned forward, digging her pussy harder into her cousin.

Jamie mewled as she felt Kimmie’s warm pussy cream spread on her own gooey mound. She reached clumsily for the younger girl and pulled her down on top of her.

With Cassie’s chest still hanging above them, Jamie and Kimmie started to make out, their sweat soaked bodies plastered against each other. Their tangled legs wrapped tightly together, they humped each other’s cunts with increasing desperation.

Jamie gasped as her orgasm started to build. She watched from below as Kimmie started to kiss her way up Cassie’s throat above her. The two sisters kissed, and Jamie groaned as she watched. She strained her neck forward, and joined her cousins, the three girls sharing their saliva in a sloppy threesome.

Eventually, Cassie pulled away, and Kimmie and Jamie resumed their heated kiss. They were both getting close to cumming, and were slamming their cunts violently as their orgasms approached.

“Fuck, Kimmie… D-don’t stop!! Please…” Jamie stammered. She licked the underside of her cousin’s chin as they pistoned their hips together.

“Ooooo… Yeah, Baby, take my cunt! Take my fucking cuuuuuuunt!!” Kimmie wailed, her orgasm exploding. She gushed pussy cream onto Jamie’s sticky cunt as she trembled in ecstasy.

Jamie grunted as her cousin thrashed on top of her. Her pussy was being pummelled by the frantic girl, and it was too much for her to withstand. She arced her back, mashing her tits hard into Kimmie’s, and screamed as her own orgasm crashed over her.

While Kimmie and Jamie writhed together on one end of the couch, Cassie was busy on the other with her aunt. She knelt over Lilian, kissing her passionately and rubbing the older woman’s clit.

Lilian was close, her hips churning on the couch cushion as she leaned back over the arm of the sofa. Cassie furrowed her brow in determination, eager to give her aunt an orgasm as powerful as the one she’d just received.

“You’re pussy’s so wet, Aunty Lil… Cum on my fingers, please!” she pleaded, before sucking one of the woman’s breasts into her mouth. She stretched her lips wide, taking in as much of the sensitive flesh as she could, and clamped down hard with her teeth.

Lilian howled, and her hips bucked against Cassie’s fingers. Her pussy gushed onto the couch, and coated her niece’s pistoning hand.

Over on the love seat, Paige was still straddling her aunt Gina’s lap, and the two were hungrily devouring one another. Now that Bree was no longer between them, they slammed their bodies together furiously, sweat pouring from their glistening skin.

Gina had a firm grip on her niece’s ass, and clawed into the gyrating flesh. She moved her fingers to Paige’s crack, and easily pushed one into her puckered anal cavity. The sweat built up between the two women allowed her to slide deep inside the girl’s anus, and she curled her finger inside.

Paige screeched as her ass was penetrated. She churned her hips back and forth in Gina’s lap, scraping her cunt against the older woman’s clit. Pussy juice spread everywhere, making both woman slick as they hammered into each other.

“Fuck, Aunt Gina… You’re fingering my… my… ooooo…” Paige couldn’t finish her sentence. Her climax exploded, and she started to writhe wildly on top of her aunt. Her ass sucked at Gina’s finger, trapping it inside her as she trembled in ecstasy.

Her cum poured onto her aunt’s lap, the warm liquid coating her completely. As she came, she leaned forward, shoving her chest into the older woman’s face.

Gina wrapped her lips around one of Paige’s nipples, sucking it hard as the girl howled on top of her. The sensation increased her niece’s pleasure, and her screams increased in volume.

Barely able to focus, Paige struggled to shove her hand between their melded torsos, and dug her fingers into Gina’s clit. She squeezed and twisted it frantically in a desperate effort to bring the older woman off.

Gina groaned hoarsely around Paige’s tit, her clit buzzing as it was mauled by the younger girl. She released her niece’s breast, escort bursa saliva dripping from her chin, and arced her back in ecstasy. Her hips slammed up off the love seat, lifting Paige with them and she babbled incoherently as she came.

While Paige and Gina got each other off, Bree’s strength had returned and she’d left the living room, scampering upstairs as quickly as she could. She now returned with her arms full of sex toys, and piled them proudly onto the coffee table.

“I brought some friends to help us celebrate!” she announced with a wicked grin.

Lilian sat up, recovering from her orgasm, and reached for one of the strap ons. “Wonderful idea, Sweetie!” she enthused. She quickly stood and attached the device around her waist.

Jamie eyed her sexy aunt as she attached the new appendage.

“You need to try her.” Kimmie whispered in her cousin’s ear. She’s the best with one of those things.”

Jamie bit her lip, then leapt to her feet, pushing Lilian back onto the couch. “Oh… Aunty Lil… Please fuck me.” she moaned.

Lilian smiled. “I can’t imagine anything I’d rather do right now.” she said, pulling the girl into her arms.

Jamie straddled the older woman and lowered herself slowly onto the rubber phallus. Her pussy was already drenched, and slid easily over it’s girth. She sighed as her snatch swallowed the last of the thick shaft.

Lilian cupped her niece’s ass tenderly, and the two women grinned at each other. They both leaned in, and their lips met in a sensual kiss.

Paige was next to hop up from her spot in the orgy, and perused the collection of toys excitedly. “Ooo… This’ll be fun, Sis!” she said, pulling a large double dildo from the pile. She walked up to Bree, who wrapped her arms around the girl’s neck. They kissed sweetly, their bodies warming again with a new wave of arousal.

Cassie, meanwhile was staring across the room at her aunt Gina with growing lust. She leaned in to her sister and whispered something in her ear. The younger girl giggled and nodded her head before jumping up from the couch. Cassie followed, and the girls grabbed a couple of toys before ambushing Gina on the love seat.

Seeing a spot open up on the couch, Paige smiled at her sister sensually. She took Bree by the hand and led her to the sofa, where they fell into each other’s arms. They made out with each other, hands exploring and arousing their inflamed young bodies.

Bree climbed on top of her sister, the two laying against the arm of the couch. They kissed and ground their heated bodies together, their wet pussies scraping against one another’s thighs.

Paige still held the double dildo, and traced it down Bree’s spine and over her churning ass. She pressed it against her gooey cunt opening from behind, causing Bree to groan into her mouth.

Bree pulled her lips from Paige’s and looked down at her with obvious desire. “You want… to fuck?” she gasped, already pushing herself back against the rubber shaft.

Paige nodded, and the girls quickly repositioned, lining the toy up between them. Bree straddled her sister and lowered herself slowly, her pussy swallowing the dildo inch by inch. Paige held the other end to her slippery opening, watching it disappear inside herself through the shrinking gap between their bodies.

Once the dildo was in far enough, she let it go and moved her hands up to her sister’s breasts. Paige dug into the soft flesh with her fingers. Bree groaned, and shoved her hips down hard against Paige’s. The toy was completely consumed by their pussies, and they pressed their cunts together over it’s girth.

“God, I love your tits…” Paige groaned. She pulled Bree’s chest up to her face and licked her sister’s nipple.

Bree whimpered and ground herself down hard against the dildo. “Fuck, that feels good…” she moaned. She grabbed Paige by the back of the head, and started to pump her hips with increasing passion.

Paige clung to her sister from below. she ate the older girl’s breasts, sucking them into her mouth. Her hands slid down to Bree’s writhing ass, pulling it harder into every thrust. The dildo was coated in their generous fluids, and both girls grunted as they slammed faster into each other.

At the same time, Jamie bounced on top of Lilian at the other end of the couch. She was completely impaled on her aunt’s cock, and slamming her pussy onto it furiously.

Lilian had her hands filled with her niece’s breasts, and strummed the girl’s throbbing nipples with her thumbs. The two women were making out passionately, their mouths clamped tightly over one another.

Sweat ran down Jamie’s back as she churned her hips. She held Lilian around her neck, pulling the woman hard into their kiss. Their tits rubbed together as they fucked, and Lilian’s nipples sliced into the sensitive underside of her niece’s breasts.

Jamie’s violent fucking was causing the ridges inside the strap on to mangle Lilian’s clit. Her cunt was a swamp of pussy cream, and she pumped her hips eagerly to meet her niece’s energetic thrusts.

Meanwhile, on the love seat, Gina was on her back, with her youngest niece, Kimmie laying on top of her. The two were making out with each other as their bodies ground together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32