Recorder Encore

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In ‘Small Recorder,’ I recounted my dalliance in Poland with Jola, she of the ‘small recorder,’ she who gave me my first rectal orgasm. At the end of that narrative I said I would write Jola’s sexual history, and I will do that soon. Before that, though, I want to describe my recent visit, to teach English, to the South of France, because it brought me a delightful surprise.

Participants in these events often don’t know who will be present. Because the venue may not become available until there is only time to signal that the course is viable, its duration, location, and how to get there. Apparently the hotel in Provence had suddenly lost a block booking, and was, therefore, ready to take a last-minute occupancy at cost-price.

You can imagine my joy when, on arrival, tired and hungry after a rail journey, the first person I saw on approaching reception was Jola. She had clearly been waiting in hopes I would be there, and greeted me with much kissing and hugging. During which I could feel she was strung tight with tension and could barely restrain herself from delving in my clothing. She communicated such extreme desire that my weariness and hunger were swept aside in an access of reciprocal lust. I could feel that sweet little fujarka poking at my thigh, and I instantly flooded my gusset.

She released me long enough to register, then grabbed my hand and swept me into the restaurant, only beginning to speak as we approached the buffet. ‘Oh, Norma, how much I need you. I think all the time of our being together, and it is no good making myself cum. It makes me only more want you. Please, please, help me, soon.’

‘Jola, moja kochana,’ I said, ‘I’m soaking my knickers for you. Let’s eat and drink a little and get to your room. I can’t wait to suck or fuck that cute little cock. I’ve been thinking of you, too, erotik film izle and I did hope you might be here. Have you got your platefull? Sit right by me, and let me reach under the table, like this, and get my hand up your skirt. No-one can see. You’re trembling. Oh, you’re not wearing panties, you naughty girl! Lovely! Let me take you in my fingers.’

‘Norma, stop! I shall spill on the floor, and everyone will see that.’

I withdrew my hand and we ate a little food, drank a lot of spring-water and were ready to go elsewhere. We got up from the table and strolled out casually to the lift and were soon at her room, where the bed-covers were already folded back and a towel laid on the sheet. She said, ‘I got the room ready in case you came.’

‘Jola, sweetheart,’ I said, ‘I am your woman. What do you want to do with me?’

She answered by stripping me, pausing only to suck my panties before whipping off the three garments she was wearing. Then she pushed me gently down onto the bed on my back, parted my thighs and moved between them on her knees. She gathered my knees over her shoulders and I thought she was going to plunge straight into me. I was more than ready. But she said, ‘Norma, I need your bottommm. It was so wonderful in your bottommm. I have longed to go in inside your bottommm again. It is good in your cipa, but in your bottommm is heaven. It is tight in your bottommm, and special in your bottommm. No-one, you said, goes in your bottommm. I want to be the one who goes in your bottommm.’

The way she said bottom, with a long, long m sound, and the repetition were so exciting I could hardly speak, to say, ‘Oh, Jola, go in my bottom, in my bottom. Go in my bottom now and fill my bottom with your cum, fill my bottom with your cum.’

‘I want to go in your bottommm like this,’ she said, ‘In film izle front. And I will touch your cleetoris, and when you cum your bottommm will squeeze me and my cum will be perfect.’

‘Go in my bottom like this, yes. Use my juice to help you go in my bottom. Tell me you are going in my bottom. Tell me all the time about going in my bottom.’

She ran her fingers in my vulva, gathering plenty of glaze and carefully annointed her penis-head. She said, ‘I must not do this hard or I will make orgasm too soon. But I must be inside your bottommm.’ She then gathered slime from my vulva and wiped it onto my anus.

‘Norma,’ she said, ‘I am ready to go in your bottommm. Are you ready for me to go in your bottommm?’

‘Go into my bottom, darling. Go into my bottom now.’

She rolled my clitors between her finger and thumb and my orgasm began. She thrust he iron-hard cock-tip against my anus and it opened to her. So that she pushed into my bottom, all the way, till I felt her pussy-fur ticking my labia and cheeks. And as she slid home she came with a scream of joy, and I came from the root of my clit and from my anus clenching and sucking her sperm. I felt it flooding my rectum, pulsing again and again.

‘I cum and cum and cum in your bottommm,’ she murmured, lowering herself onto me, laying her head on my swollend breasts. ‘

We lay panting for a time, and when our breathing returned to normal I said, ‘You’re a three-time cummer, Jola. You can cum again in my bottom, cum again in my bottom.’

‘I’m still hard, yes, and your bottommm has let go a little. It is holding me. I am resting in your bottommm. And now I’m going to cum again in your bottommm. I just pull a little out of your bottommm and press back into your bottommm, and again, and again. Now, Norma, I’m going to cum again in your bottommm. seks filmi izle Hold me in your bottommm!’

Only then did it occur to me to clasp her bottom and pull her into my bottom. My touch sparked her orgasm and with a grunt she poured more hot semen into my bottom. It felt as if my bottom was drinking it, and little was leaking out because my bottom was plugged with her penis. She said, ‘I’m filling your bottommm, Norma, filling it with myelf, with my heart.’

She rested again on my slackening bosom, even slept a short while. Then she said, ‘Third time I’m going to sperm into your bottommm, Norma kochana. Can you feel I am going harder again? Yes, you are gripping me inside your bottommm. You are sucking me into your bottommm. Please, tighten your bottommm, tighten your bottommm. Yes! You are making me cum with your bottommm. I’m not moving. Your bottommm is giving me orgasm. Here it cums, inside your bottommm.’ And this time I came again, too, in my bottom.

When eventually her tool shrank, and slipped out of my bottom, there was a cascade of frothy semen from my bottom into the towel. She said, ‘Perfect Norma, I have three times cum inside your bottommm. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was the most wonderful cumming I have ever done. It is perfect for me inside your bottommm, inside your bottommm.’

‘Jola,’ I said, ‘We are language-teachers. Isn’t it amazing and fine that speaking special words is so exciting, so much helping to make love. It is like incantation, making spells. So when we kept saying, In your bottommm, In my bottom. It helped us cum, it made us cum.’

‘Oh, yes, for weeks I have been saying I want to cum in Norma’s bum, Let me cum inside her bottommm.’

And there I will pause, with a question: Do you find particular words and phrases stimulating when you’re making love? Does it excite you when your lover says, ‘I’m going to cum,’ and ‘I’m cumming?’ As will observe, there are particular usages which I find intoxicating, as does Jola. But what about you? What part does language play in your sex-life?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32