Rebecca’s Road To Satisfaction Ch. 01b

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As I turned into my street, I saw a lad up ahead heading my way. I could instantly recognise who it was just from the hunky muscles he had. My legs went weak as George approached, and his eyes widened as he saw my outfit. He wolf whistled playfully.

“Wow miss, shit, you’re hot!”

I giggled before replying, “I know stud muffin, and I’m wet.”

He gulped, and I moved towards him. I knew what I was about to do was morally wrong but I couldn’t care less. I slid up to him and brushed his cheek with my lips, before moving to his ear. I blew gently before whispering, “And I’m all yours.” I then brought out my tongue and licked his ear for a moment, before giving soft kisses down his face until my lips met his. I gave him a peck, and stunned he didn’t respond, so I pulled away hurtfully. George realised that I had misread his actions and brought me close to him again, cupping my buttocks. I felt his warm breath and I moved in for the kill, only to be interrupted by Nicole once more. He pulled away the moment ruined. I mouthed “sorry” and he shook his head disappointed before turning to leave. As I watched him slowly get further and further away I noticed that the ringing had stopped, and I had a missed call. It was from Alisha. I was so frustrated with my friend, that I turned my phone off. That solved the problem of being interrupted again, but I now seriously needed to be shagged wildly! I skipped the remainder of the journey and entered my house. I was about to rush upstairs when I realised that the television had been left on. I went over to it, and as I got closer, I realised what was on, porn! Forgetting completely about Dave, I set myself down on the sofa, and resumed the DVD. To my utter amazement, it turned out to be a porno of the lesbian kind! My mind raced as two stunning young girls made out, and I imagined first Alisha, then Karen’s lips on mine. I decided fantasising about Karen would get me more turned on, because it was much naughtier and riskier.

As one of the girls ripped open the other’s top, I did the same with my own, exposing my breasts, and began flicking my nipples, and pinching them lightly. I alternated between boobs and I closed my eyes, my nipples hardening at my touch. I imagined Karen’s sweet lips sucking them, tasting them, pleasuring me, and I moaned softly. I re-opened my eyes, yet continued playing with my tits as I watched more. Now the girl was just down to her panties, and the one taking control was kissing her all over. She then lingered over the panties, rubbing her hands up and down the smooth legs.

I slowly slid my hand up my skirt and opened my pussy lips up. Teasing myself I rubbed them lightly, juices pouring out. Out of the corner of my eyes, I realised that the scene had moved on and the girls were dildo fucking! I felt like a dirty rotten slut, but I just did not care. I got the vibrator out, and smiled, before hitching up my skirt, and slowly applying it to my pussy. As it made contact, it sent electricity through bahis firmaları me. I was on fire, I forgot all about the porno, and imagined sexy Karen eating me out.

I plunged the vibrator deep inside of my walls, and I felt dizzy. I brought my other hand to my breasts and resumed playing with them whilst the vibrator worked its magic. It felt glorious, wonderful, and I could feel myself building up. I took the vibrator out and licked it, tasting my own juices, before roughly inserting it back into my pussy. I then began furiously fucking myself, Karen delightfully fucking me, and I groaned loudly.

“Oh god Karen, you dirty slag, yes baby, ohhhhhhhh.”

I moved my hips to the rhythm of the vibrator’s movements, then suddenly felt extremely light headed. It had found my clit! I rubbed it hard, making it throb, and I leaked more juices. The sofa was flooded, and I laughed wildly. I was getting so close, but I didn’t want the fun to end just yet, so I slowed down the pace gradually, before throwing the drenched vibrator on the floor. I let myself breathe for a few moments, calming myself down.

“So Karen,” I said to my imaginary lover. “You going to finish the job or what?” I grinned wickedly at my insaneness, and threw my head back. I then delved into a world of fantasy once more, as I inserted one finger into my gaping hole. I gasped in pleasure as I finger fucked myself roughly. Two fingers, followed by three ravishly brought me close to orgasm. My tight pussy couldn’t take much more. I was thrashing about, my face contorted, I squeezed in another finger and pinched my clit, and then the first wave hit me.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck Karen yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” That was followed by two more gushes. I tried to muffle my screams with my hand, but it was no use. My hips kept bucking and bucking, and I lost control of my body. Finally after what seemed like an age, my climax ended, and I collapsed.

I awoke about an hour later, covered in my juices. I cleaned myself up and smiled to myself delightfully. I changed into my pyjamas and got into bed.

The next day was Friday; I arrived at work in a good mood. I had English with my sixth form class first period, and throughout, George was constantly staring at me. I found this to be a little turn on but I behaved myself. Just before the end of the lesson, I stopped the class to arrange parents evening appointments for the Monday. I also set them homework to write a creative piece of writing on any subject they desire due in on the Monday too. I then dismissed the class, but Demi stayed behind.

“Is everything ok Demi, do you understand the homework?”

“Erm, yes miss, but when you say anything what do you mean?” she replied and blushed.

I nodded warmly, and she stared looking flustered before leaving the room. I got through the remainder of the day quite calmly considering my actions on the night before, but distractions were around every corner that day in the school, so much so kaçak iddaa that Karen didn’t enter my mind once. I headed home and sat myself down on the settee and turned on the television. The weekend was here, and I decided I deserved a little relaxation time. But, as I settled down I discovered I needed to use the toilet. I hopped up off the sofa and ran up the stairs, to be greeted by a sexual goddess who dropped her towel in shock when she saw me.

Karen and I both gasped at the same time. My eyes captured her gorgeous body, looking even more heavenly in her birthday suit. She was very curvy, yet had huge breasts, at least 32F, and a toned stomach. I blushed, but at the same time felt my panties getting extremely wet. She smiled wickedly at me and I tried to turn away, but my eyes were fixed.

“It’s ok you can look,” she whispered.

“I’m really sorry, I am,” but as I said that I still didn’t look away.

“You like?”

I nodded slowly.

“I know you do, I heard you last night Becky, and I know you want me, Dave isn’t good enough is he, no you want to try something new, and that’s fine because I’ve wanted to fuck ever since I clapped eyes on you.”

I stared, stunned and shocked by Karen’s revelations, she had heard me, and she wanted me. She now began advancing towards me, shortening the gap between us, and her lips moved to mine. When they touched, passion erupted from me and I responded. When I tasted her soft lips, electric shocks were sent through me, making me shudder. I sucked her lips, kissing them passionately. I then felt her tongue prodding my lips, and I opened allowing it access to my long tongue. They danced together in the fires of passion, hungrily exploring each others mouths. I could have kept kissing her like this for hours, but she broke it, coming up for air. I smiled at her, and she returned it. I put my hand on her bare leg and began rubbing it. As I did so, I started giving soft kisses to her neck. She wriggled in pleasure, and I licked and sucked her smooth skin, all the time, my hand riding further up her leg. My mind was going crazy, I had never felt so aroused in all of my life, and this was why I had been put on this planet. My hand moved closer to her bald pussy, and I breathed in, ready to pleasure another woman. At that moment though, she pulled away, and I looked at her feeling rejected.

“No, it’s fine, I am enjoying this Becky, but you have never done this before, and I want you to feel pleasure before I do.” I smiled and led her into the bedroom. Karen pushed me onto the bed and waved her bare arse in my face. I licked my lips and she turned around, and her hands pounced on my chest. She groped my tits through my shirt material, making them hard, before literally ripping my top off. My breasts were struggling to escape the white bra caging them. They longed to be free they soon would get their wish.

Karen stared in awe, “They are beautiful, but I bet the nipples are even nicer, shall we have a look?”

“Hell kaçak bahis yeah,” I shouted impatiently.

She put her arms around my back, and at a snails pace undid the tie on the bra, making it drop to the floor. My boobs were free. She brushed her hair out of her face, and knelt down in front of them. She opened her mouth and sucked a nipple into her mouth. She nibbled gently teasing me. With her hand she pinched the other. Inside I was burning, this was the life. It was the first time in my life this had ever happened to me and it felt ever so naughtier because this was a woman, and not just any woman, but my boyfriend’s mum. As I thought of this, the moment was set to be ruined by the boyfriend.

I jolted up, hearing the front door open downstairs. Karen stopped playing with my tits and ran out of the room and into the bathroom. I frantically tried to put my bra and shirt back on as I heard him come up the stairs. In the nick of time, I got changed back into what I was wearing previously, just as he opened the door.

“Hey honey, have a good day at work,” I said and smiled sweetly.

“Not really, and I’m not in the best of moods either so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t bother me. Anyways haven’t you got that meal with your sister and father later?” Dave grunted miserably.

“Holy shit, I forgot, best had get ready,” and I rushed out of the room. As I did, I felt a hand grope my buttocks, and I turned around swiftly to see the bathroom door closing, and I grinned. Now I had gotten over nearly being caught, I just wanted to resume what I and Karen had started. But I couldn’t, and that sucked. I knew what we had done was wrong, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I needed her body, and I decided that that night, after the meal, I was going to fuck her no matter what. It’s what I wanted, it’s what she wanted. I didn’t give a shit what Dave would think, because he was turning into a right old grumpy bastard, always working and sleeping, rarely speaking to me, and there was still no sex either. Well I had had enough, I had suffered enough, and I really did hope that later on he would catch me licking out his precious mum.

I got changed into a flowery dress, and minutes later, I heard a car horn beep. I rushed out excited that I was going to see my family again. My father was in his blue Ford Focus, and he looked very handsome in his shirt and pants combo. I hopped in the front, greeted him with a kiss, and we started chatting.

“Wow chick, you look beautiful,” he said.

I chuckled and thanked him, “Well you don’t look so bad yourself daddy haha. Where is Samantha?”

“We are going to meet her at the restaurant, I hope you like Chinese, because we are going to her favourite place.”

I cheered childishly, and we reminisced for the remainder of the journey.



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