Raven’s Dream Ch. 01

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The beginning of the story. I had no real plan for how this story would be written, just a line to start with, and some inspiration from other stories. Very little research has gone into this story as of yet, so facts are kind of based on my ideas not what would be accurate for the area. Edited the story so it reads a little better, other than that nothing has changed


Night time, a time of the uncertain. Night time, a time of dark deeds. Night time, when things that should never happen, happen.

It had been one of those days, where the heat and light of the sun drone on, making even the most energetic person, lethargic. After working in the fields all day, with barely a break, Bran was exhausted. The everyday routine of maintaining the stead was enough to make anyone weary. Harvest season was coming soon, and the need to make sure the best produce would be usable, was all that mattered at this season. In a matter of weeks, the majority of crops would be harvested and the land would be readied for next year’s planting, and then he would be able to relax, but for now, work came first.

Heading home, Bran stopped in at his parents home, for an evening’s repast and then headed back to his own house to start the routine all over again the next day. With the waning light, he hurried his steps a little more than he had been. Although tonight was shaping up to be one of those absolutely clear nights, the path from the farm to the houses were still shadowed by small groves of old trees that stopped any of the little light that the night could produce. Within no time, he was sitting at the table while his mother asked for protection and prosperity from the gods.

Dinner tonight was just Bran, his father, Vardon, his mother, Enid, and his two younger sisters Divone and Nealie. Divone and Nealie were the only two of his siblings still living with their parents, the rest having settled roots elsewhere and starting families of their own. While Bran had his own place, on part of the land that was owned by the family, he had no eligible brides-to-be in the surrounding area that would either have strengthened ties with other families, or were pleasing companions that Bran could tolerate. To be fair, he was still just in his nineteenth summer being alive, so he still wasn’t worrying about being a bachelor for life.

The food for that night was one of some crops that had come in early and some meat that had been snared by his father. It was not what the rich would consider a great meal, but to farmers, it was a near feast. Stories were told around the table, of what had happened to each of them today, or what there was needed to be done the next, and fantasies created from his sister Divone. He loved his sister dearly, actually he loved the both of them dearly. They were only a year younger than him, a healthy set of twins, that, despite causing their mother to be unable to birth any more children, blossomed to true womanhood to become especially attractive.

Nealie was always the responsible one of the two, especially considering that Divone’s head always seemed to create fantastic stories. Those stories had caused all three of them multiple punishments as children, and there would have been more if Nealie had not taken control of some of their more insane ideas and talked them out if it. At eighteen, both should have been married already, but as with their youngest brother, there were no eligible suitors, though Vardon was always looking about when he went into town.

As dinner neared the end, Bran excused himself from the house and headed back to his own, so he would be able to be up and ready for another long, strenuous day. As he had predicted, it bursa escort was a clear night with a bright full moon shining about the countryside. His strolled home at a leisurely pace, deciding to enjoy the night. The sight of the light shining through the leaves, the shadow of the distant hills, all brought Bran much enjoyment. Even the sounds of nature held their own sorts of gratification. The night birds with their cries, the insects and the sounds they made, even the rustling of the leaves in the slight wind were enough to make Bran content with his life.

Finally arriving at his house, he properly rinsed himself off of the sweat that his body had produced from the day’s labor, and cleaned his clothes at the small stream, that gave him fresh water and some fish, whenever he had time to fish, that is. With all things done for the day, and nothing else that he could be productive with, it was time to go to sleep. Or at least that is what he tried to do. Though cooler than the day that proceeded this night, it was still hot. After some time, he gave up trying to sleep for the time being, and went outside, where it was slightly cooler, and enjoy the night some more. While sitting outside, he started to follow the activity of his guests of the night.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, something flew by. Trying to find what flew by him, again, something flew through the edge of vision, but this time, Bran was able to actually keep track of it. Just a simple raven was all it was. Going back at staring at nothing in particular, the raven kept flying through Bran’s vision. It didn’t seem to being doing any type of hunting or scanning, just enjoying the night, like Bran, and flying. Finally, tired Bran went back to bed.


Dreams don’t usually mean anything, just a way of relieving the burden from a soul. The dreams this night were different for Bran. Continuous dreams of a raven invaded so much of that nights dream, that with more than two hours till sunrise Bran almost felt like he was a raven in actuality. As a raven he flew over familiar ground, or would be, if he would normally see it from above. He flew further than he normally traveled, over forests that were a near barrier to travel, to the nearest town, and further yet. Some time, when the sun was near rising, he flew towards his house. Arriving there, Bran’s dream finally ended when he woke up.

Rested, but weary in his mind, Bran got up and stumbled through his morning chores at home, not even noticing the raven perched on his roof. The rest of the day was like this for him also. It was a productive day in physical work, but his mind was elsewhere. The dreams of the previous night pervaded his thoughts. Even though he didn’t turn into a raven or ever would, since it was completely impossible, he hoped for another night’s dream like the last. Instead of going to his parents’ home for supper that night, he went to his own and fixed a simple dinner. Feeling tired, he went to sleep early that night.


Sleep came quick and the dreams came quicker. Bran was once again dreaming that he was a raven. After having last spent flying around the land, this time he flew himself towards his parents house. Not having seen anyone in his dream last night, Bran almost was shocked when he saw his parents outside. Flying closer, he landed on a perch, close enough to so that he could listen to what his parents were discussing.

“…he needs a wife. Almost 20 and still without a wife. Vardon, have you seen anyone that would be a good wife for him?”

“I know darling, I know. Yes, there are girls old enough to be his, but they aren’t right for him. Either they are nearly daft, and can you bursa escort bayan see Bran being happy with some mindless wife, or they are almost harlots, who wouldn’t be faithful to him. How can I pair him up with either type? He would be miserable. The girls are in the same situation as him.”

The conversation continued this way for a while, finally dropping off. Out of boredom, Bran took flight again, passing by an open shutter he nearly fell out of the air. He saw something he secretly always wanted to see since he had been old enough to enjoy such sights. Both of his sister were in nearly naked, helping each other take care of their hair. Now both of his sister were nearly identical, the only difference was a scar on Divone’s shoulder where she had gotten injured when she was younger.


It was one of those times when her imagination had gotten out of control. She believed that the birds nest in one of the trees contained amazing treasures, maybe a brooch that a princess lost, or a mystic sword that had helped slay ancient evils, or any such thing. At six years old, her belief in the unbelievable won out against her sister’s protest, and Divone commenced climbing the tree.

Being an older tree, the branches were higher up than Divone could reach, but that did not deter her. She finally reached the first branch, and that made her climbing easier. Higher and higher, she climbed. Reaching the branch that housed the nest that was her prey, she crawled closer to the nest. Nearly there, she reached her hand towards it. Almost there, within reach, she grasped the nest. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, the nest’s owner darted toward Divone, trying to protect its nest. With shock, Divone tried to protect herself by guarding her body. That was the worst thing she could do, as one of her two hands were helping her keep balance on the tree branch.

Falling through the air, her body was pummeled by several branches, slowing her descent. Crunch. One of the branches broke off as she was falling. Divone’s shoulder slammed against it, leaving a long cut against the jagged edge that remained of the branch. Though injured from the fall, no other significant harm came to Divone when she landed. After arriving back home with Divone bleeding profusely, Enid, their mother, patched her up, and punished all three children, Bran, Nealie, and Divone for being stupid. The cut left a nice scar on her shoulder, the only significant physical difference between the two twins.


The twin sisters still were nearly the same, barring the scar. Brown hair with hints of red, stunning hazel eyes, and from what Bran could tell, nice sized breasts, about the size of some larger apples that grew on trees at fall. This was a dream, so what could be wrong with staying around and watching? So, like with his parents, he found a perch with which he could watch and listen to the two girls. He noticed that, though not as slender as some of the girls in the area, they had a nice amount of flesh and muscles on their persons. They were definitely attractive girls, or should that be women? For a while, they just sat continuing to brush out each others hair, not really speaking, but finally finished. They put their tools away and started to speak.

Nealie started the conversation first. “I missed not seeing Bran today. He is one of my few enjoyments everyday. I love Mom and Dad, but I love him more.”

“What about me?” exclaimed Divone. And then in a humorous tone she continued. “Don’t you love me? Or am I invisible to you?”

“You know I love you too, but Bran is different. If he weren’t our brother, I would want to marry him. Heck, even if he is our brother, I escort bursa still want to be his wife.”

“You can’t be his wife, I’m going to be his wife. I’ll let you be his mistress. How does that sound to you?” And then Divone stuck her tongue out at her sister, laughing afterwards.

And then things got interesting. Nealie jumped towards her sister and started to wrestle with her. Twisting and turning. the sisters maneuvered their bodies to be in charge of the other. Their bodies, both nubile, was making a very pleasing sight for Bran, who was still watching from his perch. Tiring, Nealie, who was on top at the moment, collapsed onto her sister’s body. And then she did something that utterly shocked Bran, she started kissing her sister. Slow pecks starting at the mouth and going down her neck, and then further on to slow, sensual kisses, which trailed down Divone’s body, causing her to let out a low moan.

Arriving at Divone’s breasts, Nealie slid her kisses from one breast to the other. Her mouth started kissing the nipples, a slow suck would pull the nipple further into her mouth, and then be released. Nealie started little nibbles on her sister’s nipples. With each nip, Divone would exhale low moans. After a while of this, Divone started further action. Reaching towards her sisters underclothes, her hand went inside and appeared to settle inside towards the crotch. Instead of just Divone moaning, Nealie also began her own moans and losing focus on her sister’s nipples. This continued on for several moments until Nealie’s body arched and she let a long, but quiet moan. After her body recovered, she again took control over the situation and, like what her sister did, reached into her Divone’s underclothes.

With immediate reaction, Divone responded to her sister’s action. She started mewling with pleasure. Each invisible movement, to Bran, caused reaction after reaction to Divone. Eliciting constant responses from Divone, Nealie continued her pleasurable work. Feeling that the finality to her enjoyable task was coming, she brought her mouth to her sister’s and kissed her passionately. When Divone finally arrived at her climax of pleasure, Nealie clamped her sister’s mouth entirely with her own trapping Divone’s scream from being heard by their parents. Both sisters lost all of their vitality after that and collapsed on top of each other. Entirely spent, the twins cuddled against each other, kissing each other until they fell asleep.


Morning came again, and after last nights dream, the problems of Bran’s male body, was reacting to it. There was only one thing for him to do, and with pleasant images of what his dream created, he let himself be released, quicker than he was used to. It might have been a dream, but it was a really good dream. And with those dreams to keep him distracted all through his day’s labor, the end of the day came quick.

Since he had no desire to cook for himself this night, he went to his parents’ house to get some food. When he saw his sisters that night, he was quieter than normal. Knowing that it was wrong to think of them in the way he was, he was ashamed of himself, and only spoke when asked a question. Finally out of frustration, his father finally asked what was wrong with him tonight. Initially, Bran claimed that it was nothing. But after further coaxing, he realized the conversation wasn’t going to be let go, until his parents got a good answer. With the true reason for his quietness being what it was, Bran came up with something off the top of his head.

“I was just thinking, I really do need a wife. I know that there are not any good prospects at the moment, at least around here, but…”

His mother came up with something that nearly shocked Bran completely, “Vardon and I were talking about that last night. We were sitting outside, and the conversation just came up. Funny, that you would bring up what we were talking about.”

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