Rainy Day

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One morning, I walked out of my house and realized it would probably rain. I could see the gray clouds gathering, but I was determined to get my exercise on one of the few days I was not working. I like to keep myself in shape and ready for anything. I would skate on my beach route back and forth before the rain would begin.

By the time I got back, it had begun to sprinkle. I looked in my boot where I put my key. It was not there. I took my boot apart looking for the key. There were many times I had been on that route and put my key there. I had never had a problem. I had locked everything in the car. I had no wallet or money on me.

I tried not to panic. I went a mile or so to the bordering beach. There had been many storms and sand covered the sidewalks. The rain was also beginning to pour. My sweatshirt and bottoms were drenched. Finally, I got to a local inn right off the sidewalk. I told the older gentlemen my plight. They were nice enough to let me make a call. My roommate would come to my escort ankara rescue. I sat there in my wet clothes wondering how long it would take. She was pretty far away. I had no idea what I was going to do with my time.

The older gentlemen left and a young man with green eyes and dark hair took their seat. I was glad that I was already wet because my pants might have given away my excitement as his eyes sparkled. He asked me how I came to be there and I found out that he worked at the inn.

Finding out that I smoked, he said, “Hey, I have some Humboldt shit.”

A smile spread across my face. The older gentlemen came back in and he excused us. He guided me back to his room as he also lived at the inn. His bookshelves were filled with various genres as we discussed our recent reads.

As he packed the bowl, I watched his lips explaining the plot of his current Asimov book. We passed the bowl and began discussing the values of this world versus values in reality. I was feeling restlessness etlik evi olan escortlar inside me. He must have been thinking what I was because as I was speaking, he kissed me. His tongue massaged mine savoring my taste. I liked the way he tasted, too. I wanted more.

“Would you like to get out of those wet clothes? Take a hit. I’ll get you something,” he said.

I nodded and hit the bong. I was a little embarrassed about what I really wanted to do once I was out of my clothes. He gave me a sweatshirt and sweats. I went into the bathroom and decided that I could put the bottoms on later. I walked out as he inhaled and took a hit. He coughed it out when he saw that I was not wearing the bottoms displaying my toned legs. I put my finger in my mouth coyly as I walked towards him. I wasn’t a big fan of underwear.

Once I saw the thickness had grown between his legs, I could not contain myself any longer. He stood and I pushed him on the bed. I unzipped his pants to demetevler genç escortlar reveal a beautiful penis, thick and throbbing. I put him in my mouth sucking his head, rubbing and licking his shaft, and then, sucking his balls. He moaned. I was wetter now than before I changed; only now, in the right place. I kissed and sucked his flat stomach and sides. I lined my tongue around his nipples and gently bit them. We kissed deeply.

Sitting on him, I slid down to his thighs and grabbed his cock. I teased it by showing him how wet I was by sliding it up and down my pussy lips. I wanted him inside me, but the teasing just made us hungrier. I guided his lovely rod into my wet velvet purse and grinded my body into him. His body heaved under meand I exploded. He sat up and I wrapped my legs around him as he held me. His hips rocked as his varying penetration caused me to come again. Then, I lost myself in his green eyes. I squeezed him tightly as I came again.

“Are you ready? I’m gonna come.” He panted.

“Okay,” I gasped.

His cock pulsed inside me and we were gone.

“Thanks for getting me out of the rain,” I said as I left with my roommate.

“You’re welcome. Come back and see me again,” he said with a wave.

Now, that’s the way to spend a rainy day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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