Rabbit, Off the Reservation!

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MilitiaHumper Presents:

Rabbit, Off the Reservation!

A Pipeline Protest Story.


Written for fun, not profit. To follow the sequence of the story see the publish dates in the index.


Let me tell you the fun part about Rabbit other than she can’t be fucked enough. She’s a hairy little bitch that doesn’t shave her legs, armpits, or anything for that matter. Her pubic hair extends up to her belly button and down the inside of both thighs. Her mismatched tits are one B-Cup and one not quite an A-Cup. I don’t know what it is about seeing her that makes me want to fuck her. But, it works out.

If you haven’t followed the story I got a little sideways with the authorities a while back. Considering everything, I made a deal with the Feds to be an informant/spy. I met Rabbit at a ranch protest/occupation and we hit it off. Rabbit also hit it off with several dozen of the protestors. Once out of there Rabbit just kind of ended up in my truck and the Feds relocated us to Montana to gather some information on a group there.

So, overall a good deal. We live on informant money and the Feds supply us with vehicles and fake I.D.’s and a criminal history involving even more than what I’ve actually done.

There we were in Montana. Rabbit, bless her heart, was good about slipping out the side door of some bar and fucking some deplorable with me staying inside and being the supposedly unaware husband. Now Rabbit is a sweet little thing with all her peculiarities and also a bit on the smallish side. Like I wrote earlier, guys just want to fuck her. Sometimes she’d fuck some guy to get us information. Most of the times just to be fucking some guy for the sake of fucking some guy.

Rabbit has a bit of a hair trigger. You could rub you hand across her ass or accidentally brush a tit, especially the larger one, and it would start to light her up. Anyone close enough to kiss her on the neck was going to get some of that little pussy. I never knew her to turn anyone down. I’d see her go off with a guy to fuck him, taking him right out of a conversation with his wife or girl friend. Of course, that often got me a really good revenge fuck from the offended party.

There, the stage is set on the story and Rabbit and I are very content in Montana. About ten thirty one night I’m in the bar trying to fuck this pretty young thing that only married her man two weeks earlier and came to work in Big Sky Country. Rabbit was off somewhere fucking twins in a dual cab pickup truck when one of my Fed buddies showed up and told me we had a new assignment. By the way, I did fuck the little blond. Like two weeks at being faithful wasn’t going to be a record for a new bride.

Bottom line became like the true American heroes we are our importance was most needed at the pipeline access protest. Breaking the news wasn’t difficult with Rabbit. All I had to do was wait for her to finish with the twins in the back of the pickup and finish my conquest of the little blond recent bride.

Rabbit loves a road trip. We make a confusing travel couple. I look more like an accountant that grew long hair and went to the dark side. Rabbit looks like a really interesting piece of ass. Sometimes Rabbit likes to pretend she is traveling without her husband and fucks some stranger in his car. Funny how she fucks any weirdo in a protest camp and prefers to fuck the salesman type in the road.

I do pretty good with the ladies. Unlike Rabbit I will walk away from a sure thing if the mood isn’t right. The amazing thing is all the blow jobs I get from the left winger wives and girlfriends You know who I mean, the college educated types that show up pointing and shrieking about someone’s rights that has nothing to do with them and is really kızılay escort none of their business. Sucking your cock isn’t all on the mind of these radical women, they will fuck you as well. There’s a bonus with a husband or boyfriend because he’ll probably want to suck your cock, too. In the case of both parties they seem to think they can suck your political beliefs right out through your dick.

The right wing nuts are equally bizarre. Rabbit fucks them, any of them. I tend to stay a little more picky with the wives. Anything with more than three visible tattoos or multiple piercings I tend to stay away from. The right wing guys aren’t the blowjob type except for this one guy named Kevin. Most of them are ass fuckers. Not that they wanted to fuck me in the ass, but wanted me to do them. Most of them do each other. You can easily stumble over two of them fucking out in the dark going at each other’s asshole. Not a good thing to happen when between them they have six kinds of weapons and ten thousand rounds of ammo. Nothing like the sound of men butt fucking and the creaking of ammo belts in the still of the night.

After a six hundred mile road trip in the old camper van the Feds had provided us we made it to the protest site. There was one major setback right after we left Montana into North Dakota. The camper engine wasn’t running right and what was supposed to be a two day trip turned in to five days. I think it would have been a one day repair if Rabbit hadn’t decided to fuck the garage owner and two of his mechanics. Under the guise of waiting for parts I think the men were lying having more interest in Rabbit’s parts and shoving their cocks into them.

Rabbit is a story teller. Even when she knows that I know she is lying she likes to come up with elaborate excuses to get away to fuck some guy. She knows I don’t care, but still has that feminine genetics that makes her feel better about fucking some guy if she can lie about it. For example, we get on the road and she starts off trying to tell me she only screwed the owner and that is saved us three hundred dollars. Then the debate about how many times she screwed the guy and his mechanics.

“You seem to be curious about who I’m with. I didn’t know you loved me.” The shit-eating grin gave her away.

“Rabbit, you know I love you. Take them clothes off and let’s stop and fuck!”

I was just bullshitting her in return. Suddenly there’s a flurry of clothes coming off in the front seat. Not that Rabbit wears a whole lot of clothes in the first place. She rode along about ten miles with nothing on. There’s nothing about this girl that could stop her from fingering herself in the seat next to me as I tried to keep my eyes on the road. As we approached some God forsaken town in North Dakota she starts screaming and hollering about an abandoned gas station at the exit. I lock up the brakes and make the turn off.

Sure enough, one gas station looking all new and busy and across the street an old station that looked like it closed in the eighties. The old pump frames were still there. The hoses rotted and shredding from years since their last use.

“Pull up to that pump there. You can fuck me while the attendant pumps the gas.”

Like I said. Rabbit likes a good story. No one had pumped gas there is thirty years. Me, on the other hand, was pumping Rabbit on the couch right behind the driver’s seat. As much as I hate to admit it with all the women I’ve fucked Rabbit has the sweetest pussy and the best fuck of all the bunch, including my ex-wife.

So, I’m pounding away between Rabbit’s legs getting all my cock inside her. She’s going nuts under me like she hasn’t had sex in months instead of just the day before.

“You know that the attendant is watching you fuck etlik escort me, don’t you?”

I just smiled at her imagination at work with us parked at an abandoned gas station.

“Maybe I should let him fuck me.” Rabbit’s eyes sparkled. “Or, would you rather keep me all to yourself?”

She was watching my reaction. The little slut had fucked a hundred guys since I had known her.

“You know all you have to do.” She waved her hand in front of my face. “Put a ring on the finger.”

“Shit, Sweetheart! How many times have you been married already?”

“I don’t know. Five times for real. It’s all so inconvenient getting divorces all the time. But, I’ll marry you if you ask me.”

“The chances aren’t real good that you’d be faithful.”

“Oh, I said I’d marry you. I didn’t say I’d be faithful.” She giggled.

I got Rabbit to get dressed. We went across the road for gas that I pumped myself while Rabbit padded around in the store area with my load of cum inside her. Back on the road she started to strip again.

“What’s with you? Didn’t get enough?”

“I’m fine. Just felt like being naked. Do I embarrass you?”

“No, you don’t embarrass me. Why should I be embarrassed.”

“I don’t know. You seem to get a little possessive at times.”

“And you don’t?”

“I get jealous every time I know you fucked another woman.”

Rabbit hadn’t shaved since we got moved to Montana. That hair she had growing down her thighs and up to the top of her stomach had grown back just as dark and curly as before. Not to mention the hair under her arms and on her legs. It was odd that her eyebrows were blond and not thick and no sign of a mustache above her lip. Looking at her watching out the camper window and absent mindedly running her fingers up and down her slit made me want to fuck her again.

The Feds told us where to stock up on supplies. When we got near the reservation we were set to go. What we didn’t expect was the debris and smell from the protesters that were already there. Our first encounter was some hippie bitch offering to fuck me if I’d let her use our shower. The only thing this place needed to make it a circus was a couple of elephants and a high-wire act. There were fucking clowns everywhere.

By clowns, you have to wonder how theses people can come out here and not worry about a job somewhere. Then you get to know a few of them and realize no one is going to hire these motherfuckers, except maybe George Soros. You can almost imagine you can hear a calliope and smell the cotton candy. The real smell is shit in dug trenches because no one is going to pay for a porta-potty.

So, I didn’t fuck the cunt that wanted to use the shower. We had enough water on board for a few showers and to flush the toilet. No way we were going to share. Plus we had a case of those pre-moistened wipes. So, once a week we’d need to head in to a campground to dump our waste and refill the water tank. Spending the night with real electricity was a real treat. That was our contact time for meeting up with our Fed buddies. One of them really had this thing for rabbit, but didn’t want to lose his job over it.

As the old saying goes, “Knee Deep in Shit” was almost reality here. Talk about watching your step.

We didn’t exactly get welcomed with open arms. At the ranch protest it was mostly gun nuts and antigovernment types. These liberals were a whole different breed. Although I mentioned the left wingers were quick to offer a blowjob, including from the guys like some sort of bond for the cause they were suspicious of strangers. It was so bad that Rabbit didn’t fuck anyone until the second day.

No one paid any attention to us until we had folded out the canopy and sat in the shade eating cheese demetevler escort doodles. Cheese doodles are kind of common ground. No matter who you voted for you can always enjoy a cheese doodle. So, this guy that was a Berkley grad stopped by and talked a while. In general pretty good bait in the trap. Not just the cheese doodle, but Rabbit gave him the hint that she’d like to fuck him. An hour later she’s fucking him in his tent.

That got things going. Something about fucking a guy tends to make him think you can be trusted. The Feds were glad to get his info from Rabbit. He talked something about some people burning something somewhere. What is it about liberal protesters that makes them want to burn something?

The week opened up after that. By the time we went into town to reload, refill, and rehab at the campground we had some pretty good shit on several of the protesters. Mean spirited motherfuckers. The claim being it was all about the rights of the Indians when the pipeline wasn’t even on Indian grounds. And, these people didn’t really give a shit about Indians. It was just a fucking Hippie Camp. Rabbit fit in, but I had some trouble adjusting to such a bunch of assholes. By mid-week I found a gal that was pretty damned fuckable. That was good until I right at the point of getting her off when she starts yelling about needing to kill the President. I put her on my list.

Middle of the next week someone from either Homeland or Army Corp. of Engineers drove through and stirred up some kind of ruckus. The right wingers gripped their weapons a little tighter and the lefty protestors set some stuff on fire and tore up some things. It made the list a whole lot easier to write up.

At the campground I made up an excuse to go to the campground office and Rabbit fucked our Federal contact. That seemed good that we had something on the guy, but we pretty much did what we wanted anyway as long and the Intel kept flowing. Rabbit took at jab at me by saying the guy was the better fuck. Again, every once and a while she goes for neat and clean. Maybe it was the buzz cut.

It was Wednesday of week three. I was asleep and totally out of it in the bed about two in the afternoon when Rabbit came in all excited and woke me up.

“I fucked and Indian! I fucked a God Damned Indian!”

“Uh, How was it?”

“Oh, pretty ordinary, but I’ve always just seen them in the movies and now I’ve fucked one!”

“So, you liked it well enough to come in here and scaring the shit out of me?”

“Yeah. It was awesome. I mean a real Indian. His face wasn’t painted or anything, but he was a real Indian.”

“Did he say anything bad about ‘White Man’? I mean did he mention ‘Forked Tongue’ or anything?”

“Now you are making fun of me. I was just excited … “

“Yes, I get it. He was an Indian. You don’t suppose they will ride through on Pintos and shoot flaming arrows at daybreak, do you?”

“Fuck you! See if I every tell you anything again.”

“Okay, don’t forget to put it in your report … Fucked Indian.”

“You’re hopeless. Asshole!”

I’d say it went pretty well. Several orders came through trying to shut down the camp. Shitty people just got shitter.

If you watch the news you know how all that turned out. It got cold. And, of course, the liberal protesters burned the camp. Or, maybe some of Rabbit’s Indians attacked it at dawn. I don’t know where everyone went. It’s not a bunch that sends post cards. I’m sure these Social Justice Warriors will show up somewhere again soon. Or, whenever some crazy motherfucking group pays them to.

As far as me and Rabbit. Me and Rabbit liked Montana. A little less stressful although too fucking cold in winter. The Feds paid us enough for our Intel to get a little place. But, the next time a bunch of crazy bastards get together you can look for Rabbit and I to roll up in the old motor home … taking notes!


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