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“Hi honey!” I cry as I enter the house at around noon on a Wednesday. “I just came home to grab a file I forgot this morning.” I chuck my purse roughly on the chair by the front door and practically kick my shoes off before bolting down the hallway for the office.

“God, you would not believe the morning I’ve had,” I carry on, knowing he’s somewhere in the house and probably rolling his eyes at me. Sometimes I really wish I had the option to work from home like he does. “First Marjory tells me she can’t stay all day so she’s going to miss the meeting this afternoon and then Bill kindly informs me that I had the numbers on the Markum file wrong.”

I dart into the office at the end of the hallway and head for the broad wooden desk, fishing out the key for the filing cabinet. Then I leap to the front of the cabinet, fiddling with the tiny keys until I get the lock open, still yelling about my morning at the top of my lungs.

“So I start to review the numbers and Bill is actually right for once! But of course, when I try to recount, I don’t have the entire workbook. That’s why I’ve driven like a bat out of hell on my already shortened lunch break so I can get home, get the file and still make it back with time to recount and make it to the meeting.”

“Unbelievable,” a male voice interrupts, scaring the wits out of me and I spin around to see my husband standing in the doorway, stark naked.

I laugh helplessly and blush furiously, all at once. He is perfect to me and after all this time, I still feel a twinge in my stomach at the sight of him without any clothes. I shake my head and turn back to the filing cabinet, desperate now to find that file and get back to work. I know what’ll happen if I don’t escape as soon as possible. But I’m utterly distracted by the sound of his breathing and the sudden feeling of his warm body pressing against my back.

“Honestly,” I whisper, my voice almost entirely lost to the husky timber of desire.

How does he do it? I wonder. How does he manage to flick my switch every time?

“I don’t think I have time to stay long,” I go on and lean back against his firm shape with a sigh, knowing the battle is lost before I’ve even started.

His warm chuckle stirs the hair at the back of my neck and sends a tingle coursing through my entire body.

Oh, I’m completely at his mercy now and he knows it, damn the man.

“I don’t need you to stay for long, love,” he murmurs and he’s leaning so close now that I can feel his lips brushing against my ear.

I shiver again and drop my hands from the cabinet, reaching back to touch him

“Now you’re getting it,” he says with another laugh.

Then he grasps my shoulders, spinning me around and pushing me roughly against the filing cabinet. His hand closes on my chin and our eyes meet in heated passion before he kisses me, lips separating mine a split second before his tongue brushes mine. I can no longer keep my eyes open and my lids slide shut as I moan against his lips, reaching up to hold on to his shoulders.

“Mmm, you taste like donuts,” he murmurs against my lips, drawing a laugh from mine.

“You taste like coffee,” I reply and groan as his hands slide up under my blouse.

“Do you think anyone would notice if you came back wearing kızılay escort a different shirt?” He asks a second later, gazing down at my heaving chest.

“Why?” I ask curiously, following his gaze.

He grins at me and I open my mouth on a protest a second too late. He rips my shirt, popping the buttons from their places and splitting the blouse open so he has free and easy access to my breasts.

“You bastard,” I gasp as he leans down and closes his lips over one nipple, tonguing the sensitive tip through the fabric of my bra.

He says nothing, only brings his hands up to slide the straps of my bra down off my shoulders. Then he reaches into the bra cup and scoops out my breasts, murmuring praise to them like they have done something good. I laugh again and lean back against the filing cabinet as his mouth captures one naked nipple, laving the tip into a perfect hard nub.

“Oh god,” I moan, digging my fingers into his shoulders and curving under him, loving the feeling of his erection pressing into my belly.

His hands drift down to my ass as he suckles on one nipple and then the next. I lift one leg, allowing him better access to my backside and then I jerk against him as his fingers dig into my crack.

“I bet you’re already soaking wet for me, aren’t you?” He growls against my throat, abandoning my breasts for the moment.

I shake my head feebly, at a loss for words as he works his fingers more against me, digging into the fabric of my pants. He makes another inarticulate sound against my skin before grabbing hold of my thighs and lifting me. I gasp and hold on for dear life as he spins me around and then props me up on the desk.

“I don’t like these pants,” he says, staring down at me as I lean precariously back on the desk surface.

“You told me you loved them!” I reply and protest as he yanks at the button fastening the waistband together.

“I love your ass in them,” he concedes, still jerking on the pants until they are sliding down over my legs and dangling off one foot. “But I love this even more when it’s uncovered.” This he says as he cups my moist center. Then, “I fucking knew it,” he exclaims proudly before thrusting a single finger inside.

I moan loudly, letting my head loll back and reaching down to hold on to his shoulder as he works another finger inside. I feel his mouth come back down on one nipple, sucking it roughly and nibbling lightly on the tip.

“Oh yes,” I whisper, lost in the sensations of his hand and mouth on my body.

“Yes what?” He replies, lifting his head from my chest and staring into my eyes with such desire that I can’t answer.

So he grins and withdraws his hand from between my legs, making me whimper helplessly in protest. But he drops from my sight and I feel his breath on my thighs as his hands run up the backs of my calves, caressing the sensitive skin behind my knee moments before he licks me from the bottom of my wet pussy to the top, where he sucks teasingly on my clit.

“Holy shit,” I breathe, trembling all over from his attentions. I am never tired of what he does to me, even after four years of marriage.

He’s not listening to me, I don’t think. He’s concentrating on making me even wetter, licking me and stroking my clit with his thumb. etlik escort His tongue slips between my pussy lips, tasting deep inside. He presses harder with his thumb and flicks his tongue inside of me, tickling my inner walls. I buck against his mouth, crying out loud at how good it feels. So he presses harder, pinching my clit roughly for a second before stroking it in slow, light circles.

He slides his tongue out and once more laps at my lips, drinking in every bit of moisture that escapes from within. Then he sucks my clit into his mouth, suckling roughly for a second before pushing two fingers inside my hole. I shriek at the twin sensations and grab the back of his head, holding on for dear life.

“Oh god, yes!” I scream, writhing under him, focused on his mouth and hands while trying desperately not to fall off the desk.

As though sensing my dilemma, he abruptly releases me and rises. He gently slides his arms under me and draws me down to the carpeted floor. Covering my body with his, his mouth meets mine and I can taste myself on him as he pushes his tongue between my lips. I suck on his tongue, savoring the taste and knowing that he is even more turned by that.

His hand drifts down my body, squeezing a breast and massaging my abdomen lightly before pushing between my damp curls. His fingers deftly tickle my clit and I wrench my mouth from his to gasp in pleasure. But his other hand rises to capture my face and hold me under him as he ruthlessly shoves his tongue into my mouth again. I wriggle underneath him, so close to climaxing that I’m unable to lie still.

And I want to feel him inside me as I come. So I reach down between us, searching and exultant when I find the hard cock throbbing between our heated bodies. I stroke him, feeling and loving each bump and vein. He jumps in my hand, just a little and I grin against his lips, knowing that I do to him what he does to me.

His hand moves from between my legs to circle mine over his erection and together we stroke him, our tongues matching the movements until we’re practically on fire.

“Now,” I moan against his lips. “God, I need you inside me now.”

“Fuck yeah,” he agrees roughly and together we draw his cock towards my dripping hole.

With a low groan, he buries himself inside of me, rocking all the way in once before drawing back. I reach around and cup his ass, begging him to push into me again. He obliges, sliding languorously back inside. But he is still in control and I am helpless as he pulls almost all the way back out, following up with quick, shallow thrusts.

“You’re killing me,” I bite out between gasping breaths.

He merely chuckles and presses his lips to my chin, lapping at the sweat that has broken out there. Then he licks along my jaw, tasting all of me, all while continuing to drive me insane below.

I pull harder on his backside and lift my legs to cradle him. He slips lower between my legs and I feel his cock a little deeper.

“Yeeeessss,” I hiss out in satisfaction, lifting my hips to get more of him.

One hand moves from my face to my side, trying to hold me down so he can still have his way with me. I protest, moaning loudly and digging my nails into his ass cheeks. He groans and pushes me down demetevler escort with both hands now, lifting his face from my neck and glaring at me. I bite my lip in contrition that he knows isn’t genuine and a grin breaks out across his handsome face.

Reaching down, he slips his fingers between our bodies and strokes my clit, making me press my head back against the floor. I inhale sharply as he presses harder. My nipples are painfully hard, reaching up and he bends low, sucking one into his mouth. He switches quickly to the next one, still teasing my clit with his hand. And still his thrusting is rapid and not nearly deep enough.

All of a sudden, he sinks all the way in, bringing our bodies together with a jarring slap. I yelp and he captures the sound with his mouth, stroking my tongue with his. I open for him, letting my lips open wide and dropping my legs open further to get him as close as I can.

He begins to thrust deeper, with purpose. He rubs my clit harder, short brutal strokes that have me writhing under his body. His mouth his fierce on my breasts and I know I’ll probably have a mark there. I don’t care though. I care only about the cock between my legs and the man in my arms and the way he’s making me climax right now.

I lift off the ground with a long, low moan that I’m certain isn’t possible. Every part of my body tingles and my toes curl as a slow pressure is suddenly released in an incredible wave. His thrusting continues, pushing me beyond moaning and into mewling sounds of passion that I didn’t know I could make.

“Yeah, come for me,” he groans, lifting his head from my breast and watching my face as I buck with my orgasm. “I love watching you come.”

I can’t speak words; I can only smile and hold on to his shoulders as his hips slam against my body over and over again. I know he is getting close and I can still feel the tremors shaking my entire body as his pace increases.

Reaching down, he pulls my leg up until it is trapped against the side of his chest. Then he does the same to my other leg, folding me nearly in half and hitting me deep inside with each new pounding thrust. I gasp for air, clawing at his shoulder as he grinds against me, rubbing my clit just so. I can feel the pressure building again and I close my eyes, letting it wash over me as our skin slaps together. He is moving very fast now, a heated mass between my legs and I cry out as he tenses, spilling everything he has inside of me.

He pushes into me a few more times as our mutual pleasure coasts along. Finally he allows my legs to unbend and stretch out on either side of him as he leans down and kisses my mouth tenderly.

“I love you,” he murmurs.

“I know,” I reply and laugh out loud as he tickles my sides. “I love you too!” I say to get him to stop tickling me.

But he doesn’t and I’m laughing still.

“Why do you…do this…to me?!” I manage to get out between bouts of giggles.

“I love the way it feels when you laugh and I’m inside of you,” he replies with a grin and bends down to kiss me again.

As he does so, I can feel his cock twitching inside of me. I stare up at him in amazement.

“Really?” I ask with another breathless laugh.

“It’s you, baby,” he replies, nuzzling my neck. “It’s all you.”

I wrap my arms around him, adoring him, my husband and thankful for all he is to me.

And knowing that I might just be late for my afternoon meeting.

As he moves above me, hardening within me, I shrug.

The Markum file can wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32