Quarantine Delivery

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It all started so innocently, you see I had this friend who let’s just say was a hostess, and then a stripper to put things bluntly. Funny enough we were just friends, never saw her in anything other than her little g-string and top, had never seen her strip or anything at this point. I had been planning to and to even perhaps get a lapdance from her, and then this damn virus hit everyone. Anais had started an online fan account and figuring I could afford the little bit and instead of just offering her a little money I signed up.

I quickly perused the pics she had put up and was amazed at the sexy little body exposed in peeks, nothing overt, and perhaps a nip slip or two she cheekily posted and then after a little back and forth she sent me a file. She had teased for a little something better to message her on the site other than our normal methods of communicating. Hell, I’m admitting here I was curious and I signed in and sent her a message, “A bit better?”

The reply was the file in question, now I opened it and it was truly amazing, this little sexpot completely nude and bent over. Now it took some playing with the file but as any guy is want to do in this situation, I opened the file again and tried to blow up the pic. I wanted details and wow, exactly what I had thought, and this answered the question of did she shave completely and just how sexy was her pretty little pussy.

I played it off, rather well, I hope. I didn’t pull that whole, “I want to do…to you,” or anything like that, I just told her she looked amazing. Which she did, and I reigned it in, I’m sure she get’s that all the time from guys, but hey, I try to be nice and respectable. I couldn’t share the deep longings, and urges I had to do things to her. Hell, a few weeks I had offered to help her move and our conversations had always been innocent. Plus, I was at least close to 15 years her senior.

So, a few nights later, considering this virus had shut everything down for so long and wasn’t looking to end anytime soon, I let her know of a few ideas I thought may help her draw in more subscriptions. “Hey, maybe some sports themes, jersey’s, props, all sports. And if you need, I have stuff from most sports.” Anais quickly agreed and thanked me for the suggestion. Now in this time of restrictions and knowing she was stuck at home too and hadn’t been going out I didn’t mind dropping things off to her.

I figured she wouldn’t want any guy knowing where she lived that she wasn’t dating but when she asked if I could drop stuff to her and suggested meeting up, I offered to meet in a parking lot in the town we both lived. “That’s sweet,” she replied, “but, how about you just bring it by, I haven’t been exposed and I know you’ve been stuck at home too.”

She gave me her address and I loaded up one of my big bags with, baseball, soccer, field hockey, football and hockey items, jersey’s etc… and headed out about 10pm one night. I arrived at her parking lot and let her know via text I was there, giving her the opportunity to come down and get it and not have me enter the building.

“Goofball, come on up.” She responded to my message.

I quickly grabbed the bag out of my truck and headed up the stairs. She met me at the door in a long t-shirt and I assumed shorts. She gave me a quick hug, “I know with social distancing I shouldn’t hug you but I think we’re both safe at this point.” Closing the door, she asked me to show her what I had brought her.

“Now look, these are some prized possessions acquired over the years of playing sports, all except the field hockey stuff that was my daughters but I figured you could have some fun with that in some little skirt and stuff. I get all this stuff back in a week or two, but you can have some fun in the jersey’s and with the balls and stuff until then. I know soccer isn’t starting at least until then.”

Anais looked at me and grinned, “I’m so thankful you’ll let me play with your balls,” she gave a giggle and wink with a tease. “So, what else do you have planned for this imposed vacation we all have to take?”

I smiled, “Hey, it’s call of duty at night, talking to you, and during the day keeping busy with trying to schedule things further out after this thing is over.”

I watched her as she sat on the couch next to me, she had a mischievous smile on her face. “You know since you never got to see me dance, I’d like to thank you for letting me borrow this stuff, how about if we head over to the other room (I noticed she didn’t call it her bedroom) and I’ll show you what you missed by not being able to make it to the new club.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to the “other” room. She sat me on her bed and with the pole mounted in the center of the room she wondered over to it. “Pick a song, you’d like me to dance to Sir,” she laughed, treating me like one of her patrons. I pulled out my phone and scrolled, I didn’t want any of the cliched songs for a stripper, so I thought for a minute and kızılay escort then went way back, I toyed with “fever,” but that seemed to strippery, I settled on, “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World,” by James Brown.

Slowly she began to wiggle and dance around the pole, flipping her shirt up I was given the sight of a blue thong and she grabbed the pole and twirled lifting herself up and spinning upside down, letting the shirt drop over her head, baring her sexy little tits to me. Swinging around she let herself spin down the pole and finished in a split, before hopping up and dancing around the pole some more and showing a few more moves. As the song ended, I knew I already was at least half hard, and I was only in a pair of shorts and t-shirt myself I was going to have to try hard to not show all of my appreciation for her efforts to her.

“You know, if this works, and I get a lot more subscriptions that’s a couple hundreds or thousands depending on how well it does, so I’m only going to offer this once. Would you like a lapdance here and now, same rules of the club I used to work in apply, yes, the stripper rules not the hostess.”

I smiled at her, knowing that meant I got to put my hands on her, everywhere but the bottom of the swimsuit area. “Oh, hell yeah, where do you want me?” I asked. I had to be grinning like a kid in a candy store. “But you know you don’t have to sweetie; I was just trying to help you out.” I quickly added.

Pick a hot song, something I can really get down and into. My brain went for a couple quick dirty ones I could think of. Well now, let’s go with the obvious, I pulled up a playlist reserved for good hard sex, (don’t lie, we all know we have them in our playlists). I figured, some NIN “Closer”, Kesha, “Blow”, Skillet, and a few others would be right up her alley. As soon as the first song started, she hopped up on the pole and slid down, locking eyes with me and then she dropped down to her knees and looked me in the eyes. “Get up against the headboard.”

I scooted up and sat against her headboard as she crawled across the floor and up onto the bed, she stood up over me and danced a sexy little dance before spinning around and bending over, wiggling her ass in my face. I wanted to reach out and smack her ass but, so far, she was leading and I was going to let her continue as long as she wanted right now. I watched her grab the bottom of her shirt and lift the hem up right under her chest, before pulling it up a bit more exposing those fabulous tits to me. She dropped the shirt again and then dropped onto the bed and crawled up to me. She sat herself on my lap. I’m sure I blushed a bit, knowing she could feel how hard I was through my thin shorts and when she wiggled around against it I knew I was dead right. Lifting her shirt over her head she tossed it aside and ground herself into me.

I smiled at her intense gaze as she grabbed my hand and ran it up her body directing where she wanted to be touched. I gave her a smile again and mentioned, “Hey, at the club they have pasties on.”

“I can put them on if you really want or you can have a little more fun than is usually allowed.”

Anais then took my hand and guided it up to her lips, and she opened her mouth and sucked in two fingers and swirled her tongue around them before pulling them out and pushing them to her nipple. “Touch me, it’s allowed right now.”

I teased and tweaked her nipple, then moving to the other I grabbed the bar in her right nipple and gave it a little twist, watching her face the entire time and seeing how she reacted. I glimpsed her closing her eyes and biting her lip. She gave a little moan and wiggled down a bit harder onto my cock. She spun around and began to grind her ass back against me. It was then I noticed the little jeweled plug sticking out of her cute ass.

Anais ground hard and I reached around now cupping both breasts and rolling her nipples in between my fingers. I pulled her back against my chest as I rubbed her, “I like the way you feel Anais,” I flexed my cock knowing she’d feel the throb against her. Now as I tell you this, I’ll admit, I’m not hung like a porn star but I’ve never had a woman complain about the inches I have been given.

(A quick pause her to give you a glimpse in your mind’s eye of what she looks like. Anais is about 5’2, auburn hair that hangs down about 2or 3 inches below her shoulders, her eyes are these hypnotic green with almost flecks of blue thrown in. covered in tattoos, and a tight little cute ass, and she just exudes a sexiness that makes you think of a dirty little Harley Quinn or just the naughtiest of pixies).

Now as she ground back against me, I continued to tease her, I reached up and brushed her hair out of the way and kissed the side of her neck and bit softly. “Oh fuck,” she whispered. I could feel her shiver when I did that and she spun slipped off of me. I thought I went too far but she laid across my lap and raised her ass in the air etlik escort and looked up at me expectantly.

I quickly took her hint and smacked her ass, giving it a good cupping as I smacked it. Leaving a nice hand print. I didn’t hesitate to smack the other cheek as well, letting each warm up with my hand print. I felt bold at this point and while not willing to go to far, I took my fingers and grabbed her plug and spun it a little. She quickly hopped up and looked at me.

Here we go, that was too far I thought. She sat right back down on my lap facing me and kissed me hard, our tongues finding each other, she found my tongue ring and nipped at it and pulled with her teeth. She kept grinding against me as we kissed. “I know this is a bit further than is allowed but just go with it,” she told me.

Grabbing my hand that was on her ass she pulled back from the kiss for just a moment longer and then pushed my hand between her legs, quickly kissing me again before I could protest or ask any questions. I felt how damp she was between her legs and was easily able to locate her clit as I rubbed her outside the thong. Anais then reached between us and grabbed my cock and began to give it a few strokes outside of my shorts.

“Hey, we don’t have to go any further,” I told her as I rubbed her clit faster and reached behind to swat her cute ass again.

“I know, but what if I told you I wanted to and I think we should just fulfill some fantasies tonight.” She responded.

I pushed her thong to the side and dipped my fingers into the warm wetness I found there, and rubbed my thumb over her exposed clit as I kissed her neck again. She reached up under my shorts and grabbed my bare cock and stroked it quickly. Well if we were going to deviate from the norm here, I was going to go all in.

I rolled over and pushed her face down on the bed and told her to lie there and not move. “I’m in control now, you started this and I’m going to devour every inch of your sexy little body.”

I kissed down her back and grabbed the sides of her thong and yanked them, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay for those,” I told her and I kissed further down her back. I bit each ass cheek before spreading them and running my tongue around the plug centered there. She whimpered and pushed her ass up against the pressure I was providing. As I did this, I slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. It honestly did not take her long to cum, I was actually surprised at how fast she climaxed, and the shiver and moans damn near sent me over the edge. I knew I needed relief quick and I wanted to get my first orgasm out of the way so that when I got inside here if that happened, I wasn’t going to cum too quickly.

As soon as she finished cumming I flipped her over as I pushed down my shorts and boxers and as soon as she saw my cock, she grabbed it through glassy eyes and she leaned over looked up into my eyes and ran her tongue up the length of my shaft. Her hand cupped my balls and squeezed gently and she stroked me as she licked my cock. In no time at all before I could hint that I wanted her mouth she dropped her lips over my shaft and began sucking and swirling her tongue. Moaning as she did it, either for my pleasure or out of her own enjoyment. Anais bobbed up and down, hungry for every inch she could fit into her mouth before pulling back. “Can you go again if you cum now?” she asked.

“Definitely, I might need two or three minutes for sensitivity to go down,” I managed to groan out as she took me deep in her mouth, I felt her speed up and as I watched she pulled back one more time and spit on the shaft before devouring me again, I looked back and noticed one hand between her legs and she rubbed herself. I could feel the swelling and surge and I let her know, “I’m going to cum!” She quickly grabbed my hand on her head and pushed down. The universal sign that she wanted me to hold her down and cum in her mouth. Which is exactly what I did, still careful to not push to far and end this another way. As I began to cum, she pulled back enough to leave the tip in her mouth and ran her tongue over the head and stroked me hard and fast. As soon as I finished cumming she backed off, opened her mouth and showed me her prize before tilting her head back and swallowing.

I pushed her back and as I recovered I started on her nipple, teasing each one with my fingers as I kissed her neck and then then kissed her, she looked slightly shocked, “Hey, if you’re willing to swallow, and suck me that good, there’s no reason not to kiss you,” I told her. Then I dropped down and ran my tongue over her nipples sucking each one and flicking the hoop in my tongue over them, catching the bar on her one nipple and tugging it with the hoop wrapped around it. Reaching between her legs I began to finger her and rub her clit again while I warmed her all the way back up.

Kissing my way down her sexy body I kissed every inch and then pushed my tongue inside demetevler escort her before pulling back and lapping at her swollen clit. She tasted like strawberry soap and the most delicious little pussy I had ever tasted and I told her that before diving right back in. I sucked each hollow of her thigh as I pushed her legs up and threw them over my shoulders as I lapped away and tried to make her cum again Her nails dug into my back as I shifted my attention from dipping my tongue inside her to teasing her clit back and forth until she was begging me to let her cum again

It didn’t take long once I decided to let her, my male ego stroked as she whimpered and arched pulling me in close. I felt her clench on my fingers inside her as I attacked and as soon as she began to slow down, I pulled back and picked her up. I walked her over to the pole and told her to hold on. She looked back with a dazed expression and grabbed her pole. I lined up my cock and nudged it inside her. As it slid in, I’ll admit I hadn’t felt that tight of a grip inside a tight little pussy in a long time.

Her moans greeted me as I pushed every inch in and grabbed her hips, “Such a sexy little horny stripper,” I growled at her as I fucked her hard from behind, I swatted her ass once on each side and then reached down and twisted her plug. I could feel the bulb rub against my cock inside her throw the thin walls inside. I pulled the plug out and replaced it with my fingers which were wet once I slipped them in her mouth. I slid my index finger in first and then added a second finger pushing against my cock as I pounded her from behind.

Anais was moaning and damn near screaming for me to fuck her as I did just that, I pulled her away from the pole and bent her over the bed continuing to fuck her fast and hard as one song switched to the next. I leaned over her and whispered in a low growl, “I hope you like it in the ass, because that’s next my little succubus.”

I flipped her over on her back and glanced at her night stand, there sat a bottle of lube, I’m guessing from when she put her plug in, I quickly slid back deep inside her wet little pussy as I reached up pushing us both up the bed as I grabbed the lube and sat it next to us. I pinned her legs up, knowing she was flexible and pounded her hard and fast. I wanted to feel her cum and clench on my cock again before I pulled out, and to help I grabbed her hand and directed it to her clit. I leaned back and slowed my assault on her while she smiled up and rubbed her clit for me.

“Like this Chad?” She asked, “I don’t have a daddy fetish but I feel it tonight, daddy, the grey in your beard, your stamina and the way you fuck me like an older man should fuck. Not one and off like, oh god, I’m going to cum again, like younger guys my age.”

Her eyes rolled back a little as she whimpered and came hard, her legs shaking, her body shivering, I continued to fuck her through her orgasm and when she finished, I slipped out and dropped down, licking her clit again and teasing her I was loving every taste and each whimper as she tried to push me away due to her clit throbbing and being on the edge of another orgasm already. I was determined to keep this going as I sucked and danced my tongue over her clit repeatedly.

Reaching up I grabbed the bottle next to us and got lube on my fingers as I continued to tease her to the next plateau, slipping my slick fingers in her ass made her clench tightly with her tight little ass and she moaned and came again for me. I worked my fingers in and out of her ass nice and slow until I was satisfied she was ready.

Sitting back on my knees I grabbed her hand and dropped a little lube on it, and put my cock in her hand, she stroked and lubed me up. “Should I roll over?” she asked inquisitively. “Nope,” I told her firmly, “Obviously no one has ever fucked your sexy little ass this way, but don’t worry we’ll end with you bent over face down, ass up and my cock filling your tight little ass.”

I reached behind her and grabbed one of the pillows and put it under her hips and then bent her legs back, I slipped my cock in her pussy one more time before I pulled out and pushed the head against the tight little ring of her ass. I leaned over her and looked into her eyes, “Push up and take me inside when you’re ready!”

I counted to two before she lifted her ass up and reaching between us she grabbed my cock and held it still as she forced the head into her ass, the pressure was tight even though she had used the plug and my fingers it took a minute for her ass to give way and then the head slipped in. “Oh god, that hurts and feels so good at the same time. I love to have my ass fucked Sir!” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

I let her adjust and slowly rocked back and forth pushing a little more in each time, taking my sweet time getting all of it inside her. Once it was all in she asked me to wait just a minute. About thirty seconds later she nodded, “I’m ready just start slow.” I slowly pulled back and slowly worked every inch in and out of her ass, this continued for about ten minutes, picking up speed I started driving into her with force as I leaned over and kissed her again between both of our moans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32