Punished for Lying Ch. 04

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Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. If you are not a fan of spanking, anal punishment, anal sex, implied or actual incest then please go look for something that is more to your liking. I would encourage you to read the first three installments of this before continuing for any of this to make sense. Some of the punishments in this series may be considered extreme to some so if that might offend you please look for something a little less severe. Thanks, Dean

The next morning seemed to arrive quickly for everyone in the house especially Ginny and Cindy. The both managed to get out of bed and happened to see each other in the hallway on the way down to breakfast. Ginny looked at her daughter and asked how she was doing. “Probably just as well as you are mother. I have a sore ass and my asshole feels like it’s had a missile shoved up it.”

“Don’t say that too loud you don’t want to give Dean any ideas.” Her mother said laughing.

“Well I guess we better go down and face him and see what he has dreamed up for us today.”

They arrived downstairs and found a note on the kitchen table telling them to enjoy the morning. Dean had left for town to get supplies according to his note. “Mother what supplies could he possibly need that we don’t have here already?”

“If he thought of something and had to go and get it then I am sure it will be something we don’t want to see.”

“Mom when do you think Aunt Jackie will get here?”

“Well I told her last night and that was at about 11 I think I am not really sure of the time since I really wasn’t paying that much attention to the time. I was more worried about my ass.”

“How long does it take for her to get here?”

“It’s about 11 hours so I don’t expect here till this evening unless she packed and left after she got off the phone. If she did that she will roll in here about noon.”

“I wouldn’t want to be you when Dean discovers you told his mother you was sure he wouldn’t mind after he told her that he did not want her here.”

“You told me that you weren’t going to say anything to him about that, remember.”

“I won’t but that doesn’t mean that aunt Jackie will keep her mouth shut.”

“I hope she gets here before Dean gets back so that I can ask her not to say anything to him about my little phone call.”

“Mom you don’t think that Dean spanks his mother do you?”

“I rather doubt it; she is much too proper to have anyone touch her like that. He did threaten to do just that on the phone though but it sounded more like a threat than anything else. It would do my darling sister a world of good to have someone spank that nice bubble butt of hers though.”

“Well I am hungry mother let’s eat something and then can you put some lotion on my ass after breakfast?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me except you have to put lotion on my ass as well.”

The ladies ate their breakfast and applied lotion to their sore butts and just decided to watch TV and relax until Dean got back. About 12:15 a car came rolling in the driveway and they both figured it was Dean but when they saw it they knew it was Aunt Jackie.

Aunt Jackie came bouncing out of the car and ran to the ladies and gave them both a big hug. “I am so glad to finally be here. That is a long drive.”

“You could have waited until morning to leave you know.”

“No way sis; I missed my little boy and his getting that loan all by himself just made me so excited. I just have to convince him to let his sisters and Cindy live with him next year.”

“Aunt Jackie why do you keep calling the neighbor girls his sister when they are not?”

“I have always called them that and it kind of stuck I guess.”

“Jackie I have a favor to ask you about my phone call last night.”

“Will you please not tell Dean that I called you and told you he wouldn’t mind if you came here. I don’t need him to get mad at me okay?”

“Sure I don’t see any reason why not. It’s not like you’re a little girl that is going to get into trouble for inviting me up here.” Aunt Jackie said with a laugh and then said, “It’s not like he is going to spank you for being naughty.”

Ginny looked at Cindy and they both knew right then that Dean had never spanked his mother. “Mom this is going to be interesting.”

The ladies went in and had lunch and sat around and talked for a while. They went out and did the chores and just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon when Ginny saw her car coming up the lane toward the house. “I better go get started making something for supper. I think something in the crock pot will work very well today since it can simmer until we are ready for it.”

Dean pulled up into the yard and got out of the car and his mother ran to him and gave him a big hug. Dean just stared at her and he did not return the hug. “What’s the matter, so aren’t you glad to see your mother?”

“I told you mother that I did not want you to come here and that I did not want to talk about the house that I bought. escort ataşehir I also said that I didn’t want the three brats in it either. I don’t have a problem with Cindy staying there but you never listen to anything that I say.”

“Do you remember what I told you would happen if you showed up her mother.”

“Not that I can recall exactly.”

“Mother I told you that if you showed up her I would spank you do you remember that?”

“You were kidding me and besides I could not have turned down such a gracious invitation to join you anyway.”

“I was not kidding mother and what do you mean by gracious invitation?”

“Oh, I wasn’t supposed to say anything about that so please just forget that little part.”

“Who invited you mother?”

“Ginny called and we got to talking and she said she was sure you wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh she did well that was just so kind of her mother I am sure that I will have to find a special way to show her how happy I am that she was thinking of me since she was standing right next to me when I told you that I did not want you to come here.”

“It is okay son you can show your appreciation later. I hope you have some appreciation for your mother since you sure don’t seem too appreciative at this moment.”

“Mom since you phrased it that way I am going to make sure that I give you the same exact appreciation that I give Ginny later this evening. Is that okay with you?”

“Thank you son and remember don’t say anything okay?”

“Oh you can count on it mother you can count on it.”

Dean and his mother walked into the house and everyone just laughed and chuckled about this and that and then Dean decided that he had some things to do in the barn.

“Son we already did the chores.”

“It is okay mom I have some very special chores to do before it gets too late. You just sit here and visit why I take care of business.”

“Can I go along and help you Dean so that mother can visit with Aunt Jackie?”

“I don’t see why not. Come along and help if you want. You can be my little helper this evening.”

Dean and Cindy walked to the car and got some bags out and headed to the barn. On the way to the barn Cindy could not help but ask, “Dean are you saying that I am not going to be punished this evening?”

“Did you know that your mother told my mom she could come here?”

“Yes I did and I told her that you would be upset about it.”

“You are right I am not happy about it. I wanted to play with just you and Ginny but my mother always seems to get her ass in the middle of things. Well tonight she is going to get her ass in the middle of things and she may just find her ass full of things as well.”

“Thank God I didn’t tell her to show up.”

“That’s okay since you were not in trouble you and I can set things up and maybe I will have time to spank your cute little ass before they come down here.”

“Oh I thought I wasn’t in trouble.”

“You are not in trouble. I am not going to spank you like I did last night. What I am going to do is spank you just to arouse you and then we can see where it leads. That okay with you gorgeous?”

“Gorgeous…you think I’m gorgeous?”

“I think you are the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life.”

“Then why did you spank me so hard and…and… do all the other things to me last night?”

“Because you wanted me to.”

“You never said to stop you just kept taking it and your body was showing me that you loved every minute of it.”

“Okay never mind…sorry I brought it up.”

Dean just smirked and then began getting all the items unpacked from the bags that Dean had bought in town. Cindy just looked at him and said, “I don’t know what you are planning with all of this but I am glad I am the one that is the assistant.

“This stuff isn’t all for tonight sweetheart. You will get a chance to explore some of the stuff in here I am sure.” Dean said with a laugh.

“Here I thought I was getting out lightly.”

“Oh you are. Tonight we really don’t have to do too much. I am just going to spend time warming their asses and then I am going to well…warm their asses a different way. I sure hope my mom is the loser.”

“Why is that Dean?”

“She came here after I told her not too and besides I have always wanted to spank her ass. Dad would never do it because it is just not in him. I on the other hand do have it in me and I am going to enjoy this.”

Dean told Cindy to help him move two of the saddle horses so that they lay in a straight line about 3 feet apart from end to end. He then gave her some blankets for one and he put some on the other one. After that he handed Cindy a box of 50 tapered candles and a lighter.

“What are those for?”

“You will see unless you want to be part of it I can always set it up different and use three saddle horses.”

“No, no…that is okay I was just wondering.”

“Oh yeah here you are going to need this as kadıköy escort well.” Dean said as he handed her a brand new leather paddle.

“You bought two of them?”

“Why of course I was hoping my mother would be stupid enough to pull a little stunt like this. I had no idea that Ginny would get herself in the middle but it couldn’t have worked out better.”

“Okay here is what we are going to do…Dean explained as they walked back up to the house.”

Once they were in the house they sat and talked to his mother and Ginny for a while and then Dean told them it was time to go down to the barn and look at what he and Cindy had completed. Ginny raised an eyebrow at Cindy but she was not looking at her mother.

“Oh you kids go ahead and show Ginny what you worked on I will just wait here till you are finished.”

“Mom you drove all the way here and now you are going to sit in the house after all the work we did to trying to impress you.”

“If you put it that way I will go with you just to see what you have been up to. I am sure it’s no good anyway.”

Dean had to try his hardest not to say anything right at that moment. He looked at Ginny and Cindy and he knew they would not say a word because they didn’t want the punishment they would receive if they had said anything to his mother.

Once they got to the door Dean told his mother that since this was something special for her and Ginny that he was going to blindfold them until they were where he wanted them and then he would take off the blindfolds. “Do we really have to be so dramatic Dean?” His mother asked.

“Oh just play along Aunt Jackie we have worked so hard on this.” Cindy said like she was pleading.

Dean put the blindfold on Ginny and then on his mother. Once it was over his mother’s eyes he reached over and took Ginny’s off of her. She gave him an inquiring look and he just put his finger to his lips to show her to be quiet about it. He walked his mother into the barn and said, “Okay mom I have two of the same thing in here and you have to step up to get on it.” Then he whispered in her ear. “Mom it’s a new style of saddle and I want you to get to try it out before anyone else does so be quiet about it okay.”

His mother nodded her head like she was in on it and Dean grabbed her by the hips to help her up onto the saddle. Dean could not believe that his mother wore a short skirt today and a cute little top that buttoned up the back. It could not have been easier. He got his mother situated and placed the cuffs around her ankles on each side. He told his mother that she would have to lean forward just a bit and when she did that Dean just pushed down on her back until she touched and then he put a cuff on one wrist while Cindy did the other.

Jackie started to fidget around and asked, “Who in their right mind would use a saddle like this anyway. Get me off this thing.”

Dean reached up and took off the blindfold so that she could see and what see saw confused her. “Why doesn’t Ginny have a blindfold on and why isn’t she on the other one?”

“Ginny will do as I tell her mother and I did not want to fight you to get you on here so I had to trick you. Now that you are settled in Cindy will you kindly help you mother get onto the other saddle horse?”

Ginny turned and walked to the saddle horse but before she got on it she took off her blouse. As she started to take off her bra Jackie looked at her and said, “What are you doing? Dean is in here. This is a heck of a time to take off your clothes. Sometimes sister I think you have completely lost your mind.”

Ginny dropped the bra and unfastened her pants. When she did that Jackie’s mouth dropped because she was sans panties. “You have really lost your mind you know that.”

Ginny climbed up on the saddle horse and Cindy fastened the cuffs to her ankles and wrists and then lay there waiting to see what Dean would do next. Dean walked over to his mother and told her. “It really isn’t fair for you to try out your saddle horse with clothes on when Ginny has hers off you know.”

Dean started to unbutton the buttons on his mother’s skirt and when they were loose he pulled them down a bit. “Are you absolutely nuts young man, just you wait till I get down from this awful contraption. I am going to…”

“You are going to do nothing mother. You are going to lie right there and do what you are told.” Dean pulled the skirt down until he would have to take the cuffs off her legs and then he grabbed the waistband of his mother’s panties and pulled them off of her. His mother was furious. She threatened and threatened and pleaded and pleaded and it did no good at all. Dean just smiled as he took her ankle cuff loose and slid her clothes off and then he repeated the other side. His mother now just had on her blouse and bra and they were taken off in much the same manner with his mother complaining the entire time.

“Mother I have heard enough complaining. I have a ball gag over there and I maltepe escort bayan will put it into your mouth and fasten it tightly so that you can’t even mumble if you do not shut up.”

Dean’s mother never said another word about the predicament she found herself in. Dean walked around surveying what he had accomplished and then he walked up behind Ginny and slapped her ass five times with an open hand. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap…could be heard and Jackie’s mouth fell wide open. He walked behind his mother and Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap. His mother took a deep breath and shrieked at her son. “Are you nuts that hurt?”

Dean walked up to her face and said, “Mother I told you not to come here and I told you I would worry about the house when I got back and you ignored me and came here anyway after I told you what would happen.”

“I have a feeling that you were not in this alone however…as he turned and looked at Ginny… so I am going to punish you both in the exact same way. When I am finished your ass will be sore in more ways than one I can assure you.”

Dean walked back behind Ginny and gave her 10 hard slaps…five on each cheek…and then he took his fingers and rubbed them into her pussy to see her reaction. He held his hand up and showed it to his mother. His hand glistened with her moisture. “You always were some kind of sick weirdo you know that sis.” Dean immediately walked towards his mother and gave her 10 hard slaps as well and then he put his fingers at the bottom of her pussy and held up his fingers. “I guess Ginny is not the only one in the family that is a sick weirdo huh?”

Jackie hung her head and never said a word. Dean looked at Cindy and told her to go behind his mother. We are going to each spank you with our hand to warm you up. I decided it would be better if we switched partners for the time being. Dean gave Cindy a nod and each time he slapped Ginny’s ass she slapped Jackie’s ass in reply. Once Dean was satisfied that they had each received enough to warm them up he told them that it was now time for the game to begin.

“We are going to play a game I invented called candles. It really is quite simple to play and you each have a fair chance of winning. There can only be one winner however and of course there is only one loser. The winner gets to go in the house and get supper ready while the loser gets to finish the last round of the game.”

“We are going to start spanking you one slap each in alternate strokes. As soon as one of you says stop we are going to give each of you a present. Once I feel that you can’t handle any more present we will play one final round of the game to see who the loser is.”

Dean picked up his leather paddle and Cindy picked up hers as well. Just before he swung he said, “What am I thinking I forgot to switch partners again. Mother I am going to really enjoy this.”

Dean and Cindy switched places and just as soon as he got to his mother he slapped her on the ass with the paddle. You could hear the slap of the paddle but he did not hit her too hard and Cindy could tell that he was letting them off lightly at least to begin with. I guess she figured he wanted to slap his mother several times and by not hitting her as hard he would get to do it more.

Dean again slapped his mother and since he did not get a reaction he slapped her 3 more times rapidly which caused Cindy to respond and Jackie said, “I need a break.”

“Since you need a break that is the same as telling us to stop so we will give you your presents now.” Dean walked over to Ginny and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide so his mother could see what he was doing. Cindy grabbed a candle and put lube on it and then slowly shoved it up her mother’s ass.

“Oh no there is no way.” Jackie said as they walked behind her.

Dean told Cindy to part his mother’s cheeks and he got his first real look at her asshole. “Mother you have such a pretty pink asshole you know that. However following the rules of the game I have this for you.” Dean slowly pressed the candle up his mother’s ass listening to her groans as it worked its way up her virgin ass. “First time to have something up your ass isn’t it mother?”

Jackie just glared at him as he looked into her eyes but she said nothing. Dean picked up the paddle and began again to slap his mother’s ass and then listened for the same stroke to be applied to Ginny. Dean could tell from the sounds of the slaps that Cindy was hitting her mother with more force than he was with Jackie. He also knew that Ginny needed it to be more severe. After a few more slaps he decided to give her 3 more quick slaps and waited for Cindy’s response.

The response on the other end was much crisper and louder and Ginny finally said please put in another candle. “Please put in another candle? Are you really that desperate to have something up your ass?” Dean laughed at his mother’s comment and then just picked up a candle and told Cindy he could manage if she could. She nodded her head and spread her mother’s ass just as Dean was placing a candle next to the other one. Dean was happy to see his mother’s ass wiggling from side to side so he rubbed his hand through her pussy again and showed the wetness to her. Jackie turned her head away in disgust.

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