Pulling You Deep Inside of Me

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This story is a sequel to my first story called, “Pulling Me Into You” It would help to read the first story if you want to follow the story line. It can be enjoyed on its own as well.

Layla, wearing a skimpy swim suit, stepped out of the pool. She joined Evan on the Chase lounge. She leaned in and kissed him. She reached out and rubbed the bulge in his suit. He removed her swimsuit bottom and ran his fingers up and down her smooth pussy.

She placed her feet on ground, one on each side of the Chase lounge. Evan slid his head between her legs and softly ran his tongue up and down her slit. He saw a drop of her wetness form at the bottom of her vagina. This made him smile. He lapped up her juices. She was horny and needed to feel him deep inside. She pulled on his head, guiding him up her body. Their lips connected. He could tell how horny she was by the intensity of her kiss.

She placed her hands on his hips and pushed him toward her own hips. Evan took his growing dick in hand and guided himself between her begging lips. Layla lifted her hips and pushed him deep inside her begging walls. She moaned softly as he slid deep inside her walls. It took a few gyrations before their hips started working in unison. His lips slid to the side of her neck. Their breathing became heavier.

Evan pulled out and lifted her off the Chase lounge. He guided her inside the house and bent her over the arm of the couch. She spread her legs in anticipation. Evan rubbed two fingers over her clit a couple of times and spread her juices over her asshole. She moaned lustfully.

“Give it to me. I want you to stuff me good.” Layla moaned, encouraging him.

Evan spread her legs open wider and pushed the head of his big dick between her walls. She groaned as his penis stretched her walls. Slowly, he pushed deeper inside of her. His hips slapped against her body. Meanwhile, he made circles around her asshole with his index finger, driving her wild. Her ass squeezed tight when his finger applied a little pressure.

Paul lain in bed, wondering if Layla was truly gone forever. Will she come back? He didn’t know where to move on from here. Anger started to burn inside him. He punched his fists against his mattress, where he lie face first. The sounds of rain pelting against the window only intensified his depression.

Layla leaving Paul wasn’t the worst part. He had grown accustom to having sex often with her. Now, he had nothing to rely on but his own hand. His hand felt nothing like the inside of her pussy or mouth. In addition, he had to listen to his co-workers harass him all day long. A tear ran down his cheek.

Having been rammed until Evan released himself, Layla grabbed a glass of wine and started cooking dinner. Evan walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around his stomach. He pressed his lips to the back of her neck, sending chills down her spine.

“Quit.” she said laughing, “You are going to make me horny again.”

Evan’s hands drifted up to her chest. She swatted his hand away. Evan took the clue and left her be. The long flight wore them out so they retired to the bed early. Layla curled up next to Evan. His muscles felt wonderful against her body. She could not help but smile as she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Layla stopped at a coffee shop uptown. She sat down at a table outside. The cool breeze blew through her hair and stiffened her nipples. She placed her left forearm over her breasts, hiding her arousal. The pressure of her hand only excited her more, sending warm waves through her body. She sipped her coffee and watched as people rushed to and from the coffee house. Her mind started to drift away. She thought about Paul and how she thought he made her happy, before she met Evan. The thought of Evan’s tongue licking her, filled her mind. She could feel tingles between her legs. She tucked her dress between her legs and took the opportunity to press her fingers against her clit. Her hips instinctively ground forward.

Paul decided he needed to contact Layla and get an explanation. He called her mother and asked if she had a contact number for Layla. Layla’s mom hesitated at first, before finally giving him Layla’s cell phone number in Australia. Paul thanked her and hung up the phone. He attempted to dial the number several times, but chickened out each time. He finally placed his phone on the kitchen table. He rested his head against the table and closed his eyes.

Evan was at work so Layla roamed around town, checking out her surroundings before returning home. Her body was feeling randy so she decided to have a little fun. She unzipped her suitcase and dug down below her clothes until she found her vibrator. She climbed up on the king size bed and placed her phone next to her in case Evan called.

Turning the vibrator on, she slowly ran it up and down her arms and legs. She enjoyed the way it made her skin tingle. She slid the vibrator between her legs. The vibrator ran up and down her slit. She moaned bahis siteleri to herself and imagined Evan watching her play. She lifted her dress and removed her panties. The tip of the vibrator separated her lips when her phone started to vibrate next to her. She groaned at the interruption.

Layla looked down at her phone and saw a familiar number. She knew instantly who it was calling her. She wondered how he accumulated her number. Now was not a good time to talk to him. She smiled, closed her eyes and pushed the vibrator against her hood. Her breathing shuttered as the vibrations flowed through her crotch. Feeling a strong desire to feel more inside her, Layla pushed the vibrator between her legs. She started fucking herself. Her feet planted deep into the bed, arching her hips into the air. She moaned over and over as her juices covered the vibrator sliding in and out of her hungry vagina. Layla slid a finger over her clit and massaged it back and forth, sending pangs of joy through her body. She could feel her orgasm rising to a crescendo. She felt the orgasm wash over her and fell to the bed. She pulled the vibrator out from between her walls and placed it on the bed next to her.

A few hours later, Evan rushed through the front door to meet his beautiful woman. He found her resting upstairs on the bed. He watched her firm, round breasts rise and fall as she breathed. Her legs were spread just a few inches, giving him a small glimpse of her labia. Her hands were resting on her stomach. He smiled, seeing the vibrator next to her on the bed. “What a horny woman,” he thought to himself.

Slowly and carefully, he climbed on top of the mattress. He spread her legs ever so slowly, so that he would not awake his sleeping beauty. He could smell her juices between her legs. Evan slowly laid on the edge of the bed and put his head between her legs. He used his tongue to slowly lick up and down her slit. He was welcomed with a soft groan. Evan looked up to see her eyes were still closed. He licked up and down her slit one more time. Again she let our a soft groan.

Ready to push things into over-drive, Evan parted her labia with his fingers and lapped at her inner labia. Her legs instinctively spread open wider. He used his thumbs to rub her warm, smooth inner thighs as his tongue slid between the folds. He could taste the left over juices from her previous endeavor. Her breathing slowly started to increase. The pace of his tongue increased while lapping deep inside her vagina. Her lips started to spread like a blooming flower, welcoming him.

Layla started awakening, though she thought she was experiencing an erotic dream. She brain gave her a visual of the actions, though her eyes were shut. She raised her hands and cupped her breasts, squeezing them softly while a foreign tongue invaded her deep canyon. She released a deep moan. Her chest started to rise and fall more frequent.

Evan watched her tight stomach clench when his tongue slid over her awakening clitoris, causing her to squeal in pleasure. Evan wondered what she was dreaming about. She saw a smile painted on her face. “Had he awakened her?”, he wondered.

Her hips started to rise and fall, pressing against his tongue each time he licked up her slit and made contact with her clit. He could feel himself starting to become hard, pressing his hips against the bed. Ready to bring her out of her sleeping state, Evan slipped two fingers inside her vagina and rolled his tongue in circles around her clitoral hood. Her hips bucked, hitting against his chin.

Layla opened her eyes and realized she was not dreaming. She looked down to find her sexy beau between her legs. “Welcome home, honey”, she said with a groggy voice.

Layla squeezed her breasts harder, then pinched her nipples, sending shock waves down to her groin. She wanted his tongue to push harder against her clit so she moved her hands to the back of his head. She pushed his head hard against her body and raised her hips off the bed, burying his face in her clit.

He took the hint and started flicking the tip of his tongue inside the hood of her clitoris. She rolled her hips back and forth, trying to deal with the pleasure. He felt her juices begin to flood out of her vagina as he pumped his two fingers deep inside her. She moaned over and over, ready to experience her second orgasm of the day.

Just then, her phone started to ring again. Layla opened her eyes and looked down at her phone. She saw the name, Paul, on her screen. Not in the state of mind to talk to him, she reached down to press the ignore button. Her hand slid across the touch screen. She then closed her eyes and continued enjoying the pleasure Evan was subjecting her to. Her mind returned to the intense pleasures washing through her body. She released several moans and groans, filling the room with her voice.

“Ohhh yes. Give it to me. Yesss. God! This feels so awesome. I want it deeper. That’s it. Lick me harder babe. Make me moan. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.”

What canlı bahis siteleri Layla did not realize is that she had not pressed the ignore button like she had intended. When she slid her hand over the screen, her fingers slid over the answer button. Paul could not believe what he was hearing. He wondered if she was purposefully torturing him with her moans and heavy breathing or if she had unknowingly answered the phone. He wanted to hang up. He didn’t want to listen to her moans and groans, but he could not hang up. Her heavy breathing and moans took him back to when she was in his bed. Back to when she was moaning because of him. He wasn’t sure he had ever heard her moan so loud though. She didn’t talk dirty to him like she was talking now.

He could not help but hold the phone to his ear. He felt his dick spring to life in an instant. He pulled his pants down and started stroking himself feverishly through his boxers. He closed his eyes and imagined it was her hand stroking him. His hips thrusting hard into the air, imagining he was deep inside her. Her moans were getting stronger and louder. One moan started when the previous moan ended. He could see her hips thrusting. He could see the expression of ecstasy on her face. He knew she was close to having an orgasm, so was he.

Evan felt her hot fluids gushing from inside as her inner walls grasp his fingers, milking them as if they were his hard cock. He pulled his fingers out and slid the coated fingers inside his mouth, sucking her delicious juices off his fingers. She pulled him on top of her body.

“Fuck me now! I want to feel your fat cock inside of me. I need you inside of me Evan. Stretch my walls like Paul couldn’t.”

Paul lay on his bed, his boxers spoiled with his seed. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Is that why she left him? She left because he couldn’t stretch her walls? He didn’t want to hear anymore. Paul grabbed his phone and ended the call. He started to cry. He felt betrayed, embarrassed and humiliated all at once. He had called to get the truth, but he didn’t expect to get the answer he heard.

Evan stroked his hard penis a couple of times before guiding it slowly inside her walls. He could not believe how unbelievably tight she was. Every time he entered her, he was reminded of how luck he was to have such a hot, horny and tight woman in his life. He knew he had hit the jackpot. For the next twenty minutes, Evan pumped deep inside of his goddess until he filled her squeezing walls with a fountain of fluids.

Layla felt like he had turned on a hose inside her. She could feel his fluids filling her insides. She was totally spent and could take no more. Her body was sweating profusely and overheating. She pushed him off of her and rolled over onto her side. Her inner walls were aching from the pounding they had just received.

The next day Paul decided to move on from Layla. He knew it was going to be difficult, but he had to do it. He grabbed the torn piece of paper off his bathroom counter and dialed the phone number scribbled on it. Layla had sent a few of her friends his way when she left. He had no interest in entertaining them at the time, but now he did. He waited for the phone to ring and cleared his throat just as he heard a soft, feminine voice on the other end.

“Hello?” the voice said.

“Is this Annette?” Paul asked nervously.

“Yes, who is this?”

“This is Paul. You gave me your number the other night. I am sorry I was less then welcoming and perhaps rude.”

“Nonsense.” she said, her voice perking up when she realized it was Paul. “I understood how you were feeling completely. I am flattered you called. I just have to ask, did you call any of the other girls also?”

“No. Paul answered. Just you. Your number was the only one I kept. Would you like to come over for awhile tonight?”

“I would love to.” She responded. She knew he had gotten the raw end of the deal. She felt that Layla had fucked up. She had a great man with a great job and a man that was willing to eat her. Men like that were hard to find. In fact, Annette wondered what it was like to have an orgasm from a man’s tongue. Though she had dated several men, she had not found one that was good at using his mouth down there.

Layla looked at her call list and saw that there was a ten minute call to Paul the previous day. She gasped. She knew she hadn’t talked to him. Had she accidentally hit the answer button instead of ignoring him? She pressed send and called his number. She had to apologize. The phone rang several times. She hoped he would answer. The phone went to voice mail.

“Paul, please call me. I noticed there was a ten minute phone call to you yesterday. I am so sorry. I feel so bad. Please call and let me explain.”

Paul saw the call from Layla and contemplated answering it. In the end, he decided to ignore the call. He didn’t know why she was calling, but he no longer had anything to say to her. When his phone beeped canlı bahis and showed a voice mail, he decided to listen to the message. Tears filled his eyes as he listened to her voice. Perhaps she had not intended him to hear last night. When the message ended, he hung up and put the phone on the counter. He had mixed emotions. He wanted to call her on one hand, but knew nothing good would come of it on the other hand. In the end, he decided not to call her back.

Annette had been anticipating the evening all day. She put on a sleeveless blouse and a tight pair of blue jeans and headed over to Paul’s house. She could barely contain herself as she rang the door bell. When the door opened, Annette scanned Paul. She was encouraged when she looked at his crotch and noticed a bulge. He was either large or happy to see her. From what she had heard from Layla, she figured it was the latter.

Annette did not wait long to jump at the opportunity to make out with Paul. They were sitting next to each other chatting. She was watching his lips move and yearning to taste them. She leaned forward and kissed his mouth in the middle of his sentence. He didn’t bother to finish the sentence, opting to return the kiss. Their kissing became heavy rather quickly.

Withing minutes, Annette was on her knees, between his legs while he sat on the couch. She unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. He lifted his hips and pushed his boxers down. Annette got her first look at his hard penis. She licked her lips and smiled while looking up at his eyes.

“This is going to be fun.” she exclaimed.

She took Paul by surprise when she quickly slipped his manhood between her lips. She licked and sucked on his dick like it was a Popsicle. She noted to herself that his penis was about the same size as a Popsicle, not too long and not to thick. The size was easy for her to give him a blowjob. She didn’t mind. She wouldn’t have to worry about chocking or having a sore mouth from being stretched open wide.

It took only a few minutes for him to shoot inside her mouth. She didn’t mind swallowing, though it wasn’t something she enjoyed either. She was happy that he did not spill a ton of semen in her mouth. It was just a few spurts and he was done. She was slightly disappointed that he started growing soft in her mouth. She hoped and prayed he would become hard again.

Layla tried calling Paul a few more times throughout the day, only to reach his voice mail each time. She left a message a second time, then hung up the subsequent times. She decided she would try him another day. She took the rest of the day to go on a shopping spree.

Paul guided Annette to his bed and took his time running his hands over her naked body. Annette was responding with ewwwwwwws and ahhhhhhs. He liked the way her body was responding. Layla had seemed to grow old of his touching. He could not help but think of Layla while he was touching Annette. Her long black hair lay over her shoulders, touching the top of her breasts. Her breasts were not as large a Layla’s breasts. What he liked about her breasts were that they were like ant mounds with long, pointy nipples poking out.

She encouraged him with moans as she sucked on her long nipples. He was turning her on so much. She was used to a man jumping on top and taking her for a ride then quitting when he was done. His tender touch was slowly building her desire like a smoldering fire. She was shocked when he left tiny kisses all over her breasts, down her stomach, around her navel and all the way down to her mound. She was going crazy. She wanted to guide his head to her cunny, but held back. The tip of his tongue traced her mound and traveled to her inner thighs. She was anticipating it moving to her lips. She could tell she was so wet.

Paul admired her bare pussy. He could see beads of sweat forming on the top of her mound. He wiped the beads away and started to massage the outer parts of her labia. Her hips rose. He stroked the outside of her pussy. His index finger stroking the left side and his thumb stroking the right side. She begged for him to use his tongue. She begged to feel his hot breath on her vagina.

Layla bought herself a decorative scarf and a purple silk blouse then headed home to prepare a delicious meal for her man, when he returned home from work. She wanted to please him and show him how much she loved him. Or did she want to attempt to rid of her guilt?

The tip of Paul’s tongue gently slide between Annette’s spread lips. She grasp the sheets of the bed and clinched her fists. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Ohhhh Fuck!” she exclaimed as the tip of his tongue crept slowly down the slit of her lips.

Paul could taste the juices of his labor on the tip of his tongue as he licked her. He wanted to bury his tongue deep inside her and eat her like a buffet, but he restrained. He took his time, alternating his tongue between the crack of her slit and her outer labia.

Annette was going crazy. She had never felt such pleasure. She could feel her blood rising. Her face was flush with blood. She lifted her legs and wrapped her arms behind her knees, giving him full access. She begged him to lick her.

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