Private Lessons

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There’s a school in Singapore that had an amazingly sexy and beautiful 30 year-old chemistry teacher, Ms Sarah Lui. At about 1.65m tall with shoulder-length black hair, B-cup tits and pale skin, she occupied many of her hormonal male students wet dreams.

Many of them had fantasised about being with her sexually and soon they would have their dreams fulfilled, starting with Gavin, her student who lusted after her the most.


Ms Lui sighed as she stared at the Chemistry test paper in front of her. Gavin, one of the more promising students in her class, had done badly again. This was the fourth test in a row that he had failed, and she was beginning to worry about him.

For her to be promoted, she had to get a certain percentage of her class to score an A at the year-end examinations. She needed every one of her promising students to do well or there was no way she could meet that percentage.

She wondered how she could help him, and in turn help herself. Eventually, she sighed again and came to the decision that she would have to give up some of her free time to give him one-on-one tuition to ensure he met the grade. Little did she know, the reason Gavin was struggling in class was because he was perpetually horny in class and couldn’t focus. She especially was not aware that she was the reason he was so horny during chemistry lessons.

With her decision made, Ms Lui moved on to grade her next paper and pushed the thought of tutoring Gavin to the back of her mind.


The next afternoon, Ms Lui returned the Chemistry papers that she had finished grading and couldn’t help but notice the look of embarrassment on Gavin’s face when he received his test paper.

Beside the horrendous score of 2/20 was a hastily scribbled “See Me”. She finished going through the test corrections with the class before dismissing them from school. Ms Lui slowly packed her things and waited for Gavin to approach her. He had been slowly keeping his belongings as well, and waited until all of his classmates had left before going up to her.

“You wanted to see me, Ms Lui?” Gavin asked.

“Yes.. I did. You know that you did exceptionally badly for this test, and you’ve done badly for your past few tests as well.” Ms Lui stated, with a hint of scolding in her voice. She stepped closer to him and said slightly softer and more gently, “I expect you to be doing much better than this.” She was now almost uncomfortably close to Gavin, and he felt it.

Gavin flushed and looked down. The chemistry textbook that he carried in his right hand shifted position, and he now held it with both hands in front of him at waist height, preventing her from seeing the very obvious tent in his white school pants. “I know… It’s just… I’ve been a bit distracted in lessons and I’m having trouble catching up.” Gavin tried to explain the cause for his deteriorating grades without letting on that he was hot for teacher.

Ms Lui noticed that his face had gotten redder when he got close and she began to realise why he was so distracted in class. As she looked at him, she mused to herself “well… he’s not bad looking, and he seems pretty well built… and it wouldn’t be too bad if we…”

Ms Lui was surprised to find her thoughts wandering to the possibility of her having an affair with her student. She shook her head and cleared her throat to dispel those thoughts before continuing to speak to Gavin.

“Gavin, that’s not a good excuse. You’ll meet me after school every Tuesday and Thursday for extra Chemistry lessons, and this will continue until the end-of-year examinations.”

Gavin’s head snapped up at that and for a moment, Ms Lui thought she saw hints of happiness and excitement at her statement, before he looked back down again and mumbled an “Okay…” and walked off.


Thursday came and with it, the first of Gavin’s private sessions with Ms Lui. As they sat down in an empty classroom to begin their session, Gavin knew that it was doomed to be a disaster.

Being in such close proximity to the main star of his sexual fantasies was giving him a boner that he just could not get down. As a result of the almost painful straining in his pants and the need to prevent himself from kissing and touching Ms Lui, Gavin found it impossible to focus.

Within 20minutes of the session starting, Ms Lui came to the same conclusion that Gavin had reached.

There was no way for her to effectively teach him given how distracted her was. But for the life of her, she could not figure out what the cause of his distraction was. Gritting her teeth in annoyance as she saw her promotion slipping away from her, Ms Lui closed her textbook and sat back.

This shocked Gavin and momentarily brought him away from his desperate struggle against his teenage hormones.

“Gavin, this isn’t working. I need you to tell güvenilir bahis me why you’re so distracted. Unless its something you can’t tell me?”

“Ms Lui, I can’t… It’s hard for me to tell you.” As he said it, Gavin couldn’t help but smile a little at his unintentional use of the word “hard”.

Ms Lui looked at him, with confusion visible on her face. “Why is it hard for you to tell me? Anyway, you keep moving around, Could it be because… you have haemorrhoids or something? You keep adjusting yourself in your chair!” She tried to make a joke to ease the awkwardness that he was very clearly feeling.

Gavin groaned and replied, “No, I don’t have haemorrhoids… It’s something else.”

Ms Lui was still just as confused, so she said, “Gavin, I think something’s wrong with your chair or your lower body. Stand up and let me see your chair.”

Gavin hesitated before standing up. As he stood, the tent in his pants became painfully obvious to Ms Lui, causing her to finally realise what or who the source of his discomfort was. “Oh. I… see…” she whispered hesitantly.

Embarrassed, he sat back down and tried to explain himself. “I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything, it’s just that I find you really beautiful and I can’t really control it…” His voice trailed off as he saw that she was processing everything in her head.

After a few minutes, she stood up and said, “I think that we can end our lesson here. I’ll tell you if there’s any change in our lesson details on Monday…” She sounded dazed, but she strode out of the classroom decisively. Gavin felt a pang of disappointment as he believed she would cancel their private lessons due to his feelings for her.


That Monday night, Gavin had not heard anything from Ms Lui and began to believe that she really had canceled their private lessons. Right as he began to accept it, he got a message at 11pm. On reading it, Gavin’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but get extremely excited.

“Gavin, this is Ms Lui. We’ll still have our private lesson tomorrow, but we’ll do it at my place instead. This is my address…”


On Tuesday afternoon, Gavin reached her house at 5pm, just on time for her lesson to start. In preparation for the 2hours that would be spent in close contact with Ms Lui at her own home, he had made sure to find a public toilet and jerked himself off before going to her house. Unfortunately, when he arrived, his excitement and arousal levels were right back at their peak as he opened the door and saw Ms Lui dressed comfortably in a pink tank top and black butterfly cut shorts which exposed her long pale legs. Next to the thin straps of the pink tank top, Gavin could see the straps of the white bra she was wearing.

Ms Lui smiled at him and said “Hello Gavin, please come in.”

Gavin walked into her home and found himself unable to take his eyes off of her, He was seeing so much more of her skin, her bare legs and her bare arms, which were usually more covered when she was in school. Ms Lui gestured for him to take a seat at her dining table before taking the seat right next the one she had pointed for him.

Gavin’s body was on autopilot, and he mechanically sat down in the offered chair. Ms Lui waited for him to take a seat before beginning the conversation slowly and hesitantly.

“Gavin, I can’t say I feel comfortable teaching you given how… aroused I make you. However, I need you to do well in order for me to get my promotion this year. If I let my superiors know about our… situation, you could be assigned to another teacher’s class for chemistry and I would lose a very promising student. If I don’t teach you, I won’t have enough students doing well to get promoted. So, I have a proposition…”

Ms Lui took a deep breath before continuing. “When we have our private sessions here, I will give you a… reward system. When you do well, I’ll let you… do some things. Of course, it would start small. If you manage to complete a worksheet with no mistakes, I’ll take off some of my clothes so you can get a better view of what’s underneath. And since we’re in my home, you can go and… relieve yourself in my bathroom when you need to. What do you think of that?”

It took Gavin a full minute to process what she said and realise that Ms Lui was being serious before he asked her, “Exactly what kind of… rewards would there be?”

Ms Lui thought for a moment, and then took out a piece of paper and began writing on it.

“For every worksheet with no mistakes, I’ll take off one piece of clothing, If you can finish the work in under 15 minutes, I’ll let you choose which piece is taken off, and you get to take it off for me. I’ll give you some tests to do as well. If you can get a B on those tests, I’ll let you touch any part of my upper body for 1 minute. If you get an A, you can touch any part of my body. Since your exams are coming up, I’ll give you some güvenilir bahis siteleri mock exams as well. If you get a B on those, I’ll let you jerk off in front of me. If you get an A, I’ll give you a handjob. And for your actual exam… if you get a A for Paper 1, I’ll give you a handjob. If you get an A for Paper 2, I’ll give you a blowjob. If you get an A overall, you can sleep with me for one night…”

As Ms Lui outlined her proposal, Gavin thought about it. The possibility to have sex with Ms Lui… He couldn’t see anyway he would lose out. So he quickly agreed to it. But then asked, “Do I have to be in uniform during these lessons? It’s a bit uncomfortable…”

Ms Lui shook her head and said “No, you can be in any attire you find comfortable. As long as you don’t jerk off in front of me without having earned it, I’m fine.”

Gavin smiled and said “Okay. I’m in! But um… I’m going to have to use your toilet now…”

Ms Lui’s eyes widened but she nodded and pointed where her toilet was. As he rushed to the toilet, he quickly stripped himself of his school uniform and left only his underwear on. Within 5 minutes, she could hear the sound of her bathroom tap running and began to get ready for their lesson.

Gavin came out of the bathroom in only his underwear and sat down at the table, looking much more relaxed and comfortable than he had been in class. And so, they began their lessons.

After about 20 minutes of teaching from Ms Lui, Gavin started on his first worksheet. Being much more at ease and with the possibility of being able to remove one item of Ms Lui’s clothing, Gavin soaked up knowledge like a sponge and was able to finish the worksheet in 25 minutes, with no errors.

“Well done Gavin… You only took 25 minutes and you got everything correct! I’m gonna take off my shorts now.” With that, Ms Lui quickly reached down and removed her shorts without getting up. Even though her bottom now only had her panties on, Gavin couldn’t see it with the table between them. If he wanted a good view, he was going to have to finish the work much, much faster than that.

As Gavin tried to cut the time for each worksheet to under 15minutes and the anticipation of stripping Ms Lui of more of her clothes brought back his boner, he began to make mistakes. And before he knew it, their lesson for the day was over and Ms Lui had only removed her shorts. She stood up, and gave him his first view of her black panties. As he stared, he swore he could see a faint damp patch on the black, frilly undergarments. Ms Lui smiled at him and said, “Too bad, Gavin. This is as far as you got today. Better luck on Thursday!”

Gavin groaned and went to put on his uniform before reluctantly leaving the house as Ms Lui waved goodbye to him, his manhood was still painfully hard as he hadn’t been given the chance to wank before leaving her house.

That night, Gavin lay in bed and thought back to Ms Lui standing in her dining room with her pink singlet and black, moist panties. With his rock hard 6-inch cock in his hand, he began to jerk off as he thought of just forcing her back against a wall and removing her clothes by force. He imagined himself tearing off her singlet and forcing her bra off, fiercely making out with her as his hands pawed her firm, supple breasts. As he felt her arms going around his neck, his hands slid down to her panties where he quickly pushed them down her legs, exposing her pink, hairy cunt to the air. His hands ran through her moist pubic hair and collected her fluid before bringing it up to their mouths, where he slid his juice covered fingers into her mouth and got her to lick them off.

He saw himself quickly ridding himself off his underwear before lining up his cock with her wet pussy and slamming himself all the way in. He could hear her cries of “Oh god, oh god… Harder Gavin! Harder!” as he fucked her hard against the wall, bouncing her up and down his cock. As he imagined the tight, wet embrace of her pussy around his manhood, Gavin found himself cumming for the third time that day. He quickly took a tissue paper to clean up his mess before lying back in bed and hoping that he would make more progress on Thursday.

Little did he know, that back at Ms Lui’s home, she too was fantasising about being taken by him. Having Gavin in her home, in his underwear, knowing how hot he was for her, was a massive turn on for Ms Lui, She had almost gone to relieve herself during their lesson, but she had had the self-control to wait until after he left. She had her fingers up in her hairy, wet, pink cunt as she dreamt of his rock hard cock sliding in and out of her tight hole, their wet pubic hair getting tangled up as he pounded her into her bed, making her pussy juices overflow and spill on to the bed. She could just imagine the grunting and groaning as they went at it like a pair of animals in heat. “Oh.. you’re so tight Ms Lui… So hot and wet and… tight! I’m gonna cum!” Right as she reached iddaa siteleri the point in her fantasy where he came, filling her hot cunt with his cum, she felt herself approaching her peak and she sped up her fingering to bring her over the edge. Before she knew it, she had brought herself to a shuddering climax as she squirted all over her bed. As she lay naked and panting on her bed, her sweaty body recovering from her tremendous orgasm, she thought to herself, “Next time, I hope he gets to see my tits at least…”


Thursday couldn’t come fast enough for either of them. That Thursday afternoon, at exactly 5pm, Gavin knocked on Ms Lui’s door. Again, she answered in a singlet and shorts, this time the singlet was a pale blue and the shorts looked the same as the ones she had worn on Tuesday. But for her bra though… Gavin saw a black strap under the blue singlet. He loved the contrast between her pale skin and the black colour of her undergarments. He vowed that he would at least get her to take off her shirt so he could see for himself the way her black bra hugged her breasts.

As Gavin and Ms Lui sat down at her dining table to resume their lessons, Ms Lui decided to give him an easier opportunity to see her tits. “Well Gavin, I thought we would start this lesson by reviewing what we did last lesson. Here’s one of the worksheets you did, but didn’t get full marks for. You’ll have another chance to redo it, same conditions apply as if it was your first time doing this worksheet.”

Gavin couldn’t believe his luck! He had managed to memorise the answers to the worksheet when she had gone through his mistakes the previous time. He was confident he could finish the task perfectly within 15 minutes. Gavin smiled at her and told her with certainty, “Alright Ms Lui. Start the timer!”

Almost 12 minutes later, Gavin pressed stop on the timer and presented his worksheet to Ms Lui for marking. As she carefully went through his answers, marking with a red pen, she was pleased to see that he had gotten everything correct.

Attempting to fake reluctance and pretend that she was unhappy to say these words, Ms Lui began to speak, “Good job… You got everything right in under 15 minutes… I guess I have no choice then. Which piece of my clothes do you want me to… discard first?”

Gavin couldn’t hide the gleeful smile that rose to his face and he exclaimed, “I’ll take off your shirt!” As he said this, he quickly stood up and gestured for Ms Lui to stand up. His heart pounding in his chest, he knew that he was one step closer to seeing her naked breasts for himself.

He gripped the hem of her singlet and quickly pulled it up over her. As his hands slid over the bare, smooth skin of her flat stomach, Gavin felt his rock hard erection get even harder! His hands passed over the slightly rougher texture of her bra, and he had to fight hard, resisting the urge to cheat and slip his fingers under them to cop a feel of her tits. He was afraid that doing it would lead to Ms Lui cancelling the bet entirely.

She raised her arms up overhead, helping him to divest her of her pale blue singlet. When it was fully off, Gavin raised the garment to his nose and inhaled deeply, savouring the sweet smell of Ms Lui’s body. He then dropped her top on to the floor and took a step back to admire the view he now had of her bra-clad upper body. Her solid black cotton bra stood out in stark contrast to her pale skin, and it made her perky tits seem to stand out even more.

As she felt the intensity of his gaze on her body, Ms Lui couldn’t prevent the flush of red that crept up to her cheeks in slight embarrassment.

Gavin couldn’t control himself anymore, and so he quickly muttered an “excuse me” and rushed off to her toilet to jerk off once again.

As Ms Lui waited for him to come back, she bent down to pick up her singlet, folded it, and placed it neatly on her dining table. She wondered how far her student would get today, whether he would manage to remove her shorts and panties as well. Her first piece of clothing was gone and there was still 1 hour and 45 minutes left! As she thought this, she felt herself getting wetter as she imagined him playing with her hairy pussy, leaving her pubic hair matted with her cunt juices.

After 5 minutes, Gavin came back and lessons resumed. Gavin dedicated his full focus to the lesson and managed to ignore the painful boner in his pants. Soon, Ms Lui deemed him to be ready to attempt the second worksheet. As she started the timer again, Gavin wondered if he could finish this one in under 15 minutes as well. In the end he decided not to rush it, favouring precision over speed. He finished the worksheet perfectly in 23 minutes, and Ms Lui had to decide what she would lose next.

She gave him a cheeky smile as her hands drifted towards her back and the bra strap clasp that was there, causing his heart to race. But right before she reached it, she decisively brought her hands down to her shorts and chose to remove them instead. Gavin couldn’t help but let out a groan of disappointment. Ms Lui heard it, and mockingly said to him, “You didn’t think I would make it so easy to see my breasts did you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32