Prey Ch. 03

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The New York skyline was amazing from the balcony Tesen now stood on, letting the night air brush against his face while he sipped at his tea. But the majestic view was unseen by the alien as his mind drifted in thought.

It’s been almost a month since he took Michelle and Tira out of the wilds, the two girls living in a flat just under his. And he couldn’t stop thinking about that day when he first met his daughter. His cock went hard and soft as he remembered their first time and how Michelle was adamant in letting his love for Tira blossom into something more. He sighed, the moisture in his breath immediately forming up outside the heated area of the balcony to join the coil of clouds just under.

Another sip of the warm brew, made from a mix of dried plants native to his homeworld. What can he do?

The intercom at the door to the balcony beeped and he padded over to answer.

“Come on in.” And pressed the buzzer. He could see from the balcony, through the living room, down the hall and lobby the front door. It opened and Sam stepped in with a young luzarian boy in tow. Sam always brought their kid with her and he’d seen dozens of cultures of the world in his short six years of life.

He stepped inside, smiling and happy to see his child and the boy was happy to see him. “Zack!” Zack ran on his toes down the hall and Tesen picked him up to hug him firmly and kiss his forehead. “Daddy!”

“Uff! You’re getting bigger and bigger every month!” Tesen exclaimed with a laugh. Indeed, last time he held their child was a few weeks ago and already he was heavier than before. The boy inherited his father’s purple eyes but his mother’s nose. “I missed you so much.”

“Me to, daddy.”

Tesen loved spending time with Zack and was grateful that Sam loved him so much to spend time together with their child. Time flew for all three of them and soon the day was at an end with Zack going to bed. Tesen read him a story just a few pages in before he fell asleep.

Sam was in the kitchen and Tesen pulled out the heavy stuff.

“How long are we gonna stick around here?” Sam asked as she slowly undid her vest while sipping at a martini Tesen had expertly made a few moments ago. Tesen was sure she’d be naked before long. He was busy putting the dishes they used for dinner into the washer, his back turned while she lounged against the breakfast island.

“Can’t really say. I hope you two don’t mind. Your cuts from the previous jobs gonna keep you afloat, right?” He asked, closing the washer with his bare foot before turning around to see her top was gone with only her laced bra still on, and the martini finished. He went to mix her another one. He could see her hard nipples peeking through the lace

“Mmm, nah. I’m good. Found a nice place for me and Zack close by. I think Harvey’s gone doing his own thing for a bit.” She said a bit lazily when Tesen heard her skirt fall down to the ground. He shook the mixer and promptly poured the alcohol in. This time when he turned around, Sam’s curvaceous body was on full display.

Her tits have stayed heavy and she had a bit of a paunch from carrying his child but over all her body had a nice ratio of muscle-to-fat for sure. Her father had her genes extensively modified to be the perfect trophy wife for the man she was promised to. The fact her mother was a beautiful specimen as well didn’t hurt. Tesen had a lewd sense of pride for having claimed such a woman for his own.

Her nipples were hard as rocks as she licked her plump lips while staring hungrily at him. The urge to grab her right then and now was strong but Tesen restrained himself as he stepped out of the kitchen and into the living room to turn on the tv. He then heard a disappointed huff before she followed him barefoot.

“Glad to hear that. I’ve been thinking about Zack.” He said, settling on the couch with Sam quickly following to sit next to him with her legs spread a bit to show her well-trimmed bush. He slipped his hand over her thigh and palmed her sodden pussy, feeling its warmth. “Mmm, what about Zack?”

“He’s one of my only children that I care about barring Tira.” He started, his fingers lightly brushing against her folds. “I want him raised well. And when he’s old enough, he’ll work with us.” He said it firmly, making Sam groan.

“In a couple of years he’ll be old enough to start learning the ropes. Me and Harvey taught you, and you will teach him.” He slipped a finger into her loose pussy. She’d been a virgin when he bred her and her pussy and ass have been his ever since. It was even better to know his own girth was the cause of her looseness. “Is that understood?”

She then let out a breathy giggle when he pushed a second finger into her needy cunt. Gladly the whore spread her legs for him, giving him unfettered access to her. But Tesen didn’t act upon it. “Mmm, crystal clear…”

“Good.” He started to pump in and out of her now, his fingers already slick with her juices. He had other pendik escort things he wanted to say but he thought he should wait until Zack is a bit older. He had plans for him. Instead he continued to pleasure Sam, making her writhe on the couch beside him while his own erect cock throbbed almost painfully in his pants with desire to enter her once more.

It had crossed the alien’s mind multiple times to breed Sam again. Have another baby with the slut but that would only interfere with his plans. He pulled out and fed his sticky fingers to her, which she hungrily sucked with a needy moan. “…ngh,,please fuck me…”

Tesen heard her beg many times and fucked her almost every time. But this time he had another idea. He unzipped his trousers and let his girthy cock spring out as a hot whiff of his intoxicating musk followed suit. His black and thick member throbbed as it pointed towards the TV and Sam’s hand was already on it to stroke it.

She knew every spot and every vein. She has memorized from their years of being together every single detail and method to please her saviour and this was no different. With hungry eyes and starved lips, she slid down to rest on her side and be face-first with Tesen’s massive cock. Tesen let her do as she pleases, fully knowing he was in good hands with her. However, that didn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

He reached into his pocket to pull out a wrapped suppository with Sam too focused on his cock as she has gotten to slurping up his copious precum, and unwrapped it. It was made of squishy purple gel with small flecks suspended within. He ran his hand down Sam’s back, feeling the smooth and blemishless skin until he reached her heart-shaped ass. Her asshole was open, a hungry hole that couldn’t wait to be filled.

Tesen was quite proud of her. Obedient, lusty and loyal to a fault to him and him only. The idea of training her was never his first intention when he visited her home and impregnated her. He thought he’d forget about her but somehow she found him with a baby Zack in tow. It was when she showed how…enamored she was with him since the day he made love to her did the idea spring into the alien’s mind. And right now he couldn’t be happier with the results.

She did everything asked of her. She craved him every moment of the day and never shied away from pleasing him. He’d been training her into the woman she is today from the day she came to him. And this suppository was just a regular occurrence for her.

Her asshole was a dark star with a slight gape, a result of him training her to use her asshole to please him, and slipped the suppository inside, which was eagerly devoured by guts. As a reward, he slapped her toned ass that she maintained religiously lest he lose her master’s favour and she nearly choked on his cock as she deepthroated him.

Her master grinned, feeling her throat close and open around him in desperate attempts to continue. It wasn’t long before the first month into her training that Tesen realised her modifications weren’t just physical but psychological as well. The more he fucked her, the more she fell in love with him. An insidious thing her father and mother did to turn her into a perfect wife for her promised husband. The irony of him foiling their plans so much didn’t go unnoticed by Tesen and it only made him grin even more as he made this woman more and more his.

Sam hummed as she felt the suppository dissolve inside her, sending happy tingles throughout her belly that quickly turned into warmth. Her master has been feeding her these for a long time and every time she felt that fuzzy feeling creep up from her belly and into her skull, she knew she was doing good. She was pleasing master. A low groan left her while sliding her master’s cock out of her well-trained throat and gazed upon its slick and spit-covered length with obsessive love she was born with.

“You still haven’t made me cum.” Tesen said softly but also with no room for response from her. He didn’t have to do it that way, she would listen to him either way, but it felt good still. LIke the good slave she was, she went back to worshipping his cock. While she was doing that, Tesen watched the live cam feed from Michelle’s and Tira’s rooms on the tv.

Tira had her ear pressed to the wall, listening, while one lithe hand was busy under the waistband of her pajamas. To learn what was going on, Tesen only had to look to Michelle’s camera, seeing her on her back and groping her own breasts while a tall and hung asir herm thrusted into her loose cunt. He zoomed in on the puffy and bulging pussy, watching it expand every time the alien’s cokhead got close to exiting her.

Asir were a pale-blue species of mammalian humanoids with three sexes. While males and females were the standard, hermaphrodites were the one calling the shots. They towered over their one-sex peers in both size and weight, almost being giants to their own kind, and are masters of their homeworld even maltepe escort now. They either looked female or male and this particular one was the former, her toned tits bouncing every time she thrusted hard into Michelle. Thanks to the high definition of the camera, Tesen could see the underlying muscle of the asir ripple, her large and powerful hands nearly enveloping half of Michelle’s waist while pulling her hard into her own pounding cock.

Beads of sweat reflected the light of the lamp on the nightstand, both women covered head to toe with it. The asir then bent forward, continuing to thrust, and claimed Michelle’s lips in a passionate and hungry kiss.

Tesen felt his balls churn with impending orgasm, the warmth of Sam’s throat slowly building up the pressure. He looked down to see her watching the fucking going on. He stroked her long platinum-blonde hair gently and lovingly when it came. Without warning, he grabbed Sam’s head and slammed his cock to the base into her throat as his cock began to pulse.

He didn’t have sex for three days now and his balls, bloated and heavy with pent-up cum, drew up to start pumping his thick load straight down Sam’s gullet. It was a lot and his orgasm didn’t seem like it would end anytime soon with him grunting and moaning. Sam had tried to make a noise but her master’s thick cock silenced her. Instead she did what was trained to do and came from the sensation of his cock pulsing and dumping a load straight into her belly.

It took years to make her perfect her gag reflex, to not choke, and instead cum from a job well done. Tesen was pleased to hear the dripping of Sam’s juices onto the couch as orgasm wracked her body. As usual, he wouldn’t pull out until he was done and Sam was soon struggling for air. Slowly he pulled out his glistening, spit-shined cock until only his head remained between the slave’s lips. She didn’t need an order to start sucking out what cum there is left in him until she popped off and had a pleased and an almost-dopey look on her face.

“Good girl,” He said, rubbing Sam’s cheek with his half-hard cock which she nuzzled gratefully. “Mmm, thank you.”

Tesen then looked to the tv screen, seeing the asir taking Michelle from the back doggy style on one half and Tira desperately working her clit on the floor on the other half. Seeing his daughter like that made his cock harden again, making Sam coo.

“Which one is it? Or both?” She said lewdly. If she was capable of jealousy, Tesen wasn’t exactly sure, but he was sure she was beyond that. Sam was his. That certainty didn’t stop him of considering a challenge for Sam.

“Both. Stay here and watch.” He simply ordered as he got up and zipped his pants up. He left the naked Sam sitting on the couch and watching as Michelle was taken by the hung herm while her daughter was frigging herself off.

Tesen easily gained access to the darkened flat and his keen ears caught Michelle’s cries coming through the wall. How shameless of her. To get fucked like a whore while denying it to her daughter. From Tesen’s standpoint it was ironic and something to be fixed. But right now he couldn’t watch his daughter being so desperate. She needed a proper cock.

And Tesen couldn’t wait to have another chance at breeding Tira. He was saddened to hear from Michelle’s relieved voice that the pregnancy test came up negative. He loved Michelle. A lot, but he couldn’t let her stand between him and their daughter. He just couldn’t.

His pants grew tight as a plan formulated in his perverted mind with him silently approaching Tira’s room. He undid his pants and let his musk fill the air before opening the door to Tira gasping and crossing her legs.

“Dad?!” She cried out but Michelle and her Asir lover were making too much noise to hear her. “W-what are you doing here?”

She then spotted his throbbing erection with her widening eyes. Tesen knew that look, the look of shame and craving. She has been raised by a human and Tesen regretted for not being there to raise her properly. He knew Tira had it in her, she just needed to be encouraged. “You and I both know why.”

He knew how she looked at him, her gaze lingering on him when she thought nobody saw. But her father did. And he knew it was all cause of their one time together.

Tira kept her legs crossed, hiding herself from him, as he closed the door and let his pants fall to reveal his strongly-built legs, how low and heavily his balls hanged. He could feel them churn, the amount of cum bubbling inside being a side.effect of the fertility drugs he used for his jobs. Already a dollop of pre formed on his tip while he stripped completely before Tira.

Her big eyes roamed over him like they used to this past month whenever they could but to day was special. He stood before her in all of his nude glory. Muscles honed from practice and training with soft spines covering his strong hips and shoulders. His thick tail swayed pleasedly, letting Tira kartal escort know that he was enjoying her staring.

Tira’s own tail vibrated unconsciously when she looked away, both ashamed and unbelievably aroused. She stayed there on the floor, biting her lip and trying to not stare at him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Tesen smiled and stepped across the spacious room while the lights of the night New York filtered in through the mutable glass that was the whole wall to his right. The various reds, greens and oranges danced across Tira’s uncertain face as she stared in that direction. “Mom told me…”

He stopped the foot of the bed, still smiling, and entered her field of view. “Told you what?”

This time she didn’t look away, reflexively glancing at his crotch, while she settled on her knees. The pale white whisps of hair were peeking out from between her thighs from her mons where she failed to realise how exposed she still was to him. “To not have sex with you. That it’s wrong.”

He sat down, the bed softly exhaling under his weight, and patted the spot next to him. “Come here.”

Tira hesitated, her big eyes glancing around before settling on her father’s angular and reassuring features. It reminded her of when she looked at herself in the mirror. Same nose, same lips. Biting her bottom lip once more, she slowly got up while covering her wet sex and padded over to sit next to him, bare flesh against bare flesh. Tesen stroked away a stray lock of her from her face.

“Michelle loves you. A lot. She’s the most loving person I’ve ever known,” He began and placed a hand on her bare thigh. It wasn’t lustful, his hand never moving anywhere else. It was tempting to point out what a slut Michelle was, especially now as they could still hear her moans as she was railed in the other room. “But you’re not her. And it isn’t right for her to deny you what you want. I’m not talking about a fancy new car or that outfit you wanted.”

“What, then?”

“I honestly should’ve been there for you, but I never knew. I would’ve raised you properly. It feels fake, doesn’t it? Restraining yourself and following rules that just aren’t for you. Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, it’s all right for us.” He explained, remembering his own time with his family before he moved out. His father was the master of the twenty-person household, the majority of them being his children from multiple mates. Last time he was there, the household nearly doubled as his older sisters came to term with their father’s children.

He told her this, of this far different life than what Michelle had provided Tira. Of what he was capable of providing. Tira remained silent, thinking about what he was telling her. She may have been raised the human way, but she was still a luzarian. It was in her blood. By the time he was finished, she was facing him, relaxed and open, a small smile playing on her beautiful lips.

“I do like that a lot more, yeah…it just sounds…no, feels right. Mom’s rules and restrictions, god how annoying and just…uurgh!” Tesen couldn’t help but chuckle at her angry expression before she herself let out a soft giggle. The fact she was sitting in nothing but socks and tank top besides her naked father had escaped them both and neither didn’t even seem to care as Tesen reached up to stroke her cheek.

Michelle’s room seemed to have gone quiet during their talk, leaving them both in silence. This reminded Tira of her unattended itch and her tail flicked as she looked down at her crotch with a sheepish look. “What will I do now?”

Tesen grinned and gently pushed her to lay down on the bed. With experience from before, she scooted further onto the bed and slowly spread her legs. Her young pussy was glistening with moisture while her mons was covered with a wild bush of pale white hair just above. Tesen immediately grew hard at the sight and got onto the bed to and placed his head between her legs.* “Let daddy take care of you.”

Tira bit her lip and gasped when she felt his sinuous tongue start lapping up her drying juices. Her fragrant taste blossomed on his blue tongue. It was impossible to describe! He mated many a luzarian female but none tasted like Tira right here and now. Something in his head clicked and he wondered if this is how his father felt when he took one of his sisters. If it was…now he understood why.

Tira’s moans and gasps rose higher and higher as her father ate her pussy with a ravenous hunger, her clit throbbed needily when Tesen’s tongue flicked it roughly to send shivers going up her spine. She couldn’t help but arch her back and grip the sheets tightly from this intense pleasure, soft and low moans escaping her throat while Tesen slurped up the newly-flowing juices.

His daughter’s flow just kept on giving, his tastebuds on fire from the amazing sensation that has enveloped his whole mouth and palate. Even his nose was filled with her young scent, egging him on to be quick and start breeding her. He would’ve listened had it been any other bitch than his beautiful daughter. How she moaned, groaned and gasped with every flick of her meaty clit was as good as making her squeal around his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32