Poor Barry

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Once upon a time, there was a young man named Barry, who was very sad and lonely. He wasn’t alone though. He and his lovely mother lived in a large, new home by the ocean. This new house was filled with Barry’s aunts, his cousin, and his grandfather. They spent their days at the beach, playing, laughing, eating or frolicking by the pool. Barry didn’t join in on the fun. He watched from afar, depressed and miserable. Everyone in this beautiful, big home by the ocean was involved in incestuous relationships – all except Barry and his mother.

Barry shook his head, looking out his bedroom window over the swimming pool area. His aunt Wendy, with her massive, milk jug, tits was in the pool with her son, Wade. They were kissing and groping one another. Barry’s younger aunt, Dolly, with her massive, round ass, was lying against her dad – Barry’s grandpa – by the pool. Barry watched the older man kiss Dolly’s head and playfully squeeze her muscular ass.

Aunt Wendy had the tits, Aunt Dolly had the ass. Barry’s mother, Brandy, had a perfect combination of both. Her breasts weren’t huge like Wendy’s, her butt wasn’t as large, a product of millions of squats and lunges Dolly did daily. She was perfectly proportioned.

Barry watched her, by the grill, cooking hamburgers. His eyes followed her long, dark hair, down her back to her thong bikini. He gripped his chest, as if his heart hurt. “Why does she wear such skimpy bikinis?”

Anger overcame Barry next. His mother had a friend, sitting nearby, chatting with her. His name was TJ and he was a huge man, a man that made Barry feel like a skinny, weak little 19-year-old. All those traits were true, but in Barry’s mind they were exaggerated, worsened, by his mental state.

Barry glared at TJ, watching from his bedroom window. He watched TJ and his mother smile, laugh at one another while she worked the grill. He watched TJ rest his huge hand on her lower back, wondering what sort of things he was saying to his mother. Barry assumed it was about sex, meeting up for it, or how good her ass looked. Barry slammed his fist on wall, cursing in his room, thoughts of his mother’s lewd conversation with TJ in his mind.

“That’s nice of Dolly to take care of your dad like that,” TJ patted Brandy’s bare lower back, looking over onto the hamburgers she was grilling.

“Yes, it was weird at first – to learn of their special relationship. Wendy and Wade’s too. But,” Brandi shrugged. “It’s kind of beautiful.”

TJ looked around the pool, “Your whole family is. Including you.”

Brandy smiled, turning to TJ, placing her hand on his chest, “Thank you. You’re sweet.”

They shared a look, and then Brandy turned to flip some burgers.

Barry saw the exchange from his room, unable to read lips. He shook his head, “Probably told him you’ll meet up later, blah blah blah, or how hot he looks, blah blah blah. Ugh!”

Barry slammed his fist again, and then left his window, sitting on the side of his bed, running his fingers through his dark hair. “She’s not into it. She’s not into me like that. Everyone else in this house is, but not her and I.”

Barry lay on his bed, eyes to the ceiling. “I thought we could be. Like Wendy and Wade are. But no.”

He wondered if his mother was disappointed in him, he wondered if barely finishing high school, not being athletic, not being popular or social, not being smart, not being handsome caused his mother to be thoroughly repulsed by him. Barry knew it was normal to not want to have sex with one’s own family members, but as gorgeous as Brandy was, he thought maybe, just maybe in this new home he could experience the closeness he saw his aunts have with his cousin and grandpa.

Ever since he and his mother moved into this luxurious beachside home, they’ve grown apart. There was an awkwardness between them, almost as if the incestuous aura of the home had an affect on them – pushing them to want to commit the act, but fighting with themselves internally to resist.

“No,” Barry thought. “She just doesn’t and wouldn’t want me like that.”

He assumed his mother learned of their relative’s relations and, while accepting them, didn’t condone or wish to experience what his aunts experienced. Barry, of course, wanted to. Instead, in his shy nature, he backed away, left her alone, and kept to himself – miserable.

Barry got a text from his mom. Dinner was ready.

His grandpa smiled at him, pulling a chair next to him. Barry smiled politely back, sitting next to the older man. Barry watched Wendy and Wade sit across from him, grabbing buns, salad bowls, pouring drinks.

Barry glanced at his mother, watching her sit next to TJ, diagonal from him. His eyes lowered, looking to his empty plate. A hamburger appeared on it. His aunt Dolly sat next to him.

“Hey,” she said, passing mustard and ketchup.

“Hey,” Barry replied.

Dolly leaned in close. “After I spend a little time with Dad after dinner, we need to talk.”

“Huh?” Barry looked to his aunt.

“I need to talk to you,” she whispered.

“Ugh, about what?”

“Shhh. ataşehir escort bayan Relax. Just want to talk with you,” Dolly said.


They ate their meal outside, by the pool, at one of the tables. It was relatively quiet, save for small talk amongst the couples. Brandy and TJ chatted quietly amongst themselves.

Barry assumed it was about sex. He rolled his eyes and looked away, thinking about how much sex his mother might have with this man. Dolly noticed her nephew looking away, then glanced to her sister, Brandy.

“Oh really?” Brandy whispered back to TJ. “These hamburgers will give you gas that badly?”

“Yes ma’am,” TJ smiled. “You’ll have to clear the whole pool area.”

Brandy did her best to conceal laughter. Her son sighed, still looking away from his mother and her friend, assuming TJ made a sexual joke or comment.

Dolly placed her hand on Barry’s thigh under the table, giving him a sweet smile. “We’ll talk later.”

Barry nodded, finishing his burger.


A few hours later, Barry once again sat alone in his darkened room. The moonlight illuminated the pool below. His window was open. He could hear the sounds of his Aunt Wendy and his cousin, Wade, having sex in the pool. At nights, the sounds of sex usually filled his ears – his relatives making love to one another. Typically, it was Wendy and Wade who were the loudest. His grandpa and Dolly were far quieter. Perhaps the older man didn’t last as long, maybe Dolly didn’t climax, but loved sex with him anyway.

“Yes! Wade! Yes!” Wendy’s cries of pleasure echoing off the house and the fence around the backyard. “I love you!”

Barry was jacking off, watching his aunt’s large breasts flop and bounce each time Wade thrust upward, the pool water splashing around, sloshing out of it.

There was a knock at his door. “Crap!” he thought, quickly putting his erection back into his shorts, slamming the window shut, and sitting on the bed.

“Uh, come in,” he told his Aunt Dolly.

Dolly barged in, “Why are the lights out? You’re going to bed already?”

“Oh, uh, no, I was just,” Barry stammered, watching his aunt walk to the window. She saw her sister, bouncing up and down, tits flopping around, on her other nephew’s cock.

“Enjoying a show?” Dolly smiled, sitting next to Barry. He glanced at her thigh; all she appeared to be wearing was a large, plaid, button-up shirt which belonged to Barry’s grandpa. He was able to put two-and-two together.

“Um, what?”

Dolly dismissed her nephew’s silliness. “Listen, the reason I want to talk you is because we all see how unhappy you are here. I can’t speak for Wendy, but I know why.”

“You do?”

“Barry,” Dolly played with his hair. “I’ve seen how you look at her. I see how you act around her. I know you want her. You want to be like us.”

Dolly nodded to Barry’s window, “You want what they have; mom and son, but way more than that.”

Barry shrugged.

“You don’t have to hide it from me. I want to help you.”

“You do?” he perked up.

“Yes. Your mom and I aren’t as close as her and Wendy, so I can’t say for sure how she feels about you. However, I think if we tried a few things, something would work. You and her could be together.”

“What are you thinking? What could work?” Barry asked, feeling more at ease around Dolly.

“Five languages of love,” Dolly answered.


Dolly chuckled. “There’s five ways we show love and feel loved.”


“That’s just what they are called, don’t worry about it. There’s words of affirmation – telling someone that you love them. Quality time – spending time with them, dating, going places and so on. Acts of service – doing stuff for or helping someone, with chores, errands. Gifts – that’s self-explanatory. And,” Dolly smiled, trailing her fingers over Barry’s knees, thigh’s, and then tickled him.

“Physical touch. You know, affection?” she tickled him again.

“Ah, I get it. I see.”

“I would suggest finding which of those languages, those methods make your mom feel loved the most, and run with it. Try helping her out around the house, or getting her a present, or telling her you love her. See which one sticks. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll be so impressed and feel so loved, you and her will be closer and closer until,” Dolly stopped, standing, looking out of Barry’s window.

“Until that happens?” Barry asked, standing behind her, looking down at Wendy and Wade still having sex in the pool.

“Oh yeah! Until that happens. Between you and your mom”

“Yeah,” Barry whispered, watching the two of them still go at it.

Dolly reached behind her, pulling Barry’s arms around her, her butt against his erect cock.

“Gosh. Look at them, Barry. That could be you and your mom out there.”

“Um, yeah,” Barry looked to his crotch, seeing her ass firmly against his erection.

“Ooh look, the lighthouse way over there,” Dolly said, leaning forward, causing her father’s shirt to come up, exposing escort kadıköy her bare ass to Barry’s crotch.

“Uh huh,” he nodded, staring at his aunt’s butt.

“So, what do you say?” Dolly turned around.


“Trying out the five languages of love on your mom?”

“Oh uh, yeah. I think I’ll do that.”

“Great!” Dolly hugged Barry hard. “Try the words one tomorrow. I know she’s hanging out with TJ tonight and tomorrow. Who knows, if this first one works, she may cancel with him to be with you!”

Dolly kissed his and cheek and took her leave. “I’m going to wake your grandpa up again. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Bye,” Barry waved, watching his aunt leave, eyes to her ass.

Barry sat on his bed, thinking of his aunt’s words. He shrugged and decided he’d give it a shot.


It was after midnight.

Wendy and her son had moved to the bedroom. She was on all fours, her tits swaying from Wade’s impacts behind her. Wade pulled out, jacked his cock a few times and sprayed semen all over her back.

In that same moment, down the hall, Barry’s grandpa erupted inside Dolly. She was on top of him, holding his face, smiling as he filled her pussy.

Barry was alone in his room, jacking off. His thoughts about Dolly switched to his mother. “Ahhh!” he cried out, his cock erupting, shooting his seed straight up into the air. Barry was out-of-breath as his orgasm subsided, thinking of his next day plans – talking to her about his feelings.

Words of Affirmation

The next morning, Barry awoke to see his mom in the kitchen, wearing her yoga shorts and matching red sports bra. She was mixing a protein drink at the sink. “Damn,” he thought, mustering up the courage to break the awkward silence they’ve experienced since moving to this new home.

He cleared his throat, “Hey.”

His mother quickly turned around, “Hi.”

“How are you?”

“Good, just getting ready to go for a run on the beach. Did you want to – “

“Oh, ok. I mean, sorry.”

Brandy chuckled, “It’s fine. I was just going to ask if you wanted to join me.”

“Um, uh, well I just wanted to talk a bit,” Barry eked out. “Think, stupid, think,” he told himself.

“Alright,” his mother approached him. “Everything ok?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I was going to tell you that – “

Barry was interrupted by a neighbor, popping in, smiling at Brandy. “Hey! You coming?”

“Hey Mon. Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec,” Brandy answered. Turning her attention back to Barry, “Sorry, she’s with the morning jogging group. Anyway, what were you going to say?”

Barry gulped. It was the wrong time to talk. He should’ve waited until later.

“Um, nothing. We can chat later,” He smiled nervously, glancing to his mother’s exposed midriff.

“Ok, after dinner,” Brandy turned to leave.

Just before she got to the door, Barry called out to her, “You look great. By the way. Sorry.”

Brandy smiled back at him, “Thanks sweetie. That’s nice of you.”

He watched her leave, meeting up with a neighbor. Barry went to his room, to spend another day hearing his Aunt Wendy and her son have sex, their bed banging against the wall. He jacked off to Wendy’s orgasmic cries, grabbed his flip-flops, a hat, and then left the house.

“All day, they do it. Aunt Wendy and Wade,” Barry thought, walking along the beach, thinking maybe he’d see his mother jogging.

“It’s all they do,” he threw a seashell into the ocean.

Barry saw his grandpa in the distance, holding hands, walking with a much younger, dark-haired, woman – Aunt Dolly. “I guess they take breaks to do other stuff. I guess he can’t go all day like Wade,” Barry thought of how much the old man seemed to love playing with Dolly’s ass. He watched him place his hand there as they walked.

“I need to tell her I love her,” Barry thought. “She knows I do, but love her, in a romantic way. Do I?”

He thought about his masturbatory sessions, his aunts occasionally on his mind, but his thoughts always ending up on his mother.

He walked back to the house, nodding his head, “Yes, I’d love her like a husband.”

Wendy and Wade were still going at it like wild animals when Barry arrived home. He decided to sit out by the pool.

A few minutes later, Dolly in a skimpy bikini arrived with her dad. He sat next to Barry, while they both watched Dolly clean the pool with the extendable net.

When she was done, she sat on the other side of Barry. “So, have you thought about how to talk to her?”

“I tried this morning. Told her she looked good.”

“That’s a start,” his grandpa said. Barry gave him a look as if to say “oh great, you know?”

“Relax. I told him of my advice,” Dolly said, walking past Barry, sitting on his grandpa’s lap.

“I see.”

“Tonight after dinner, just come out here and talk with her. I’ll make sure Wendy and Wade are indoors,” Dolly said. “You and I will be too,” she kissed her dad’s head.

“Heh, yeah,” Barry looked around, thinking of how to talk maltepe escort to her mother.


After dinner, the family was inside, Barry offered to clean the kitchen. Aunt Wendy and her son were showering together. Aunt Dolly and his grandpa were on the couch. Barry’s mother just walked by him, nodding outside to the pool area. Barry looked over his shoulder and saw Aunt Dolly’s head rising up and down in his grandpa’s lap.

“So, you wanted to chat?” Brandy asked.

“Oh, yeah, just a little,” Barry looked over his mother. She was wearing a nice dress, earrings, a necklace.

“You look nice. Again, I mean,” Barry looked to his feet.

“Thank you. You’re so sweet.”

“Thanks. I, uh, I just wanted to tell you,” Barry started, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Tell me what?”

“That I, I, I love you.”

“Aww, I love you too, Barry.”

It didn’t work. Barry cursed himself for not delivering it like he hoped. It came across normally, just like a son would tell his mother that he loved her – in a non-romantic way.

Brandy quickly hugged him.

“I mean, I,” Barry said.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, I just, I really love you. I haven’t said it in a while. I’m glad we’re here,” Barry told a half-truth. Moving to this new home with his incestuous family hadn’t been easy.

“I’m glad we’re here too. It’s a little strange, but we’ll get used to it,” Brandy said. “In fact, I was thinking – “

“Brandy!” her neighbor interrupted. She appeared from the door leading into the pool area. “Sorry, I’m running behind. TJ is already at the club, he got us a seat.”

“It’s ok, Mon!” Brandy called to her. Turning back to her son, she caressed his cheek. “I better go. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Ok,” Barry watched his mother join her friend. He failed. It came out wrong.

The house was quiet that evening. He only heard muffled sounds of Aunt Wendy and Wade making love – no loud orgasms. He was sitting at the kitchen table thinking of his next move, when Aunt Dolly joined him. Barry was surprised when she sat on his lap, resting her arm around him. She was wearing only a long t-shirt.

“Looks like she didn’t stay in, tonight,” Dolly noted.

“It was bad. I tried to tell her I love her, but it sounded normal.”

“It didn’t sound like you meant it romantically?”


“Oh Barry,” Dolly hugged him. “I’m sorry. It can be hard telling someone how you truly feel. Tomorrow is another day though. Maybe using a different love language will be easier for you.”

“What was another one?”

“Try the Acts of Service one. Wash her car for her, without being asked. Clean the grill for her. She’s mentioned to me she wants to paint her bedroom another color. Perhaps do that. Maybe simply doing some chores around here would get her attention. Don’t sulk in your room, get out here and let her seeing you doing stuff to help not just her, but all of us.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

Dolly kissed his head and got off his lap. “It may be easier than confessing feelings, plus it may have more of an affect.”

Barry watched her leave, the t-shirt barely covering her ass.


It was after midnight.

Wendy and her son were rolling around in her bed. Wade was on top, kissing and licking at her neck, slowly driving his cock in and out of her.

In that same moment, down the hall, Barry’s grandpa and Aunt Dolly were lying on their sides. He was sliding his cock in and out of her from behind, kissing at her neck.

Barry was alone in his room, jacking off. His thoughts were primarily on his mother. He pictured kissing her, holding her, telling he loved her in the way he wished he did earlier in the day. When he came, shooting cum in the air, he pictured filling her up with his seed.

Acts of Service

The next day Barry woke up before anyone else in his house. He took Aunt Dolly’s advice to heart and immediately got to work. He fixed a simple breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon. Then he went outside to wash his mother’s car.

“Barry!” Brandy smiled, watching him work, wearing her similar spandex shorts and sports bra. “How sweet of you!”

“It’s no problem,” Barry sprayed off the passenger side section, rinsing it of suds.

The neighbor joined Brandy, commenting on how nice it was of her son to do that. The two women trotted off on their morning jog, Barry spraying the car far longer than needed while watching his mother’s ass move in her shorts.

“Why don’t you wash mine too?” Dolly appeared, sitting on the steps with orange juice. “The bacon was a little charred, but edible.”

Barry, shaken from his trance, playfully sprayed his aunt.

“Hey!” she stood and turned around. She pulled up her father’s t-shirt exposing her bare ass, mooning her nephew. Barry didn’t think fast enough to spray it.

“Wow,” he thought. “Lucky old man.”

Barry tackled the kitchen next, then vacuumed, dusted, swept and mopped everywhere. He was tired by lunch time. His mother returned home, thanking him for a wonderful job.

“Is there anything else I can do?” he asked.

“Aww, sweetie, that’s so nice of you,” Brandy placed her hand on his shoulder. “Maybe you can sort out some of the junk in the garage. I’ve been meaning to throw some of the boxed up older junk to Goodwill.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32