Pleasuring Virginia Pt. 08

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This story continues after Pleasuring Virginia Part 7.


That is what Virginia told me to do when we all awkwardly sat together in her living room. Virginia and my wife, Ruth, just watched me fucking Rosie, Virginia’s daughter, in her ass. Virginia appeared to be calm and in control, because she always was. Rosie was curled up in a light blue terry cloth bathrobe. She looked like she was ridden hard and put away wet, because she was. Virginia and Rosie were sitting on the sofa. I was the only person who was naked, which added to the awkward situation. Ruth was stiffly sitting at the edge of the chair across from me. She seemed angry and pissed, because she was. I knew I was completely and totally fucked. And not in a good way.

I was also flummoxed. It was ecstasy one moment when I was fucking Rosie, and then a moment later it was despair when I saw that my wife was watching. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. I eventually stammered something incoherent. Virginia asked me again to EXPLAIN MYSELF. All I could do was to say to Ruth how sorry I was to have put her through all this. I could not say that this was wrong or terrible because Virginia and Rosie were sitting right there. I could only apologize to Ruth. Ruth only said one word, Why! I stammered that I wanted to try something different and that I still loved her and want to be with her. Ruth did not answer, but I could see how much I hurt her.

Virginia then took over. She asked me if I really thought that she would have a relationship with me without my wife knowing. She made it clear that she would never have a relationship with an attached man. Virginia said that would be wrong and could lead to all sorts of messy complications. She said there were many unattached men available. Virginia said she told Ruth the moment she knew I wanted a sexual relationship with her. They talked a lot and grew close. Virginia told Ruth everything that happened between us. Sisterhood can be a bitch for guys. Virginia said she told Ruth that if it did not start with her, then it would surely start with someone else. Ruth finally spoke again and said she so appreciated Virginia and relied upon her. Ruth said she told Virginia that she should go ahead with me, since then she would know what was happening and it would give her license to explore some of her sexual fantasies.

I asked Ruth about her sexual fantasies. I was happy to try to change the subject, but Ruth would not allow it. She said we would talk about that when the time was right. We had much more important things to discuss now. She said she was not sure that we should stay together in our marriage. I told her how much I loved her and how sorry I was. She said she knew that, but I was the one who created this mess. She stated that I would lose a lot more if our marriage ended. For a brief moment, my male ego made me think that I would be better off than her if we ended it. That stupid thought rapidly faded when I faced the truth. Ruth made much more money than me and was the centerpiece of our life with our children and grandchildren. I really could lose it all.

I was in a bad place. I was indeed totally and completely fucked. I was done. I was like a beaten dog. Ruth said that I owed her big. I heard Virginia say that I must make amends. Virginia knew how to manipulate me by saying the right thing at the right time. She said that this could all be fixed and things could then be much better than they were before. She reminded us of the Bob Seger song. “I used her, she used me, but neither casino siteleri one cared, we were getting our share”.

Ruth said once again that I owed her big. I just nodded. It was true, I did. I said that I understood and asked her what I can do. She said that I could start by coming with her Saturday night to visit her special friend. I weakly said I would go with her and that I would start making the amends I knew I must. Virginia mentioned again that this could all work out for the best if I did indeed make the amends that Ruth deserved. Virginia knew I needed some hope. Virginia also said how she grew to really enjoy me and my incredible oral skills. She said she was glad that Ruth allowed that to continue and was hopeful we would have more erotic adventures together. Rosie said that she also hoped that we could continue what we started. Ruth only said that she would think it over.

The next few days were strange. I moped around and Ruth and I mostly avoided each other. Ruth seemed to be in good spirits. She was relieved that she confronted my escapades and was looking forward to Saturday night. She periodically reminded me that I owed her big and that I better come through Saturday night if I wanted us to continue as a married couple. I knew all that and did not need to be reminded. I was defeated. I just wanted to get it all over with and move on. Fuck, how could I be so stupid to think that Ruth would not find out. Of course, Virginia would tell her everything. Virginia had so many other options with unattached men. I was so fucking stupid and now I had to pay the price.

Saturday night finally came. Ruth looked and smelled great. We drove a half hour out of town to an isolated farm house. I was nervous and resigned to whatever fate awaited me. Ruth was driving and immediately left the car when we arrived. I saw a large dark haired man open the front door and stride towards us. He was definitely well put together. He only wore black leather pants that displayed an impressive bulge. His upper body was powerful, with massive biceps and upper chest. His dark hair was long, and his chest and arms were covered with thick dark hair. Ruth squealed when she saw him and ran up to him. She leaped, and he easily caught her with those powerful arms. They kissed deeply as he grabbed her ass. I could see now that she did not wear underwear tonight. That’s very unlike Ruth. I sat stupidly in the car, not knowing what to do.

He broke off the kiss and called for me to leave the car. Well, he called for the piece of shit to get out of the car, and I assumed that was me. I stepped into the driveway. He ordered me to strip and leave my clothes in the car since I won’t be needing them. Ruth gave me a look that said that this is something I must do. So I did it. I was defeated. I just complied. I heard Ruth call him Sir. Sir strode up to me and told me that I was a piece of shit with a tiny cock. He opened the pouch containing his cock and balls. A massive hairy cock escaped. He pushed down the top of my head and forced me to kneel before what he said was a real man’s cock. I stared up at his massive hairy cock. It also occurred to me to that I was in his front yard and that anyone driving by would get a good look at my humiliation. He did not seem to care.

I am not bi. That’s what I told myself as he ordered me to suck his cock. I saw Ruth, and she was angry and excited at the same time. I did it because I must make amends to save my marriage. I did it because I deserved it for being so fucking stupid to get caught güvenilir casino up in all this crap. I opened my mouth as I knelt in front of him. Sir grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face more than me sucking his cock. His cock felt nasty. It was impressive being so long, thick and hard. Sir told me that his faggot boy has to suck a real man’s cock. He told me this cock has fucked my wife in the ass. That was another surprise. Ruth never let me anywhere near her tiny puckered hole, but he must have fucked her in the ass with that monster. I choked and gagged. He did not care. Saliva fell from my open mouth, which immediately started to ache. Sir pounded his cock into my gagging mouth, and I could do nothing but take it.

Sir eventually stopped and declared that my wife was a far better cocksucker. He said that I will definitely get more cocksucking practice from him and his friends. He picked up Ruth. He called her his sweet cheeks and carried her into the house. He called over his broad shoulders that his faggot boy must follow. There was a naked, skinny blonde in the living room. He called her Kitty. Well, she was not actually naked, since she wore a thick brown studded collar around her neck. She squealed when she saw Ruth and they shared a passionate embrace. They kissed deeply. This was another new finding for me on this very unusual day. Sir pinched my shoulder with his massive hand, and it hurt. He told me how much woman want cock, but that there is something about woman also wanting each other. I watched as the skinny blond woman and Ruth fondled each other. Their hands roamed over breasts and asses. Kitty lifted Ruth’s dress over her head while they kissed. Sir eventually told Kitty to move it into the bedroom. He pulled me along behind them.

Kitty laid down on the bed on her back. Ruth knew exactly what to do. She climbed over Kitty and faced her feet. Ruth spread her legs and looked me in the eye as she lowered herself on Kitty’s face. I saw the pleasure in Ruth’s face and heard her moans as Kitty licked and sucked her ready pussy. Ruth enjoyed it immensely and then bent over Kitty to settle into a very passionate 69 position. Sir pushed me to a kneeling position right in front of Kitty’s pussy. He told me to watch and learn. I watched intently as Ruth reached out her tongue and begin licking Kitty’s pussy. This was obviously not the first time this happened. Their passion carried them into loud moans. Ruth aggressively pushed her weight down on to Kitty. Kitty used her skinny but strong arms to hold Ruth in place. I heard Sir say that these gals really go at it. He slapped Ruth hard on her ass, and she moaned some more and kept on devouring Kitty’s pussy. Sir told me that he did not let Kitty cum for a week, so she was even more desperate than usual to cum.

After a long time, Sir grabbed Ruth with his strong hands to break their embrace. He told the woman enough already and that they were not yet allowed to cum. He told Kitty to get off the bed and positioned Ruth on her knees and elbows and the edge of the bed. I heard Ruth say Please Daddy, Please fuck your sweet cheeks. She said that while looking at me and said she missed being fucked by a real man’s cock. Sir positioned himself behind her. He grabbed on to the side of her hips to display her wet, open and ready pussy. He buried his massive cock into what I thought was previously a tight pussy with one large thrust. Ruth squealed with delight as she was impaled on his cock. I watched with fascination and humiliation as my wife was fucked by canlı casino a much bigger cock.

Sir fucked her and fucked her. Ruth asked if she could cum, and he kept saying no. After some more hard fucking, I heard Sir tell his sweet cheeks that he wanted her now to cum and cum to show his faggot boy how a real cock takes a woman. And she did! I never saw or heard Ruth cum that hard and long whenever we had sex. She was shouting and moaning incoherent words as her whole body shook. Sir eventually pulled out and said a real man can control his cum. He said he now had something else in mind.

Sir grabbed Ruth and positioned her lower on the edge of the bed. He called Kitty over to spread her ass cheeks and told me to kneel close to Ruth’s wet and sopping pussy. He told Ruth that she knew what was coming next. I was quite surprised, but not really surprised, when I heard Ruth begging for Sir to fuck her ass with his monster cock. And he did.

He placed his cock at the entrance of her asshole. He did not need any lubricant, since Ruth’s juices and Kitty’s tongue had prepared the way. Sir slowly entered Ruth and relished her cries and moans as he further abused the asshole he had apparently previously taken. Ruth was shouting out Oh My God and Please Sir as he pounded her ass with long hard strokes. His large hands held her in place and Ruth could do nothing except take it. She was not complaining since she was once again in the throes of passion. Sir grunted and groaned, and then released his cum deep into my wife’s ass. Well, most of it was released into her ass. He pulled out and let thick gobs of cum splatter her ass cheeks and pussy.

Sir grabbed my head and forced it into Ruth’s ass crack. I simply let him do whatever he wanted. I was forced, defeated and deserving of whatever he decided. I stuck my tongue deep into the wide opening of what was previously my wife’s tight asshole. I tasted the well fucked ass of my wife and his pungent cum. I just did what I was told. I licked the cum out of her ass and off of her ass cheeks and pussy. I heard Sir tell his faggot boy to clean everything up or that I would get a hard beating. Sir grabbed my head and forced me to swallow of all his cum. I heard Ruth also telling me to eat the cum out of her dirty ass. Then Sir pulled my head back and shoved his cum and ass coated cock into my mouth. That was the worst thing that happened that day. I gagged and almost vomited, but I had no choice but to do what I needed to and deserved.

Sir looked over to Kitty. He told her to get over here and kissed her deeply. He told her that it was finally her turn, and it was time to see if his faggot boy was as good of a pussy eater as he was told. Kitty eagerly took Ruth’s position on the bed and opened her legs wide. Sir grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into her very ready pussy. My training by Virginia kicked in immediately, and I devoured her pussy. I licked it hard from bottom to top and quickly took her clit between my upper lip and tongue. I heard and felt Kitty immediately respond and start to shake and cum. I sucked harder than I was taught because I could tell that was exactly what Kitty wanted. Kitty was shouting out my praises while she thoroughly enjoyed a long series of orgasms. I was on cruise control and thought of absolutely nothing.

I heard Sir say that he had to give me credit, that I am one helluva pussy eater. He said that several of his friends will get to enjoy my talent at the party tonight. Party? Tonight?

I was completely and totally exhausted and defeated. I could not think, but only do what I was told.

Sir grabbed the back of my head and made me look over to the side of the bed. I saw Ruth with another angry and excited look on her face. Then I saw her stroking the large strap-on she was wearing.

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