Planning the Future

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Oorja dialed Victor, as promised, just as she go into her car. After a couple of rings Victor responded confirming that he was at home waiting for her.

Oorja had recently been appointed as the Head of her project team for a 12 month period. This post meant that she coordinated the group activities for the next year and it meant a lot of planning. Victor was one of her colleagues who had pushed her to take on this responsibility saying that he would help her in this additional chore. It was to plan out the activities that she had scheduled this meeting.

Victor was a family guy. A beautiful wife and two nice but grown up kids – they made a great family closely knit. This was what was essentially missing in Oorja’s life.

She was separated from her husband and had the responsibility of handling her two kids singly and as for sex — it was something that she had completely forgotten as to how it felt or was.

Oorja was medium built and well endowed and Victor was all what Oorja would have looked for and loved to have in her husband. Whenever they met – and pretty regularly at that, there were sparks flying between these two and there were many who commented about this chemistry between them. But each maintained a safe distance and things never got onto dangerous territory. Till today that is.

Ooorja was initially taken aback when Victor said that his wife would not be at home and also that the kids were going out with her for a wedding, and if they could meet at some place other than at his house. Oorja said she did not mind – but it excited her . She did not have an idea as to why it was that she was excited with anticipation.

Exactly at 5.00pm the bell rang and Victor opened the door. She saw that he was very casually dressed and was very obviously looking forward to her visit. She just felt it!

They were sitting on two different sofas opposite each other and as the discussion progressed it was necessary for Victor to move on the seat next to hers. As they were talking she at times felt Victor glancing at her chest . And just as if it was to be, her saree slipped and exposed her cleavage from te top of her blouse. The first few times that it happened, she felt his eyes travel all over the exposed breasts. The third time it slipped and she put up her hand to adjust her saree, she felt Victor’s hand on hers and he said, “Just let it be like that. Been wanting to see them – if it’s okay with you!” Both his grip and voice were very firm.

Oorja was confused and so she let it be.

They continued with the discussion, but Oorja was not able to concentrate and all she could hear was his voice as if it was somewhere far away.

Just a few minutes later, Oorja felt eryaman gerçek escort numaları the sari slipping a little more and exposing her chest completely. She looked down to see her cleavage completely exposed and more importantly Victor’s eyes focused on this.

Victor got up from his seat and standing in front of her said,” Stand up – just stand up”.

Completely hypnotised, Oorja stood as if in a trance. Victor bent down and kissed her exposed cleavage. Simultaneously, Victors hands got down to work unhooking the blouse and also the bra. The hooks were off and her breasts were completely exposed and he was smothering them with his kisses. After a few minutes, he looked into her eyes, saw the wanting and he put his lips on hers and got down to kneading her breasts with his hands. Oorja came with a cry and experienced her first orgasm in over 12 years!

Victor stopped his activity and holding her hand lead her into the guest bedroom – and then he got down to serious work.

He undid her sari and she was in her petticoat only. Deftly undoing her remaining piece of clothing, he pushed her on to the bed totally naked. She lay waiting with her legs crossed and her hands covering her breasts.

He undressed and it was when then after all these years that had a glimpse of a penis which was stiff and throbbing.

He quickly got on to the bed with his penis twitching and resting on her waist. He peeled off her hands and separated her legs and climbed on to his knees in between them. Slowly, kissing from the top of her forehead his lips traveled down to her mouth and engulfed her lips.

With his tongue he pried open her mouth and slowly started playing with hers. While this was on his hand was on her left breast twirling her nipple. Oorja let a moan – uhhhhhhhh. He suddenly increased the intensity and went on a rampage – kneading her breast, slightly pinching her nipple and kissing her with fervor.

He gripped her nipple and pulled up the rest of the breast and moved his head down and took it into his mouth – playing with abandon with the breast, nipple and letting his tongue twirl along the aerola. with the left breast in his mouth, his left hand was now at work on the right breast. This was when Oorja came again with a load moan – ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Victor came up again and started kissing her while one hand was at play on the right breast. Oorja was bot able to take it — it was toooooo much for her already. He stopped — all of a sudden, gripped her hand which was scratching his back and put it on to his throbbing penis. He made her grip it and this time she knew what to do. She thought she knew till he said, “Do not put it sincan escort in. Just rub it on your vagina.”

He was back at work kissing her, kneading her breasts — both of them simultaneously this time, while she was rubbing his penis on her opening. Her excitement built up and she was unable to hold back till she came with a huge howl – ohhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, my God Victor, I need it — in and soon.

By this time he was whimpering and moaning too and had her right breast in his mouth while mauling her other.

Taking a break he asked her to widen her legs and guide his cock into her wet leaking cunt. It went in — rather slid in with a wet sound.

While she was guiding his cock in, he pushed it in even further all made easier by her leaking. It was in — totally and she could feel it touching her inside — way inside. Victor was in a state of excitement, her cunt was pretty tight and totally enveloped his manhood. Both lay in that manner for a few seconds.

In a high state of excitement, she wrapped her legs around his back and were pushing him down even further. Her hand were all over his body – scratching his back, massaging his nipples and finally, she put them down and help his balls and started squeezing them – all the while moaning and making guttural sounds. This excited Victor and took to a high that he never experienced ever before. She felt his cock grow even more in size and reach down to greater depths. Victor then started the pounding – each time grunting like a man possessed.

Each time he came up, his cock nearly popped out and just as she thought it was out he rammed it back into her cunt. The third time onwards, she started shouting out,” Victor, fuck me, fuuuuuuuccccccck mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yeah, fuck me maaaaaaaaaaaaan. Wow, it’s really greattttttttt. Do it maaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn. I want it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my God I want ittttttt.” By the fifth time she cried out,” Victor, please pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase do not stop, I am cummmmmmmming.”

This excited him all the more and he drove his cock in even more – each time his grunting volume increasing. Hi hands were again on her breasts – kneading and caressing them as if they were made of clay. Soon he was also on the verge of cumming.

She could feel him slowing and realizing that he was on the verge of cumming, she increased the upward thrust of her pelvis – meeting his thrusts with equal gusto for she wanted to cum again along with him.

Understanding her, Victor increased his pace once again and dipped his cock in even more with each thrust. They were both on the verge and this time the sounds that emanated from them were undecipherable.

They batıkent escort came together and Oorja could feel it all flowing out of her already full cunt. He lay on her for a couple of minutes before pulling out his flacid cock with a slurp.

As he lay next to her on the bed, Victor asked her,” Was it good? And was it like you wanted it?”

Her reply was a big kiss on his lips. After a few minutes, he knew for sure that she wanted more, so he slowly pushed her head downwards towards his limp cock. She looked into his eyes, realised what he was wanting and took his cock into her mouth. After a few minutes of ministration by her, it was waking up and soon was rigid.

As it grew back in its size, he slowly pulled her up and made her sit on his groin area with his tip just outside her cunt.

Guiding the cock into her vagina, Victor, ran his finger on cunt and soon was twirling her clit. This was exciting her and he pushed her down even more, in the process ensuring that his cock was fully in and engulfed by her. Excited beyond words, she bent backwards thrusting her breasts towards the ceiling. Victor pulled her towards him and thrust his finger deep into her anus. Keeping his finger in this manner with his other hand Victor, helped her hump him. All Oorja could do was howl out,” Uffffffffffffffffff, oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddd,” and she came with a flourish.

Victor rolled over and started the pounding into her cunt. This he did again and again.

If there were any spectators around, they would seen a mass of two bodies trying very hard to merge into each other and hear a host of sounds – “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, I am doooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggggggg iiiiiiiittttttttttttt”.

After a few minutes, this time they came together and were really spent.

Tired with this exercise, they both fell asleep. It was a call on the mobile from Oorja’s daughter that woke them up.

Oorja washed and got dressed and had a soft drink that Victor offered – she really needed it.

“Victor, I really loved every minute of this encounter and let me shamelessly tell you that I would look forward to another one all the time.”

While it initially, took them a couple of days to act as if nothing had happened, they started seeing each other very regularly thereafter.

Only that Victor, was having the best of it all — as he had his wife too who would want his ministrations very regularly.

But after a couple of months, Victor had a shock of his life when his wife suggested a three some with Oorja – “the poor thing hasn’t had it for years now what with the separation”.

Well that’s another chapter and will have to wait till your comments come in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32