Pint of Milk, Please

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I unlocked the stores entrance door with the alarm warning bell ringing painfully in my ears. At just 5am this was hardly music I would choose but with a hefty mortgage and maintenance to pay I didn’t have the choice of vegetating in my bed at home. I gathered the bundles of newspapers launching them inside the store. Following the same routine for the past ten years I locked the door, turned on the lights, the tills and flicked the kettle. Fuck I needed caffeine. I threw a tea bag into an empty cup ready for Katie. As usual we would enjoy a brew and a cigarette before letting in the sad pensioners already waiting outside. God forbid they miss out on their free TV magazine or bingo card.

Katie arrived just as I entered the office. I gave a sarcastic huff and then a smile as I walked all the way back to the front door to let her inside. She was aged mid twenties, taller than myself with jet black hair and brown eyes. Company policy pretty much prohibited relationships between staff meaning we kept our relationship as secret as possible. So far their relationship had consisted of the odd kiss in the store room and a blowjob from Katie while I was speaking to the Managing Director on the phone. I smiled as I remembered the tone in my voice, the sudden rise in pitch as I reached my climax. We had been preparing the monthly accounts ready to forward to head office, the door closed as usual for security. I answered the phone gesturing to Katie the caller was the boss. I sat back in the large leather office chair. Katie sat by my side scanning the accounts as I pulled faces mimicking the boss. I was clearly bored and Katie felt the need to liven me up.

Katie took me completely by surprise as she slowly began rubbing my thigh moving her hand towards my crotch. Within seconds she had slipped her hand inside my trousers rubbing my erect cock. I stuttered my words as Katie pulled out my dick from my pants. She smiled mocking that my voice had changed eryaman genç escort bayanlar on the phone. I was nervous but not enough to pull away and get her to stop. Katie fell to her knees slipping her finger under her skirt and into her tight white panties. With her other hand she played with my hard cock and tight balls before taking me in her wet mouth. Her finger was now deep inside her wet pussy, the rhythm quite poetic as she worked her pussy and my meat in harmony. I continued my conversation on the telephone as Katie gently weaved her tongue around my balls, across my shaft before resting on my tip for what seemed an eternity. I wanted to moan, to shout out loud but there was no chance with the boss on the phone and other staff and customers just outside the closed door. Katie pulled her finger from her wet pussy forcing it into my mouth. She worked her pussy tasting finger in and out of my mouth as I tried to talk to the boss. She was smiling and mocking as I struggled to concentrate on the conversation.

I knew I was close, she did too somehow and worked my cock harder and faster. Her head moved fast across my member slowing as she reached the sensitive tip. She cupped my balls as she wanked the part of my shaft not inside her wet mouth. She felt the pressure building, the blood boiling and my thighs tensing and she knew I was close, very close. Seconds later she pulled her mouth away as my hot load shot like a bullet from my loaded weapon. In a few moments I had covered the accounts book with my cream. My eyes rolled and my heart almost jumped through my mouth.

‘Are you alright there?’ asked the boss

‘Oh yes, yes, think I better get on with these accounts’ I choked my reply

I turned to see Katie wiping my creamy spunk off the account book.

‘I’ve got my best girl checking them now’ I said smiling.

Katie carried her tea into the office closing the door tightly behind her. There were no words, ankara escort bayan not even a good morning as Katie gripped my shirt pulling me close. As our lips touched she grabbed my hard cock squeezing it through my tight jeans. Our tongues met in a frenzied kiss as I pushed her back onto the long desk. I moved my hand up between her legs. I tugged hard at her slim black panties, the underwear coming clean off in my hand. Katie smiled as she unbuttoned my jeans revealing my bulging Calvin boxers.

‘Is that for me?’ she whispered deep into my ear while squeezing my hard cock.

She knew the answer as she fell back onto the desk revealing her neatly shaved pussy.

‘And is that for me?’ I replied as I buried my head deep between her wide open legs.

I worked my tongue around her clit as my erection pushed hard at my boxers. It wanted out of its prison. Any harder and I feared it would force itself out. Katie moaned with pleasure as I forced my tongue inside her delicious pussy. It was now ready for my ever lengthening meat. Katie sat up moving from the desk to the large black, leather chair. As she moved she grabbed my cock pulling it from its imprisoned underwear. There was no letting go as she fell back into the office chair. I could feel her heart pound as we kissed. I slipped my hand under her shirt moving it slowly upwards to her hard and erect nipples. Fuck she had big tits. Katie rubbed my cock against her cunt teasing both me and herself. I looked down watching her play with my dick in her small hands. As she wanked my cock with her pussy juice I lifted her shirt taking her tit in my mouth. I nibbled at her hard nipple as she gave out a shudder and a groan.

Finally she opened her legs wide and guided my manhood inside her soaking pussy. The harder I pushed the higher Katie pulled herself up and closer to her lover. I took her arse in my hands squeezing her cheeks digging my nails deep into her etimesgut escort flesh. She scratched my back her jagged finger nails pulling away some flesh and drawing blood. The pumping took the chair sliding across the office floor banging into the closed door. We both laughed before continuing. I felt the sides of her pussy as she contracted in squeezing hard on my cock. I wanted to shoot but not yet, not yet. Outside the noises of the waiting customers, and the milkman, could be easily heard. I wondered if they could hear us. Right now I didn’t care. There was no stopping us now.

I pulled out to stop myself coming as Katie climbed off the chair noting the waiting customers on the security monitor as she did so. She pulled me close again raising her leg onto the chair. Katie worked my cock back inside her. Fuck it felt good as I pushed harder than ever inside her. She cried out as her first orgasm lasted an age. She wanted this cock inside her all day. She wanted his cum inside her, on her, fucking everywhere. I pulled out sitting on the leather chair now back halfway across the room. Katie climbed on top guiding my throbbing member back inside her beautiful cunt. She ran her hands across my chest as I bit hard on her nipples. I looked down watching her bounce on my cock. She looked down too as orgasm number two arrived. My groans grew louder as Katie pulled out my cock wanking me off hard and fast. Her tight grip squeezed my dick into submission.

‘Shoot it all out, cum over my tits’ she whispered. It was all the encouragement I needed as my creamy load shot fast across her chest covering her firm and beautiful tits. I yelled in delight with the relief and pleasure. I mopped away the sweat from my forehead. Hell my cock was sore, her pussy was battered but fuck it had been worth it.

We kissed, my juice transferring from her body to mine. I licked my cum off her tits. Katie began dressing.

‘You not gonna clean up?’ I asked her staring at her still erect nipples.

‘Oh no, I want this with me all day’ she replied rubbing the remainder of my deposit over her belly.

‘Morning, just a newspaper and a pint of milk?’ Katie asked the first customer of the day with a smile that lasted the rest of the day.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32