Perfectly Anonymous

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He was coming back tonight. It was the first time he had come back since she had clued him to the fact that she had decided to pursue some of the thoughts that had been percolating in her head.

She was a little nervous. They hadn’t talked much since that night, and while it was clear he had had a good time, she couldn’t help wondering if he had regrets afterwards. She felt a bit guilty, too, about how she manipulated him into her fantasy. She was excited, too, because it had been better than she had been expecting. She had been prepared to give herself over to him completely, but with him being a little unsure, she had taken some subtle control of the situation, and she had discovered as she was doing it that it was even hotter that way. They had seamlessly inhabited both roles at once. Slipping from dom to sub back to dom again. “Jesus,” she thought, “I’m getting wet. I’m going to have a hard time playing submissive if I jump him the second he walks in here.”

Her apartment buzzer went off, and she reverted back to her nervousness. It was him—and she began having second thoughts about what she had worn. She had done the best she could in the last couple of days, cobbling together a catholic schoolgirl outfit from secondhand stores. And a second ago, she had caught sight of herself in a mirror, and thought the effect was striking. But would he think she was going for too much, that she was some sort of sex fiend? Well, too late now, she thought, as the sound of his knock came through the door.

He had a crooked smile on his face, which turned into a completely shit eating grin when he took in her outfit. “My sweet God, woman,” he said, “and here I thought I was going to surprise you.”

Her nervousness disappeared, to be replaced by an excitement that still had a completely different sort of nervous energy to it. What had he planned?

“Still,” he said, “I guess my surprise isn’t completely incompatible with yours. How about your turn around for a second, and close your eyes.”

She smiled at him as she turned around, wondering as she closed her eyes what he could be hiding in his rather straightforward outfit. She felt him approach her from behind. His hands lightly rubbed up her legs, and grazed her breasts, and he whispered, “You turn me on so much.” His voice in her ear made her recall how turned on she had been before her fears came down on her, and she was instantly feeling wet again.

And then, she felt the fabric come down over her eyes, and it stayed there. “Open your eyes, my dear, though if I’ve done this right, it won’t do you much good.”

Sure enough, she couldn’t see a damn thing. His surprise was a blindfold, and all she could do was coo her appreciation.

He took by the hand, and led her into what she knew was her bedroom. He didn’t take her to the bed, though. He just led her to a wall, and turned her so her back was against it.

“So bursa escort what are you going to do with me?” She couldn’t help asking the question. It turned her on to admit out loud that she didn’t know what might be coming next. He laughed quietly, almost to himself. He whispered, so low that she could barely hear him, and she realized she didn’t even have a clear idea of where he was in relation to her. It took her a second to make out what he had said, which was, “You and your loaded questions.”

Suddenly, she felt his hand under her skirt, his fingers tracing the lines of her pussy through her underwear, and his voice was in her ear, “My goodness, did this just happen, or have you been working yourself up for awhile?” She realized that he could feel her wetness through her underwear, and blushed a bit. “You’re blushing, my dear. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about—arousal is quite normal. Now, please, answer my question.”

She took a deep breath and admitted that she had gotten a little bit wet before he had arrived. He said, “I could certainly understand that. That’s quite the outfit you’ve got on, you know. It’s a shame you can’t see what you’ve done to me already.” And with that, he took one of her hands, and guided it straight to what certainly felt like a raging hard-on. His cock was thick in her hand, and she gasped a little, mainly out of surprise, but also anticipation. Had he gotten naked already? How had he done it without her hearing anything?

She stopped thinking about it when he slid one of his fingers around the outside of her underwear, and suddenly, his finger was inside her. She squeezed his cock in pleasure, and was awarded with a moan of his own.

His felt his finger come out of her pussy, and soon both of his hands were on her underwear, pulling them off of her. He slid them, slowly, painfully slowly, and his cock slid out of her hand as his whole body followed his hands. He would move the underwear down an inch, and kiss the inside of her thigh right above the underwear, and move them down another inch, and kiss again. It was agonizing. He gently helped her feet out of the underwear, and slowly came back up her legs again. This time, he stopped at her pussy, and put his tongue right on her clit. She hadn’t fully expected that and the jolt pushed her against the wall. His tongue was dancing along her lips, sometimes just barely landing on them, other times it was pushing assertively against the folds of her pussy, coiling against her clit.

He stopped suddenly, and she became aware of his hard cock pushing against her stomach, and his hands on her shirt. Her buttons were coming off fast, and he when had undone them all, he brought the shirt down off her shoulders far enough to get access to her bra, which he had unhooked hurriedly. He seemed to have lost his cool demeanor a bit, which she loved, because she was desperate bursa merkez escort to get to fucking, and knowing that he was too (and feeling that cock against her belly) made her quite optimistic it would happen soon.

His fingers were on her nipples, and his mouth was everywhere. He would kiss her suddenly, and by the time she had a chance to react, he had moved on to somewhere else. Sometimes her neck, sometimes her nipples, it felt like he was everywhere. He slipped one finger back into her pussy, and whispered until her ear, “I’m going to fuck you hard. You want my cock, don’t you?”

She was breathing heavy and in response, only reached with her hand to where his dick was rubbing against her and grabbed it.

He whispered again, and said, “I’ve got another surprise for you. But first, I’m going to lead you to the bed.” He took her hand off his cock, and walked her to the bed, but instead of letting her turn around, he simply made it quite clear that she was lie on her stomach on the edge of the side of the bed.

She heard him moving around to the other side of the bed, and he said, “Hands out above your head.” And then he was wrapping something around them. “Holy shit,” she thought, “he is into this shit,” as he tied her arms together at the wrists. She tested her range of motion, and quickly discovered that not only were her hands tied together, they were tied to something else pretty solid, because she could barely move them at all.

“Open wide” he said, and she did so, and his cock was in her mouth. She happily sucked it, but still desperate to get it into her pussy. He reached down and got his hands between her breasts and the bed, and played with her nipples until she moaned on his cock.

She was certainly enjoying herself, and so close to coming that she was discretely rubbing her pussy against the bed, hoping to somehow get herself off—she had orgasms to spare, and she was in desperate need.

He saw her doing it, clearly. “You naughty girl, trying to masturbate even in a situation like this? No patience from your generation at all.” He took his cock out of her mouth, and she heard him walk back around. He placed his cock right on the edge of her pussy. She could feel it there, just barely grazing her. She tried to scoot herself down on his dick, but she didn’t have enough room—the restraint was keeping her from moving in that direction.

And then, he slapped her on the right side of her ass. Nice, hard, but not too hard. It stung, but quickly melted into pleasure. She was so fucking close. “Just put it in!” she wanted to yell, but was trying to resist admitting her need to him. He slapped her on the left side of her ass, and at the same time, slid his cock forward, but not into her, so just more of her pussy was embracing the top half of his cock.

And he was speaking again, “You know, you haven’t said much bursa sınırsız escort in awhile. Are you sure you want me to fuck you?” Bastard, she thought, but she just nodded vigorously rather than betray the emotion and desperation in her voice.

He said, “Polite young women don’t nod, they answer.” And he slapped her ass again. Oh, God, if she wasn’t so fucking horny she’d be so fucking happy with this turn of events.

And without realizing how loud she was saying/screaming it, the words came out of her mouth, “Oh my God, Please fuck me now. Please!”

And suddenly, he brought her thighs together a bit, and angled her ass upward a little bit, and then he was inside her. He was thick and hot and she was a little surprised that it hurt a little bit, but only for a couple of strokes. And Jesus, he was pounding her hard.

“Oh Fuck!” she screamed that one, she knew. It felt so good, and the way he had built her up and built her up, and now the dam was about to burst. He was pumping long, hard strokes—his entire cock was almost out of her pussy and then all the way in. After a few more of those strokes, she felt her orgasm explode out of her. She was twitching and he hadn’t stopped fucking her. It was beginning to feel too good—she needed a second, but she could tell he was awfully close. She tried to bear the overdose of sensation for as long as she could, but finally, she had to yell, “Oh God, please stop, just for a second.”

And he did, but he had an alternative solution to just waiting. He withdrew from her, and quickly climbed on the bed next to her, and not gently turned her over. Whatever was tied to her hands easily twisted in place, and the next thing she knew she was on her back, and he was straddling her. She could feel his hands on her tits, and his cock moving quickly between them.

She found her voice in time to say, “Please, I want to see you come.”

The blindfold came off; looking down to his cock (which looked bigger than she had remembered it from the other night) pumping between her tits. Looking up, she saw his face, a mask of contracted muscles and exertion. She studied his face watching the sweat bead on his hair, his eyes sometimes closed, sometimes open and wild and staring right at her. Shit, she thought, I’m almost ready to go again.

At almost the same time, she heard him groan, saw his face relax suddenly, and the feeling of hot come on her chest. He slid down on top of her, and kissed her on the lips, as gently as he had ever had. He untied her hands, and said, “Oh my God, I think I really, really like this.”

She fixed him with the look she had learned made him a little giddy, and said, “You know, watching you just then, I started to get a little turned on again.” He smiled at her, and shook his head, and she thought he might beg off getting her off again, but all he said was, “Give me 5 minutes, and I’ll let you use me blindfolded, if you’d like.”

She hadn’t thought of that, but she liked it the sound of it. She found herself imagining him blindfolded, on his back, her pussy right on his mouth. She turned to him and asked, “If I promise to take it easy on your cock, can you make it 3 minutes?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32