Patience’s Virtue (An Excerpt)

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One month later, Patience and Langdon moved into a nice, two-bedroom apartment in a good part of town, not far from campus. The weather was still cold, but it was late March, and the tiniest hint of spring was in the air.

Both Langdon’s and Patience’s friends helped them move. They could hardly believe the story about the siblings being separated for so long, but once they saw them together, and realized the resemblance, they believed.

One of Patience’s friends caught Langdon’s eye. Her name was Melody Hansen. She was a beautiful blonde with straight hair, long, slender legs and big green eyes. She was much sought-after on the campus, by both men and women. The rumor was that she was bisexual. When Langdon spoke privately to Patience about it, she said, “Oh, I heard that, too. Well, Melody’s a friend, and she’s never made a pass or anything like that at me.” And that was that, for the time being.

The first month together in the apartment was slightly hectic. Both Langdon and Patience had mid-terms, and they couldn’t spend too much time together. And, they had their occasional squabbles, as roommates do. But mostly they got along very well together.

Patience kept their relationship close and affectionate, but not intimate. She wanted to wait a little while longer. She wanted the time to be just right, perhaps when summer vacation began.

In the meantime, they studied, they worked–he at a movie theater, she at a gym–they partied, they both participated in intramurals, and they lived together as brother and sister.

Things were going as planned until something happened that caused her to decide to make her move early. During an intramural softball game, Patience hurt her shoulder diving for the ball. She immediately left the game, although the injury initially didn’t hurt too much. She even went to work at the gym. But over the course of the evening, her shoulder became more and more painful. At nine o’clock, the gym closed. It was her responsibility to lock up that night. She ran everybody out, locked the front door, turned off the lights, then went back to the office, and called Langdon at home.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hi, Sis. What’s up?”

“Can you come to the gym?” she asked.

“Uh, I guess so. What’s going on?”

“I hurt myself playing softball today. Could you come look at it?”

“Why don’t you come home?” Langdon sounded concerned.

“Well, it really hurts, and it’s my shoulder. I’m not sure I can drive. Will you come?”

“Okay, sure. I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

She met him at the front door, unlocking it to let him in, then locking it behind them. Patience was obviously in pain, her drawn face and grimace testified to it.

“What happened, Sis?” Langdon asked.

“I was playing intramural softball this afternoon and I fell on my left shoulder. It really hurts,” she said. She looked almost ready to cry.

“Have you done anything for it yet?”

“Not really. One of the other girls gave me some ibuprofen, but it hasn’t helped much–at least not yet.”

“Okay, well, let me have a look,” Langdon said concernedly.

They kartal escort bayan went back into the girls’ locker room. Patience said, “I’ve already heated up the sauna. I was going to try some heat to see if that would make it feel better.” She sat down on a bench.

Langdon said, “That’s probably a good idea. I’ll be right back. I’m going to get some oil and some witch hazel from my locker.”

When he returned, Patience had undressed down to her bra and panties. She sat on the bench, hunched over a little, in obvious pain. Langdon sat down behind her and gently began palpating her shoulder area. It was already starting to bruise some, and she had some swelling as well. “Wow, exactly how did you do this?” he asked.

“I was diving for the ball, missed, and landed right on the ball of my shoulder. Oww! That really hurts!” she sobbed.

“Sorry,” he said hastily. He had been slowly moving her arm through its range of motion. He kept having to move her bra strap.

She said, “Wait a minute.” She unfastened her bra from the front and laid it on the bench beside her. Langdon took a deep breath and swallowed hard. His penis began to harden. He moved a little closer, and, very gently, felt around the shoulder joint.

“Well,” he said, “I don’t think it’s broken, thank goodness. And it seems to be in place. But it could probably use a gentle rubdown with some witch hazel, another dose of ibuprofen, and maybe even immobilization.”

“What about the sauna?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah, we can try that too,” he said.

Patience got up. She turned her back to him. Aware that he was watching her closely, she removed her panties and laid them on the bench beside her bra. She looked over her shoulder. Langdon looked at her. Her face showed the pain from her shoulder, but it also showed an unspoken invitation, almost a plea. Softly, she said, “I always go naked in the sauna. Get undressed.”

Langdon’s heart jumped into his throat. Part of him screamed that this was wrong, wrong, wrong! But another part of him screamed that she was undoubtedly the sexiest woman he had ever seen. And she was his own sister!

He undressed quickly and followed her into the sauna. His cock jutted out in front of him. He was embarrassed, but there was nothing he could do. He entered the sauna. It was very hot. A glance at the thermometer told him it was close to 185 degrees in there. Patience was sitting on the bench, sweat already glistening on her slender body. Langdon noted her slim legs and sleek, muscled back. Her shortish blonde hair was plastered to her neck and brow. She looked at him, smiled a tight, pained smile. Langdon knew that she saw his fully-erect cock, but she said nothing. She only drew her legs up before her on the bench and rested her head and arms on her knees.

“It’s really hot in here,” he said.

“Feels good,” she murmured.

Langdon got up on the bench behind her and moved in close. His cock poked her a little in the small of her back. “Sorry,” he said.

“It’s all right,” she mumbled.

“Lean back a little,” he said, and she straightened up a little. Langdon poured escort maltepe a little witch hazel and a little mineral oil into his cupped hand, rubbed his hands together, and gently, gently began massaging her shoulder.

At first she stiffened, and he heard her inhale sharply with pain. “Does that hurt?” he asked.

“A little,” she said, “but don’t stop.”

He carefully massaged and kneaded the swollen muscle and tissue, using liberal amounts of witch hazel and oil. Gradually she relaxed.

The heat soaked into both of them. He wiped sweat from his eyes and rubbed a little witch hazel on himself. “Do you want me to do your whole back?” he asked.

She sighed deeply and said. “If you want to.”

“Is your shoulder feeling any better?” he asked.

“Yeah, a little.” she said quietly.

Langdon rubbed Patience’s entire back with witch hazel, eliciting several deep, contented sighs. Then he said, “Okay, let’s try moving your arm some.”

Patience scooted back slightly, bringing her into fuller contact with his still-erect cock. Langdon gently moved her arm through its range of motion. Although she still grimaced, it clearly did not hurt as much. As he worked with her, Patience took Langdon’s right hand in hers, and moved it onto her breast.

“Sis, I’m not sure…” Langdon whispered.

“Shhhhh,” she said.

Hardly realizing what he was doing, Langdon cupped her small, firm breast, and rubbed his thumb over her erect nipple. Patience leaned back against him. Langdon put both arms around her, succumbing to a wave of emotion and sensuality. Without a word, Patience took his right hand and placed it over her pussy. Langdon rubbed her in a circular motion, and slipped his middle finger into her wet slit. Patience moaned quietly.

They were both slick with sweat and oil. Langdon buried his face in her hair, and rolled her hard little clit around with his slippery fingers. “Oh, Langdon, It feels so good when you touch me there.”

Langdon inserted two fingers deeply into Patience and began moving in and out. Grunting with both pain and pleasure, Patience moved against his hand as he rhythmically pumped his fingers. She was close now, very close. He removed his fingers, and with a firm, yet light touch, stroked her little clitoris until Patience tensed against him and cried out in orgasm.

For a few moments, they sat quietly, leaning against each other. Langdon didn’t know what to do, or say. He realized that Patience was quietly sobbing.

“Did I hurt you, Sis?” he asked tenderly.

“No,” she said. “As a matter of fact, I feel much, much better now.” She took his right hand, the hand that had touched her pussy, and kissed it. And then she took his left hand, the hand that had massaged her shoulder, and kissed it, too. She squirmed against his wet cock. “Langdon,” she whispered, “let me do you.” Without another word, she turned around slowly to face him. Carefully supporting her weight with her right arm, she straddled him, both her legs over his and around his waist.

He looked into her blue eyes. They were clear and shining. There was no hint of the pain that had been pendik escort there before. Instead, there was the unspoken plea he had seen before. He started to say something, but she placed her fingers on his lips.

Patience looked down at his straining cock. Langdon honestly couldn’t remember when it had been so hard. The shaft was granite, and the head flared huge and purple. Without a word, she grasped it in her small hand, and began stroking it up and down.

Langdon put his hands behind him on the bench and moved in closer to her, leaning backward and straining upward. Patience looked at him, the heat mounting in her eyes. She gazed downward at his cock, her mouth open slightly, her tongue running across her lips. She made no move to bend downward–it may have been too painful, but continued pumping his cock steadily.

“Am I doing it right?” she asked.

“Yes,” he groaned. As a matter of fact, Patience was stroking his cock exactly the way he liked it. Her grip was perfect–not too hard or too soft. Her pace and rhythm were also perfect. She could have been doing it for years. He sobbed out several breaths, very close to coming, and Patience slowed down a little, gently rubbing her thumb over the swollen head. Langdon closed his eyes and said, “That feels so good, Sis.”

For the first time, Patience smiled at her brother. Without stopping her slow pumping, she whispered, “Langdon, I’ve always wanted to touch you; to have you touch me. In my mind, I’ve already done this, and many more things, with you more times than I can count. It may be that some people say this is wrong, but it’s not wrong to me. I love you, my darling brother. I’m so glad we found each other.”

Langdon heard her words and knew they were spoken from the heart. And, he had to admit to himself, he had thought of her many times over the years that they were apart. He had never felt as close to anyone as he had felt to Patience in the time they had been together. With this in his mind, Langdon surrendered himself to the exquisite sensations of his sister’s ministrations.

“Oh, Sis, I’m going to come, soon.”

“I’m ready, Langdon dear. I’m so ready. Is this how you want it?”

“Oh yes, yes,” he groaned.

The heat, the sweat, their slick bodies, the sensuality of the moment, all these combined to make Langdon’s cock and Patience’s hand the center of his world. There was nothing but her firm-soft hand, the rhythm of her stroking, and his impending climax.

Suddenly, he was there. He grunted in pleasure, exquisite pleasure, as his semen erupted from his straining dick in long, thick white arcs that splattered across his sister’s breasts, stomach and arms. She continued pumping steadily, but with a lighter touch, milking his cock for every drop of his copious emission. Patience had long imagined what this moment would be like. She had fantasized about holding her brother’s spewing cock while he strained against her and sprayed her down with his sperm. The actual moment had exceeded her expectations. Langdon must not have had an orgasm for a month! Patience was literally coated with his come. Semen dripped from her breasts, her arms, and pooled in her belly button. She gave his cock a few more pumps, then let it go and rubbed Langdon’s sperm all over her body. Langdon, heaving huge sighs, fell against his sister. She put her arms around him and said, “Oh Langdon, that was so good!” They kissed like lovers.

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