Passionate Touches

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I sat at my computer waiting for John to sign on, daydreaming about the weekend that had just passed. His hot breath against my inner thighs, the wet caress of his tongue along my body, and the long, slow thrusting of his hips against me filled my mind. I was fighting to keep my hands from wandering over my soft, curvy body as thoughts of John and what he had awakened inside me surfaced. Normally, I am the shy, awkward fat girl, but he had brought out the sensual, seductive part of me. I wanted more of his passionate touches and I wanted them now.

Sadly, that was not in the plans. He lived far away but had sacrificed his time and money. I reluctantly resigned myself to my imagination and memory, reclining in my seat and resting my legs over the padded arms of the chair. My thick thighs spread wide and my hands wandered as the memory of how we had met and the night of passion we had shared took over my senses.

I had been chatting with John through the computer for awhile now, but the relationship never progressed past a few wicked pictures and a few sinful words. About a month after we had begun chatting, he had sent me an email explaining that he had finally been approved for some vacation time. He asked if I wanted him to come and see me. I enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity and told him of one of my favorite restaurants in my area, deciding to have our first meeting there.

I arrived early and saw that he had also arrived already. Trying to look my best, I chose a fitted red dress that hugged my curves in just the right way. With each movement, the thin fabric moved across my sensitive skin. I gazed at John secretly, looking him up and down. He was standing near the bar and looking remarkably sexy. He took my breath away with his quiet dominance of the room. His eyes finally landing on me as he turned towards the door, moving immediately towards me. Pulling me into his strong arms; kissing me for the first time. I hoped his thoughts were along the same lines as mine. His lips delivering heaven to me personally, one bit of sweetness at a time.

John reluctantly broke the kiss. “Hello Kelley, you look even more beautiful than your pictures. I am so glad I finally get the chance meet you.”

“You look great, John. In fact, your pictures did you no justice at all.”

We had flagged the hostess down to let her know we had a reservation. She checked the ledger and smiled warmly. She showed us to our table quickly and let us know our waiter would be with us shortly. We made small talk as we waited to order, our impatience quite evident in our heated glances at each other. I could not handle the absence of his body against mine, so I had slowly placed my hand upon his knee, and began to rub. My fingers slowly moving up his leg until they had reached his hard cock. I took delight in the fact that one simple kiss had done this to him, Slowly, I rubbed his cock under the table. A small moan escaped his parted lips as he moved his strong hand to my thigh. With my sigh of trust, he began caressing my thigh. His long fingers creeping up my tender flesh to disappear beneath my dress. My eyes fluttered closed as his calloused fingers traced the edge of my panties. John slipped his fingers into my panties and began to tremble against my swollen clit. I could not suppress the moan that escaped my plump lips bursa escort as he gently teased it.

Our little foray in public sex came to an abrupt end as the waiter appeared. Our roaming hands snapped back into our own laps and we immediately ordered dinner and a bottle of wine. Like a gentleman, he blushed softly as our eyes met across the table.

“I am sorry, Kelley. I should have waited until I could finish without interruption.” He murmured his apology.

“Oh John, I am not sorry at all. We can consider that our appetizer, a build up to what is to come later.” I cooed.

As we had waited for our dinner, we made small talk and laughed heartily over inside jokes. The night had moved along smoothly and could not have been dreamt up any better. The waiter had came somewhere between jokes and had filled our glasses with the red wine. We finished half the bottle before dinner.

We ate our meals quickly and paid the bill. Excitement raced through me as we left the restaurant and headed to his suite at the hotel. My body had prepared itself to bring this man as much pleasure as possible by throbbing softly. We climbed out of the car when he parked in the parking area and strolled towards the lobby doors, hand in hand.

We entered the lobby and made a bee line for the elevator. We quietly crossed into the small elevator and turned towards one another. As the doors slid closed, we grabbed each other desperately. His body pressing me against the cold wall. His warm lips lowered to mine achingly slow and claimed my plump lips passionately. The warm, wet kiss left me breathless and craving more. I grasped onto his broad shoulders and returned the kiss just as passionately. The elevator doors slid open as we reached his level and both of us hurried down the hallway like a couple of teenagers getting ready to fuck for the first time.

We rushed into his room and immediately kissed again. His arms held me close; our hearts beating hard and fast. He slid the zipper on my dress down slowly and kissed down my neck. I shrugged my shoulders slightly and felt the dress float down my body until it pooled around my feet. At the sudden abundance of naked flesh, he groaned and grasped my hips roughly. As his mouth devoured my neck, I quickly undid my bra and threw it somewhere in the room. He then hungrily moved his hot kisses down across my neck and shoulder to my ample tits. The second his mouth closed around my hardened nipple and suckled it gently, I went wild with desire. Sharp stabs of lightening raced through my veins and pooled in the apex of my womanhood.

His mumbled words gasped out around my aroused flesh, “God, you taste just as I imagined, just like spun sugar.” I could only moan and throw my head back as he sucked on my tits, alternating between them, never neglecting.

As his mouth drove me wild, I walked backwards towards the bed. I felt the edge of the bed graze the back of my thick thighs, so I pulled away. I lay myself down on the bed, gazing lustfully up to John utterly naked except for a pair of sheer black panties, and these needed to disappear soon. My eyes locked onto his as I raise my hips and slowly slide the last barrier down my thighs. Johns eyes flashed to my pussy and glazed over as he saw how wet he had gotten me.

He laid next to me, capturing my mouth in a escort bursa long, slow kiss. My hands moved to his shirt and in a fit of passion I tugged violently and sent the buttons flying all over the bed. His moan into my mouth only egged me on, so I pulled it from his body and threw it across the room. His warm embrace filling me with pure lust as he rolled onto his back, letting me get an intimate look at his torso.

I gently kissed around his chest; stopping only to tease his hard pebbles with my wet tongue. As my tongue lavished wet kisses across each nipple; my hands wandered over his stomach to work on his belt and pants. I soon had the fastenings undone, wasting no time to get rid of the aggravating barrier. Moaning and capturing my bottom lip between my teeth, I finally get a look at his swollen cock. I position my body so my head is near his cock and my pussy was right in his face. I lick my lips with hunger and wrap my fingers around him. As my hand touches his dick, it jumped and quivered eagerly. My grip tightened around him as I began to stroke slowly. I leant over to taste the milky liquid beading on the tip; the warm, salty flavor sending zings of pleasure through my body.. My mouth, being hungry for more, slides up and down the sides of his cock wetly. My tongue swirling and tasting each inch of him. I could not wait any longer to feel his length buried in my hot mouth.

I moved my mouth over the head and slowly swallowed his cock deep into my mouth. As my head bobbed up and down on his dick, he slid two fingers down and over my soaked pussy. He explored my wet slit expertly, teasing my hole with two fingers. I moaned loudly around his cock as he finally pushed the teasing fingers deep into my wet pussy. Oh god, how I loved what he was doing to my wet cunt. I was bobbing up and down faster; caressing every inch of his cock with my tongue. I could feel his legs trembling slightly as I pleasured him with my mouth. I reached up and cupped his balls softly, feeling them tighten up as I continued fucking his cock with my mouth. As I sucked his cock, he continued to rub my pussy; pumping into me faster and faster. He moaned and grunted, signaling he was getting close. His divine fingers began to match the pace of my bobbing.

“Oh Kelley, I am going to cum, baby!” he shouted out, gasping. I pulled his dick deeper into my mouth as he erupted hot cum into my mouth. His lust-filled eyes watched me intently as I swallowed every single drop of cum hungrily. He had filled my mouth with hot cum but as I swallowed the last small drop he pulled me up into his arms lovingly. Our lips joined passionately, his hands pushing me back on the bed. His mouth trails down my body slowly to stop at my hard nipples, gently grabbing them between his teeth and pulling on them. After a few moments, he continued moving down until reaching my feet. I squealed in surprise as he sucked each of my toes into his mouth; pleasuring me in ways I had never known. He chuckled warmly as I squirmed and whimpered beneath his talented mouth on my sensitive toes. Gracing mercy on me, he began to move back up my body. He feathered light kisses up my inner thighs; leaving a trail of heat. He finally reached my throbbing bud and began to lick and suck on it softly. I moaned wildly and felt my juice escape from my pussy. His tongue escort bursa moved down and dipped deep to suck my juices up. His long tongue stroked in and out slowly and then slid down to revolve around my asshole. My whole body tensed; the intense pleasure blowing my mind. His urgent lips moved back to my clit; continuously licking and teasing until I was trembling. Johns’ mouth was heaven against my heated flesh as he continued to lick and tease me; alternating between sucking on my clit, stroking his tongue in and out of my pussy and running his tongue over my asshole.

I could feel my orgasm racing through me; getting close to cumming as I moaned loudly with each stroke of his tongue. As he moved his mouth up to my bud and began to suck, he slid a finger deep into my pussy. The sudden penetration triggered my release and my legs tense up and start to spasm as I cum all over his mouth and finger. He continued to lick and tease me; making me cum at least twice more.

I reached down and grabbed his head to pull him up my body. He obliged and slid up eagerly. The head of his cock rubbed against my wet slit, his eyes probing deeply for any signs of hesitation.

“John, I need you inside me right now. I cant wait any longer to feel your heat inside me.” I moaned.

His wicked mouth turned up in a smile that would melt glaciers and slowly begun to push. His eyes clenched shut as the tightness of my pussy surrounded his cock an inch at a time. My gasps and moans broke your strong commitment to move slowly because you abandoned all attempts of being slow and gentle. His hips began to thrust hard and fast, our moans mingling as our bodies rocked together perfectly.

I whispered up into his ear, “I want to feel you behind me, John.”

He slid out quickly and moved me onto my hands and knees upon the bed, “Oh god, Kelley. You can have anything you want as long as I am inside this beautifully tight pussy.”

He crawled up behind me and began to slide his wet cock up my slit; slapping it playfully against my puckered flesh surrounding my asshole. I groaned loudly and whimpered. My hips trembling made my ass jiggle slightly. He growled and thrust into my pussy hard. Our grunts and words of desire blurring as we matched our strokes.. His light, playful slaps against my ass made my pussy clench and leak even more juice. The sounds of his hips slapping against the ample flesh of my ass threw me over the edge savagely. My whole body shook and tensed up as I came all over his cock. John grasped my waist and began pumping even harder and faster. He drove in deep, froze, and growled long and loud. I felt his cock twitching and swelling as he filled me with his cum.

“Yes, baby! I want all of that cum inside me.” I moaned out, delighting in his sounds of joy.

He grasped my fleshy hips and slowly began to slide his cum covered cock from me; moaning almost painfully as I squeezed my muscles around him. We both collapsed upon the bed in exhaustion. I turn over to my side and curl up to his warm body. Our fast heartbeats slowing as we quietly and peacefully fell asleep.

The loud dinging coming from the instant message I had just received broke my reverie rather rudely. I glared at the screen but quickly turned that frown into a beaming smile. It was John. His message to me was ‘Get ready, Kelley. I will be back soon. Is a couple of weeks to long of a wait?’

My day just got much better knowing I will be getting some more of his passionate touches.

A huge thanks to John, for starting me off on this story. I enjoyed adding my touches immensely.

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