Party Chub

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It looked as if the party was just getting started. People were gathering, the DJ was pumping out the music, and nearly everyone had a drink in hand. All the typical guys you’d expect to be at one of these things were there, gathering into their usual groups and staking out their territories.

Over in the corner a group of young men in matching shirts were hoisting beers, and trying to impress their girls with the way they vanquished yet another worthy foe to win some meaningless softball league title. Closer to the bar, some business men were sipping mixed drinks, their neckties and jackets left behind, yet still trying to show their girls that they made a lot of money.

The blue collar types of guys were at this party too, quietly hanging together in groups of twos and threes, seemingly satisfied with an honest day’s work. There was also a freak or two in the house, looking like shabby outcasts, hanging in the shadows trying hard not to associate with anyone that society might deem as normal.

Of course there were women there too. After all, what would a party be without women. Some were dancing, some were standing around trying to look glamorous, but most were hanging out with the men. I didn’t see a single woman in the place that I would call a ten, but they were all attractive enough. Most of them were dressed in party attire, all made up and ready for whatever the evening offered. All seemingly ready for some action, whether they were already attached to some lucky guy or not.

As usual, this party looked like it was going to become a bit of a sausage fest, with men far outnumbering women. Lately the places I’d been going seemed to be that way. It was as if I’d been transported to a world that was made up mostly of men. It seemed to me that my chances of hooking up with a nice young lady at this shindig were pretty slim.

It didn’t really matter. I usually don’t go in for this sort of thing. I don’t really fit in, so I hadn’t been to one of these little get-togethers in a while. Something about that night was different. I guess my curiosity got the best of me. So I picked up the flyer and stopped into this place, rather than doing my usual evening activity of fast food and a trip to the gym.

Skipping the gym wasn’t a big deal. I guess my life’s routine had gotten a little stale. I suppose I needed a change. Going to this sort of a party wasn’t ideal, but if nothing else happened, I figured some music and a drink might lighten my mood. At the very least I thought there might be a pretty woman or two to look at.

Even though I didn’t see anything to my liking, I sipped my drink and watched the scene unfold before me. I was already there and it seemed such a waste to just turn and leave. I settled in and looked around, hoping to spot a diamond in the rough.

Looking around, a tall woman with pretty eyes and long dark hair caught my eye, but alas, she was already attached to one of the business men. There were a couple of possible cuties hanging around with the softball team, but they were awfully young and seemed more interested in the wannabe jocks than someone like me.

I was about to give up and leave when I saw a woman that didn’t seem to be attached to anyone. She was medium height, and a bit bigger than curvy, yet not quite a BBW. She looked a bit like a woman on the prowl. As she made her way through the room, she stopped and talked with many of the men, having a short conversation before moving on.

She looked to be hunting for some attention. Wanting someone to hang out with, but it seemed as if no one she stopped to talk with suited her fancy. As I watched her move about the room like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower I saw her smile, and what a perfectly beautiful smile it was. But that big white smile was fleeting, only there for a moment, then it was gone.

She came closer and closer until she fluttered right past where I was standing. I smiled at her, hoping she would stop and talk, or at least flash that beautiful smile in return, but I got nothing. Maybe she didn’t see me, or maybe she spotted someone she knew. Whatever the cause she flew right by without even looking at me.

I watched as she walked away. She was graceful for a big girl, and probably not as tall as I first thought. From behind I could see the heels she had on were easily five or six inches tall. Heels or not there was something very sexy about her.

She didn’t have that movie star sort of sexy. She had the kind of sexy not everyone notices. It was the way she moved. The look on her face. The smooth darkness of her skin. The way her full puffy lips softened her face. The way her hips gently bounced side to side as she walked. She was a true diamond in the rough, but sexy or not I could only watch as she disappeared around the corner and was gone.

I’d had enough. This party definitely wasn’t going my way. I gulped bursa escort down the last of my drink and looked for a place to set the empty glass. When I looked up there she was. The very girl I had just watched walk by me without even so much as a blink. But she was different now. She had gone and put on some makeup. Her pretty round face now sported lips of red and her eyes stood out with well-placed liner and shadow.

I expected her to pass on by as she did before, but that isn’t what happened. She stopped right in front of me and subconsciously batted her eyes.

“Hello I’m April.” She said, her smile inviting me to come closer. “I was born in June, but my mother always hated that name. And you are?” She offered me her hand in introduction.

“I’m Judge.” I answered, curious about the oddness of her introduction… Wondering if that story about her name was some sort of pickup line.

“Nice to meet you Jed.” She replied.

“No my Name is Judge.” I slightly raised my voice to make sure she heard me over the music. “When my father told the nurse to name me after Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall she assumed Thurgood would be my middle name. My mother made my father keep the error because she was pissed that he didn’t name me William like they had discussed.”

At that point I realized that many of us have a story about how we got our names, and from the way she intently listened to mine I knew she was interested in getting to know me.

We grabbed a couple of fresh drinks and we made some more small talk, each of us trying to impress the other enough to keep the conversation going. It was difficult to hear each other over the noise of the party, so we stood much closer than new acquaintances usually do.

Standing so close it wasn’t long before her arm was wrapped around my waist and my hand was stroking the middle of her back. Of course I noticed every time she pressed her breast against me. Women claim they don’t even know they are doing it, but I am certain they actually do.

About the time April and I had a good conversation going the boys from the softball team found their beer voices and they got pretty loud. Even standing close, April and I had a hard time hearing each other. She suggested we go to find a place to sit away from the noise.

We found an empty spot in the opposite corner from the boys where we could sit and make more small talk, once again trying to get to know each other as fast as we could. We talked about everything and nothing, covering topics from cars we’d owned to the strangely warm weather we’d been having, each of us trying to work in a clever sexual innuendo as often as we could.

As April became more comfortable with me, she started dancing in her seat. I think she wanted me to get up and dance with her, but I wasn’t about to make that kind of a fool of myself. When it comes to dancing, I’m the guy with two left feet that comedians make fun of when they joke about the white guy with no rhythm. If I know a song really, really well I can almost fake dancing, but I had only herd the song that was playing a couple of times in my life.

Not knowing the song very well didn’t surprise me. It was one of those songs that could never be played on the radio. It was a dirty little tune about a woman wanting a man to satisfy all of her crazy sexual kinks. I wondered if April had ever actually listened to the words or if she just loved the beat, but when the song came the chorus, she quietly sang along… “Come on baby… Make me… Make me.” Then she noticed that I noticed, and shyly blushed.

She looked at me with a face full of embarrassment, and I was sure the gig was up. I figured she would end her conversation with me and move along to some guy she hadn’t just embarrassed herself in front of. Then as if to save face she leaned close to me and asked, “Well, isn’t there something special you’ve always wanted to make a woman do?”

At that point I realized that April had indeed listened to those words of that song, and deep down she was a bit of a submissive. She had kind of a kinky side, and wasn’t afraid to let me know about it. I wasn’t prepared for this. I didn’t really have anything to say. Not because I’m shy in the bedroom. Not by any means. I’d just never been into that whole tie me up and spank me sort of domination thing.

To keep April from feeling like she had put herself out there and got left hanging all alone, I told her about this little recurring fantasy that had been bouncing around in my head lately. I suppose it loosely fit her domination theme. It was nothing really. I didn’t see a need to go into much detail.

The moment I finished telling April about my fantasy, she took me by the hand and pulled me from my seat, saying she knew a place where we could be alone. I could hardly believe my luck. This chubby little minx was definitely ready for some bursa merkez escort action.

As we made our way to a little room, the sounds of the party faded into the distance. We could still hear the dull thuds of the bass and bits of melody from the music, but the din of the many conversations were gone. We were alone at last.

As soon as we were in that little out of the way room she draped her arms around my shoulders and we started making out. With her full lips, smooth dark skin and big beautiful eyes I was mesmerized. She felt so incredibly perfect in my arms, and I realized just how much I’d missed the warm soft touch of a woman’s skin against mine.

It wasn’t long before the heavy petting started and the only thing between her breasts and my hands was the thin silky garment she was wearing. I felt her nipples stand at attention as she momentarily seemed to have forgotten how to breathe. Before I could say Jack Robinson April had me sitting on this little sofa in that room, and was in my lap grinding on me.

Once she was sure her grinding had my little man at full attention, she smiled that big smile, got up, and started peeling off her clothes. As she undressed she showed off, dancing to the beat that was gently thumping through the walls, teasingly showing me her tits and ass. She was so damn sexy. I wasn’t expecting this sort of show, but I have to admit I didn’t mind it in the least little bit.

When she was completely naked she reached down and undid my belt, pulled down my pants, and unbuttoned my shirt. Then for good measure, she showed the best parts of her sexy plump body to me once more before climbing back onto me, straddling my lap for another kiss.

Things were happening pretty fast. I’d never met a girl quite as horny as April seemed to be. I was taken completely by surprise when she pulled a condom from a small purse. A purse, I might add, that I never noticed she was carrying in the first place.

At that point it seemed to me that April had come to this party with the same sort of plans that I had. She was hoping to hook up with someone for sex, and it didn’t take long for her to get that condom rolled down onto my cock. I suspected that she had performed that little maneuver more than a time or two.

With the condom in place, April once again straddled my lap, reaching down between her legs, gently holding my cock between her fingers, positioning it against her opening. Then she let out a long slow breath of pleasure as she gently lowered herself down onto me, enveloping my cock with her pussy. Oh my god. It felt like I was entering heaven.

They say the best part of fucking a big girl comes from their extra soft fat pussy. With April this didn’t turn out to be the case. Sure her pussy was soft and plenty tight, but the best part by far was how her soft warm body melded into me as she slowly rocked in my lap to the faint beat of the music still playing in the distance. It felt as if she was fucking my entire body as she pressed her ample breasts and body against me as she rode my cock.

With her arms draped on my shoulders the soft sounds April made while she pleasured herself on my cock quietly drifted into my ears. They were so indescribably erotic. It didn’t take long before our breathy sounds of pleasure resonated in unison. Little by little April picked up the pace until all of the sudden she sat straight up and held breath, trembling, pushing herself onto my cock as hard as she could.

When she finally relaxed she melted back down onto me, gently kissing me, then whispering quietly in my ear, thanking me for making her come. I held her close and enjoyed the feel of her soft warm skin against mine as I listened to her quietly breathing.

Soon her hips started moving again. They were just gentle little movements, but every little twitch and roll seemed to drive my cock ever deeper into her pussy. Little by little her movements became bigger and stronger until once again she was sitting in my lap fucking me hard to the beat of the far off music.

It seemed it was about to be my turn as the head of my cock started to tingle. I knew the final event wasn’t far off. I told April that I was going to come. Hearing that she immediately stopped, sitting up high on my lap with me as deep inside her as I could possibly be. My cock twitched and I almost came.

Then she smiled at me with that beautiful smile and leaned forward to kiss me, just before she carefully slid her soft wet pussy off of my cock. As she got up I felt her creamy wetness against slap against my belly as my cock sprang from inside her, and I almost came again.

Then April just sat there for a few moments smiling at me. Not a word was spoken as she let me sit and calm down. It was obvious she wasn’t done with me. She had plans that would have been ruined had she let me come.

After I’d calmed bursa sınırsız escort enough for her to touch me again she slid down from my lap and got on her knees, sitting back on her heels right between my legs. Still smiling she stared at my cock while slowly and carefully rolling the condom up the shaft until it popped off the head and landed on the floor between her knees. This woman was incredible. She seemed to live to show just how sexy she was, and that teasing smile hadn’t left her face since I told her I was about to come.

Now without a condom she sat there grinning, looking at the head of my bare cock as she tenderly held my shaft between her thumb and fingers. She seemed a bit nervous and apprehensive, as if she didn’t know what to do next. Then teasing smile widened and with one smooth movement her head dropped down and I felt my cock slide into her warm wet mouth. I shuddered with pleasure.

Now holding me at the base, her head slowly went up and down working me ever deeper into her mouth. Her suction was firm and deliberate. I could feel every part of her mouth caressing my cock, from the roughness of her tongue underneath to the ridges on the roof of her mouth. And those lips, those big beautiful black girl lips. Softly gripping and caressing my cock as her head slowly floated up and down.

I was getting close again when she pulled it out of her mouth and licked around the head, stopping for a moment to smile at me again with that big teasing smile. Then she licked her big sexy lips making them really wet. Her head went down again and I felt those wonderfully sexy lips and tongue kissing and caressing the head of my cock… just before she pushed it back into her mouth.

This time as she slowly sucked me she gently twisted her head side to side, sliding my cock all over her tongue as if she couldn’t get enough of the taste. Then she pushed her head as far down as she could, taking me in so deep I felt the head of my cock pressing against the softness of her throat.

That was all I could take. As her head came back up the wonderful tingling vibration I’d been feeling in my cock quickly spread throughout my loins. Before I could mumble a word of warning, waves of pulsating pleasure coursed through my body and I felt streams of my warm cum pulsing into her soft wet mouth.

This was incredible. It was the ultimate pleasure I had been dreaming about, but in my dreams, it was never quite this pleasurable or intense. As my body tensed with each pulsating thrust, a sea of ecstasy surrounded my body. My body went wonderfully numb. The only things I could really feel was my cum gushing into her mouth, and her sucking tongue tugging at my cock as she swallowed.

After I was done she held my cock in her mouth, ever so gently sucking, occasionally swallowing to make sure she got it all. It felt amazing and she seemed to know exactly to keep me from becoming too sensitive. I could tell this wasn’t her first rodeo. In fact her expertise told me she had sucked off an uncomfortably large number of men before me, but at that point I really didn’t care.

With the deed being done April climbed back into my lap, and I was once again enveloped by her warm soft body as she cuddled in. She looked deep into my eyes and coyly smiled before once again laying her head on my shoulder. Then I heard her lightly sigh, before she quietly asked…

“Did I do it right? Was that what you wanted?”

“Yes it was.” I whispered back through the tingling numbness of my ecstasy. “It was nothing less than perfect.”

“I was afraid I would mess it up.” She continued, almost whispering. “I never did that before. Not without a condom anyway. I think I liked it. It actually tasted kind of good.”

Then she picked her head off of my shoulder and kissed me one more time before snuggled in, pressing her warm soft body tightly to mine in one final hug before saying, “It’s time we should get back.”

April was smiling again as I watched her get dressed. This smile was different than before. This smile was one of satisfaction. Paying absolutely no attention to what I was doing I was so intently watching her that I put my pants on backwards, and she giggled at me.

I could see where her amusement was coming from, but I’d never seen anyone get dressed in quite the sexy way as this women did. She was looking at me the whole time, and her big white smile was still just as mesmerizing as it was before we had sex. Watching her, I don’t think I could have paid attention to what I was doing if my life depended on it.

After we dressed, I reached into my pocket. I wanted her to have something. Something to remember me by. I wanted to her to have more than the lingering taste of my cum when she looked back on what we had done.

There were a little over four Benjamins in that wad of bills I pulled from my pocket. She looked at me in surprise, and reminded me that we had agreed on an even two hundred. I told her to keep the rest. It was the least I could do for the way she so perfectly fulfilled one of my all-time favorite fantasies.

And that’s exactly how it happened in that dirty little strip club just west of Detroit.

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