Pandemic Relationship Change

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Before the story begins, I’m going to define the two characters. Let’s call the mother Angela. She is 44 years old, white skin, black hair with blonde streaks, 5’3”, slim body with a bit chubby, medium breasts and a fat butt. The son let’s call him Jorge. He is 22 years old, slightly dark skinned, black hair, 6’2”, body close to a bodybuilder and nearly 10 inches of cock.

Let’s start the story…

Angela and Jorge have always lived together and have always been close since Angela and her ex-husband (Jorge’s father) separated when he was only 4 years old. Despite the separation, Jorge’s father was always present in his life and always had a nice relationship and the separation was amicable. Jorge’s father met another woman and went to live in another neighborhood in the same city.

Angela, in turn, had a few boyfriends after the divorce but never went ahead and as time went by, she focused more on her work as a nutritionist and based on thinking about men, but always taking care of herself and always being vain.

Jorge was always a very smart boy, but he didn’t come close to being a nerd. He has always been a pretty boy since he was little and always stood out in sports and with Angela’s encouragement, at age 13 he started working out in gyms and over time, he began to dedicate himself more and more to having a beautiful body, but only being a hobby. In high school, he started picking up a lot of girls because of their beauty but he never let it affect his studies and ended up getting a degree in Dentistry at a very renowned local University.

As I mentioned earlier, Jorge and Angela were always very close and had a great relationship of mother and son always, until the pandemic came and everything changed forever…

As everyone knows, the pandemic made everyone stay at home and it was no different between the two. They stayed at home watching movies, cooking together while Angela worked at home office and Jorge studied online, just going out to the supermarket to buy essentials for home.

On a day like these, Jorge went to the supermarket alone to shop and when he returned, warmed up like groceries at the kitchen counter, he went straight to the bathroom and asked Angela to get his towel. He finished the shower, but his mother didn’t show up with a towel and he went naked and wet to get his towel until the two of them bump into each other in the hallway and a towel falls to the floor. Angela bends down to get a towel and when she is about to get up, Angela sees that defined body with her son’s giant cock and is almost hypnotized. pinbahis yeni giriş So Jorge snaps his fingers and asks:

“What is it, Mom?”

“Nothing son, here’s your towel,” said Angela totally embarrassed.

Angela left quickly to her room and Jorge walked back to the bathroom without any sense of the situation, but he didn’t care too much. Angela lay down on her bed and tried not to think about that moment, but she couldn’t resist the thoughts of that moment a few minutes ago. Her angel side said “don’t do that, it’s your son” and her devil side said “you haven’t had sex in a long time” and little by little she was overcome by her carnal desires.

As time went by, she started to dress in shorter clothes (such as panties with a loose blouse, bikini and sometimes even naked) and Jorge found it strange at first, but deep down he began to feel a certain horny about his mother, even though she thought it was wrong while Angela started looking for incest porn, especially between mother and son, and masturbated for several hours with a big dildo every day.

So one day, Jorge was going to work out in his backyard (he became a costume of his since a pandemic started) and saw his hot mother in a bikini with that fat ass swallowing all that thong and her dick got hard immediately. So he took a pic of her and went back to his room and jerked off quickly and went back to the kitchen. Then he said:

“Good morning, Mom. You’re in shape, huh?”

“Thanks son, I’m not in her shape but I try to keep myself in shape somehow,” said Angela.

“I believe you, we could even workout in the backyard one of these days,” Jorge said invitingly.

“I just can’t today because I’m tired. I’ll make our lunch and I’ll rest a bit. If you invite me another day I’ll agree to go with you, but for today I’ll just watch you,” said Angela smiling.

Jorge also smiled and said: “Ok, Mom. So I’m going there”, ending the conversation.

Jorge went to the backyard, while Angela continued to make lunch. After a few minutes, Angela finished her lunch and went to see the backyard. She was again mesmerized seeing the muscular body with the bulging veins, the shorts at the height of his thick and defined thighs and that huge cock swinging with the drops of sweat running down her body. Angela got a wet pussy, took a picture of him and went to her room to masturbate for several hours until she fell asleep completely.

Days passed and she just thought about him all the time and having constant dreams, always for the sexual side while pinbahis giriş Jorge, started watching incest videos and started to masturbate also thinking about his mother. When they were together, they always played games with ulterior motives where most of them ended up with one on top of the other, but nothing happened and both masturbated more and more thinking about each other until Jorge, after a handjob, thought that day about calling Angela to work out in the backyard.

The next day, Jorge was going to work out again with his usual clothes (or almost no clothes lol) and saw his mother again in a bikini and said:

“Good morning mom”

“Good morning, son. Are you going to workout again?”

“Yes and remember that I would ask you to workout with me? The day has arrived”, said Jorge smiling.

“But son, I don’t even have workout clothes at home,” Angela said.

“Go the way you are, only wear a sneaker. No one is watching the backyard,” said Jorge.

“Then I’ll get the sneakers, wait a second,” Angela said.

While Angela went to get the sneakers, Jorge quickly took off all his clothes, put his underwear in the hamper and got dressed again, Angela came back and they went to the backyard. They worked out for an hour and a half with various teasing on both sides (with Jorge touching his almost 10 inch cock to his mother’s fat ass and she leaving on purpose), but nothing happened again.

Jorge went to his room angry at himself and thought “I have to take courage and solve this somehow”.

Later that day and Jorge went to take a shower in the early evening and Angela was there watching him from the door. Jorge saw that she was there with her fingers in her wet pussy and thought “this is it”. Jorge thought about the moment of the two working out and his dick got hard quickly and he started to lightly masturbate and finally said:

“I know you’re looking at me.”

Angela opens the doors totally embarrassed and says:

“I’m sorry, son. I’m completely ashamed of what I did. I shouldn’t have done it, but I couldn’t resist.”

“No need to apologize, Mom. But why?” said Jorge.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex and I realized that in this quarantine I needed someone to satisfy me. I ended up thinking about you a lot, but it’s very wrong,” Angela said.

“It’s really wrong, but I have to confess that you are one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen,” Jorge said.

“JORGE!” said Angela embarrassed and a little furious.

“Sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to say that,” said Jorge, embarrassed.

“Okay,” pinbahis güvenilirmi Angela said. “But do you really think I’m hot?”

“Fuck yeah, one of the sexiest I’ve ever seen for sure,” said Jorge.

“Well, I also think you’re one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen too,” said Angela.

“Okay, but let’s stop talking and do something better? Let’s forget we’re mother and son?” said Jorge, ending the conversation.

Angela took off her clothes and went under the shower to get wet a little and then turned off the shower and then the two started kissing madly as if they wanted to devour each other. Jorge started grabbing Angela’s ass and giving her several hard slaps while she squealed. So Jorge says:

“Now I’m in charge you fucking bitch. Get down on your knees and suck my cock now!”

Angela obeyed and started sucking his cock right there. Jorge forced his huge cock against Angela’s mouth, making her choke several times for 5 minutes.

Afterwards, Jorge carried his mother to her room, threw her on the bed and started sucking her pussy while one of his hands fingered her ass and her pussy and the other interspersed between her mouth and breasts and she had the first cum.

Then Jorge lifted Angela’s arms and knelt in front of her face and said:

“Open your mouth, you bitch. Didn’t you want my cock while you’re spying on me? You’ll see what I’m going to do with your pussy in a little while.”

Jorge started sticking his cock in his mother’s mouth like he was fucking her. Every time she gasped, he slapped her across the face with his giant cock. Jorge says:

“Says you want that fucking cock, you slut. Say you’re my slut, because that’s what you are now.”

“Give me that cock baby. I beg you, please. I’m your little bitch, I’m going to be your slave. I’m all yours, you own the house and I’m your servant,” said Angela hypnotized by so much lust.

“Good bitch. Now it turns out that I want to open this pussy”, said Jorge.

Angela turned onto her stomach and Jorge kept putting his cock between her buttocks until it penetrated her pussy and she moaned loudly.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK, you are so big my man,” said Angela.

The two fucked for more than two hours relentlessly in every way possible and both enjoyed several times, because the lust and desire for each other was very strong.


After that, Jorge and Angela never stopped having sex with each other and completely forgot that they are mother and child, without the family knowing. After a while and after a while the pandemic, Jorge received an offer to work in a first world country and accepted, taking Angela with him. Now in another country, the two no longer need to hide that they are great lovers.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32