Over Time

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He had walked into her shop every day for several weeks, always smiling at her, she had begun to smile back recently, he worked in the shop next to hers and always said Hi as he walked past, then one day he began opening the shop early, about the same time she opened up hers…. they began chatting more…. he found out she was called Kassey, at least to her friends.

It was shortly after that that he arranged to meet her for coffee one lunch, she had someone in covering for an hour or so whilst she was out, the left quickly and grabbed a table, their talk was cheerful and light to begin with then he felt her foot stroke up and down his leg. He grinned at her as their talk turned a little more dirty, discussing their deprived sex lives as they laughed together…. soon it was time to go back and they re-entered their shops…. Nick finished early and closed up…

He went next door just as Kassey was beginning to lock up, He leant just inside the doorway and rested against the wall smiling at her….

“I was just wondering if you fancied a bite to eat now?”

She smiled at him…

“Sounds good…. just give me a minute to finish up here…”

She signed everything off and walked into the back leaving the door open, as he poked his head round he saw her sat on the table, her legs on either chair, making her conservative business skirt ride up high enough that he could almost see her panties…. She smiled at him and motioned for him to come to her…

Only too happy to oblige he moved next to her and leaning over kissed her tenderly, her lips parted, tongue darting into his mouth as he pressed between görükle escort her legs, kissing her he felt her skirt rise higher till his trouser covered crotch was pressed against her panties, her skirt bunched around her waist.

His fingers traced up and down her arms as he held her tightly to him, her hands sliding down over his chest till they reached his trousers, undoing the belt and then the button she slowly unzipped him, her hands sliding down, making him groan softly as she caressed his cloth covered shaft, already swelling beyond her expectations.

She deftly pulled his boxers down and revealed the shaft, he groaned softly as her fingers ever so gently traced a pattern up and down its length, it grew to its full height, tense and very hard…. she slid of the table and down onto her knees… slowly taking him into her mouth, her lips parting and her hot breath rushing over the sensitive head eliciting another groan as her tongue ran over the underside.

He shivered, feeling the perfection of her mouth on his shaft, he smiled down at her, his hands cupping her head as she slowly began working his shaft, up and down, her tongue always working the sensitive underside as she sucked and enjoyed every inch of his cock, taking more into her mouth with each bob of her head till finally it reached the back of her throat and into it….

He groaned louder this time, gasping as he felt her skilled mouth pleasuring his rod, her hand rising to slowly cup his balls and work the base of his shaft, deeper and faster and harder…

“Kassey, I can’t last much longer….” he groaned

She bursa görükle escort smiled up at him and only sucked harder and faster in response…. with a low moan he blew his load into her mouth, her cheeks expanding as they were filled with his hot cum, she swallowed it down as fast as she could, but she obviously hadn’t been expecting quite as much, a small stream ran out of her mouth as she finally sucked his shaft dry….

Tracing a finger up her chin she scraped the thin stream of her chin and licked her finger clean smiling at him…. He lifted her easily, placing her back on the table and knelt before her, slowly drawing her panties down over her legs… he began kissing his way up the insides of her calves then over her knees making her tingle… he slowly worked up the insides of her thighs with gentle kisses…

He reached her soft lips and slowly ran his tongue over them making her gasp, he then gently slipped it inside, parting her lips and running the tip of his tongue round her clit in small circles, her body shook as she cried out…. he reached up with his hands and slowly inserted one finger in her, running it in and out gently in time with his licking, flicking his tongue in and out of her.

He felt her body begin to tense and shudder as he licked her, tasting her sweet juices, he thrust his tongue into her over and over, adding a second finger to her now very wet slit, thrusting faster in and out, licking and sucking on her clit he was finally rewarded with the hot gush of her juices, she almost screamed as she came, her body trembling uncontrollably….

Now hard bursa eskort again he stood, holding her at the edge of the table he positioned his shaft at her wet entrance, his hands on her hips holding her still as he drove into her… his hard shaft spearing into her, opening her wide as it slid deep inside her…. she cried out and jerked up off the table, her arms wrapping around him, fingers digging into her back as she was stretched as never before….

Her teeth grazed his neck as she surrendered to the passion, his shaft slowly sliding out of her making her moan, she came almost instantly as he thrust into her, ploughing his shaft in and out of her, making her grunt with every thrust, her eyes rolling wildly as she felt his rod slam in and out of her wet hole.

Her body trembling as she came again and again, wracked with orgasms, her juices flowing over his hard cock… he groaned…. thrusting deep inside her… she was so tight, she felt so good…. he leaned down capturing her left nipple in his mouth and flicking it with his tongue in time to his thrusts…. harder and deeper, faster and faster inside her, makign ehr cry out with every thrust…. moving onto her other breast he repeated it… slamming home again and again.

He moved up, hip lips on her ear lobe, pressing her back onto the table, holding her down as he hammered into her, she screamed in pleasure… screamed for him to cum in her… to fill her… he leaned over, gasping for breath as he slammed home one final time, they cried out as they came together, their juices mixing in her hot burning hole, flooding ehr insides as they collapsed together on the table, both gasping for breath….

He kissed her gently then slowly slid out of her, leaving her feeling empty…. she ran to the bathroom to clear up and a few minutes later was back in the room pulling her panties on….

“Well… where are we eating?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32