Our Throuple Pt. 01

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Our Throuple, Part one

After publishing this story, I looked through it and realised that there were certain inconsistencies and inexactitudes included in the text, due to my inexperience in posting here. These were primarily caused by my lack of knowledge with regard to the use of many non text characters, as I was unaware that some characters are not allowed. My OCD and my perfectionist attitude would not allow these errors to stand, so I have been through the story with a fine tooth comb, putting things right and also modifying and filling out the story, very slightly, making the tale read in a more natural way than before. Please forgive my inexperience. I am new to posting here and learning as I go.



As I walked into the office on Friday morning, Pete was seated at his desk, ticking off files from our list. We work in the civil service and are responsible for filing stuff away. There are three of us in the office; me Sally, I’m thirty two, divorced, no kids; then there’s Pete, forty five, who lost his wife to cancer about seven or eight years ago; and finally Betty, aged thirty and single. We’d worked together for about three years. Our office is tucked away in the basement, where nobody ever visits, unless they’re really desperate to find a file that they’ve messed up, or something similar! So we just sit here, quietly getting on with our work. Pete is the section leader, but he’s not bossy or anything. In fact, he’s the best boss I’ve ever worked with and Betty agrees with me. We all share the work equally with no favourites and we even take it in turns making the coffee or tea. Betty and I used to try to do the refreshments just between us, but Pete won’t hear of it and refuses to take advantage of us! He’s a lovely bloke and to be honest, both Betty and I have a real crush on him, but we’re all very shy and it never goes anywhere.

This particular day was Pete’s birthday and as per our “tradition”, he’d brought cream cakes and doughnuts in for us all to devour at lunch time. Pete looked up and smiled as I entered and looked as though he was about to say something, but stopped. “Go on,” I said. “What were you about to say?”

“Oh, it was nothing, really, and I was worried I might offend you or something!”

“No, go on. Spit it out. It’s your birthday and I promise not to take offense, no matter what you say!”

“Well, as I looked up and saw what you were wearing, I just thought how nice you looked and the dress really suits you. I know we’re not supposed to comment or compliment the opposite sex, but I can’t help it — you look gorgeous!”

As it was such a nice morning and Pete’s birthday, I’d put on a dark blue, flowery, summer dress that buttoned down the front and with a fairly high, sweetheart neckline. They seemed to be quite popular this summer and a lot of women were wearing them. “Oh, don’t be daft,” I responded. “I know you aren’t being offensive and thankyou for noticing. Happy birthday!” And I passed him a card. Betty hadn’t arrived yet. She usually gets here around nine-ish and it was only a quarter to.

“Seeing as it is your birthday, is there anything you’d like?” I said, hoping he’d ask for a birthday kiss, or something. He immediately blushed, wildly, going a bright crimson colour. “What? Go on! What would you like?”

“No. I can’t! It was just a silly thought that flashed through my mind. I’d be in deep trouble if our bosses even suspected I was thinking such things! I’m sorry. It just started as a random thought and sort of exploded in my head and I felt embarrassed bahis siteleri just for thinking it. Forget it, please!”

My heart jumped and my pulse increased dramatically, so I kept pushing. “Well, it IS your birthday and I promise that there’s nothing you can say that’ll offend me. And I mean it. NOTHING!”

“Well, I was thinking how lovely you look in that dress. It fits you so well and……”

“Yeah, go on!”

“I’m sorry, but I just thought how nice it’d be to hold you and put my arms around you, hug you and maybe even run my hands up and down your body, possibly even, you know, feel your…… you know…….breasts. And your bum! It’s been so long, you know, since my wife died and there hasn’t been anyone. But I shouldn’t even think such thoughts and I could get into a lot of trouble!”

My heart was fluttering! And now I was blushing too! You see, I’m very shy and timid and hadn’t been with a man since my divorce, three years ago, but my heart was racing, so I said, “Go on then. I’m here, waiting and promising not to scream!” And I held out my arms, inviting him into my bosom.

Pete stood, hesitantly, but remained at his desk, so I walked across to him. Taking his hands, I placed them onto the small of my back and then put my arms around him. “What happened to running your hands up and down?” I felt his hands start to slide up and then down, my back a couple of times, but only down to my waste. “And my bum?” Slowly, gently, his hands gradually went to my bottom, tentatively feeling their way, until both his hands were covering my buttocks. I was becoming really turned on and my heart was pounding in my chest. I let out a tiny moan.

“Is it ok if I squeeze your bottom?”

“Oh yes, please.” And I pushed myself into his body, glorying in the contact. My own hands reached down and fondled Pete’s bum, squeezing him and holding him tightly, as I felt his hands do the same to me. I leant back a little, making a gap between our chests. “What about the rest?”

“Eh? What?”

“You said you wanted to do something else, too!”

“Are you sure it’s ok?”

“God, yes! Do it!” And I felt his hands start to move, up my flanks and sides, until they were just under my arms, beside my breasts. “Please. Do it. Hold me there!”

Tentatively again, his hands very softly slipped across to my breasts. I don’t have large breasts, they’re a 36C and still fairly firm, but I do have quite large nipples, which protrude a lot when they have a mind to. And right now, oh, did they have a mind to! As his fingers slipped across my breasts, my nipples just popped up and the touch forced a groan from my throat. And as I was already pushing my body against Pete, I could feel his reaction to the situation — he was becoming erect! But then the scene was shattered, as I opened my eyes, which I hadn’t realised had closed, to see Betty standing in the doorway with a shocked look on her face!


I’d left home early to give me time to get to work with a bit of time to give Pete a card for his birthday. I got him a nice one because I liked him a lot. He’s a lovely bloke, dead gentle and not at all like any of the other men that I know. He’s kind and generous and never loses his temper or gets angry. I quite fancy him, actually, but I’m too shy to say anything and I think he’s very shy, too. His wife died a few years ago and he doesn’t seem to have had any other relationships since! Anyway, when I got to the office, down in the bowels of the building, and walked through the door, I got the shock of my life! Sally and canlı bahis siteleri Pete were canoodling and in each other’s arms. And I swear; Pete had both his hands on Sally’s boobs!

I just stood there, astounded! And then Sally opened her eyes and I could tell she was shocked to see me. “Erm, it’s not what it looks like!” she said. “I was just giving him a quick hug for his birthday, nothing else!” Then she pushed herself away from Pete’s arms.

“Oh, er… good er… morning Betty. I was just, err… getting a birthday hug. Honest!”

I turned round and closed the door. “You should be careful,” I said. “Anyone could have walked in and caught you!” I smiled, took off and hung up my jacket and then turned to Pete. “Happy birthday Pete. Here’s a card for you.” As I looked at him, I felt myself screwing up the courage to speak. With my heart in my mouth, I continued, “Erm, well. In all the time we’ve worked together, that’s the first time you’ve ever treated us differently!”

“Sorry, Betty. Er, what do you mean?” Pete asked.

“Well. You’ve always been very fair with us, division of labour and all that. And then today, just because it’s your birthday, I walk in to find you canoodling together and I’m wondering where my birthday cuddle is?”

They both started giggling at that and then Pete said, with a very deep blush all over his face, “If that’s all it takes to guarantee your silence, then get over here!”

Blushing profusely, I stepped over to Pete. As I stepped into his arms, I said, “And no cheating! I want EXACTLY the same treatment that Sally got!” and with that, Pete wrapped me in his arms. I’m a little slimmer and smaller than Sally and I pushed myself right into Pete’s body. His arms enfolded me, his hands resting just above my hips. “Come on! The full works. I saw you.” And I took his hands and placed them squarely on my backside. “Now squeeze!”

As his hands gripped my bum, I got butterflies at the pit of my stomach. This was the closest I’d been to intimacy in a long time! I was feeling quite aroused and knew by the hardness pressing into me that Pete was turned on, too. I groaned loudly as he massaged my bottom and then I said, “And the rest. Don’t forget! I saw you. Feel my boobs up as well!” Chest-wise, I’m not very big at all; just a normal 34B, but with pert little nipples. As he slipped his hands slowly up to my chest, his fingers slipped over my nipples and I felt them stiffen, sending a shockwave down to my most private areas. “Oh my. Oh that feels lovely!” I gasped as I gently rubbed myself against his very hard erection.

After a short time of cuddling, Pete said, “As nice as this is — and please believe me, it IS really fantastic, I think we’d better get on with some work, ladies, before someone walks in and catches us, don’t you?”

In unison, we both answered, “OOHHH!” But, realising the sense that Pete was talking, I returned to my desk and Sally went off to brew a pot of tea; we always have a brew at around nine, in the mornings!

The rest of the day proceeded normally and we never mentioned anything openly, but Sally and I met up in the kitchen area later. At first, we felt a little shy about things, but then Sally commented, “Your face, when I opened my eyes! I thought your eyes were gonna pop out!”

“Yeah, I was a bit shocked when I saw him massaging your tits, but then I thought, ‘well if she’s getting touched up, I want some as well!’ and that’s why I closed the door. And oh, it was such a turn on. If the key had been in the door, I’d have locked it. I had canlı bahis visions of us both fucking him senseless, on the desks.”

“Oh yes, it’s a lovely thought, but I don’t think I’m brave enough for that!” Sally said, “But just the thought of it gives me butterflies. And I’m pretty sure he was turned on — I could feel his… you know… his stiffy, pressing against me!”

“Mmm, yes, so could I and it felt, I don’t know, really nice? Very hard? A nice size? All of the above, I reckon! Anyway, the whole thing was very hot and I wish it hadn’t had to end, don’t you?”

Sally nodded her agreement and then we went back into the office to carry on working. We didn’t really talk about it much, after that, but all day long, Sally and I kept exchanging ‘looks’ and smiling at each other. Then, just before we were about to go home, Pete looked at us both and said, “Look, as er, as you know, I live alone and don’t really have anyone, so I wondered if the two of you would like to go for a drink tonight and help me celebrate my birthday? That is, if your boyfriends or significant others, wouldn’t mind?”

Sally and I never talk about our private lives much with Pete and we certainly never talk about anything sort of, intimate, like boyfriends and relationships and such and so he wouldn’t be aware that we were all, in this office, equally single and Sally responded immediately, saying, “I don’t think either of us is attached right now. I’d be ok with it.”

“And so would I.” I said.

Pete came back with, “I can’t really afford a slap-up meal at the moment and it’s probably too late now, this being Friday and all, to book anywhere, but how about a few drinks at the Red Cow and then we’ll get a takeaway? We can go to either of your places, or mine. It’s up to the two of you, but we don’t have to decide now, we can decide later, if it’s ok.”

We all agreed to this and said we’d meet up at eight in the Red Cow and then we split up and went our separate ways to get ready.


Pete walked home. He only lived a short distance away and was at his front door in fifteen minutes. The house was an extended, three bedroom semi, with a large garden and a couple of outbuildings — two sheds and a large, concrete garage. The extension had been built as a ground floor bedroom for his late wife, with a large, adjacent wet/shower room. This had accommodated her for her last three years. This was now Pete’s bedroom and he hardly used the upstairs anymore. Following his wife’s death, the mortgage and all debts had been paid off by insurance policies that she had insisted on from their first years together.

After a cup of tea and a few biscuits, he rested a while before heading off to get shaved, showered and changed. He put on a decent, ironed, shirt and trousers, along with his best pair of brogues and left the house for the ten minute walk to the pub, which was between his home and the office. The Red Cow is the pub they and many colleagues from their place of work, go to at lunch time or on special occasions, during the day. They’d even had staff celebrations and Christmas parties in there. Arriving early, he bought a pint of his favourite, stout beer and waited. Betty arrived about five minutes later, followed very shortly by Sally. Pete bought them both a drink; Sally having a large G now’s my chance, and I reached for his belt, undoing it before doing the same to his trousers and zipper. I pushed my hand inside, feeling his underpants (briefs) and then also sliding my hand into them and grasping his erection. This was something we’d both, Betty and myself, been dreaming about for such a long time. His pants were wet from the masses of pre cum that were leaking from his tip and I started a slow stroking action on his generously proportioned manhood.

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